The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 98 – Free for all

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In the audience’s minds, Ye Zifeng’s way with words helped Liu Bingqian earn a huge profit.

But in reality, all of this happened because of the blood contract that he signed with Liang Nine. If he didn’t do that, then the pills would have probably sold for at most one thousand two hundred gold coins.

After everyone finished talking about Ye Zifeng, they all started to quiet down again.

This was because on the stage, there was one more person who hasn’t sold their pill yet. It was Liangfeng City’s Qi Zimo!

“The last one, Lingfeng City Qi Zimo’s Yuan Increasing Pill!” Muyun Old Devil’s voice echoed throughout the entire hall.

“Two thousand gold coins!”

Right after Muyun Old Devil finished talking, someone immediately raised their hand and bidded. It was a high bid. That person was wearing a bamboo hat and a black cloak. He clearly didn’t want people to know who he is.

“Two thousand and one hundred gold coins….” Someone else raised the bid by one hundred gold coins.

“Three thousand!”

The man wearing the bamboo hat was not patient at all. His tone behind his words sound like a threat.

Everyone was shocked at the price and wanted to see what kind of person this man was. However, he kept himself well hidden and didn’t reveal anything about himself at all.

Muyun Old Devil on the other hand was extremely happy. Ye Zifeng had just sold his pills for three thousand six hundred gold coins and now the bid for Qi Zimo’s pill was at three thousand gold coins already. She was making a killing!

Due to the fact that Qi Zimo was always the champion of the competition, everyone knew that his pills were good. Qi Zimo’s control of his flame of at a very high level. It had broken through the peak of common tier flame and had reached the level of a huang tier flame. By using three thousand gold coins to buy Qi Zimo’s pill meant that the man in the black cloak was giving Qi Zimo face. He probably wants to invite him to help concoct some pills later on.

“Three thousand gold coins going once… going twice….is there anyone willing to bid higher?”

“Alright then…. Sold!”

In just the first round of the competition, eight thousand one hundred gold coins worth of pills were auctioned off. Muyun Old Devil had earned four thousand gold coins without doing anything at all!

Ye Zifeng smiled at the cloaked man, “He actually used three thousand gold coins to purchase a Yuan Increasing Pill? It seems like this Qi Zimo isn’t simple at all.

Muyun Old Devil’s happy expression slowly faded away and turned into a solemn one.

“Since the first round and the auction is finished, then…..”

She revealed a smile once again, “Then we should start the second round right now!”

The three groups that were left on the stage all became serious when they heard this.

Liu Bingqian and Ye Zifeng both looked at each other.

In the past, Liu Bingqian would be sneakily leaving the stage by now. However, this time, she remained on the stage and will fight until the end. She will fight for her honors.

Muyun Old Devil turned serious too. Since she had announced the start of the second round, she needed to act like a host.

“Guards, listen up. Bring out all the ingredients!”

“Yes master Muyun!” the guards quickly answered and ran out of the hall. They quickly brought tables of ingredients in front of each competitor.

Seeing how the guards were bringing out all these ingredients without any hint of stopping, Liu Bingqian began to fret.

“How way. How many pills do we need to concoct. With all these ingredients, it’s going to take us the whole day!”

Ye Zifeng smiled and didn’t say anything. He didn’t believe that Muyun Old Devil would ask them to use all of the ingredients. If the competition was too long, the spectators won’t like it. They would get bored very quickly.

Massive amount of ingredients appeared in front of the competitors like they weren’t worth anything. The ingredients were all the same and equal in amount. Muyun Old Devil had basically brought out half of all her ingredients!

When the guards finished moving everything, a stick of incense worth of time had passed already. The pile of ingredients was like a small mountain. They could not guess what kind of pill Muyun Old Devil wanted them to concoct at all.

“Master Muyun, we’ve split the ingredients in threes and brought them all out.” One of the guards respectfully said.

