The Strongest Gene - Chapter 250: Life...

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Chapter 250: Life...

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Clear City. Presently, this city was illuminated by the radiance of the sun while the citizens there were already getting started with their busy daily life activities. At the intensive care unit in the hospital of the city, an old man was resting on a bed. Beside him, a beautiful lady was carefully taking care of him. She was slicing the fruits into small pieces before feeding them to the old man. Beads of sweat could be seen on her forehead.

"Take a rest, Little Min," the old man smiled as he said.

"Don’t worry about it, Father." The young lady wiped the beads of sweat before continuing, "The doctor says that you can be discharged from the hospital soon. After you rest for a period of time, your genes that are in necrosis will be restored."

The old man listened. "Good, good."

At the same time, on a hospital bed near them, a young man was taking in this harmonious sight of a father and daughter. This sight moved him. The sight of that kind young lady moved him even more.

This started one month before, when he had accidentally encountered this father and daughter pair. From that moment onward, he had been deeply attracted to this young lady. She was kind and gentle and was incredibly beautiful on top of that! Wasn’t this the very young lady that he had been waiting for all this while?

Little Min…

Mu Yuan had fallen in love! At least, this Little Min was much better than that bunny girl!

As such, for this young lady, for an accidental light injury he\'d suffered during gene production that was supposed to have taken only a short time to heal, he had insisted on staying in this hospital for one whole month.

Mu Yuan planned. "They will be leaving the hospital soon. Mhm… At that time, I can leave together and take the opportunity to get to know her."

If he were to hit on the girl beside her sick father, he would probably be beaten to death. Tomorrow, when they left the hospital, it would be more proper for him to hit on the young lady.

After great difficulty, he had finally walked out of the shadow cast on him by that bunny girl. This time, he was truly seriously in love. He knew that he did not possess the crazy qualifications Chen Feng possessed. Despite that, it still wouldn’t be a bad option to find a lovable lady to accompany him as he started an ordinary life.

At the same time, an Ironcloud reached its station. Chen Feng had arrived at Clear City as well. Before he started focusing on the affairs pertaining to the Genetic Union, he had one thing to do. He had to give some care to family members of Gou Li’s dead wife.

This was the only request Gou Li had made of him.

Due to Gou Li\'s valiant strength back then, he had gotten himself an 18-year-old young lady as his wife. Unexpectedly, shortly after their marriage, that incident had happened. The young lady had come from a single-parent family. Apart from the single parent, she only had a younger brother that was around seven or eight years younger than her. Gou Li hoped that Chen Feng could give them some help upon returning. Gou Li had, after all, owed that family too much.

"Life…" Chen Feng lamented.

It has been 10 years…Hopefully, that family is getting by well.

He arrived at the address given by Gou Li. It was located at the shabby older district of the city. Here in this magnificent genetic era, the contrast was even more apparent, as this district looked even shabbier.

It seemed like they were surviving on social assistance grants. After all, only an old father and a little kid were left in their family. It was true that Gou Li owed them a lot. However, just as Chen Feng arrived, he saw a familiar-looking silhouette there!

That was… Mu Yuan!

That’s right, he saw Mu Yuan there!

Currently, Mu Yuan was carefully holding onto an old man together with a beautiful young lady as he walked over.

Mu Yuan raised his head with surprise. "Chen Feng?"

The young lady glanced at Chen Feng with her huge eyes. "Your friend?"

Mu Yuan nodded. "Mhm."

The young lady smiled as she said, "We will enter the house first, then. My father needs rest anyway. You talk to your friend first. When you are done, you can come to my house to take a rest. The third unit over there is my home."

Mu Yuan nodded. "Mhm."

Next, the young lady and the old man slowly walked over to their house. Their house wasn’t too far. After only several steps and a turn would they reach it.

"Chen Feng!" Mu Yuan was excited. "Why are you here?"

"Doing my friend a favor." Chen Feng had a toying smile on his face. "But you, kid, how capable. That young lady…"

"Hehe." Mu Yuan was feeling proud. "A new friend."

Today, by helping this young lady and her father home, it was a great opportunity for him to get to know them. He believed that, with his status, he would definitely be able to move the young lady’s heart! What place was this? This was the slum housing area! As for him? He was an intermediate gene producer! That, coupled with him being a kind and honest person with a stable career, according to his opinion… there was no problem! No mishaps would happen this time!

"You need to be careful," Chen Feng said with a toying smile on his face. "Your previous bunny girl incident was quite devastating."

"Don’t worry." Mu Yuan was feeling confident.

This time around, he had been observing them for one whole month! Moreover, that old man frequently had the young lady’s baby picture placed on the table!

Mhm… truly beautiful!

Mhm… down there… Mhm, she’s definitely a genuine female! 1

Cough cough.

"That’s good, then." Chen Feng talked to Mu Yuan for a while. However, Mu Yuan was obviously distracted, as his sight keep landing on the direction the young lady had left in. Chen Feng laughed. "Go, go, we can catch up again when we have the time."

"Hehe." The emotional Mu Yuan vanished at the corner of the street.

Chen Feng shook his head as he laughed. "This guy…"

Forget it. Since he is busy with his love life, I shall not impose on him.


It was better for him to focus on looking for Gou Li’s family and helping them out. Sooner or later, Gou Li would return. At that time, this task he did for Gou Li would be a huge favor Gou Li owed him! Regardless of how he looked at it, Chen Feng felt that this would be a task worth doing.

