The Strongest Gene - Chapter 241: Genetic Union’s Plan

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Chapter 241: Genetic Union’s Plan

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What actually happened? Nobody had any idea. None of them had ever expected something so meddlesome to happen during a seemingly ordinary questioning session. For an issue to crop up with Zuo Xiao Rou’s body age and memories…

"Is it possible that she was lying about her age previously?" Chen Feng asked.

Qin Hai rejected that firmly. "No."

Even if he had never met Zuo Xiao Rou before, he was nevertheless somewhat familiar with her information. She was indeed 18 years old this year, so how had this 15-year-old body appeared? When they took a good look at her…

"Do you all not notice that she seems tinier now?" someone said suddenly.

Chen Feng studied her and felt like that was indeed the case. "Her tits got smaller…"

Hou Liang’s expression changed slightly. "Surveillance recording!"


The surveillance recording of Zuo Xiao Rou before this had happened was taken out.

There, a more mature version of Zuo Xiao Rou could be clearly seen. In the video, she was still a young lady. However, her physical appearance was obviously more mature compared to now. In the video, just as their conversation touched upon a certain previous encounter of hers…

She hesitated momentarily before she suddenly started raging.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. "It’s here!"


That single second was split into countless frames before they could finally see that Zuo Xiao Rou’s body had, within a single second, turned younger!

That was… the power of time!


Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold breath.

There truly existed someone in this world who had grasped to the power of time? Moreover, that power was triggered merely because Zuo Xiao Rou had encountered and seen something.

This is truly…

What had she seen?

Everyone was alarmed. They knew that this mysterious organization was probably hiding an even more terrifying secret.

In the end, Zuo Xiao Rou was kept behind. Even after showing her the surveillance recordings multiple times to prove what they were telling her, she still refused to believe what they said. Hence, the association had no choice but to put her under a temporary house arrest. Despite the term house arrest being used, in fact, everything Zuo Xiao Rou wanted was still given to her as before. The only difference was her restricted freedom for safety reasons.

"I will cure you," Qin Hai said seriously.

"This uncle here, using an old male to seduce me won’t work." Zuo Xiao Rou was very serious as well.

Qin Hai: "…"

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

Naturally, despite this issue with Zuo Xiao Rou’s body, from their casual chat, they had still managed to obtain some new information pertaining to that organization.

For example: the name!

"What is their name?" Qin Hai’s killing intent surged. Sooner or later, he would root out this sinister organization.

Hou Liang sighed. "Mysterious Organization."

"I know. My question is, what’s their name?" Qin Hai asked.


Hou Liang paused before, with a forced smile on his face, he said, "Their name is Mysterious Organization."


The mood seemed to freeze. Chen Feng’s mouth twitched. He finally understood why they had failed to even get a clue on the name of that organization after all this while. So the fact was this wasn’t due to their failures during investigation. Rather, it was a name that even if it was spelled out to them, they would still not imagine that this was the actual name of the organization! They had always believed that this was simply a nickname.

"What a bunch of scammers." Chen Feng was too tired to even berate this. What stupid name is this?

"Mysterious Organization…" Qin Hai muttered.

From the moment the Qin family had been destroyed, he\'d had an unresolved grudge toward this organization. Coupled with the present Zuo Xiao Rou incident, he vowed to not let this organization off!

"Wait." Suddenly, Chen Feng’s vigilance flared up. "Since Xiao Rou didn\'t reveal any information regarding that organization, why are you guys rewarding me?"

He simply knew Hou Liang too well! Previously, this guy had been using the dark freak to trick him, telling him all those things like "saving the world" and the like. What had the end result been? That so-called dark freak was simply something insignificant in the grand scheme of things!

"Cough cough," Hou Liang coughed. "Am I such a scammer?"

"What do you think?" Chen Feng looked at him in alarm. "Let me tell you this in advance. Since I have already taken the reward, I will not return it."

Hou Liang: "…"

"We won’t take it back from you." Hou Liang’s face darkened. "Regardless of what happened to Zuo Xiao Rou, at the very least, it will appear to outsiders that we have found out everything from her! We are giving our enemy a false impression. Putting on such an act is still something we need to do."

So that’s the case.

Chen Feng was enlightened. Putting on a play? This was something he was good at.