“Good!” Muyun Old Devil revealed a smile and looked at everyone.

“Since my Muyun House is hosting this competition, I, Muyun Old Devil, want to make the competition as interesting as possible! Thus, I brought out all these ingredient to test the limits of these young alchemists.”

“Limit?” The members of the audience looked at each other. None of them can tell what was going on.

“That’s right. The limit of the young alchemists. I brought so many ingredients here to see the potential of these young alchemists. Without the shortage of ingredients, I want to see what kind of pills they can concoct. I want them to concoct the best pill to the best of their abilities and show me how far they have immersed themselves in the dao of alchemy!”

Ye Zifeng was looking at these ingredients like a crazy pervert. In his eyes, these ingredients were like beauties to normal men.

Thus, he didn’t hear anything that Muyun Old Devil said and continued to stare at the ingredients.

“Not bad. Not bad. I guess that I didn’t come here in vain after all. I never would have thought at I would be able to see so much ingredient gathered in one place so soon after crossing over.

Ye Zifeng laughed very loudly. He was a crazed alchemist in his past life, so when he saw all these ingredients, he revealed his true self and laughed very loudly.

In other people’s eyes, Ye Zifeng looked like a crazy person. Some people even cursed at him for being so crazy.

Hua Shao glared at him, “What kind of country bumpkin is he? From the looks of it, it seems like he turned crazy from seeing so many valuable ingredients gathered in one place. He’s basically making a fool out of himself!”

Hua Shao’s follower reacted the same way and coldly snorted, “The young master is right. From what I can see, they must’ve already known that they had to concoct the Yuan Increasing Pill before hand and had already prepared for it. Now, in the second round where you show your potential and concoct the best pill you can, they will definitely lose! How can they be young master’s opponent?”

“Hahaha…..That’s right!”

A lot of people had the same thought as Hua Shao. They all know that Liu Bingqian was Muyun Old Devil’s disciple and it isn’t impossible that she might have some information regarding the first round.

Qi Zimo however was observing Ye Zifeng. He saw that Ye Zifeng had the same kind of eyes that he does and smiled.

He turned towards his helped, “Sword servant, listen to me. Don’t help me gather ingredients later. Observe Ye Zifeng for me and tell me his every move!”

“No way. Master is planning on going all out?” This sword servant was shocked. He knows his master better than anyone else here. His master has never had this kind of serious expression on his face before.

“Stop chattering and just do as I say!”

“Yes…. Yes, master.”

Qi Zimo’s looked very serious as he stared at Ye Zifeng, “This guy…. He isn’t as simple as he looks. For Liu Bingqian to have this kind of performance this year….this guy must’ve been guiding her. I can’t be careless!”

All three group of competitors have become very serious. Muyun Old Devil saw this and was very happy.

“Allow me to explain the rules a bit. The time limit is one hour and you can concoct whatever pill you want. The amount of attempts and the quality of the pill will be judged. Also, you cannot concoct more than three pills!”

After a while, she looked over at Ye Zifeng and asked, “Ye Zifeng, do you have any questions?”

She was afraid that Ye Zifeng might have some kind of weird moves up his sleeves so she asked him if he had any questions first before asking everyone else.

Ye Zifeng finally returned to his senses from looking at all the ingredients.

“Oh yeah… I do have a question. I want to ask if the three groups are going to be far apart when we concoct our pills.”

“What does the distance between each group have to do with anything?” Muyun Old Devil was confused.

Ye Zifeng smiled and both his eyes lit up.

“If the distance doesn’t have to do with anything, then I suggest that we should concoct our pills closely together. This way, the audience can watch all of us at the same time. Also, the judges can concentrate on one spot and thus further evaluate our alchemy techniques.”


Muyun Old Devil stared at Ye Zifeng for a while and couldn’t tell what he was planning. She then looked over at Qi Zimo and Hua Shao.

“Do you guys have any problems with that?”