The Strongest Gene - Chapter 247: Great Transformation

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Chapter 247: Great Transformation

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Danger! Everyone was sweating profusely. They had finally gotten a clear look at what that bizarre radiance was. Astonishingly, that was actually the blood of that tortoise!


The tortoise blood started dispersing. Instantly, all the seawater in there changed color. Even the defense erected by Gou Li was incapable of defending against it.

Guo Jia was anxious. "Quick! Move the water out!"

However… it was too late.



Two people there died on the spot. It was at this moment that a terrifying gust of power erupted.


Along with the eruption, a flame was ignited. It was Xu Fei! He started punching out. At this instant, his terrifying Raging Flame Fist unleashed an extremely formidable power, evaporating all the water there!



Bathing in flame like an unequalled war god, Xu Fei roared, "Leave!"



Everyone else left hastily, reaching the zone that was cleared of seawater. The seawater here was already an odd existence before. Now that it had been polluted by the tortoise’s blood, it had become even more bizarre. None of them dared to touch it. As such, allowing Xu Fei to evaporate the water was the most optimal choice.



The flame raged.

Gradually, the seawater within the barrier dried up.

However, outside of everyone’s expectations, the evaporated blood merely had its form changed. It still existed in a different form as some sort of gaseous substance. In this new form, the blood hid within the final puddle of seawater, and at the final moment before the last drop of seawater was evaporated, they charged out.

"Be careful!"

Everyone’s heart leaped.

"Ah?" Xu Fei turned around blankly.


A green radiance representing the tortoise blood that had transformed into a gaseous substance bloomed and gushed into Xu Fei’s body.


At that, Xu Fei’s body stiffened and he slumped down onto the ground.

"Xu Fei!"

Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly. Gou Li and the rest rushed over as well. All the tortoise blood and seawater within the barrier had been cleared. This was Xu Fei\'s contribution. To be frank, he was the one who had saved everyone here.

A genetic warrior that specialized in healing walked out. "Let me."

Xu Fei’s body was turning green at an extremely fast speed. However, due to the burning flame within his body, this speed was much slower than it was supposed to be.

That person’s expression was unsightly. "He won’t be able to last too long."


Green light flickered on Xu Fei’s body.

"Almost all the tortoise’s blood went into his body. Currently, he’s using his flame to refine the blood, however…"

That person shook his head. The disparity in their strength was simply too great.

What was Xu Fei’s level? D class! On the other hand, that tortoise was B class! Now that all the blood it had released before death was within Xu Fei’s body, how could Xu Fei resist against it?

Chen Feng’s eyes started flickering. "Not necessarily so."


Luck Aura, full activation!

This time, he was going to use his Luck Aura to help Xu Fei out of his current plight. Regardless of how miniscule the probability of that succeeding, he was still going to try!


Flame started raging and his luck value started dropping rapidly.

Ten points…

Twenty points…

Chen Feng exhaled in relief. Since the luck value was dropping, it meant his Luck Aura was truly working on Xu Fei.

At the same moment, he received the feedback from Luck Aura as well: 10 points of luck value per second to ensure Xu Fei’s temporary survival. Half the blood would be used to withstand Xu Fei’s flame, while the other half would proceed to destroy Xu Fei’s body. This was the maximum Luck Aura could achieve with this, by reducing the extent of the erosion done to Xu Fei’s body by the blood.

However, even with this, it had only slowed the eventual death of Xu Fei.

Chen Feng looked at them. "I can only help him last longer. Do you guys have any other means of saving him?" They were A-class genetic warriors!

"Let me." Guo Jia walked out. "If he had been instantly killed, I truly wouldn\'t be able to do much. However, since you can help him last longer, things become easier to deal with."


He pressed one hand on Xu Fei’s body.


Abruptly, a terrifying power gushed into Xu Fei’s body. The flame within Xu Fei’s body that was only capable of resisting the tortoise’s blood with great difficulty started raging. Next, it started taking the initiative to look for the tortoise blood and counterattack.

"Here it comes."

Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. The tortoise’s blood was too powerful. If all the blood concentrated on either Xu Fei’s flame or Xu Fei’s body, they could easily destroy whatever their choice of target. However, under the Luck Aura’s effect, the blood maintained the balance and dealt with both Xu Fei’s flame and body at the same time.

The speed at which Xu Fei’s body turned green was reducing while the refining done on the tortoise’s blood increased in intensity. Soon, Xu Fei’s body stopped changing.

