The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 90 – The last place will be eliminated

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Liu Bingqian and Yang Jing both stared at Ye Zifeng, thinking if he had hit his head or something.

The only reason why they were standing near the back is because they didn’t want any attention to themselves. After the competition is over, they can leave quickly and not be criticized.

Also, Muyun Old Devil is being polite by asking everyone if they had any questions. For Ye Zifeng to cut her off like this….. This was not good.

Muyun Old Devil furrowed her brows, “Little brother. What do you want to ask? Let’s not waste everyone’s time and make it quick.”

She was giving her disciples face and restrained herself. If it was anyone else, she might have started to yell.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “I want to ask that if there’s someone who always get last place during the alchemist competition, then is there even a point in allowing them to attend the alchemist competition anymore?”

After he said this, the entire audience was shocked.

Young master Hua from Tonghuo City began to laugh, “Did everyone hear that? Even the people from Leizhou City feel that they don’t have the qualifications to enter the competition. How about we just leave them out next time? Watching them get last every time pains me as well.

Many different thoughts were going through Liu Bingqian’s mind as she shockingly looked at Ye Zifeng, “Big brother rough guy… What are you doing? Do you want me to lose face in front of all these people?”

Other than her relatives, the person that Liu Bingqian trusts the most is Ye Zifeng. She trusts him even more than Yang Jing! However, now he was standing there, slowly pouring salt onto her wounds.

Muyun Old Devil’s face turned dark as she glared at Ye Zifeng. On the outside, it didn’t look like she was was helping Liu Bingqian but she had been doing things behind the scene. She was her disciple so of course she would help her out.

However, right now, Ye Zifeng was undoing all of her hard work.

Since one of the representatives from Leizhou City had opened their mouth about the matter, there wasn’t anything she could do about it anymore.

“That’s right. Lord Old Devil, I agree with this little brother. The last place of this competition should lose their qualifications. How about we start an elimination system right now?”

“I agree. By having the last place eliminated, it would make the others work harder on their alchemy skills. It will be useful for everyone!”

Everyone believed that Liu Bingqian would be last so it doesn’t really matter. They can say whatever they want.

After hearing all this, Muyun Old Devil’s face turned very ugly.

“Ye Zifeng. What do you mean by this? Say it clearly!”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “I mean exactly what everyone is saying. However, I want to take it to an even higher level. From now on, if you cannot enter the top 3, you will be eliminated and won’t be able to attend the next competition.


After Ye Zifeng said this, the people from Qushui City and Huangtu were shaken. Their abilities were not the best and would always take 3rd and 4th place. That means that one of them would be eliminated as well.

“You brat from Leizhou City. What are you saying? Are you trying to drag someone else down with you?”

The representative from Huangtu City, Xu Zhen, heard Ye Zifeng’s suggestion and became angry.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “So what you’re saying is that you won’t be able to get into the top 3? Are you admitting that you’re weak?”

“You!” Xu Zhen didn’t know how to refute.

Ye Zifeng respectfully cupped his hands towards Muyun old Devil, “I hope Lord Muyun can meet everyone’s expectations and allow this.”

“This…..” Muyun Old Devil muttered to herself.

If Ye Zifeng wants to eliminate one group, then Muyun Old Devil would not agree to it. However, if it was two groups, then it would look better for Bingqian.

Thus, Muyun Old Devil started to think that Ye Zifeng suggested this idea because he didn’t want to watch Liu Bingqian suffer anymore in the future. He chose the quickest way to end her suffering. While thinking like this, her expression became better.

Asides from Muyun Old Devil, it seems like Liu Bingqian understands his action as well and began to smile.

“Fine. I’ll agree and change the rules this time! Whichever group’s not in the top three, then they will not be able to attend the next competition.

Silence…. The place was absolutely silent.

Everyone was shocked at the rule change/

Of course, the competition will also have five groups. It’s just that there will be other people.

In a bit, everyone started to talk about it.

“No way. Is this really happening? Muyun Old Devil is really bold!”

