The Strongest Gene - Chapter 254: End of Certification!

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Chapter 254: End of Certification!

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B class…

Chen Feng stared at the android in front of him. Even without the person in charge telling him about it, he could also feel the android\'s strength. However, if he were to give up just like this, it would be too much of a regret.

Chen Feng sighed. This is something worth a tenfold of mission points…

Mission points was the core mechanic the Genetic Union used in their reward system. As long as one completed a corresponding mission, one would be able to obtain a certain amount of mission points. Using the mission points, one would be able to exchange for whatever they wished.

And the most generous amount of mission points could be obtained by passing the certifications.

F-class certification: 10 points

E-class certification: 100 points

D-class certification: 1,000 points

C-class certification: 10,000 points

B-class certification: 100,000 points!

The amount of mission points one class\'s certification would award was multiple times larger than the previous class\'s certification. This was also the reason every member of the Genetic Union tried their best to pass the certification. The moment one broke through into a new class, as long as one passed the certification for it, one would be able to obtain a huge amount of points, which could then be used to exchange for items to greatly increase their strength.

All sorts of things could be obtained using these points.

For example, the D-class spirit training room, a room capable of increasing one\'s spirit attribute by a huge amount. Moreover, it would also help one increase their spiritual control and stability. Every hour using this room would exhaust 100 points.

Another example was all sorts of powerful secret arts. At the Gene Production Association, one would be able to obtain the formulas for all sorts of gene armaments using the points there. Here at the Genetic Union, one would be able to obtain all sorts of powerful secret arts.

Apart from these, there was also a multitude of other methods of using the points here.

Chen Feng was clear on what his current goal was. He was now at 6,000 points of spiritual energy. If he were to train in the D-class spirit training room for a period of time, he would definitely be able to increase his spiritual energy greatly. Since using timber raccoons for gene strengthening was no longer helpful for him, this was a rational method for him to improve himself.

All these things would require mission points. Were the mission points for the C-class certification huge in amount? As far as Chen Feng was concerned, it was simply a small amount compared to his needs. If he wanted to maintain his high speed advancement, he had to obtain the mission points awarded for passing the B-class certification.

Chen Feng started stirring. "It\'s not like I have no chance of passing this."

He needed to give it a try no matter what. There was nothing to lose anyway.

"I wish to continue the challenge!" Chen Feng stated without any hesitation.

The person in charge sighed. "Fine."

It is also a good to just let him try once, lest he keep thinking about it in the future.


Once again, the android was activated.

The challenge began!


Red radiance started bubbling. The android was about to make its move. Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Such an android was extremely powerful. With a combat strength up to the standards of its corresponding class, instability in its strength level definitely would not happen. However, despite the numerous advantages enjoyed by the android, the android possessed a weakness that couldn\'t quite be considered as a weakness. This was the same weakness Chen Feng had encountered previously.


Chen Feng laughed lightly.


Around him, a seemingly endless energy condensed suddenly.

There was no charging or preparation time. Rather, the only thing he currently focused on was speed. After using Energy Equipment, Energy Equipment explosion, and all sorts of other powerful moves in his earlier matches, this time, Chen Feng had once again returned to one of his basic abilities: Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade!

With the help of his luck value, he activated Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade.

Within every single blade he unleashed, 50% of the blade\'s energy was made up of the original wind attribute of the blade.

Every single one of these blades was focused on speed, possessing astonishing speed. And in every single one of these blades was also various odd abilities whose functions were something even Chen Feng himself was not aware of.




Instantly, several hundred Wind Blades were unleashed. The amount unleashed was quite astonishing. Back when Chen Feng had been a mere F class, he had only been able to release 10 Wind Blades per second. As he\'d improved in strength, this amount had increased without stop. However, what sorts of revision were required in the ways he activated this ability and the amount of luck value required were changing along with the increase of his strength. As such, he had always been clueless regarding this aspect.

But now, the Luck Aura was capable of giving Chen Feng accurate feedback: 300 Wind Blades per second, one point of luck value exhaustion.

This was Chen Feng\'s current strength, much stronger than the previous him. After his Luck Aura had gone through several optimizations, this was the revised amount of luck value exhaustion for his Wind Blades.



He erupted with a huge amount of Wind Blades, stunning everyone there.


Abruptly, the pupils of the crowd shrank.

Three hundred Wind Blades per second, such a terrifying amount was sufficient to shock everyone. Moreover, the scariest part of these Wind Blades was not the amount. Rather, it was the huge amount of odd properties embedded into the blades.

Every single one of the blades was a fusion of the original Wind Blade with a different ability, with the end result being a blade equivalent to a 2-star secret art. What Chen Feng\'s opponent needed to face was not a huge amount of Wind Blades. Rather, it was 300 types of different 2-star secret arts in a single second.



Just as the android started to make its first move, an additional 300 Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades appeared.

All sorts of odd radiance and abilities bloomed in the air. Everyone else was witnessing this with a dumbstruck expression on their face. None of them were able to get a clear idea of what this ability was.

Ice blades…

Flame blades…

Poisonous wind…

Lighting blades…

All sorts of crescent-shaped blades bloomed.

In a short instant, the whole certification center was filled with these Wind Blades. All the Wind Blades only had a single target: the B-class android.

"What damnable thing is this?"

