The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 87 – You can’t really judge a book by its covers.

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Elder Zhao calmed himself down and the continued to talk.

“First is the people of my Profound Sect. Everyone has connections with each other and experts are like clouds in here. If you don’t want to die then don’t provoke anyone from the sect.”

Ye Zifeng nodded, “Continue….”

“The second group is the people from the Spirit Martial School. However this group of people is very mysterious is the school in Tiandao City is only a small branch of the main school. You probably won’t run into them so you don’t even have to worry about them. Don’t think too much about them.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Alright. I’ll remember it……”

“You stinkin brat. I’m telling you to not think about them!” Elder Zhao was so mad that he was about to find Ye Zifeng and slap him a few times. This kid is extremely infuriating. This guy was basically sent by Hades to deal with Elder Zhao.

“And the third?”

Elder Zhao gulped, “The third…….is Muyun Old Devil. This person is kinda……”

“Huh? Kinda what?” Ye Zifeng couldn’t help but smile


Right when Elder Zhao was going to speak, Ye Zifeng felt as if he had bumped into something. He immediately broke off the divine sense communication.

Ye Zifeng furrowed his brow and opened his eyes to see who he had bumped into.

“Who are you? Why are you walking with your eyes closed? Simple preposterous!”

Ye Zifeng turned around and saw a young woman wearing a long white robe. Her long sleek black hair went down to her waists. With her big bright eyes and white teeth, she was an absolute beauty.


On her pretty oval face, she had a long beard! From the looks of it, it seems like she had glued it on or something!

Ye Zifeng’s jaws dropped. This woman was too shocking. He had never seen something like this even in his past life.

“Your….beard. A beautiful girl like yourself…. Why would you paste a beard on yourself?” Ye Zifeng couldn’t help but ask.

The beauty glared at Ye Zifeng and stroke her beard a few times and then fixed it into place again.

“Little brother. Tell me the truth. Is my beard beautiful?”

Ye Zifeng’s mouth began to twitch and wanted to say no. However, he saw that her eyes were filled with killing intent and quickly shut his mouth again. Ye Zifeng felt that this beauty was not simple at all. If he said something wrong, then he will definitely be killed.

“Come on. Tell me. Do I look beautiful with this or not?”

Ye Zifeng sighed inwards and said, “This young miss, the beard gives you a special kind of beauty…..” He really didn’t want to say that it looked beautiful so he took an indirect approach.

Hearing this, the beauty laughed and patted her attendants next to her, “Did you hear that? You guys are always hatin on my beard but this little brother has good taste. He knows how to appreciate real beauty!”

“This… Yes. that’s right….” The attendants smiled and couldn’t help but sigh.

“Alright. I won’t talk with little brother any longer. Both of my disciples have returned today and I should be greeting them soon.”

Hearing this, Ye Zifeng furrowed his brows and felt that something was not right. He turned and looked at the Muyun residence and then back at the beauty in front of him. He put two and two together and his mouth began to twitch.

“Hold on! Your disciples…. Are they called Liu Bingqian and Yang Jing?”

Hearing this, the beauty stopped and stared at Ye Zifeng, “What? Could it be that you know my disciples?”

Ye Zifeng was startled and took a deep breath. Bingqian had told him that her master’s character was a bit weird and even Elder Zhao tried to warn him about it. It seems like it was exactly as they have said.

The character of this beauty in front of him was more than a bit weird. It was a special kind of weird!

“So then… you’re Muyun Old Devil????” Ye Zifeng began to sweat but force these words out anyways.

The attendants besides the beauty all frowned and a cold expression appeared on their face.

“Impudent! What Muyun Old Devil. You should say Senior Muyun!”

Muyun Old Devil waved her hands, telling them to shut up. She then smiled, “It’s alright. Anyone who praises my beard is a good person. This little brother, I allow you to be my friend. I don’t mind at all.”

She smiled and gazed at Ye Zifeng, “Oh yeah. Little brother, It seems like you know me from somewhere. Did we ever meet before?”

Ye Zifeng was so shocked that he couldn’t return to his senses at the moment. In his mind, Murong Old Devil was someone that was respectable and eloquent.


