The Strongest Gene - Chapter 270: No Mercy

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Chapter 270: No Mercy

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"Cosmic Manifestation, second form: Demonic Asura Hatchet!" Wu Hui\'s cold voice echoed. "In my possession is also a hatchet originating from the Asura Domain. Accompanying this hatchet is the power to corrode the universe and the might to crush mountains. Every single hack of this hatchet will disintegrate space itself. The instant the Demonic Asura Hatchet is unleashed, it will not return without first tasting blood."


At that instant, everyone started picturing the scene depicted by Wu Hui in their brain.

A blood-red battlefield of the Asura, a single hatchet destroying the heaven and Earth, capable of everything. Even A-class warriors would be killed, undefeated under the heavens.


Wu Hui\'s hands started shining as the ability was once again activated.


The darkness that was enveloping the sky vanished. Next, a blood-red radiance flickered before a huge hatchet appeared midair. It was much more terrifying and stronger than even Wu Hui\'s own imaginings.


The Demonic Asura Hatchet hacked forth.

With a single attack, countless people were killed or injured.

Those terrifying and formidable B-class genetic warriors were all chopped down like paper. This scene reminded Chen Feng of a game from his previous life: Dynasty Warriors.

Those were all B-class warriors, formidable genetic warriors that Wu Hui was chopping down like paper.



Howls of grief reverberated in the air.

Even Chen Feng, as a spectator, felt horrified by this scene he was witnessing. As such, one could imagine how those targets of this hell unleashed by Wu Hui were feeling.

"Wu Hui, I was wrong!"

"We shouldn\'t have left the Wu family. Please, let us off."

"We are wrong!"

"I will do anything you ask. Please let me go…"

Some of them had even given up on escaping. Instead, they knelt down and started begging.

Instinctively, Wu Hui glanced at Chen Feng, pity in his eyes. He was, after all, still a child. As such, after some begging, he started hesitating.

Chen Feng merely indifferently reminded him, "Take note of the character you are playing."

The character he had designed for Wu Hui was a character that would not allow any hesitation. Wu Hui\'s ability was somewhat unique. Only by assuming a unique character and setting would others be convinced, allowing him to unleash the most terrifying power.

Hence… any hesitation was not allowed.

Wu Hui shut his eyes. "I understand."

Despite his youth, he was not stupid. The moment he\'d chosen to thread this path, there had no been turning back.

He snorted. "Hmph."

"Cosmic Manifestation, third form: Abyss Lance! Abyss Lance is a lance summoned from the deepest abyss. Every single one possesses the power capable of destroying the heaven and Earth, capable of piercing through all defenses, piercing straight into the enemy\'s heart. Imagine this, what if a huge amount of them appeared and start raining down like a meteor shower? Ah… are you not excited at the prospect of that?"

A devilish smile bloomed on Wu Hui\'s face.

That\'s right, a devilish smile.

This was what Chen Feng had requested of him. After wracking his brain, Wu Hui still could not understand what a devilish smile meant. However, at the very least, he had now met the standard set by Chen Feng.


After that devilish smile appeared on his face, everyone else was horrified. At the same time, they started picturing what Wu Hui had just depicted to them.


Wu Hui unleashed his ability.


Once again, heaven and Earth were enveloped by darkness.

In the sky, countless cracks appeared in midair. Next, numerous Abyss Lances pierced through space and started raining down from the sky, akin to a meteor shower, as the whole area started being bombarded.




Lances rained without stop.




Countless people were penetrated by the lances.



Nearly all the ex-Wu family members were killed in this attack. On each of their faces was remorse. They deeply regretted their actions. If they had known earlier that Wu Hui was this powerful, would there have been a need for them to betray the family?

If only…

On their faces was nothing but remorse.

The few remaining survivors were all trembling with cold sweat all over their body. Among them, Wu Neng was included. He was the strongest person among them and had others as his cannon fodder. As such, he had survived till now.

"Wu Hui, I was wrong…" Wu Neng\'s cheeks were streaming with tears. "Can you spare this old life of mine in consideration of the years I spent in the Wu family\'s service as a butler? I will use my remaining life to make up for my mistake!"

Wu Hui merely laughed coldly. "Hehe."


Once again, his hand stretched out, aimed at Wu Neng.

At this, everyone\'s heart thumped. Since they\'d met him here, he had only waved his hand three times. Every single instance of the three waves, a different ability had been unleashed.

