The Strongest Gene - Chapter 249: Special Reward!

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Chapter 249: Special Reward!

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Within the submarine, Xu Fei was staring blankly into a mirror with a longing expression.

"My hair…"

Xu Fei’s heart ached. He had spent several months curing his scalp from the damage done by Chen Feng’s loli. Once again, his hair had been growing. Unexpectedly, it had only lasted several days before once again being burnt clean.

On top of that… He looked at his now-bare brow. Currently, his whole head simply looked like a huge soy egg.

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah—" Xu Fei started raging. "I’m f*cking bald again!"

Chen Feng comforted him, "Don’t worry. Indeed, you are bald again. But your strength had increased as well."

Xu Fei: …

Why did it felt like Chen Feng was currently taking joy in this calamity of his?


At the Genetic Union, the news of the disappearance of Chen Feng and Xu Fei had been spreading for several days now. Along with the passing of time, their deaths were almost confirmed, together with the fact of their failure in the Frozen Sea Tundra development plan.

A lot of people had also popped out due to his issue.

"Did I not say back then that we shouldn’t have attempted to develop the Frozen Sea Tundra?"

"Yeah, the current size of human-developed territory in the mainland is already sufficient. For those unknown regions, we will naturally be able to easily develop them when our strength reaches that point. What’s the point in taking a risk now?"

"What can a producer do?"

Some even sneered coldly.

A huge amount of criticism emerged. These were those who had been against the development project since the beginning. They were the conservative faction in the Genetic Union. They believed that, without any dangers or situations that deemed it necessary for any change to arise, nothing should be changed at all.

Unfortunately, just as they finished their preparations and were planning to suppress those so-called pioneers in the union, a new update was received.

Chen Feng had returned!


Everyone widened their eyes.

Returned? That producer who had gone missing for several days within the frozen sea had returned?


At exactly three in the evening, Chen Feng formally returned to the union. Along with Xu Fei, his return also brought a perfect report to them. At the depths of the frozen sea, there was an extremely powerful giant tortoise. However, they had already killed the tortoise.

From here on, there was no longer anything they needed to worry about at the frozen sea.


This caused an uproar.

They did not doubt Chen Feng’s words. That was because, if there were truly any other dangers at such a place, it was simply impossible for Chen Feng and Xu Fei to have returned alive.

"Then… the sealing of the frozen sea shall officially begin!"

The emotions of countless people surged. Furthermore, there were livestreams of this on the internet.

At the final phase of the sealing project, a layer of wall that was made from the same material of their submarines was used to cover the whole sea surface. Underneath the wall were countless dense, flickering purple lights. These served as a warning, telling the life forms of the frozen sea that this would be as far as they\'d go. This was put in place despite how rare it was for the frozen sea’s life forms to actually venture out of the sea.

Next, the experts of the genetic union made their move. After the whole frozen sea had been covered by that layer of wall, a huge deluge of water was rained down on it before an extremely cold temperature descended as well, turning the whole frozen sea into a huge glacier.

Shortly after, the ice tundra and the frozen sea were successfully joined. Now this was a brand new land of adventures. Within were countless mysterious gigantic life forms. It was estimated that this place would soon become a paradise of adventurers.

The tier assigned for this place was B class!

As those in A class were too strong and would be able to easily crush the newly created glacier, their entry was restricted. This was to avoid what had happened during Wang Yao’s battle with Lei Hao and the rest back then. This was how restriction of entry for those of different classes into different areas of exploration came about.

As of now, the Frozen Sea Tundra development plan was formally completed.

The size of the human’s territory on this planet had once again increased slightly.

Currently, Chen Feng and Xu Fei were already back at the Genetic Union. As they had completed the mission flawlessly, they would be receiving generous rewards from the Union. Chen Feng had been anticipating this for way too long.

At the center of the Genetic Union, countless people were witnessing the triumphant return of these two. They were also anticipating finding out what their rewards would be.

