The Strongest Gene - Chapter 265: Blocking the Reinforcements?

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Chapter 265: Blocking the Reinforcements?

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Chen Feng inhaled deeply. The last time he\'d seen this name was on the nameplate worn by that giant tortoise. Why did a mutated beast from the Qinghe Grassland have this nameplate as well?

What did the word Duma signify? Was it the name of an organization? Code name for an experiment? Or the name of a person? No one knew the answer.

This was an extremely powerful mutated grassland wolf. It was at B class with unknown combat power. However, based on its build, it should be an existence akin to a tyrant of this area.


With a howl, a terrifying pressure started emitting from the wolf as it started making its move.

"Go!" Wu Neng shouted.

They had long ago familiarized themselves with the mutated beasts here.

"Mutated grassland wolf, a B-class beast. If it is a leader, it might have received some sort of bloodline inheritance to reach the peak of B class. We must deal with it in the shortest time possible before entering the depths of this grassland."


The squad moved and the battle erupted.

As for Chen Feng, noiselessly, he dragged Wu Hui backward to make a distance from the battle. Everything seemed to be unfolding smoothly; however, that familiar nameplate…




Sounds of explosion resounded without stop.

Next, the grassland wolf retreated with injuries all over its body.

"Kill it!" Wu Neng ordered coldly.

However, at this very moment, a somewhat high-pitched, unfamiliar voice suddenly appeared. "Damn, damn, damn, you bastards are too much of a bully!"


Everyone was confused.

As they paid more attention to the source of the voice, their expressions changed abruptly as they discovered that the voice originated from that grassland wolf. It was actually capable of speech!

Wu Neng was horrified. "You can talk?"

"What nonsense! I\'m not a mute; why can\'t I talk?" the grassland wolf bellowed. "If you bastards dare to enter, do you believe that I won\'t summon my fellow brothers at any time to kill all of you? Do you know how many grassland wolves there are here? Do you know my identity? F*ck off out of this place!"

Everyone: "…"

It was truly unheard of that a mutated grassland wolf could actually talk.

"A grassland wolf capable of speech…" Wu Neng\'s eyes shone. "If we capture you as a research subject…"


The grassland wolf\'s expression changed greatly.


It howled. That howl of its seemed to pierce through the heavens. However, even with this, not a single grassland wolf appeared.

The grassland wolf was stupefied. "What\'s going on?"

"Hehe. Do you really think that we have not made any preparations?" Wu Neng had an overcast expression. "Since we decided to come here, we of course made sufficient preparations to prevent you from summoning your companions."

Beside him was a genetic warrior surrounded by a faint glimmer.


The grassland wolf\'s howl was perfectly neutralized by that glimmer, unable to travel further.

Based on their calculations, a grassland wolf would howl at a certain frequency to request reinforcements from other wolves. Hence, one could determine the frequency when a wolf howled to request for reinforcements. Subsequently, they only needed to block all howls at this frequency. At that, they would be able to isolate the wolves and defeat them separately. They had already made sufficient preparations to deal with the wolf pack here.

"Capture it alive," Wu Neng ordered proudly.

Just as he was momentarily distracted, he saw that the grassland wolf in front of him was raising its head and facing the sky.

What is it doing? Howling? The frequency of its howl is already locked down, it is simply pointless. What is this wolf planning?

Surprising him, the wolf merely looked at him with a bizarre expression in its eyes. That seemed to be the expression one used when one looked sympathetically at some retarded person.

Is it a misconception?

Next, his eyes widened abruptly.

This was because, after the wolf adjusted its pose, it started shouting, "Brothers, I am being attacked by some bastards! Fast, save me!!! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, come, wolves! They are bullying a wolf! Save my life! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, you bastards, I am protected wildlife!" The odd howl and human speech seemed to interweave together.


Wu Neng\'s group was struck dumb by this scene.



A light wave flickered around the genetic warrior beside Wu Neng as he blocked off a majority of the voice. "Boss, don\'t worry. None of the howls will be able to spread out of here."

It was true that the wolf\'s howls would not be able to spread out of here. However, a large portion of the noise the wolf was making was in human speech!




The earth started trembling. One grassland wolf after another appeared, each with a vicious expression on its face.

The wolves were here! Perhaps they had truly not heard the howls. However, that shout in human speech was sufficient to give them a sense of crisis that caused their hair to stand. This alone was sufficient to draw them here.

One, two, three…

Soon, a huge amount of grassland wolves appeared.

B class!

All of them were B-class wolves!

The squad sunk into despair as they witnessed this scene.

It wouldn\'t be a problem for them to deal with several B-class wolves. However, when the amount reached several dozens of or over a hundred B-class wolves, they would be completely helpless. Only death awaited them.

This, this, this… how did this happen?

Wu Neng and his group were at a loss of words. They had never expected that their seemingly flawless plan would be defeated by this bizarre grassland wolf they had encountered here.

What damnable beast is this? A mutated grassland wolf capable of speech and possessing intelligence rivaling a human\'s?

Wu Neng clenched his teeth. "How hateful!"

"What should we do?" The expressions of the rest of them became unsightly. The wolves started approaching and surrounding them.

Chen Feng…

Suddenly, Wu Neng recalled this person.

True, Chen Feng was merely a producer. However, if he recalled correctly, the internet seemed to know him as a miracle creator, or something like that, since he was capable of creating miracles every single time.

At this thought, he instinctively looked in the direction Chen Feng was at.

Next… he saw Chen Feng with Wu Hui in his embrace. They had both hidden themselves in the middle of the squad and were trembling in fear.

Wu Neng: "…"


He inhaled deeply. Seemed like he could only do that.

"Plan C."


One of the genetic warriors stepped forth.


Instantly, a terrifying mist enveloped the area. This was a B-class genetic ability unique to him: Emperor\'s Haze. This ability was able to restrict all perception-related abilities. All combat-related abilities would be limited as well. Within this mist, one could only rely on their naked eyes as their sense.

However, the visibility here had a range of only two meters. This was applicable to everyone, regardless of them being enemies or his own allies.

This was the strongest crisis-solving method they had. Regardless of how powerful the enemy was, at this instant, they were as good as blind. This would give them sufficient time to flee. This would be applicable when used against these wolves as well.

Granted, that wolf leader was too bizarre. However, the rest of the wolves were merely normal B-class mutated beasts.

"Follow me!" that genetic warrior said in a low voice.

With Wu Neng at the front, everyone followed behind that genetic warrior as they started leaving noiselessly.

They could vaguely feel that there were countless wolves wandering around them. However, the wolves were simply incapable of detecting them. Just like this, they managed to leave this place quietly.

"That damnable grassland wolf…"

Wu Neng sneered.

A wolf capable of speech would have definitely gone through an unknown degree of mutation. If it was captured and its body dismembered for research… the research result might be invaluable!

After dealing with Wu Hui\'s affair, he would most certainly return to deal with this wolf.

However, what he did not notice was the fact that, amidst the darkness, as the countless wolves wandered around in confusion, that grassland wolf leader\'s eyes were still as intense as before, without the slightest trace of confusion within.

Its eyes flickered as its gaze skipped through Wu Neng before landing directly on Chen Feng\'s body. There, a familiar aura could be felt.