Elder Zhao said that this Muyun Old Devil is someone that he definitely cannot offend. Also, when Ye Zifeng entered the city, the guards were all scared shitless after they saw that the customs document was signed by Muyun Old Devil. It seems like she is someone very amazing.

However, from what Ye Zifeng can see, this beauty looked like she had some problems with her head. She didn’t look like someone with any abilities at all.

Ye Zifeng thought about it again. Could this Muyun Old Devil have shown her true strength if he said that he disliked her beard?

Ye Zifeng was able to come to this conclusion but didn’t dare to try it. He was not stupid.

At this moment, Liu Bingqian and Yang Jing saw Muyun Old Devil’s back and a smile appeared on their faces. They quickly ran over.

“Bingqian, Jing-er. You’re here.” Muyun Old Devil laughed lightly.

“Master….” The two girls cupped their hands and bowed.

Liu Bingqian giggled and grabbed her master’s hand, “Master. I’ve missed you.”

“You brat. If you really miss me then why would I have to send Jing-er to go pick you up every year? Why don’t you come by yourself? You should know that the alchemy competition starts tomorrow!”

“Alchemy competition….Ai…..” Liu Bingqian’s expression darkened. It was very clear what she was thinking about.

“Tomorrow?” Ye Zifeng was surprised. He didn’t think that it was be so fast.

“Big brother rough guy, why are you with master? Did she do anything to you?” Liu Bingqian looked at Ye Zifeng and felt worried. However, she didn’t know what she was worried about.

“Peh. Do you think that I would actually do something? This little brother is very kind. He praised my beard and called it beautiful. How can I do anything to him?”

Muyun Old Devil laughed. Her age doesn’t resemble her act at all.

Ye Zifeng wasn’t surprised at this at all. Afterall, Beauty Retaining Pills can be concocted.

Muyun Old Devil suddenly stopped and reacted to what Bingqian said, “Hold on. Bingqian. What did you call him? It feels so intimate. Who is he to you?”

Earlier, she thought that it was weird that Ye Zifeng knows the name of her disciples. But now it seems like that Ye Zifeng wasn’t outside her residence by coincidence.

“What special person? We don’t have much of a relationship.” An embarrassed expression appeared on Liu Bingqian’s face, “But Master Old Devil, Do you remember that you gave me two invitations to the alchemy competition.”

Muyun Old Devil lightly yelped with a shocked expression in her eyes.

“No way. You gave the other invitation to this guy? I wanted you to give it to someone who’s talented in alchemy, not some pretty boy. That Song Shiyun that you brought last time…. Why didn’t you bring him? Even though he’s kinda ass at alchemy, he can at least help you out and gather ingredients. Do you really want to be last place again?”

When speaking about alchemy, Muyun Old Devil’s expression turned very serious. She didn’t play around anymore.

“Master, don’t mention something like that. Even if I brought Song Shiyun, it won’t change anything.” Liu Bingqian retorted.

Yang Jing stood on the side and suddenly chimed into the conversation, “Master, you don’t know about this but this Young master Ye is much more knowledgeable and skillful in alchemy than that Song Shiyun.

“He…. He knows alchemy? Is he even at the level of a common tier alchemist?” Muyun Old Devil furrowed her brows as she didn’t believe her disciples.

“Little brother. What’s your name? What’s your cultivation level? Can you condense a common tier flame? Let me tell you this, knowing alchemy and praising my beard is two different things. Don’t like to me.”

“Ye Zifeng. Five stage of Qi refining. As for a common tier flame….. I still haven’t condensed it yet.” Ye Zifeng truthfully replied.

Muyun Old Devil glared at Yang Jing, “You brat. What are you saying? This guy didn’t even condense a common tier flame yet. If Bingqian brings him to participate in the competition, then she will lose even more face.”

Liu Bingqian softly laughed, “Master, this time, you’re really underestimating him.”

Muyun Old Devil bitterly laughed and shook her head, “Bingqian, you brat. You’ve been lied to. Can you not make your own judgment. His cultivation is low. Now matter how talented he is, his alchemy skill won’t be that high. Whatever. The competition is tomorrow and you won’t be able to find a replacement anyways. We’ll just have to let him join you….”