Soon, the rewards were announced. Due to Xu Fei’s huge contribution, an exception was made for him and he was allowed to join the headquarters of the Genetic Union, becoming a true member of the Genetic Union.

"Not bad."

Everyone nodded slightly.

For someone who had originally been an ordinary employee, a temporary worker, even, this could be considered the best reward for Xu Fei. The act of him becoming an official member of the Genetic Union was in itself an unimaginably generous reward. One had to know that the rewards awarded by the Genetic Union for the class certifications of their members and the rewards for the future missions he could undertake as their official member would be extremely generous.

Xu Fei was beaming so much he couldn’t even close his mouth. "Many thanks."

As for Chen Feng…

The person in charge of handing out the rewards paused before saying, "Based on our discussion with the people from the association, we have decided to let you select your own reward."


Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

The person in charge indifferently said, "First option: Based on our current understanding, you are currently at D class, with your main attribute at 6,000 points. We at the Genetic Union can grant you perfect protection up until you reach C class. All the required resources and even the fusion gene reagent will be provided by us!"


The hearts of everyone else trembled. What a terrifying reward! To directly increase one whole class for him? This was something no amount of resources could compare with!

A perfect promotion into C class was the biggest reward the Genetic Union could grant him!

"How about the second option?" Chen Feng was shaken as well. From this alone, it was obvious that the Genetic Union would not be holding back in their rewards.

"The second option," the person in charge paused before continuing, "we make an exception for you and allow you to join the Genetic Union!"


Everyone else obviously blanked momentarily at that.

Entering the Genetic Union? Wait, wasn’t Chen Feng someone from the Gene Production Association? How was this a reward? This was obviously poaching! Wait, no, he was saying "make an exception"?

Could it be…

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

"That’s right." A smile appeared on the person in charge’s mouth. "Due to the unique strength you possess, you can coexist in both organizations."


Everyone else inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. In other words, Chen Feng could enter both the Gene Production Association and the Genetic Union at the same time? Regardless of which of these two someone joined, the treatments accorded to their core members were extremely generous. Now, Chen Feng was able to become a core member of both organizations?

Two sets of benefits and access to all their missions! On top of that, all the unique rewards for special occasions, such as genetic warrior’s class certification rewards, would be available for him!

Next though, everyone started frowning. This reward indeed appeared flawless. However, how many of the Genetic Union’s rewards could Chen Feng actually get? One could not forget that Chen Feng was a producer in essence! As for the rewards of the Genetic Union? All of them would be something one could only obtain through combat-related activities.

Even for one of their lowest-ranked certifications—for example, a D-class certification—the Genetic Union’s requirement would also be an absolute combat power! This was something unreachable for Chen Feng!

It might very well be possible that the act of Chen Feng joining their headquarters would gain him nothing apart from fame and access to the missions of the Genetic Union.

That was all he would gain.

This reward that seemed so flawless was in fact not too reliable.

Comparatively, the guaranteed entry into C class by the Genetic Union would be a reward of substance!

They started whispering to each other. "What will Chen Feng choose?"

"No idea."

Chen Feng was thinking about it without stop as well.

"Have you decided?" the person in charge asked calmly.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Yes. I want to join the Genetic Union!"


Everyone else was in an uproar, while Chen Feng’s expression was unprecedentedly resolute.

This decision was made after thorough consideration by him. As far as he was concerned, C class was not a problem. It was something he could reach merely by working hard for a period of time. The help provided by the Genetic Union might not necessarily guarantee a faster advancement speed compared to his own advancement methods. Rather, those certification rewards he could collect after joining…


He seemed to remember that the Gene Production Association had generous rewards for their members?

For example: The Peril Rebirth for their master producers.

If so, as the strongest organization of genetic warriors in this world, would the Genetic Union be holding back when rewarding their members?

Obviously not!

If so…

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. He was truly anticipating it!

He believed that, as long as he completed the certifications of the Genetic Union, the rewards he stood to gain would definitely not be lacking even when compared with the guaranteed advancement into C class they had offered him! However, before doing all this, there was still one more thing Chen Feng needed to do.