The Strongest Gene - Chapter 243: Escaping Methods

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Chapter 243: Escaping Methods

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At the Genetic Union, everyone watched from their screen as the submarine advanced without stop. Just as the progress reached 90%, against everyone’s expectations, a crisis appeared. That gigantic red glow and that terrifying size…

"Something is going to happen!"

Their expressions changed greatly.

This place was filled with experts. If this was any other place, they could simply smash that tortoise’s shell anytime they wanted. However, the current crisis was taking place underneath the frozen sea! That was a place where they would not be of much help!

As of now, the only thing they could do was pray that Chen Feng and Xu Fei would be able to escape successfully. They were all anxious. Currently, from the screen, it could be seen that the tortoise was approaching the submarine.

Xu Fei was horrified. "What damnable thing is this?"

"Stop!" Chen Feng commanded abruptly.


Immediately, the submarine halted all activity and floated amid the water. They were hoping that with this, that huge tortoise would overlook them. However, from the seemingly lively eyes of that tortoise, it appeared that this tortoise was in a deep thought about something.

Suddenly, the gaze from that pair of eyes seemed to pierce through the submarine and the layer of purple energy to directly land on Chen Feng! It had discovered Chen Feng!

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed. "Damn it." I’ve been found out!

At that instant, he could vividly feel that a terrifying power abruptly started throbbing within his heart. That seemed to be the exact moment the tortoise’s gaze locked onto him.

"Go!" Chen Feng said without the slightest hesitation.

"All right." Xu Fei hastily activated the submarine.


Transforming into a purple flash, the submarine streaked away and vanished noiselessly.

However, with a loud sound, that huge tortoise caught up to them easily in a split second.

Xu Fei’s soul chilled. "What damnable speed is this?"


The gigantic body of that tortoise smashed into their submarine.



The submarine shook without stop and the screen in the submarine blinked unceasingly. The people from the Genetic Union could only watch on as this happened. They were so nervous it was as if some invisible hand was gripping their hearts. Subsequently, after another impactful collision into the submarine by the tortoise, the screen that was hovering midair darkened.

The connection had been severed! Their hearts thumped.

Something happened! What should we do?

They exchanged glances, blank expressions on their faces.

So the act of opening up the Frozen Sea Tundra for humanity was a feat that was out of their present capability after all? They stared at the distant frozen sea. Chen Feng and Xu Fei were obviously in a crisis, but that huge tortoise was obviously not too powerful; however, none of them were capable of going down there!

The person in charge of this mission abruptly said, "Dispatch another submarine over here."


Everyone else was shocked. There was clearly a huge tortoise in there…

"Bring our latest torpedo over here as well." The person in charge had a vicious expression on his face. "Despite something happening to Chen Feng and Xu Fei, they nevertheless still brought us valuable information pertaining to this sea. At the very least, 90% of the map has been properly examined. If there’s only this single damnable old tortoise in the remaining 10% region of the sea, I will ensure that this tortoise will pay dearly!"


Everyone else sunk into a solemn mood.

"We had an escape mode installed on the submarine. Hopefully, they are safe."

Everyone prayed.

Currently, at the depths of the frozen sea, the tortoise was still furiously knocking against the submarine. The damage dealt to the recording device was merely the start. Everything within the submarine’s interior had been messed up. Even Chen Feng and Xu Fei were dizzy from all the knocking around.

That tortoise was knocking against the submarine without stop.

"Damn it."

Chen Feng inhaled deeply as he calmed his mind.



Red light blinked.

"Energy crisis. Recommended to activate escape mode now," an ice-cold mechanical voice prompted.

"What’s an escape mode?" Chen Feng asked.

"That thing is not much help here." Xu Fei smiled bitterly. "That was a mode where all the energy of the submarine would be condensed to shoot the inner cabin of the submarine out. Theoretically, this mode is capable of shooting us straight to the shore. But currently," Xu Fei paused, sighing, "we’re too deep underwater."

Their depth was not the only issue. There was also the endless amount of life forms in this frozen sea that would pose them problems.

