The Strongest Gene - Chapter 258: Research Paper’s Sale Begins!

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Chapter 258: Research Paper’s Sale Begins!

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Soon after, the research institute was filled with people. When these people heard that Chen Feng was about to solve problems here, a lot of people came over out of curiosity. They were all wondering how Chen Feng would counter attack.

Unexpectedly, Chen Feng merely studied the problems silently for half an hour before turning around and leaving.

"He left?"

Everyone was stupefied. What was going on? Wasn\'t he here to solve the problems? Wasn\'t he here to earn contribution points?

"He\'s scared?"

Someone shook their head. "There\'s really nothing he can do, after all. It\'s too late for him to catch up with the points…"

In fact, they were clear that, in regard, to pure research papers, Chen Feng was far too lacking compared to those seniors. Even if he were to solve all the problems here, he would not be able to catch up to their points.

"After all, he\'s only D class…"

Some sighed. After Chen Feng had been kicked out of the rankings for the excellence award, a lot of people had lost their grudge against Chen Feng. Rather, they were now sympathizing with him due to this.

Next, Chen Feng had seemingly gone into a seclusion. After disappearing from public eye for two days, the people started forgetting about him.

"Hahaha, Senior Lan Jingling released another research paper!"

"Shit, for real?"

"Naturally. It costs only 50 contribution points! Although it\'s somewhat expensive, it\'s absolutely worth the price among all first editions. Seems like Senior Lan will be getting the excellence award this time for sure."

"I know, right."

Everyone was getting excited.

The whole Star City was discussing this.

Currently, in a certain room, Chen Feng was silently progressing with his research.

How to increase the success rate of the windrock gene reagent?



Currently, Chen Feng was personally improving this particular formula. Under Luck Aura\'s help, Chen Feng managed to easily create the perfect formula under his hyper-dimensional mode.

Originally, this formula was an imperfect formula. For normal formulas, one\'s initial success rate with it would be 0%. Along with continuous practice, one\'s success rate would increase until finally it reached 100%.

As for this imperfect formula, that was something unreachable.

As the initial experiments done on this formula had been incomplete, this formula could be considered a formula still in trial. The completion rate of these formulas was only sufficient to pass the audit. For example, this windrock gene reagent: its current maximum success rate was only 30%.

This was also the problem whose solution was most anticipated by the public. The reason for that was because this formula would be able to increase one\'s spiritual energy. As such, it would be beneficial for everyone if the problem was solved. Therefore, the association had even made the formula public. However, even after one whole year, they could only reach a success rate of 30%. Now, Chen Feng had pushed the success rate of the formula up to 100%!

Windrock formula, perfected.

This was merely the beginning. Among the top 100 problems whose solutions were most anticipated by the public, at least 70 of the problems were related to their respective formulas. With Luck Aura, Chen Feng managed to easily perfect all these formulas.

Apart from this, the other problems were practical issues.

For example, a problem concerning three different attributes with repressive effects on each other. To solve this, a huge amount of calculations and experiments were required to obtain the perfect composition to ensure a balanced coexistence of all three attributes.

As far as Luck Aura was concerned, this was too easy to solve.

Soon, after two days of seclusion, Chen Feng managed to solve the top 100 problems. However, he had not chosen to answer the problems at the research institute. Instead, he was preparing to release these as research papers to be sold.

That\'s right; the research paper Chen Feng was planning to release would be the answers for these 100 problems. He believed that, since these problems were listed in the rankings, a huge amount of people would be waiting for their answers. Since Chen Feng had solved all these problems, his research paper would definitely be popular.

This was Chen Feng\'s actual goal—to obtain contribution points using a somewhat different method.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Let\'s prepare to start. then."

Three days later, the news of Chen Feng releasing his own research paper shocked the whole Star City.

"Research paper?"

"Chen Feng? I thought he was only D class?"

"Don\'t forget that he had the master producer\'s certification. At the Genetic Union, he passed the B-class certification as well. His actual status is quite terrifying."

"Will anyone actually buy his research paper, though?"

"I heard his research paper contains the answers for the problems listed at the research institute…"


Everyone was alarmed.

If it only contained some normal problems, it wouldn\'t have been too terrifying. However, if his research paper actually contained the answers for the problems in the top ranking…

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah, I\'m actually somewhat looking forward to it."

"If that\'s true, he has truly contributed to producers this time."

Everyone\'s emotions surged.

"Can Chen Feng really solve the problems even those seniors can\'t solve?"

Some people started doubting.

"No idea."

A lot of people could not believe this. This single news released by Chen Feng had caused an uproar. He did not even need to market himself, yet his upcoming research paper was already trending.

Somewhere in Star City, Lan Jingling\'s expression changed greatly when she received this news. She was too clear on how attractive the answers for the top 100 problems would be. Every single one of these problems had several hundred thousands of people waiting for the answer. These were all extremely popular problems!

If all these problems had been solved and compiled into a research paper…

Lan Jingling\'s expression was unsightly. "Have you truly reached this level?"

