The Strongest Gene - Chapter 251: Certification

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Chapter 251: Certification

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Late that night, Chen Feng returned to the Genetic Union. As for the matter pertaining to Mu Yuan, he could only encourage Little Li to tactfully reject him, to let Mu Yuan wallow in the loss of his love for a short while. As for letting him know the truth… there were things that some people were better off not knowing.

At eight sharp, Chen Feng and Xu Fei arrived at the certification area as agreed. Surprising them, this place was filled up with genetic warriors. These warriors who were emitting terrifying aura out of their body stepped back to make way for these two to enter.

C class, B class, A class…

As they walked the opened path, their hearts trembled. When these genetic warriors looked at them, their eyes were filled with a toying expression. The certification of these two had indeed attracted a lot of attention.

First, there was Xu Fei. Initially an ordinary employee of the Genetic Union, due to his success in this mission, he had gained fame with a single leap and been accepted into the union, becoming a core member. An instant transformation from a temporary worker into a permanent member of the union. This was something that had never happened before. From this, it was apparent that missions related to the opening of a new camp were indeed the best venue to gain contributions. Now they were all curious about the actual strength of this Xu Fei.

Next there was Chen Feng. The reason he\'d piqued their interest was obvious. He was a gene producer—a gene producer with a unique ability who had been invited to join their mission at the last minute. Despite the fact that he was a celebrity producer with great fame, his combat power, on the other hand…

Some were curious.

Some were jealous.

Some admired him.

For various reasons, this place was now filled with people.

They were all aware of the terrifying strength demonstrated by Chen Feng during the rookie competition. Even if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they would have heard of it somewhere else.

Chen Feng’s actual combat power was definitely not low. However, that was merely a competition! In a competition, gene reagents could be used! Moreover, unlimited materials and time were given for production. In the real world, though, none of those were given! Here… at the certification grounds of the Genetic Union, the usage of gene reagents was prohibited!

This was a place where only pure combat power would be tested.

"This is, after all, not a test provided by the production association."

A lot of people were not optimistic about Chen Feng’s results for this certification. A gene producer was normally weak in regard to combat power. If even the usage of gene reagents was restricted…

Someone sneered. "Well, it’s about time these celebrity producers know the difference between their certification and our certification."

As far as some of them were concerned, Chen Feng was simply here to insult them! A producer like him had the guts to come here for certification? This was simply him representing all producers to provoke the genetic warriors!

Imagine if a D-class gene producer like Chen Feng passed their D-class certification. Where should the D-class warriors of the Genetic Union who\'d failed this certification put their face?

Chen Feng and Xu Fei walked forth toward the certification center.

"The arrangements are completed," said the person in charge.

"All right."

Chen Feng and Xu Fei entered.


The door for the certification center opened.

Behind the door… a huge hall appeared before their eyes.

To avoid outside disturbance and keep any unexpected incidents from happening, all the genetic warriors undergoing certification were cleared out of this place. As of now, this whole center was only available for the both of them.

Chen Feng was somewhat dumbstruck. "Isn’t this somewhat excessive?"

"This is what you both deserve," the person in charge said indifferently before a sneer appeared on his face. "There are still some who believe that you and Xu Fei were merely lucky enough to get the chance to tag along during this mission. For the safety of the both of you, we can’t reveal more details of the mission to them. As such, the only thing we can do is demonstrate your strength to them!"

Here, he was the only one aware of how dangerous the mission had been.

If clearing up new lands to build a camp was so easy a feat, they would have done it long ago! For the success of this mission, 90% of the contribution was thanks to Chen Feng and Xu Fei! They were clear of this! This was the glory belonging to the both of them!

"Proceed, then. It’s time to wake those people up," the person in charge said with a smile.

The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. "You are not afraid that those people will be overly shocked?"

The person in charge smiled calmly. "It’s even better if that’s possible."

"All right." Now Chen Feng was feeling confident. Obtaining the support of the person in charge here signified the huge importance they\'d placed on him. Next, he only needed to let these people know the actual combat power of him, the celebrity producer!


Chen Feng and Xu Fei entered.

Within the hall, two androids that looked exactly the same as humans appeared. This was how the certifications of Genetic Union were conducted, through combat with androids!

The first batch: F class!

These androids were built with the standard body and abilities of an F class. As such, a flawless F-class combat power would be displayed by these androids. After defeating one of them, one would be able to pass the F-class certification.

The certification here was unrelated to one’s actual class. The only thing tested was one’s actual combat power. If one failed to pass this certification, even if one was actually in B class, one would still fail to get the rewards for the F-class certification.



The eyes of both F-class androids started flickering with light.

Certification began!



With a single punch, both androids collapsed immediately. For the present them, F-class androids like these were simply not a problem.


F-class certification: passed.

Second batch: E class.

Two androids that had obviously been produced from better materials appeared. The observers around them were already filled with anticipation. Although both Chen Feng and Xu Fei were in D class, one of them was a normal submarine crew and the other was a producer. As such, as far as they were concerned, these two weren’t particularly strong.

Perhaps… they would fail at E class?



After two flashes, Chen Feng and Xu Fei retracted their hands calmly as the two androids in front of them were flung away.

One punch!

Once again, it was a single punch!

Two people, one punch per person to deal with their respective opponent.

On top of that, no genetic abilities had been used!

What joke was that? With their current combat power, when facing someone who was much weaker than them, there was simply no need for any genetic abilities.

Someone was astonished. "They actually insta-killed the androids."

"Well, they are D classes after all. Their combat power shouldn’t be too weak…"

Someone said in disdain, "I suppose they will be quickly defeated once they reach D-class certification."

However, the gaze of some of the crowd was already different when looking at Chen Feng and Xu Fei.

Granted, both of them had only defeated a mere E-class android. However, their acts of defeating the androids were not the crucial point here. The crux here was the method in which they battled!

Insta-killing! Using their fists!

In their memories, Chen Feng and Xu Fei seemed to have spirit as their main attribute, so they should be physically weak without using genetic abilities, right? If that was the case, their actual combat power…


At this thought, the expressions of some of the crowd changed. They now knew that these two who had completed that mission probably possessed much stronger combat power.


D-class certification began.


The third batch of androids appeared.

Both androids charged toward Chen Feng and Xu Fei.

For D-class certifications, the androids used would have a main attribute of 10,000 points and three common genetic abilities fused. Apart from this, a certain amount of combat techniques were also installed within the androids, giving them a certain amount of combat power.

"I’m afraid this will be a bitter battle for them."

"Mhm, however, they still stand some chance. After all, this is only a D-class certification…" the crowd guessed.

However, outside of all their expectations, at this moment, Xu Fei took the initiative to make the first move.


With a single step forward, his silhouette seemed to drift past the androids. Next, with a "ka cha" sound, a round android’s head could be seen rolling on the ground.


Around them, everyone sunk into silence.

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