Here, the usefulness of the escape mode was severely restricted.

Without Chen Feng’s purple energy, the inner cabin traveling at a high speed under escape mode would simply be crushed by the life forms here. Furthermore, the amount of energy left to them was simply not sufficient to send them to the shore all the way from their current depth.

On top of that, would this damnable tortoise here let them off easily?

"Escape mode!"

Xu Fei tried simulating the escape.




More than ten escape routes were shown by the system. After analysis, the system projected that all these routes would end up in failure.

The probability of them dying was 98%.

Now there was simply no way out for them.


Chen Feng’s eyes moved rapidly.


His Luck Aura was activated.

It was simply too simple if all he required was to select a route for the escape mode to use. One point of luck value should be sufficient for this. However, this chosen direction…

Chen Feng looked at the direction pointed out by Luck Aura. That was the deepest region of the frozen sea, the final 5% unexplored region.

"Xu Fei!" Chen Feng inhaled. "There!"

Xu Fei laughed viciously. "All right."

Since Chen Feng was a person who was very good at creating miracles, in situations such as their current circumstance, he had zero doubts about Chen Feng. He directly set the route toward the direction Chen Feng had pointed at.


The submarine exploded. Like an artillery shell, the miniature inner cabin shot out. Only Chen Feng and Xu Fei were contained within the cabin.


The cabin shot forth, kicking off a powerful current as it sliced through the water.

The inner cabin shot forth and finally reached the final 5% region. As for Chen Feng and Xu Fei, they were both feeling light headed due to the intense trembling of the cabin from the high-speed travel.

After a long time, the inner cabin stopped moving.

"It stopped?"

They both sunk into a solemn mood. As the inner cabin had been designed as the final safety measure, it was completely sealed. This was even more so when they were in the depths of the frozen sea. Hence, they had no way of seeing what was happening outside the cabin.

Where’s that huge tortoise?

Among this final 5% region, where’s our lifeline? Wait.

Chen Feng calmed himself.

He was sure that if the huge tortoise was still around, it would definitely be knocking on the inner cabin. However, even after waiting for half an hour, they were still safe and sound. Nothing seemed to be happening outside.

Xu Fei was pleasantly surprised. "We are safe!"

"We should currently be at a certain location in the deepest region of frozen sea," Chen Feng guessed. "Since the huge tortoise is no longer after us and the submarine had been damaged, I will create a small submarine with my Energy Equipment later."

Xu Fei nodded. "All right."

As long as that huge tortoise was not here, their crisis could be considered to have been resolved.


"Clang! Clang!"

Suddenly, a bizarre sound could be heard from outside the cabin.


Chen Feng’s muscles tensed immediately.

Something is out there!

Xu Fei was anxious. "Could this be that huge tortoise?"

Chen Feng shook his head. "I don’t think so." If it was truly that tortoise, a single knock would be sufficient to smash them out of the cabin. Without the outer hull, this cabin would simply be shattered with a single knock.

An inner cabin at this level simply couldn’t resist against that tortoise’s knock! Hence, this should be some ordinary life form of the frozen sea.

"Let me produce my submarine first," Chen Feng decided promptly.

Even if the materials used to construct the inner cabin were capable of resisting the sea’s dissolving power, sooner or later, some frozen sea life form would definitely smash it apart. Hence, it was simply impossible for them to avoid danger by staying within the cabin.



Xu Fei opened the inner cabin’s door.


The purple energy produced through his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade was ready in his hands. He had thoroughly prepared to face a battle. However, when the cabin’s door was opened…he was shocked! Outside the cabin, several silhouettes were poking the cabin. When they saw Chen Feng, they were similarly shocked to the point their bodies trembled.

Those are… humans! There are humans here?

Abruptly, Chen Feng looked around. Along with the aroma of fresh air that assailed his nostrils, what welcomed his sight were buildings that were in a picturesque disorder and countless alarmed gazes staring at him.

There was actually a village here at the depths of the frozen sea?!!!