After checking the address, Chen Feng walked toward the corner and walked along the street in the shabby-looking district. Mhm… After taking two turns, he saw a shabby-looking house.

Third unit, mhm, this is it!

Ding dong.

Chen Feng pressed the doorbell. Surprisingly, Mu Yuan was the one to open the door.


Chen Feng was somewhat dumbstruck.

"Wait." He rechecked the address he had and doubtfully asked, "Third unit?"

"Ah." Mu Yuan was surprised as well. "This is the third unit!"

"The house of Miss Qi Qi?" Chen Feng asked again.

"Ah." Mu Yuan was startled awake. "Shit, you’re looking for this family as well?"

"What’s up?" The young lady stretched her head out behind the door.

Mu Yuan gave a hollow laugh before continuing, "Let me talk to my friend first."


He dragged Chen Feng out.

Mu Yuan appeared horrified. "Damn, brother, you are not here on an assassination mission, right?"

Chen Feng: "…"

The heck, do I look like an executioner?

Chen Feng shrugged. "This family is related to one of my friends. He told me that their living conditions had been quite bad and told me to give them some help. I will be done after giving them some money to help them out."

"That’s good. then." Mu Yuan exhaled in relief. He had finally met someone he loved after great difficulty. Once again, the two returned. Chen Feng knocked on the door and the young lady opened the door.

After telling her his identity, Chen Feng continued, "Senior Gou sent me here to understand the situation here."


The young lady’s expression changed greatly.

Senior Gou…

"He’s still alive!"

She was shaken.

"Yes, he wanted to let you all know that, in this whole life of his, he had loved only one person. He would not let her down, and he would not let her family down either. As for the blood debt back then, the enemy is still alive. The moment they are confident enough to defeat the enemy, he will definitely return!"

As she heard this, the young lady sobbed silently.

Ten years! They had been waiting to hear this for 10 whole years! After a long time, she finally regained her calm.

"Come in." She invited Chen Feng in. Next, she looked at Mu Yuan. "You wait outside first."

Mu Yuan was dumbstruck. "Ah? Oh."

Chen Feng walked in doubtfully. That was because the information Gou Li had given him had clearly indicated that his wife Qi Qi only had a little brother and an old father. Apart from this, there were no other family members!

This young lady…


The heavy sound of footsteps resounded. The old man was coming out after hearing the sound of activity out here.

Abruptly, something astonishing happened.

The so-called young lady took off her long dress. Beneath the dress was a clean set of short sleeve cloths and short pants. With some water, she wiped her face and her current appearance vanished, exposing a clean-looking appearance on her face. The long hair on her head was taken off and stuffed into the cabinet beside her.


The old man walked over. "Oh, Little Li is back?"


He walked forth.

"You are finished with your work?" The old man sighed. "Your older sister just took me back from the hospital. Aiyo, look at these old bones of mine…"

Chen Feng was dumbstruck as he saw this.

Wait. Sister?

The guy called Little Li looked at Chen Feng apologetically.

After a long time, when the old man had once again gone into the room to rest, he told Chen Feng the truth. His father had dementia. Coupled with that dried up heart of his, his body was in quite a bad condition. Presently, he was merely preserving his life with great difficulty. Therefore, he did not dare to provoke his emotions in any way. Moreover, those medicines that were too expensive were out of reach for them. At first, he had lied to his father, telling him that Qi Qi was too busy to return. However, as time had passed, this excuse had become harder to use.

As such… in order to clear the doubts in his father’s mind, the younger brother had decided to disguise himself as his sister!

Finally… it had led to this scene Chen Feng saw today.

"I quite resemble my sister." Little Li was somewhat shy as he said this, "Many people can\'t tell us apart."

Chen Feng: "…"

What a benevolent father and filial son!


What a harmonious family.

Chen Feng felt somewhat gratified. This lad had truly put his all into taking care of this father of his. After thinking for a bit, Chen Feng transmitted a certain amount of funds over to them.

Chen Feng patted Little Li\'s shoulder. "Move to a better area. This money will be sufficient for the both of you to have a good life. Senior Gou will return one day."

Little Li was grateful. "Many thanks!"

However, currently, there’s still one problem. Mu Yuan…

Suddenly, Chen Feng started pitying him. What a pitiful guy…

"Just tactfully reject him then." Chen Feng sighed endlessly. "Just pretend that you don’t like him and reject him. Don’t tell him the truth. Let this pitiful fellow keep at least some of his delusions."

Soon, Chen Feng and Mu Yuan left.

"Hehe, this time, I will definitely move her heart." Mu Yuan was feeling refreshed. "I’m feeling even more confident now that she’s a relative of your friend."

Chen Feng: "…"

"Let me tell you, this young lady here is truly kindhearted…" Mu Yuan continued talking about the young lady in detail. He also told Chen Feng how the shadow cast onto his heart by the bunny girl had caused him to only dare to confirm that the young lady was a genuine female after seeing her baby picture.

"…" Chen Feng kept silent before asking, "What’s her name?"

"Qi Qi. What a nice-sounding name."

At this moment, Mu Yuan’s IQ seemed to linger in the single digits, as he had not noticed anything wrong at all.

"Mhm." Finally, Chen Feng understood. Wasn’t Qi Qi the name of Gou Li’s dead wife? So the baby picture Mu Yuan saw was Gou Li’s wife… mhm… Well, Mu Yuan could be considered to have profited, as he\'d gotten the chance to see everything of Gou Li’s wife for free.

As for whether he would end up chopped to death by Gou Li in the future, that was another story. What a pitiful fellow.