The Strongest Gene - Chapter 245: Soul

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Chapter 245: Soul

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Instinctively, Chen Feng’s nerves tensed.


His Luck Aura fully activated. He was dripping wet with sweat. However, very soon, he regained his calm. If this person truly intended to kill them, it would simply be impossible for them to survive anyway. Moreover, this was at the depths of the frozen sea. Even if they wanted to flee, there was no way out for them.

"You…" Chen Feng inhaled before continuing, "How are you all here?"

A smile appeared on Gou Li’s face. "You are actually not afraid of us?"

Chen Feng shrugged as he fully calmed down. "What’s the point of being scared?"

"Very good. Since that’s the case, we can now continue our discussion," Gou Li stated calmly. "If we couldn\'t even communicate properly, I would have no choice but to kill you."

Chen Feng: "…"

Gou Li gave a rough introduction of the situation of their village. In fact, it was nearly the same as Chen Feng’s guess. Back then, they were being hunted before they falling into the frozen sea. After using a certain unique method, they had managed to survive by fluke and had stayed here ever since.

Chen Feng looked at the magical power separating the frozen sea’s water from the village. "Those defensive barriers…"

"That’s something made by a brother of ours," Gou Li said in a low voice. "His name is Bi Quzhi. Back then, he was a defensive barrier producer at a seafood market. All those prawns, crabs, and frogs were things that would be wrapped within his defensive barrier. With his genetic ability, he is able to produce a layer of defensive barrier to preserve everything. Subsequently, we discovered his existence and invited him into our team. His ability is extremely powerful."

"I can see that." Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. What a joke. Would a person capable of isolating the frozen sea be weak? No wonder this place is called Barrier Village… So that’s the reason. "With such an ability, if back then you all had chosen to work together with the Genetic Union…" Chen Feng’s heart throbbed. It was truly quite a pity. If such an ability was used to work with those experts of the Genetic Union, they could definitely achieve a lot of things. It was definitely sufficient for Gou Li’s group to atone for their crimes by their contributions!

"That would be impossible." Gou Li’s eyes were ice cold. "Even if we have no intention of being an enemy of the Genetic Union\'s, we will never forgive him! We lost too many people during the battle back then… Qi Qi… Xiao Yin… Ah Fu…"

Gou L’s eyes appeared empty as he said this.

All their close relatives had been killed during that battle! This was a blood grudge!

"If we had not found out that it had happened due to the Genetic Union being deceived…"

Gou Li’s eyes seethed with killing intent. As they were A-class experts, if they really had wanted to stir things up, it wouldn’t have been too difficult for them.

Deceived… Genetic Union… Chen Feng’s heart throbbed. "Could it be…"

"That’s right! We were all accused wrongly!" Gou Li said hatefully.

The expressions of Chen Feng and Xu Fei changed greatly. That was truly a gargantuan miscarriage of justice! They had been fugitives for 10 whole years! What had actually happened back then?

Gou Li sighed. "Back then, when we were in the middle of a mission, we suddenly lost consciousness. By the time we woke up, our bodies had already been seriously injured and we\'d become criminals for no apparent reason! The Genetic Union was pursuing us, and some unknown enemies were hunting us down as well. The only thing we could do was flee without stop! Finally, we were thrown into this sea by that mysterious person."

"Mysterious person..." Chen Feng contemplated.

"That’s right. That person…" Hatred appeared in Gou Li’s eyes, "was the one instigating the whole thing!"

Chen Feng was curious. "You guys didn\'t go after him for revenge?" Even if they were seriously injury and unable to defeat the enemy back then, after they recovered…

At that, Gou Li’s expression became odd before he finally sighed. The hatred seething out of him at this moment transformed into a sense of helplessness. "We can’t defeat him…"

What? Chen Feng was somewhat dumbstruck. Can’t defeat him? Are you kidding me? There are so many A-class and B-class genetic warriors here!

"That mysterious person…" Gou Li shook his head. "Back then, when we were on a mission, we encountered a mysterious person. This person’s code name was Soul, a person that possessed an extremely powerful mind control ability. He might have been related to our mission. As such, when our investigation led us to him, we might have been temporarily mind controlled by him, which ultimately led to everything that happened after."

Soul! Mysterious person! A-class mind controller!

Shocking words rolled off of Gou Li’s tongue without stop.

There were actually so many hidden secrets from that major incident 10 years ago. As for that mysterious person, he was truly astonishingly powerful! For him to be able to control so many A-class experts, what kind of power had he used?

"We investigated for 10 whole years. We have also trained for 10 whole years. However, we are still not his match." Gou Li sighed. "Hence, we can only hide here. One day, when we finally have the means of killing him, we can prove our innocence! Only then can we avenge our brothers!"

Around them, beneath the calm expressions of the villagers, an obvious fluctuation in their emotions could be seen at this moment. There were certain memories that even 10 years worth of time would not be able erase!

"How about this village’s condition?" Chen Feng looked at the ruins outside the barrier that might dissipate into nothingness at any moment. If it was as Gou Li had said, how could such a thing have happened for no reason?

"Bi Quzhi is dead." Gou Li inhaled deeply as killing intent seethed out of his eyes. "Not long ago, when he was defending the defensive barrier, he was killed by that old tortoise that had appeared out of nowhere. After that, the area of Barrier Village started shrinking. This is even more so with the unceasing attacks on the barrier by that damnable old tortoise." Gou Li was furious. "If it wasn’t for the frozen sea, or if Little Zhi was still alive, a mere B-class tortoise like that, I could tear it apart with one hand!"

Instantly, Chen Feng understood the issue. The one they all relied on in this frozen sea, Bi Quzhi, was dead. Hence, regardless of how strong they were, they would not be able to make use of that strength. Even if this tortoise was far weaker than them, the moment the barrier cracked and the seawater started pouring in, they would die!

"I hope your energy is useful to us." Gou Li looked at Chen Feng. He did not have too great an urge to kill Chen Feng, since they would all die here anyway if his energy proved ineffective.

Chen Feng nodded slightly. "Understood."



Clanking sounds resounded without stop. That tortoise was once again knocking against the defensive barrier without stop, kicking up a huge ruckus. Along with the knocking, the barrier started dimming.

Chen Feng had a serious expression in his eyes. If this continued, the barrier would not last more than seven days! Not much time was left for them. Within seven days, he had to look for a way to solve this! Energy submarine? It would be useless in this situation. True, it would be useful against the frozen sea’s life forms, but that old tortoise did not even need to spend much effort to break his purple energy. Next, they would all be dissolved by the seawater.

That was the scariest prospect! Regardless of whether Gou Li was saying the truth or not, he had to protect this village, even if he were to do that for himself.

What if I were to use Myriad Illusions to imitate the power of that defensive barrier, or to inject the energy into the existing barrier…

Chen Feng contemplated. Doing all these would not pose much problem for him. However, this would only succeed if they first stopped that old tortoise from attacking the barrier without stop. Furthermore, if Chen Feng and Xu Fei wanted to leave here, there was no way for them to avoid facing that old tortoise either. If so… things became much simpler to solve.

"Kill it!"

Chen Feng’s gaze was filled with viciousness.