Moreover, his body was gradually recovering its original color as he flushed red with the color of blood.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. "It succeeded!"

The refined tortoise blood started blending with Xu Fei’s body and started healing the damage done to him earlier. Next, his body recovered its warmth.



Flame started igniting around Xu Fei’s body. Now he no longer required their assistance. The power around and within Xu Fei had formed a complete circulation route to operate independently. Xu Fei was saved from his imminent death.



His heart started beating once again.

However, this was nevertheless still the blood of a tortoise. Nowadays, due to the existences of genetic abilities, the blood of life forms such as that tortoise contained extreme power within. The stronger the life form was, the stronger the blood would be! This was apparent from the fact that the blood continued to exist even after being evaporated.

A tortoise’s blood was extremely powerful! As for this particular giant tortoise that had been alive for god knows how many years, its blood was even more powerful! Moreover, this was also a tortoise at B class that was capable of battling against those of a higher class, and its blood was full of vitality! Within the blood that had turned into a gaseous substance before invading Xu Fei, how much power was contained? No one knew the answer to that.

"Hopefully nothing bad will happen…" Gou Li and the rest muttered.

Unfortunately, something was indeed happening. Xu Fei’s body started reddening to the point where the color now looked abnormal.

Their hearts throbbed. "Something is going to happen."

Previously, he had almost died from the attack of the tortoise’s blood. Now that they had successfully saved him from his death, Xu Fei was dying once again. Dying from over nutrition due to the tortoise’s blood being too powerful for Xu Fei to absorb.


Chen Feng was speechless.

Luck Aura? He tried activating it. However, the Luck Aura refused to work this time around. Gou Li and the rest were somewhat dumbstruck as well. If Xu Fei lacked spiritual energy or something else, they could supply him some. But in a situation where the power contained within Xu Fei’s body was too great, what should they do?

They started exchanging glances.

"Oh—" Xu Fei groaned painfully.

Everyone else was unable to find a solution. Could it be that they had to watch on like this as this guy here died from an oversupply of power?

"Giant tortoise’s power…" Chen Feng thought slightly before saying, "Since the giant tortoise was able to be immune to the power contained within the frozen sea, perhaps the power raging within him can be slowed down by tossing him out to the sea?"

Everyone’s eyes shone. "Good idea!"

First, they tried inserting one of Xu Fei’s hands into the frozen sea.


Noiselessly, his right hand was dissolved. However, due to that bizarre tortoise’s power within his body, Xu Fei’s body was regrowing! After regrowing, the speed in which the hand dissolved in the sea had evidently slowed!

Clearly, the power of the giant tortoise that was trapped within Xu Fei’s body was being exhausted.

"It’s feasible."

They were pleasantly surprised.


Next, Xu Fei was directly tossed into the sea.

At that, the frozen sea’s power was displayed. Xu Fei’s body started dissolving before regrowing without stop. Every time his body was regrown, the time in which his body survived before dissolving increased.

Resistance! His body was actually developing a resistance against the frozen sea! The giant tortoise’s power was being exhausted without stop as well. However, astonishing everyone there, even after Xu Fei’s body completed the regrowing process and became completely immune to the seawater, the tortoise’s power was still not completely exhausted.

Everyone lamented. "Such a terrifying power."

This tortoise’s combat power was truly not particularly powerful. However, its age was most probably much older than they had guessed, since such a terrifying amount of power had been stored within its body.



The terrifying power roared within Xu Fei’s body. He was completely submerged within the frozen sea, yet he was completely immune to the sea.

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah—" Xu Fei yelled as he charged into the depths of the frozen sea.

Gou Li nodded. "It might be a good idea to let him vent off a bit there."

"True," Guo Jia agreed. "At the extreme end of the frozen sea, there’s a certain species of eel. Its mouth is like a jade, smooth as…" Guo Jia started his elaboration.


Chen Feng had a dumbstruck expression.

After a long time, Xu Fei returned with a refreshed expression on his face. As for what he had done at the extreme end of the frozen sea, he did not say much about it. However, Chen Feng could clearly see that beneath that somewhat awkward expression of Xu Fei\'s, a refreshed expression was hidden.

Guo Jia and the rest gave him a knowing smile.

Chen Feng: "…"

At this moment, he was truly wondering how these old men here had spent their time all these years.