The Strongest Gene - Chapter 280: New Formula!

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Chapter 280: New Formula!

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At Star City, Chen Feng was researching the new formula. He already had the rough draft for the formula, but there were still a lot of problems with it that he had yet to solve. For example, the problem where this gene reagent could only be produced in a unique environment.

A gene reagent with a 100% probability of breakthrough was in itself something that was not supposed to exist in this world. This brand-new gene reagent was something only able to be produced in an environment where time was slowed down.

But now, the boulder formation no longer existed. Young lady Xiao Fei had returned back to her home as well. As for Chen Feng himself, he did not have any methods of controlling time.

Chen Feng\'s head ached. "This is going to be troublesome."

Just like that, his research on this new formula became stuck. Chen Feng tried countless times to solve the problem, but he gained nothing from further research. He simply couldn\'t find any substitute for the boulder formation.

Chen Feng muttered, "Time..."

Based on Wu Hui\'s introduction, this formula had been created by his father several years ago. However, Wu Yaotian had been stuck at one particular step for a very long time and had ultimately chosen the method of slowing down time to complete this formula.

"Wait." Suddenly, Chen Feng realized something. Why was he stubbornly getting stuck on this problem of time? The only thing he\'d seen was the solution Wu Yaotian had devised to solve the specific problem that he had been stuck on. If so, what exactly was the initial problem Wu Yaotian had encountered?

Chen Feng contemplated. "The reason Wu Yaotian slowed down time was to solve a certain crucial problem. Hence, there is simply no need for me to stubbornly try solving this issue of time. If I can find his research documents and discover the initial problem he encountered, that will be sufficient."


He started searching for the research documents of Wu Yaotian.

Shortly after, he found the problem that had stumped Wu Yaotian back then.


Problem code: XT-126

Problem description: At the 32nd step of production, a total of 76 materials need to perfectly react with each other. When under catalyst, the particles making up all the materials become extremely lively and tremble without stop, causing the reaction and fusion process to fail. Under normal circumstances, this is a production that can never be completed.

Experiment 1: Using temperature-reduction methods to reduce the speed at which the particles trembled… failed.

Experiment 2: Using space-binding methods to reduce the speed at which the particles trembled…failed.

Experiment 3: ….

Experiment 74: …

Experiment 208: …

Experiment 300: …


A total of 300 experiments had been conducted, and all of them had failed. Every single one of them had failed. Wu Yaotian had been extremely serious in every single one of these experiments. He had been a top-notch producer in the truest sense.

He had attempted almost every means possible to him. Finally, he had been forced to alter the formula and had chosen to use a unique method to produce this gene reagent. His chosen method had been time control, in spite of the high price he had to pay.

As a result of using such a production method, the completed gene reagent became something extremely unstable. As such, the production had only been able to be completed at that unique environment where time was slowed down. Moreover, even after successfully producing it, one had to consume it under such unique environment for the gene reagent to work. Otherwise, once the produced gene reagent left the unique environment, it would spoil.

In a sense, this wasn\'t too perfect a formula.

To be accurate, this was a formula that had been altered as a compromise for the problem that Wu Yaotian hadn\'t been able to solve otherwise. Fortunately, he had been successful in his production. After several years of meticulous study, combined with his own understanding of genetic abilities, he had ultimately created this miraculous feat.

Chen Feng finished studying the data seriously. After finishing, he was somewhat excited. "So that\'s what happened."

So the core problem is still the gene reaction process.

Under the catalyst effect, the particles of the materials would start trembling rapidly. As such, a unique environment where time was slowed was required to slow down all the rapidly moving particles. Only with this could the particles be controlled properly, allowing the reaction process to complete successfully. This was indeed quite a hard issue to solve. However, as far as Chen Feng was concerned, this did not even constitute a problem!

Gene reaction? Particles? Moving too rapidly?

Chen Feng became excited. "Let me give it a try."

He directly gave up on Wu Yaotian\'s final formula and instead chose to use the initial formula that Wu Yaotian had given up on back then, as Wu Yaotian had believed it to be a formula that could never be produced successfully.

That discarded formula with 76 types of different materials.

Chen Feng\'s emotions surged. "Come!"

Regardless of what problem it was, as long as it was something that could be affected by probability, it would cease to be a problem for him.


Luck Aura, activated.


To solve the problem regarding the gene reaction and the duration of the reaction process, 10 luck value was deducted. Next, the gene reaction process began.

After a long time, the violent-looking gene reagent started condensing midair before ultimately turning into a drop of ice-blue liquid.

"This is…"

Chen Feng was in ecstasy.