His first form was the Divine Infernal Sword. The second form was the Demonic Asura Hatchet, while the third form was the Abyss Lance. Every single form of the Cosmic Manifestation was incredibly terrifying.

All these were powers that were supposed to only belong to A-class warriors.

Wu Hui was simply akin to an A-class warrior!

"Please, spare me!" Wu Neng started kowtowing. He did not even have to courage to flee.

From the moment the Divine Infernal Sword had appeared, when he\'d seen clearly that Wu Hui\'s strength was actually at A class, he knew that trying to escape was simply pointless. He wouldn\'t be able to make it. However, Wu Hui merely continued staring at him coldly.

In fact, he was not a person who enjoyed killing. However, as Chen Feng had told him, with this ability of his, this was the only way he could carry himself, to let others knew the horror of Wu Hui.

Only by acting this way would he be able to display true strength! To no longer be so powerless!

He raised his hand. "Goodbye."

However, at this moment, a faint voice resounded. "Little brother, how about giving me face?"


Light swirled around as numerous silhouettes appeared around them.

This was the third party brought here by Wu Neng. They had finally arrived.

Wu Neng hid behind them in a sorry manner. "Save me."

Wu Hui ignored him as his gaze landed on the middle-aged man that was the leader of the newly appeared group. The current Wu Hui, who had materialized countless power from his ability, was finally strong enough to see clearly the strength of this person.

A class! No wonder he could lead so many B-class genetic warriors. No wonder they still dared to come here even after witnessing Wu Hui\'s power. The leader of this group was actually an A-class genetic warrior.

"You are going to save him?" Wu Hui asked calmly.

His tone of voice was extremely serene. However, that calm expression of his amidst the corpses littered all around him and the blood splattered everywhere gave off an incomparable chilling feeling to onlookers.

This guy…

"Please do consider giving me face," the middle-aged man said calmly.

Since they were both at A class, he was not afraid of Wu Hui.

Wu Hui sneered. "Your face is of little value. I haven\'t really met many A-class warriors before. However, I have indeed killed a few of them. If you insist on rescuing him, I don\'t mind killing you as well," Wu Hui said with a cruel smile on his face. "Naturally, even if I fail to kill you…" Wu Hui\'s sinister gaze landed on the group of people behind him. "At the very least, all those people behind you will die. Including that person you brought here for limit breakthrough."

Wu Hui gaze started scanning through the crowd behind the A-class warrior. "Mhm… I presume he is quite the important person, since he is capable of making an A-class warrior like you work for him, right?"

The middle-aged man was furious. "Don\'t push it!"

He had never imagined that, even after his identity was an A-class genetic warrior was made known, this opponent would still be so absolutely unrestrained. Trash Wu Hui, eh…

He recalled the introduction Wu Neng had given him before.

Timid, gutless, and terrified of everything. That seemed like a joke now. This guy was simply unimaginably cold blooded.

A person behind him pulled at his sleeve. "Second uncle, let\'s just leave."

It was simply not worth it to exchange all their lives for a single Wu Neng. If their opponent was a normal A class, naturally, the opponent would be somewhat afraid of the consequences of offending them. But presently, what they faced was this Wu Hui, a lunatic.

The middle-aged man gave Wu Hui a deep stare. If it wasn\'t for the fact that his nephew was here with him today…

He gave the order to withdraw. "Leave."


Wu Neng watched all this with an unbelieving expression. He had never imagined that Wu Hui, this kid, would be able to force a powerful A-class genetic warrior and one whole group of genetic warriors away all by himself.

Wu Neng was terrified. "No… don\'t abandon me."

However, right at this moment.

"Cosmic Manifestation, first form: Divine Infernal Sword."


A huge pitch-black sword streaked downward from the sky, piercing through heaven and Earth.


Wu Neng was nailed on the spot he stood on.

Due to Wu Neng\'s fear toward Wu Hui and the Cosmic Manifestation, the current Divine Infernal Sword was even more powerful than when it had appeared previously.

The middle-aged man that had just left stopped his steps. He turned around and gave the pitch-black sword a look with alarm in his heart.

The previous attacks were actually not Wu Hui\'s maximum power? Such power… The middle aged man smiled bitterly. The kids nowadays are so terrifying?

At the grassland, heaven and Earth seemed to join, forming a picture. Within the picture, corpses were sprawled everywhere, with rivers of blood, a huge sword emitting a terrifying power, and the tiny Wu Hui centering everything, akin to a demonic god.