“Rubbish. Who do you think Muyun Old Devil is? Even the experts in the Profound Sect have to be polite with her. Who dares to not listen to her words?”

Muyun Old Devils words were like the laws during this competition. Eliminating the last place was suppose to be something not so tensed and yet it escalated to this level.

“Alright everyone. Are there any more questions?”

Muyun Old Devil looked over at Ye Zifeng, wanting to see if Ye Zifeng had any other tricks that he wants to pull. However, all Ye Zifeng did was shake his head and smiled.

With this, Muyun Old Devil stroke her beard and became serious, “Since no one has anymore questions then I, Muyun Old Devil, will hereby announce the start of the competition.

After this, everyone became serious.

“Bring out the ingredients!”

Several of the guards in the Muyun Residence appeared and placed five cauldrons onto the stage.

Along with that, a massive amount of ingredients were brought out as well. Every batch had the same amount to ensure fairness.

“We’ll line up according to the results from last year’s competition. Lingfeng City will be first, Tonghuo City will be second, then Qushui City, Huangtu City and finally Leizhou City.

The five groups of twos all went towards their respective areas and stood in front of the cauldron.

Before the start of the competition, people started to gossip for a bit.

“I don’t know about the others but Qi Zimo from Lingfeng City will definitely be first and Liu Bingqian from Leizhou City will definitely be last…..”

“Maybe. Young master Hua from Tonghuo City has improved quite a bit from last year. Maybe he can beat Qi Zimo this time.

“Ah… After the rule change, we still can’t be sure about who’s going to be fourth place. Will it be Qushui City’s Yi Hao or Huangtu City’s Xu ZHen…”

Liu Bingqian stood in front of the cauldron with an awkward expression. She looked at the ingredients and then looked at Ye Zifeng.

“Big brother rough guy. Do you know what kind of pills these ingredients make?”

Ye Zifeng’s expression changed and looked at her, “No way Bingqian. You don’t know?!”

Actually, Ye Zifeng felt that something was wrong since a while ago. As the number one huang tier alchemist in Leizhou City, it’s fine if she doesn’t know the ingredient for a Spirit Binding Pill since it’s a bit rare, but how could she not know the ingredients used to concoct a Thunder Spirit pill? That was a bit weird.

Liu Bingqian pouted and hung her head down in embarrassment, “Ever since I was young, only when master gives me a list of ingredients would I go and try to concoct the pills. I have never seen all these weird ingredients in my life so how would I know how to use them….”

“This….” Ye Zifeng was shocked. Now he finally understand where the problem lies. It’s not that her alchemy skills were bad, but it’s the basics that she has problems with. Knowing the ingredient is the most basic step to becoming a great alchemist.

Since her foundation was weak, her advancement in the way of alchemy was weak too. If she doesn’t know how to recognize and measure the ingredients herself, then she will never advance to the next level. Ye Zifeng had finally found Liu Bingqian’s flaw!

Muyun Old Devil looked at the competitors and reminded them, “The time limit is one hour. The pill that everyone needs to concoct is the Yuan Increasing Pill. Other than that, I won’t give anymore hints. Also, anyone who cheats will have their qualifications revoked for the next competition. If everyone understands then begin! I hope that everyone does their best.

A Yuan Increasing Pill can not only increase the quantity of one’s spiritual qi, but also the quality of their qi. People at all levels of cultivation can use this. Muyun Old Devil used this pill for the competition because it will be easier to sell when they finish concocting it.

All of the competitors began to move after Muyun Old Devil told them to begin. Even the playful young master Hua from Tonghuo City became serious.

Common tier flames lit up everywhere. They were all different colors, showing that they all had different attributes and strength.

Normally, the main alchemist will concoct the pill while the help will help with the fire. This was the reason why two people were needed for the competition.

Compared to the other competitors, Liu Bingqian’s positioning was slightly worse than theirs since she was used to concocting by the books.

Next to her, Ye Zifeng looked like he was doing even worse. Since the start of the competition, he didn’t even move a single muscle. He was looking at the other competitors, especially at that young master from Tonghuo City who suggested that Leizhou City’s qualifications should be revoked….