Suddenly, Lan Xing said, "Sister, why not pirate Chen Feng\'s research paper once he releases it…"


Lan Jingling\'s slap landed on Lan Xing\'s face, leaving a red handprint on his face.

Lan Jingling stared at him ferociously. "Idiot!"

"Sister." Lan Xing felt wronged. He was merely suggesting that.

"This is Star City! The holy land of producers! Are you courting death talking about such a thing here?" Lan Jingling raged as she glared at her idiot brother. "Research papers are the main contributor for the progress of the gene producer profession. Only by ensuring that the researchers receive what they deserve will they continue working hard. Do you think that Star City won\'t protect the rights of these people? Do you believe me if I tell you that the instant you create a pirated copy, the people from the association will discover you immediately? Moreover… if Chen Feng releases his research paper for sale, the buyers will all be the producers of the association. Only a single tap on their wristband\'s screen is required to purchase this research paper. This is a special channel only available for members of the association. How are you supposed to sell your pirated copy? How do you avoid getting found out? How to surpass Chen Feng\'s sales? And if you are only selling a small volume of it, how would it have any substantial influence on Chen Feng?"

Lan Jingling was shooting questions without stop.

"Ah?" Lan Xing had a bewildered expression on his face. So it\'s actually so difficult to accomplish?

"Forget it." As she looked at her brother\'s expression, Lan Jingling sighed. How unjust were the heavens to give her brother an astonishing cultivation talent yet take away his wisdom…

"I am very happy that you came to visit me." Lan Jingling patted her brother\'s shoulder. "However, don\'t get involved in this."

"Hehe." Lan Xing scratched his head awkwardly. "Then this Chen Feng…"

"Don\'t worry." Lang Jingling shook her head. "Chen Feng has merely released the news that he\'s going to solve these 100 problems. However, when will he get his results? When will he start selling them? All this is still unknown! Moreover, even if he were to actually succeed in his research," Lan Jingling sneered before continuing, "only one month is left until the excellence award. How can our contributions accumulated thorough the year be surpassed by him in a single month?"

She herself had released no less than 50 sets of research papers. Every single day, every one of her papers would earn contribution points for her. Her current contribution points had already reached an extremely terrifying amount.

That was also the reason why the excellence award recipients were generally those prestigious senior producers. These senior producers had a huge accumulated amount of released research papers. The amount of contribution points they earned in a single year alone was already extremely astonishing.

Even the producer at the 100th place of the ranking would have several research papers under his belt, earning contribution points for him daily.

As for Chen Feng? Even if he were to release his research paper, he would still have zero hope of surpassing them!

Shortly after, the other producers of Star City realized this point as well.

"Contribution points…"

"The contribution points taken into consideration are the accumulation of the whole year…even if this research paper of Chen Feng\'s were sold at 100 contribution points per set, he wouldn\'t be able to shake Lan Jingling\'s position, right?"


"I suppose even entering the top 100 would an extremely good result for him."

Some sighed.

A single research paper was simply insufficient to change anything. The only thing it could do was improve Chen Feng\'s reputation. However, a lot of people were still filled with anticipation due to the popularity of the top 100 problems.

Three days later, Chen Feng\'s first research paper was officially put on sale.

In Star City, countless people waited for it. Chen Feng\'s paper was released.

The Annual Trickiest Problems\' Optimal Solution Guidebook: First Edition.

It was quite an ordinary name.

"It\'s real."

"It appeared!"

"Quick, check out the price."

Filled with anticipation, everyone checked out the price. Surprising them, Chen Feng\'s method of selling was quite different. His research paper was split into different parts, selling the solution for each problem separately.

"Yi… it seems quite cheap?"

"Yeah, I originally expected the solution for such a difficult problem to be worth at least 100 contribution points."

"Some of the points are quite repetitive; however, it\'s truly cheap."

"The overall price of the whole thing will be expensive. However, if you only buy the answer for the problem you are interested in, it will be much cheaper."

Everyone was amazed.

"Chen Feng is so kind…"

"I know, right."

"Buy buy buy!"

Everyone became excited.

Everyone who saw the price worldwide would start buying in excitement.

"Let me buy one of the answers to take a look… Yi, it\'s this problem. Mhm… if I follow this solution…Wow! It works!"

Some who had purchased the answers started verifying its effectiveness.


Chen Feng had truly solved these problems!


Instantly, this caused an uproar. Such a cheap price for such high-value solutions created a huge uproar.


"With this price, even if everyone here were to buy it, he would not be able to surpass Lan Jingling, right?"

"Sigh, do you need us to spell it out to you? Chen Feng probably gave up on the excellence award and is now trying to build a favorable public image. Do you understand now?"


Everyone was enlightened.

As far as they were concerned, this was an extremely good method for Chen Feng to recover his reputation. Hou Liang was the only one filled with doubt over Chen Feng\'s selling method. Would this Chen Feng guy truly do something that did not benefit him? He started studying Chen Feng\'s "cheaply priced" research paper. After several minutes, he abruptly inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

"Chen Feng, you bastard!!!" Hou Liang howled.

Cheap? Cheap my ass!

Hidden behind this seemingly cheap price was a huge pit waiting for people to jump inside.