The Strongest Gene - Chapter 272: Different Style and Can’t Get Along

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Chapter 272: Different Style and Can’t Get Along

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Chen Feng and Wu Hui were carefully traveling within the Qinghe Grassland. Currently, they were behaving the same way they had when they\'d first entered the grassland, advancing cautiously. This was because they had noticed that the whole Qinghe Grassland seemed to have changed. It was still the same place, but everything else was different.

That mysterious pit that had appeared in the ground…

The weeds that were one meter tall…

At first, they had believed that these were merely aftereffects of the radiance earlier. However, now that they paid more attention and observed them, they found that these things were completely different than before.

Not only the length or size of the things, even the species had changed. For example, a certain random bush of weeds somewhere turned into a bush of mysterious icy scarlet flowers, a plant that was supposed to only appear after a hundred years of utmost care. There was definitely a problem somewhere.

The scariest part was Wu Yaotian\'s boulder formation. There, the formation was already nowhere to be seen. Instead, what appeared there was an imposing palace that appeared shiny and glorious.

"How did this happen?"

Chen Feng\'s heart leaped furiously. He could feel how imposing this palace was. Perhaps everything that had happened here was related to that palace.

Could it be that the boulder formation of Wu Yaotian\'s had triggered some sort of mysterious yet formidable power?

If that was the case…

Suddenly, some silhouettes appeared in the distance.

Chen Feng pressed Wu Hui down as they lied low in the bush. "Careful."

Distantly, a group of soldiers were patrolling in an orderly fashion, solemn expressions on their faces.

"They are patrolling," Wu Hui whispered.

Chen Feng was alarmed. "Mhm."

Patrolling… Where had these people come from? Had they truly entered a different space-time continuum earlier? What damnable place was this?

An illusion?


A different dimension?

That did not seem too likely. He had obviously seen some newcomers when at the entrance earlier.

This feeling, it was like two groups of people inside and outside a TV.


Suddenly, Chen Feng understood. Their current situation resembled someone who had been trapped inside some black-and-white TV. However, the difference was that they were actually trapped in an independent space. This was the power of space, a power similar to that unique power of space he had encountered previously.

However, for this particular space, the rules of this space dictated that the world would be a gray-colored world.

This was Chen Feng\'s guess.

Chen Feng frowned. "If so, these soldiers… these people… are all fake?"

After observing the palace for a short while, Chen Feng decided to leave with Wu Hui. "Let\'s check out the other places. At the very least, we need to get a clear understanding of this place first."

Wu Hui nodded. "Mhm."

They left speedily and started exploring the whole Qinghe Grassland.

However, when they reached the depths of the grassland, they stopped their steps. There, they saw an acquaintance.

That\'s right, an acquaintance. It was the strongest person from the squad they\'d met earlier, the A-class genetic warrior.

He noticed them as well. "It\'s you!"

"What happened here?"

Instantly, Wu Hui recovered his cool disposition and Chen Feng retreated backward cautiously.

"I don\'t know." The middle-aged man shook his head lightly. Shortly after, his expression became cold and detached. "This is a question that I should be asking you guys."

Wu Hui raised his eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"This place… When everyone else turned black and white, how did the both of you…" The middle-aged man\'s gaze landed on Wu Hui and Chen Feng\'s skin. "Although your clothes are black and white, your skin is still the same!"


Chen Feng and Wu Hui\'s hearts leaped. They studied the middle-aged man and noticed that what he\'d said was true. This middle-aged man was now black and white! As for the both of them…

It was the figurine!

Instantly, Chen Feng guessed the truth.

They\'d initially believed that the radiance would kill those it touched. Unexpectedly, it merely changed everyone\'s color. A mysterious yet bizarre ability.

As for Chen Feng and Wu Hui, the protection the figurine had allotted them instead brought them trouble now.

At least, in this black-and-white world, being the only person of color was an extremely scary proposition.

An ominous glint flickered in the middle-aged man\'s eyes. "You…"

Wu Hui\'s eyes gleamed coldly as well. "Don\'t court death."

The middle-aged man merely sneered. "Hehe. Do you think that I am afraid of you? We are both A class. I have been dominating wherever I go for so many years, why would I be afraid of a new A class like you? Since my nephew is not around and I am alone, let me teach you what a true A class looks like!"


He moved.


A boundless energy started gushing out.

It did not appear too obvious in this black-and-white world, however…


The middle-aged man\'s body vanished and reappeared before turning into countless afterimages that charged toward Wu Hui. Wu Hui, who was in fact only D class, didn\'t even have the chance to react to all this.


Instantly, Wu Hui was flung away.

Blood splattered around. The blood was actually red in color! In this black-and-white world, it appeared incredibly dazzling.

The most terrifying part of it was the fact that, when the blood landed on the ground, the black and white weeds on the ground recovered their original color.

Green! They recovered their color!

"Your strength…" The middle-aged man frowned for a bit before he understood what was going on. "So that\'s the case. Although you seemed to have reached A class previously, you probably used some methods to reach A class forcefully, right? Hehe, after unleashing those attacks earlier, how much of your strength do you have left?"

Wu Hui\'s expression changed. This guy had indeed guessed correctly. Cosmic Manifestation was not an omnipotent ability. Its feat of pushing the D-class him into A-class to kill countless people was already miraculous. Now, his strength was almost exhausted. Coupled with the formidable strength of this enemy, what could he do? He couldn\'t even react to the enemy on time.

A single A-class genetic warrior was almost unequaled here.

The middle-aged man eyed Chen Feng and Wu Hui greedily. "After killing you… I might be able to recover."

On the ground, the color reinstated by Wu Hui\'s blood was clear for him to see.

The color of Wu Hui and Chen Feng\'s skin was merely the color of regular skin. As such, they weren\'t particularly conspicuous in this black-and-white world. However, those weeds appeared incredibly bright in contrast to the black-and-white world.


Once again, that middle-aged man raged.


Light swirled around before condensing into an energy sword that he held in his hand.


With a flash of black-and-white radiance, that formidable and imposing sword slashed toward Wu Hui.

Chen Feng\'s heart thumped. "Careful!"


Light started swirling.

Instinctively, he unleashed his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades.


Countless Wind Blades surged forth.

At the instant these Wind Blades erupted, Chen Feng\'s widened his eyes abruptly. In front of him, the middle-aged man was stunned as well. He was staring blankly at Chen Feng\'s Wind Blades, staring at the blades as they collided with his attack.



An intense sound of explosion resounded at the collision. A terrifying shockwave engulfed the vicinity, and both Chen Feng and the middle-aged man took a step backward.

That\'s right, they both took a step backward. Chen Feng had actually blocked the middle-aged man\'s attack.

The middle-aged man stared at Chen Feng in shock. "You…"


Chen Feng was lost as well.

I blocked it? This…

Next, Chen Feng gulped before an overjoyed expression appeared on his face. He found that, when his Wind Blades had erupted earlier, something astonishing that everyone had neglected had happened.

For both him and Wu Hui, not only their body was with color. Their blood retained its color, and even their energy and attacks retained their color. Earlier, at the moment his multicolored Wind Blades had erupted, the colorful Wind Blades had erupted with an extremely terrifying power.

Chen Feng\'s initial strongest power would only enable him to challenge those at C class. Surprisingly, he had now successfully blocked the attack of an A-class expert.

Chen Feng was akin to a multicolored LCD screen, up against the middle-aged man that was akin to an old black and white TV. Regardless of how powerful that middle-aged man was, Chen Feng did not have the slightest trace of fear, because here at this place, color itself contained power!