Everyone was horrified. They had never seen such a terrifying ability. The only exception was Xu Fei, who had a knowing expression on his face. This was a scene way too familiar to him…

"Di di—"

The android detected the crisis. Defense activated.

A terrifying circular defensive barrier appeared around him. Chen Feng\'s Wind Blades started bombarding the defensive barrier, yet they failed to break through it. The android was safe and sound.

"Couldn\'t break the defense?"

Only at this did everyone there regain their calm.

This attack of Chen Feng\'s seemed quite terrifying. However, in fact, its power was only at D class. Even if he could challenge those of a higher class with this, his disparity with someone in B class was still too huge, to the point where he couldn\'t even break through the defense.

"He can\'t even penetrate a slightest bit of the defense?"

Everyone looked at the collision point.

Those shiny blades of Chen Feng\'s did not even leave so much as a ripple on the barrier. It was too weak.

"Seems like he\'s going to suffer defeat soon," everyone said.

Under such a circumstance, the android only needed a single casual counterattack, and Chen Feng would be defeated.

However, before the android could even get the chance to counter attack, a huge amount of Wind Blades were once again unleashed. This time, all 360 degrees around the android was filled with the torrent of blades.

Wind Blades!

Wind Blades!

A huge amount of Wind Blades everywhere, bombarding the barrier without stop.

"What is he thinking of doing?"

Everyone was looking at this with a dumbstruck expression.

Chen Feng had actually used such an arduous yet pointless method just to not give the android a chance to attack? Indeed, his attacks appeared violent; however, how long could he last? One or two seconds?

They started doubting him.


One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

Time passed quietly.

When one minute passed, everyone\'s expression changed slightly. When two minutes passed, an alarmed expression appeared on everyone\'s face. Even the person in charge appeared shocked. When three minutes passed, the person in charge had an extremely unsightly expression on his face.



A crisp sound appeared. It did not attract much attention, though.



The sound continued.

Suddenly, on the seemingly unbreakable defensive barrier, faint cracks started appearing. Next, violent ripples started appearing on the barrier, and two seconds later, the whole barrier collapsed loudly.

"What happened?"

Everyone\'s expression changed greatly.

Something had happened!


The huge amount of Wind Blades streaked forth. The android was immediately flung away. After it landed on the ground, it never stood up. Its body still appeared perfect with no damage suffered. However…

"What\'s going on?"

Everyone looked over with shock. The person in charge was ashen faced. As he walked forrward to check on the android, he sighed.

"Energy exhausted…"


The whole crowd sunk into silence.

Energy exhaustion???

They could not dare to even believe this. A B-class android with the energy-circulation module and a natural energy-recovery capability to form a complete self-energy-circulation system would actually get beaten to the point where its energy was exhausted?

This, this, this…

"This works?"

Everyone there was dumbstruck. Chen Feng\'s battling methods had truly opened their eyes.

A person meekly asked, "Passing the certification in such a manner doesn\'t count, right?"

The person in charge looked at him. "Do you want to try reenacting the same thing?"

"Oh…" Immediately, that person felt awkward. As the others recalled that terrifying ability of Chen Feng\'s, they were speechless as well. If they were to face such a huge Wind Blade bombardment… they would be helpless against it as well!

Dodging? The Wind Blades had simply been everywhere. There was no place one could dodge to.

The most terrifying aspect of it was the fact that all sorts of odd abilities had been contained within those blades. If one were hit by even one of those blades, things could get dangerous.

"I will be able to deal with this easily." A B-class genetic warrior called Lan Xing walked out and sneered. "This method might work against the android. However, against us true B-class experts, it simply won\'t work. With my strength, a single punch is sufficient to kill him," Lan Xing said confidently. He was certain that, with Chen Feng\'s standard, the most Chen Feng could accomplish was bully some androids.

"So?" The person in charge looked at him like he was looking at an idiot. "Please enlighten me, which newbie that has just passed their B-class certification can defeat a true long-time B-class warrior right off the bat? Have you forgotten that this was a certification where the android was at the weakest standard among all B class?"


The others all came to themselves.

True, this was merely a certification using the android of the weakest B-class standard. Was this veteran B-class warrior here feeling very superior, boasting about how he could defeat Chen Feng with a single punch?

That was simply too embarrassing of him!

Moreover… Chen Feng was merely at D class presently! And he was only 18 years old!

At this thought, everyone looked at Lan Xing like they were looking at an idiot. Immediately, Lan Xing felt like he had been slapped.

The person in charge indifferently said, "Remember, moving forward, Chen Feng and Xu Fei are members of the Genetic Union. You all can use all sorts of methods to challenge them or form squads with them. However, I do not wish to see you all scheme against each other due to something like status."

"Don\'t worry," everyone agreed.

In truth, from the moment Chen Feng and Xu Fei had passed their C-class certifications, they had gained the approval of these warriors. It was only Chen Feng\'s subsequent act being too ferocious that had shocked some of them.

As of now, Chen Feng and Xu Fei had successfully blended with those genetic warriors in the Genetic Union.

The first thing they chose to do was increase their strength. After experiencing the frozen sea incident and knowing about Gou Li\'s scandal back then, Chen Feng and Xu Fei were thirsting for a strength increase. Xu Fei had chosen to exhaust all his contribution points to go into seclusion. As for Chen Feng, the first thing he did was to go to a D-class spirit training room to improve himself.