The Strongest Gene - Chapter 261: The Streamer with Superb Luck

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Chapter 261: The Streamer with Superb Luck

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"This is… a master producer?"

"Dang, a master producer was forced to such an extent?"

Everyone was stunned.

Even if the content of the post appeared like some sort of joke, one could see the severity of this incident when even master producers started flaming online.

SSR-tier… was it so hard for it to appear?



The appearance of this thread was like the ignition of the flames of war.

"Ah ah ah, I initially believed that this was only happening to me. I am an advanced producer that wasted over 500 contribution points without getting any SSR-tier drops…"

"I\'m a master producer. After wasting 1,000 contribution points, I managed to obtain 12 SSR-tier drops. However, all of them were repeat drops! F*ck this shit!"

"I\'m a master producer, not a single SSR-tier drop obtained after spending 8,000 contribution points."



Threads started mushrooming.

In a short ten minutes, there were already thousands of replies for each of these newly created threads. Instantly, this whole incident became the top trending topic online.

"The f*ck, is this for real?"

"This is actually happening?"

Everyone was stunned. They had never expected this method of selling with a seemingly cheap price tag would contain such a huge pit! With such a huge amount of repeat drops from the loot boxes, this was simply a scam-like design.


Everyone was stirred.

"We need an explanation!"


"Chen Feng, come out!"

"Refund my contribution points! I got over 80 drops that I do not require. What\'s the point of having all those? The only thing I need is one of the SSR-tier drops!"

Countless producers started protesting. There were some who were requesting the Gene Production Association release the records for this loot box sale.

However, since Chen Feng had a unique identity as a certified master producer of the Gene Production Association and a certified B-class genetic warrior of the genetic Union, an ordinary person could simply do nothing to him. Even Hou Liang couldn\'t touch him! This was the benefit brought to him by fame!

"Chen Feng…" Lan Jingling sneered. She had initially believed that Chen Feng was a formidable opponent and had devised such a method to obtain public praise to pressure her into resignation after realizing that he couldn\'t obtain the excellence award with normal methods. Unexpectedly, he had actually used this method to scam the contribution points of others. He was simply courting his own death!

She had already deduced the drop rate for each of the different tier solutions in Chen Feng\'s loot boxes. For an SSR-tier drop, the drop rate was only 1%! Chen Feng was simply courting death.

Lan Jingling was pleased. "Since you are looking for death…"


She opened her communication tool and contacted her friend. "Are you still livestreaming? Good, prepare the contents. This time, I will destroy both Chen Feng\'s fame and reputation!"

"All right," her friend replied.

A smile appeared on Lan Jingling\'s face.

Chen Feng… ahh. How long has it been since I last saw someone courting his own death in such a manner?

That friend of hers was an extremely popular virtual livestreamer at a popular streaming platform known as Doulu. His popularity was not weaker than those celebrity warriors. This time, with him livestreaming about Chen Feng, the scam-like methods employed by Chen Feng would definitely be exposed. What followed next would be the end of Chen Feng.

Lan Xing couldn\'t believe this. "Sister, how can you do this?"

"What do you know?" Lan Jingling was too lazy to even explain this to her idiot brother. She believed that, when the time came, when Chen Feng was exposed, this stupid brother of hers would be able to see the truth.

Unknown to her, though, just one minute after she left, her brother, with a solemn and sorrowful expression, contacted a certain someone.

"Chen Feng," Lan Xing sorrowfully said as he stared at the person on his screen, "what you said was correct. My sister has indeed started looking for people to frame you. Everything is the same as your prediction…" He had never expected that his sister was such a person.

"In her pursuit for greatness, it is inevitable for her to stray from the path of the righteous," Chen Feng lamented. "However, I trust that you will definitely guide her back to the proper path!"

"I will," Lan Xing said righteously. "Earlier, the contents of her conversation were…"

After a long time, the satisfied Chen Feng ended the call.

Mhm, Lan Xing is indeed the emissary of justice! Livestream…

Chen Feng contemplated. The last time he\'d encounter a streamer was that corpse he had seen at the Desolate Rocky Grounds.


He turned his virtual equipment on and entered the Doulu streaming platform.


The world around him changed. In the newly simulated room, a person was standing at the middle of the room.

A huge topic was floating in midair: "The Truth of Chen Feng\'s So-Called Loot Boxes. Exposing the True Drop Rates!"


Ten thousand contribution points will be used to purchase the loot boxes for this stream. Public, fair, and transparent! To show everyone the drop rate of these SSR-tier, SR-tier, and R-tier drops!


With the appearance of the topic and summary, the amount of viewers increased without stop.

