The Strongest Gene - Chapter 273: Do You Want to Leave?

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Chapter 273: Do You Want to Leave?

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This is…

Wu Hui was dumbfounded. The reason for that was the fact that what he was currently witnessing was completely a confrontation of two different styles.

Have you ever seen a battle between Madoka of Madoka Magica and Kurosaki Ichigo?

Have you ever seen a battle between Ultraman and the Pirate King?


What Wu Hui was witnessing was something similar.

In this bizarre world, Chen Feng seemed to possess an astonishing amount of power.

A cruel smile appeared on Chen Feng\'s face. "Then…"



Countless dazzling, surging energy appeared, and once again, Chen Feng assembled his Energy Equipment. However, different from his past Energy Equipments, his current Energy Equipment was extremely colorful and much more powerful.



A shiny Energy Equipment came into existence in this black-and-white world. The colors of the lighting on the Energy Equipment were constantly changing, as this Energy Equipment seemed to contain a countless amount of colors. Every single one of these colors represented a mysterious yet formidable power. This was the power of color!


The middle-aged man snorted.

He refused to believe that an A class like him would not be able to defeat a D class like Chen Feng.


He punched out, unleashing a powerful secret art of his.

Chen Feng had no fear. "Come!"


He streaked forth with his shiny Energy Equipment.


Their fists collided.


One silhouette was flung backward.

Once Wu Hui get a clear look, he was immediately stunned. The person flung out was actually the A-class warrior. As for Chen Feng, he had suffered zero injuries.


Wu Hui blanked.

That was an A class, a class that was traditionally the peak of existence.

Chen Feng sneered. "Is A class really so powerful?"


Another punch was launched.

This great A-class warrior here was used to scrape the floor by Chen Feng.



Punch after punch rained down on him. Instantly, the middle-aged man was covered in bruises.

The Energy Equipment of myriad colors had erupted with an alarming power. In this black-and-white world, color itself was the strongest of powers.

"Chen Feng, don\'t push it!" the middle-aged man bellowed.


As a response, Chen Feng gave him another punch, blasting him to the ground.


Suddenly, a black mist flickered into existence.

However, when Chen Feng studied it, he discovered that it was not a black mist. Instead, that was a mist of blood splattered out of the middle-aged man\'s body. Since there was no color in this world, the blood was black.


The middle-aged man disappeared amidst the black mist. He was, after all, an A-class warrior. The amount of escaping methods he had at his disposal were higher than they could imagine.

"You are lucky to be fast at escaping," Chen Feng said indifferently.

Wu Hui cautiously asked, "…Wasn\'t that… somewhat too cruel to him?"

That was, after all, an A-class warrior. If one beat him up too much in here, things would probably be bad when they finally left this world.

"If so, we just have to ensure that he won\'t get any chances to leave this place," Chen Feng replied with a calm expression.

What joke was that?

If this unexpected thing hadn\'t happened, the both of them would have probably been killed by that middle-aged man. He was planning to use their blood to restore his color.

In such a circumstance, it was either life or death.

Wu Hui was quite good in all aspects, but his heart was too soft.

Chen Feng looked at Wu Hui as he thought this.

Mhm… seems like he needs further guidance.

As of now, they had both understood their true strength in this world. Not only Chen Feng, even Wu Hui became incomparably powerful here after he recovered his strength. Granted, the amount of color he could summon wasn\'t comparable to Chen Feng, but he was still extremely powerful here.

In this world, they both were truly powerful.

Chen Feng was extremely spirited. "Very good. Now, it\'s time for us to take at good look at what kind of place this is, exactly."

Not long after, the entirety of the Qinghe Grassland was explored by them. Their initial conclusion was that everyone that had been covered by that wave of radiance earlier had been sent into this world. The only difference between those people and them was the color on their body that had changed into black and white for some unknown reason.

The vegetation here had also changed.

This place appeared more like an independent space from the outside world. To be precise, this was a space reconstructed with Qinghe Grassland as the foundation.

"I have heard of such methods before," Wu Hui said.

The so-called space reconstruction was a situation that would arise when the space available was too huge or when the person himself did not possess space-construction-related abilities. As such, an actual space in the real world would be used as an anchor to construct an independent space.

For example, this Qinghe Grassland they were currently in.

Under normal circumstances, those who did this would be using some rooms or some tunnels as the blueprint for space reconstruction. This was the first time they had ever seen a huge place like the Qinghe Grassland being used as the blueprint.

This was too terrifying!

What kind of person was it that was capable of constructing something so big? If it was a space reconstruction, it was a space constructed with a real world as the blueprint, but it was still an astonishing feat.

Was it an A class? Or stronger? What was the reason for the construction of this space? The answers for these questions were unknown.

However, based on Chen Feng\'s deduction, it was very possible that they had both accidentally gotten themselves involved in the progress of some expert\'s project. In this project, people like them were normally categorized as cannon fodder. Presently, only the first step of the project had unfolded.

For the next step, something major might happen.

"I must figure it out as soon as possible." Chen Feng was anxious. Regardless of how powerful color was in this world, he still had to figure out what was going to happen here, or they would most probably end up dying here.

The project of a super expert like this would be extremely terrifying. Chen Feng had no plans of having a taste of that.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Is this the Mysterious Organization again?"

As far as he recalled, that was the only organization with all sorts of such bizarre projects. Each of those projects was capable of threatening the whole world, an extremely terrifying collection of projects.

Wu Hui was at a loss. "How should we proceed in our investigations?"

Chen Feng pointed at the center of the grassland. "That palace."

That would be the focus for them to solve this problem. In this huge Qinghe Grassland, that was the only place where people indigenous of this world existed. That was also the only place that contained those bizarre patrols and the mysterious power.

Wu Hui was somewhat anxious. "We might not be able to defeat them."

Chen Feng was originally at D class. After being boosted by his colorful Energy Equipment, he had temporarily reached peak A class in this world. Wu Hui was originally at D class. After boosting himself with the power of color, he reached B class. However, the boost he received was unstable, so his true power was still unknown.

As for their enemies, even those patrols were at peak B class. What about the residents inside the palace? Neither of them knew the answer.

From the energy dispersed around the palace alone, it was apparent how terrifying a place that was. If Wu Hui were to enter, he would most probably be cannon fodder there. However, if Chen Feng were to enter alone, it would be extremely dangerous as well.

"Who says there are only two of us?" Chen Feng said calmly.

Wu Hui raised his head with a blank look. "Ah?"

A smile appeared on Chen Feng\'s face. "There are others that are even more anxious to leave this place than us." Earlier, when that guy had fled them, Chen Feng had planted something on his body. This wasn\'t a particularly difficult feat for Chen Feng with his Myriad Illusions ability. Normally, this was something Chen Feng wouldn\'t have had the guts to do, but in this world…


Tracing his marker planted on the guy, Chen Feng was able to find him shortly. There, a group of black people were crowded together, currently in discussion about something.

Chen Feng greeted them with a bright smile on his face. "Hello, everyone."

"Chen Feng?!" The middle-aged man was furious. "Don\'t push it!"



One cold gaze after another locked onto Chen Feng.

"Do you want to leave this place?" Chen Feng asked calmly.

Instantly, the middle-aged man calmed down. "Do you have any ways to do that?"

A profound smile appeared on Chen Feng\'s face. "If we don\'t try, we will never know."