The Strongest Gene - Chapter 257: Excellence Rankings

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Chapter 257: Excellence Rankings

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In Star City, an announcement shocked everyone there. The determiner for the recipient of the excellence award was formally changed. Moving forward, only contributions with regard to gene productions would be taken into consideration for this award.

The moment this announcement was made, the whole of Star City went into an uproar.

The rankings of countless people started changing, while the Chen Feng that was high above everyone else on the list finally disappeared from the first position, with Lan Jingling being the new occupant of first place.

"It\'s Senior Lan indeed."

"Haha, Chen Feng was pushed out of the rankings."

"Our protests are useful indeed."

"This is how things are supposed to be. Senior Lan contributed so much to the association. Every single point I earned from the missions was used to purchase her research papers."

"I know, right?"

Everyone started talking about this without stop.

Moreover, the missions Chen Feng had completed were more in line with the Genetic Union\'s style and he had even joined the Genetic Union as well. This was sufficient for the other producers to disapprove of him. Since Chen Feng had joined the Gene Production Association\'s headquarters, he hadn\'t even contributed anything in regard to gene production. All his efforts had been in increasing combat power. How could such a person be the recipient of the excellence award? It was totally reasonable for Chen Feng to be pushed out of first place.

Naturally, some people who were rather bright were able to see the crux.

"Wouldn\'t this be unfair to Chen Feng?"

"Yeah, since his contribution points ranked first, he definitely made some outstanding contributions. Even if it\'s unrelated to gene production, it would definitely be related to the association. Wasn\'t that the case for the previous incident involving that Mysterious Organization? So saving the association is not considered a contribution anymore?"

Some were feeling unsatisfied.

There were three main methods in which contribution points could be obtained: activities that helped in regard to gene production, activities that helped the Gene Production Association, or activities that helped the world.

Regardless of which contribution one made, one should be entitled to the honor belonging to one after the contribution. If the excellence award only took gene-production-related contributions into consideration, it would be unfair.

However, people with this opinion were the minority. The majority were in agreement that only contributions with regard to gene productions should be taken into consideration. After all, one\'s contribution toward the association or the world was something the rest couldn\'t feel or see. Only contributions with regard to gene production were something everyone could see clearly.

This was the reality of things. People would only care about things that benefited them.

As of now, the evaluation period for the recipient of the excellence award officially began.

Lan Jingling\'s contribution points were currently reigning high above. However, the people in the subsequent places were closely chasing after her as well. Everyone was announcing their research results to attract countless buyers.

The competition was still intense; however, there were no longer protests.

"The competition is so intense."

"Yeah, but this should be how things are without Chen Feng messing around here."

"True. Hey, that research paper I always wanted to read went on discount several days ago! The original price was 100 contribution points, but now it\'s only 38 contribution points!"

"Same goes for the research paper I have been paying attention to."

Everyone discussed in excitement.

Currently, a huge screen was installed at the center of Star City. In the left column was the ranking of the contribution points, listing the top hundred producers. Lan Jingling was still at first place. In the right column was the list of the most popular research papers, with a ranking of the top 100 in terms of popularity listed there. Among them, the most popular research paper had earned a terrifying figure of a hundred thousand contribution points from sales alone.


First place: How to Produce Your Own Gene Armament?

Author: Lan Jingling

Price: 30 contribution points

Volume sold: 1,000,000 sets


"It is indeed this research paper."

"Senior Lan is indeed powerful."

Everyone lamented.

Someone sneered. "The original price of 60 contribution points had been cut in half as a promotion. How is it possible for this paper to not sell in such circumstances?"

Currently, regardless of which branch it was or which producer it was, as long as they saw the discounted price of this paper, it was very probable they would buy a set of it. A discount of 50% was indeed incredibly enticing.

Apart from this, the research papers of a lot of seniors were discounted to different extents as well. This whole event was now akin to a celebration of all producers. Chen Feng\'s decision had benefited not only Lan Jingling but the whole population of producers.

"Who do you think will be the recipient of the excellence award?"

"I suppose it\'s going to be Senior Lan."

"I think Senior Li might get it…"

"Don\'t you think it\'s quite probable for Senior Zhang to get it? Although his research papers haven\'t really sold well, the amount of different research papers he has alone are high enough to make up for the sales volumes of individual research papers."


Everyone discussed without stop.

As of now, the Chen Feng that had been kicked out of the rankings was slowly forgotten. None of them noticed that Chen Feng had noiselessly arrived at the center of Star City and was staring at the ranking on the screen.

"Contribution points?"

Chen Feng smiled calmly.

Things were truly getting interesting…

He was truly not interested in the excellence award. However, for others to step on him for this, this was what he could not swallow.

Selfish? Expelling him from the association? Chen Feng remembered clearly every single one of those banners that had "welcomed" him when he\'d come back. He was clear that, to increase his combat power, the Genetic Union would be the more suitable place.

However, resources were required in his path to becoming stronger. For the him that was without any background, his identity as a producer was his trump card for getting the required resources. The Gene Production Association was the organization with the richest collection of formulas and production-related items. As such, he would definitely not discard his identity as a member of the Gene Production Association\'s headquarters.

He would not allow these people to provoke him!

Hence, he would not step back from this incident! At times, a single step backward would result in benefits that had originally belonged to him slowly bidding him goodbye. Hence, from the start, Chen Feng had never intended to swallow this provocation!

Therefore, this excellence award, he would definitely obtain it!

Contribution points? Amount? What a joke!

"You guys seems very excited?" A smile appeared on Chen Feng\'s face. "Soon, you guys will know the horror of letting this ranking be determined by research papers alone…"

On that very afternoon, under countless gazes, Chen Feng walked into the research institute. Within the building, countless unresolved problems were stored. Countless problems would be solved here every day. However, countless new problems would be sent here every day as well. Some of these problems could be settled by spending some time on them, some of them needed unending tests and trials, and some of them would require pure luck!

This was one of the basic methods of obtaining contribution points, by solving problems. It might have sounded glorious to sell one\'s research papers to obtain contribution points, but it was also probable that the research results one obtained after painstaking effort would simply not sell, regardless of how cheap they were! Hence, a lot of people would choose to solve problems to obtain contribution points.

A lot of problems here had been issued by other producers with a price clearly tagged on each problem. One only needed to solve the problem to obtain the offered contribution points.

For example:

Question: Do reactive particles exist within the moluo flame?

Price: 10 contribution points.

One only needed to solve this problem to obtain the corresponding contribution points. A lot of producers did not have any contribution points and did not want to do any missions. Hence, they would earn contribution points through such a method. However, this method was only suitable for lone individuals, as the points offered were stable yet low in amount.

After all, this was simply incomparable to selling research papers.

"Chen Feng actually came here…"

"I suppose he is triggered after getting himself kicked out of the rankings."

"What\'s the point of coming here this late?"

The people there shook their heads.

The evaluation for the excellence award recipient would be determined through yearly contribution points. The points since the beginning of the year were recorded. Before Chen Feng had even joined, the people here had already been preparing for it.

Over half the year had already passed; what was the point of him coming here now?

"I guess he\'s only here to take a look?" some guessed.

However, Chen Feng ignored all of them. His gaze was concentrated on the released problems.


The ranking of problems whose solution was the most anticipated by the masses:

1. How to increase the success rate of windrock gene reagent?

2. How to flawlessly fuse water-, fire-, and lightning-attribute materials for gene fusion?

3. How to overcome the major weakness of the bloodrain gene armament?


This was an annual ranking of the problems with the most anticipated solutions after a vote by the masses.