One million viewers!

Two million viewers!

Three million viewers!

Soon, the amount of viewers exceeded 10 million. It was still increasing without stop as well. This was the scary influence of virtual livestreams. Due to how lifelike the streams were, they were extremely popular among the masses. Ultimately, the number of viewers stabilized at around 20 million.

Now, the experiment began.

"I\'m a beginner producer, reporting in."

"I\'m an advanced producer, reporting in."

"I\'m a master producer, reporting in."

The chat was spammed without stop.

The streamer, Wu Geng, was feeling extremely pleased as he saw the number of viewers in his room. He had only agreed to stream this due to Lan Jingling\'s request. However, it couldn\'t be denied that by streaming this, it would benefit both him and Lan Jingling.

At the very least, millions of producers had been attracted to his stream today.

"Hello everyone. I am master producer Wu Geng. As some of you may know, I am an educational streamer. The normal contents of my streams are guides on how to produce basic gene reagents. However, I\'m exploring a different topic today. I will be touching on the hottest topic of the past two days: the Chen Feng incident."

"I believe everyone here is clear on what happened. Hence, I will not waste time talking about it. Today I will be using 10,000 contribution points to show the truth to all of you. With 10,000 contribution points, even in the event that this is insufficient to get a proper drop rate for the loot boxes, it will still be sufficient for a somewhat accurate estimate. Now let us start unveiling the truth."


He started purchasing Chen Feng\'s loot boxes. With 10,000 contribution points, 10,000 loot boxes were purchased.


This stirred all the viewers. No one had expected that this brother here would truly purchase all those loot boxes! That was 10,000 contribution points he had just spent, an amount a lot of people would not make in their whole life. This guy was crazy!

"How brave."

"Seems like he is truly serious about getting the drop rates."


"How generous!"

"I\'m a passerby, stopping in this room now…"

Once again, the number of viewers in Wu Geng\'s live stream room increased greatly.

A smile appeared on Wu Geng\'s face. The profits he would make from the current amount of viewers he had were definitely worth the 10,000 contribution points he\'d just used.

Hehe… I\'m sorry, Chen Feng.

"Then let us begin." Wu Geng was brimming with confidence. In truth, he had already done his research secretly and already had a general guess on the drop rates of Chen Feng\'s loot boxes. This time, he would be exposing it to everyone else.


He started opening the loot boxes.

At that, the whole room sunk into silence as everyone watched on silently.

"It\'s starting?"

A smile appeared on Chen Feng\'s face.

Kid, do you think that you won\'t be getting that particular drop from the loot boxes just because you don\'t want it? A thing like luck is not as simple as you believe…

The first loot box was opened by Wu Geng.


Next, the whole room gasped in alarm. That was because the first drop Wu Geng got from his loot box was an SSR-tier drop!


Everyone was dumbstruck.

Even Wu Geng was somewhat stunned. SSR? Wait, for this rarity, shouldn\'t the drop rate be a mere 1%? How can this…


Wu Geng laughed awkwardly, "Seems like my luck is not bad."

A succession of "6666666666666666666666" appeared in the chat. Evidently, they all agreed that Wu Geng\'s luck was quite good. Unknown to them, Wu Geng wasn\'t feeling particularly good at the moment.

This seems to be somewhat different than my predictions?


Once again, Wu Geng opened a different loot box.




Wu Geng exhaled in relief.

Next, he obtained a succession of R-tier and SR-tier drops. The probability of SR-tier appearing was somewhat higher, but this kind of drop was at least understandable for him. However, right as he was feeling somewhat relieved…


Another SSR-tier drop appeared.


Once again, the whole room was stirred.


Wu Geng was stupefied. The f*ck, why did it appear again?

They started talking without stop.



"This streamer\'s luck is seriously good!"

Different from them, the current Wu Geng was feeling like crying.

What the heck is going on? I have only opened 12 loot boxes and I already obtained two SSR-tiers, six SR-tiers, and four R-tiers! Regardless of how I look at it, from this set of data, Chen Feng\'s loot box doesn\'t seem too scam-like? No! It must be because I haven\'t opened enough of the loot boxes!

Wu Geng inhaled deeply.

I have 10,000 of them to be opened! What am I afraid of!

"Haha, let us continue."

Heroically, Wu Geng waved his hand before continuing. A thousand loot boxes were opened in a row.

This time, his face greened from the shock. Moreover, the color became darker, and toward the end, a dark purple tint could be seen on his face…

Out of 1,000 loot boxes, 100 of them were SSR-tier drops, 500 were SR-tier drops, and 400 were R-tier drops.

Regardless of how one looked at it, this drop rate…