"Naturally, as for you…" Hou Liang paused, "There’s a new mission."

"I reject it!" Chen Feng rejected without a slightest trace of politeness.

Hou Liang: "…"

This… Chen Feng wasn’t giving him any face at all!

Qin Hai laughed as he signaled Chen Feng with his eyes: "At least listen about it?"

"Fine." Chen Feng shrugged. "Then, Old Man Hou, which world crisis is happening this time that requires our rescue? Or perhaps some demon king has been born?"

This damn kid…

Hou Liang rolled his eyes. However, since they were now talking about the mission, he recovered his seriousness.

"This mission is somewhat unique. It is not a mission of our Gene Production Association. Instead, it is a support mission sent to us from the Genetic Union," Hou Liang said seriously.

Genetic Union?

Chen Feng’s interest was piqued.

"Do you still remember that, previously, we applied to initiate an operation to rescue Qin Hai? Although you returned with him, after one month of discussion, the Genetic Union decided to go ahead with the operation, the target being Frozen Sea Tundra! They are planning to explore and develop the entire snow tundra and build a brand new camp there!" Hou Liang said with an overcast tone.

At this, the hearts of Chen Feng and the rest trembled. New camp? The type of camp where one could reach with a single Ironcloud ride, the type where one could go out for explorations at any time?

But… how was that possible? To develop a new camp, the danger level had to be ascertained first.

For example, Dragon’s Passing Mountain: Clear details of the legends surrounding that area, the classes of the mutated beasts there, and the danger zones there, all this information had to be investigated thoroughly. One had to know that the unknown would always be the scariest thing!

Even for the area with the lowest danger level, one had to also first figure out what existed within that area. This was the core requirement for the formation of a Genetic Union camp! Things such as which areas were suitable for the exploration of those in A class and which areas were suitable for the exploration of those in E class, etc, these all needed to be figured out.

Why had they failed to build a camp at a forbidden area all this while? The reason was simple. Due to the unknown dangers there! One would never know precisely how dangerous that place was! At a place where even an A class might die at any moment, it was simply impossible for ordinary people to survive there!

Opening up the Frozen Sea Tundra for humanity?

Was that possible?

Within that frozen sea were countless unknown life forms. An example would be those elusive huge life forms… he was simply too clear on the dangers of that place!

"Hence, the assistance of you guys is required." Hou Liang looked at Chen Feng. "Anything pertaining to the snow tundra can be left to the Genetic Union. Regardless of how powerful those life forms are, they are, after all, still living beings! However, as for the frozen sea, those unknown regions within the sea are something even the Genetic Union is helpless against. Hence, this will have to rely on you, as only you are able to remain safe and sound under the water."

Earnestly, Hou Liang dangled the carrot. "Naturally, for this unique joint mission, an astonishing reward will be issued by them. If you are interested… Think about it. It will be the same as how it was when you brought Qin Hai back. Just bring Qin Hai along and take a vacation under the sea… Mhm, see how simple this is? You only need to record whatever you see down there! If it is ascertained that there are no formidable life forms residing down there, we can directly freeze the whole frozen sea, transforming that place into an area of exploration where humans can walk!"

Hou Liang inhaled deeply.

Freezing it! This was the same fashion in which the Ice River had been handled back then! This was also the most optimal method of dealing with it. Naturally, this was with the premise that there were no overly formidable life forms residing underneath the sea. Otherwise, the barrier painstakingly erected by the Genetic Union would simply be reduced to a joke.

Hence, for this mission, Chen Feng’s help was required.

"Let me think about it," Chen Feng muttered.

If it was the frozen sea, with his current capabilities, if he were to only observe the type of life forms down there, it shouldn’t pose too much trouble. Most importantly, regardless of the Genetic Union or Gene Production Association, the rewards issued for a mission of this magnitude would not be lacking. This was especially true for the rewards issued by the Genetic Union!

Since the main focus of the Genetic Union was to improve one’s combat prowess, the reward would probably be…

Chen Feng was tempted. "Fine, I accept this mission."

"Good." Hou Liang was gratified. "Then prepare to go underwater."

Chen Feng: "…"

Why does this sentence feels so weird… I seem to recall that the term go underwater is also used for a certain profession 1 ?