Success! Finally, I\'m successful!


Gene scan!


Name: Unknown (New Formula)

Difficulty: 5 stars

Class: D

Function: Forcefully increasing the user\'s spiritual energy by 1 point. Also applicable when breaking through one\'s limit (the effect will be weakened when used by those above C class).


A new formula was thus birthed.

That was not all. As this gene reagent of Chen Feng\'s had been successfully produced in a normal environment, this gene reagent would remain stable in normal environments.

He observed it for a whole five minutes and noted that nothing happened to the gene reagent. This gene reagent produced by Chen Feng was much more powerful than what Wu Yaotian had completed.

Chen Feng had initially intended to enter his hyper-dimensional mode to reconstruct and further perfect the formula. However, the feedback he\'d received from his Luck Aura was thus: 10,000 luck value required. This had shocked him immensely.

That was simply too terrifying a number, and not something he would be able to attempt presently.

Chen Feng contemplated. "Seems like I can give it a try in the future, when I come across more Spirit Sea wood."

For performing such a feat where a huge amount of luck value would be required, it would only be something worth performing when he was in a situation where there was a huge amount of luck value overflowing out of him, like when he had absorbed the Spirit Sea wood previously. He was unsure if such a thing would ever happen to him again, though.

As for now…

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Time to break through!"


The gene reagent was consumed. Noiselessly, that ice-blue drop of liquid started fusing with Chen Feng\'s body.


A terrifying power erupted from within his body. His spiritual energy that had previously been stuck at the limit of D class increased by one point, piercing through the limit, bringing him into C class. Instantly, his spiritual energy transformed. This was a qualitative change of his spiritual energy after entering a new class. He had entered C class smoothly.

Chen Feng was shocked. "I have truly broken through with it."

As one\'s strength increased, there would be a point where it was simply impossible for gene reagents to help with breakthroughs. After all, every single breakthrough was in essence an act of violence. Even for those who had broken through using gene reagents, what they had done was essentially still using the gene reagent to create a huge impact to break through their limit, bringing them into the new class.

To perform this feat, a power that was tenfold or even a hundredfold one\'s own power would be required.

Hence… it was a feat nearly impossible for gene reagents.

Back then, Chen Feng had only been able to create a miracle while in F class by creating the golden ant gene reagent, as that gene reagent itself was a unique existence.

For higher levels, this was simply an impossible feat.

E class, D class, all the breakthroughs for higher classes required a much higher amount of power, a power that was perhaps a hundredfold or even much higher than the power of the golden ant gene reagent. As such, this was something impossible for an ordinary person to accomplish.

Along with one\'s increase in strength, gradually, the difficulty would increase while the usage of gene reagents became impossible.

But now, without any limit-surpassing training sessions, without any life and death crisis, a single drop of ice-blue liquid had helped him break through his limit. This was a miracle, a miracle created by Wu Yaotian.


Once again, Chen Feng tried urging his spiritual energy on. He could easily feel that his perception was now even sharper than before, and his spiritual energy was much more powerful. This was the qualitative change of his spiritual energy after the breakthrough.

Only one point had increased, but it was much more powerful now. This was what C class represented.

"Very good." Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly. The apocalypse-like "Star City Battle" was approaching. Only by increasing his strength without stop could he protect himself. As such, he would not give up on any single resource he could get.

Producer excellence award!

Mission rewards!

Everything he could obtain, he would.

Now, with the appearance of this new formula, it would be able to push Chen Feng to a new height, giving him more resources, fame, and strength!

"It\'s time for my next step, then," Chen Feng muttered.

Now that he had broken through, he should focus on gene fusion.

Only after fusing with a fusion gene reagent and obtaining his fourth genetic ability would he become a true C class.

Chen Feng sank into contemplation. "Which gene should I fuse with?"

First ability: Wind Blade.

Wind Blade would be able to erupt in power at any time with the help of his luck value.

Second ability: Myriad Illusions.

An ability whose strength was demonstrated when used together with luck value and Wind Blades.

Third ability: Energy Equipment.

The core determiner of his Energy Equipment\'s strength was the amount and attribute of his Wind Blades. The unlimited Wind Blades he unleashed would provide him with an energy supply far exceeding what a person at his class normally possessed.

All these were the basis for Chen Feng\'s ability to challenge those of a higher class than him.

Every single one of his abilities had only been selected after careful consideration, in order to increase his strength.

If so, his fourth ability…


Suddenly, the door to his laboratory opened.

Wu Hui charged into the laboratory while gasping for breath and said, "N-not good."