The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 84 – Using treasures to trade for one’s life

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“Oh? So you know that I like treasures!” A big smile suddenly appeared on Ye Zifeng’s face.

Wang Ruoxing cursed inwards. He still remembers how Ye Zifeng cleaned his little brother, Wang Lin out last time.

Suddenly, a smile appeared on Wang Ruoxing’s face as well, “Boss Zifeng, who doesn’t love strong treasures. Here. Have everything that I have. Okay? Please let me go. I’m willing to make an blood oath too and never cross your path again.”

Ye Zifeng’s mouth curved up, “If making a blood oath really works, then why did your little brother come and bother me again?”

“This……” Wang Ruoxing’s face became stiff and didn’t know how to give an explanation.

The blood oath is something that activates when one steps into the Martial Disciple realm from the Qi Refining realm. For someone like Wang Lin who has no hope of stepping into the Martial Disciple realm, the blood oath meant nothing to him.

“Boss Zifeng, I…..” Wang Ruoxing wants to prove that he won’t mess with Ye Zifeng anymore….

However Ye Zifeng coldly replied, “Don’t call me Boss. Do you think I’ll believe someone who was trying to kill me just because they change their tone of voice?”

Wang Ruoxing’s face turned ashen, and didn’t know what to say anymore.

Liu Bingqian snorted with a cold look on her face, “Big brother rough guy. This is will continue to mess with you in the shadows. If you let him live, he’ll try to get back at us sooner or later. I say we kill him. Am I right? Senior Sister Jing.”

Yang Jing yelped in surprise. Her body was very weak so she doesn’t go out much, much less fight and kill. She wasn’t used to this so she was surprise when Bingqian mentioned killing.

Liu Bingqian shot a meaningful glance at her. Yang Jing understood this and quickly nodded.

“Junior sister Bingqian is right. If we were the ones who ended up in his hands, who knows what we’ll become. Since he is so vicious and merciless, we can’t let him go either. Let’s make it quick.”

Yang Jing smiled and looked back at Bingqian, showing that she’s done her job.

Wang Ruoxing didn’t expect the two girls to be so vicious. He thought that he would be able to escape death by kissing Ye Zifeng’s ass as if Ye Zifeng was his own dad.

Ye Zifeng did do anything and smiled, “Wang Ruoxing. Don’t be so nervous. When I, Ye Zifeng, do things, I do it with sincerity. As long as you can bring out items that’s worth your life, I’ll spare you. Oh yeah. Take out those Spirit Increasing pills that you have and let me see their grade.”

Wang Ruoxing continued to curse Ye Zifeng inwards. Let you see their grade my ass. He probably wants to take them…..

Even though he cursed in his heart, he still have a respectful appearance on the outside, “Alright Boss, I still have one more.”

Saying that, he gritted his teeth and painfully took out a Spirit Increasing Pill to give to Ye Zifeng.

This Spirit Increasing Pill isn’t cheap. If sold on the black market, it could bring in around a thousand gold!

“Only one?” Ye Zifeng raised his brow and gave Wang Ruoxing a cold stare.

“Yes. I only have one left. Really. I can make a blood oath to guarantee it!”

“I told you already. I don’t believe in those blood oaths anymore.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and shook his head, “But it’s too bad. This one Spirit Increasing Pill can only buy you an arm……”

“What hand? Are you talking about…..” After thinking for a bit, Wang Ruoxing’s face turned ugly, “You mean…. I’m using money to buy my life right now?”

Ye Zifeng laughed loudly.

“I’d like to call it a “sincere” trade or an “equivalent” exchange.”

Seeing how vicious Ye Zifeng was, Wang Ruoxing felt like he offended someone that he shouldn’t have offended. He was feeling bitter and dejected on the inside.

Wang Ruoxing’s mouth twitched as he retrieved a jade pendant from his clothes.

“An interspatial pendant? This seems like a common grade pendant. As for it’s value… can exchange for three of your fingers.” A cold smiling expression appeared on Liu Bingqian’s face as she valued the pendant.

Wang Ruoxing felt as if his heart was being stabbed but still had a smile on his face, “The thing that I want to show you isn’t this interspatial pendant but the thing inside. Do you guys remember the prize that I got from the Heavenly Clan gathering?”

Ye Zifeng’s eyes lit up, “Could it be that Spirit Tier 1st Grade, Violet Gravel Armor?”

Wang Ruoxing’s jaws dropped and was surprised, “No way. You remember?” He was just casually asking. Who would’ve thought that Ye Zifeng would remember.

Wang Ruoxing thought about it. Could it be that Ye Zifeng foresaw this happening and remembered what he received? Ye Zifeng really is fearsome.

However, in reality, not only did Ye Zifeng remember what prize Wang Ruoxing got, he even remembered what kind of prize Xiao Mu got. Ye Zifeng would naturally remember what his enemies received so he can prepare for the future.

Ye Zifeng smiled and took the Violet Gravel Armor from the shaking Wang Ruoxing. He looked at it for a bit and nodded with a satisfied expression.

“This Grade 1 Spirit Tier armor really isn’t shabby at all. Along with the pendant…. It’ll buy you another arm and a leg.

“What? A Grade 1 Spirit Tier armor, the third place prize from the Heavenly Clan Gathering that happens once every five years is only worth…..” Wang Ruoxing was so mad that he took off his shoes and threw it at Ye Zifeng. Wang Ruoxing had seen all kinds of vicious people but have never seen anyone as vicious and hateful as Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng smiled and patted Wang Ruoxing’s shoulders, “Wang clan’s second young master. Don’t undervalue yourself. You’re worth way more than you think!”

This phrase seems like it was complimenting Wang Ruoxing but to Wang Ruoxing himself, it was even worse than cursing at him.

He even took out his prize from the gathering and yet Ye Zifeng still isn’t satisfied.

He can participate again after five years but at that time, he isn’t so sure he can get something like this again.

Under an immeasurable amount of chest pain, he took out everything that he had. A bunch of gold coins scattered all over the floor. Qi Recovery Pills rolled everywhere. There was also a Customs Document for Tiandao City.

“This is everything that I have on me!” Wang Ruoxing bitterly laughed.

If Ye Zifeng still isn’t satisfied then he doesn’t know what he can do anymore.

Ye Zifeng picked up the customs document without looking at the other things and smiled.

“I guess that you had some relationships with someone from Tiandao City to be able to come in here. It seems like I was right. It seems like your Wang clan has some pretty good backings here in Tiandao City.”

Seeing how Ye Zifeng was smiling so slyly, he felt that something bad was going to happen.

Ye Zifeng continued reading the document and saw that the recommender was someone named Wang Rui from the Profound Sect.

“Profound Sect’s Wang Rui? Is he someone from the Wang clan? What’s his relationship with you?”

Wang Ruoxing was silent and didn’t want to say anything.

Seeing how Wang Ruoxing wasn’t going to talk, Ye Zifeng turned around and smiled, “Bingqian, do you remember how much the second master exchanged for?”

Liu Bingqian smiled, “Let’s see…… The Spirit Increasing Pill for an arm, the armor and pendant for another arm and a leg. Hmmmm all these gold coins and pills can probably get him half a leg back… We’ll just have to cut off the other half.”

Ye Zifeng extended his hand. He calculated for a bit using his fingers and then nodded, “Wang Clan’s second young master. Did you hear that? We’ll cut off one leg. What do you think is the better choice?”

Wang Saying that, Ye Zifeng smiled as he looked at Wang Ruoxing’s legs. He stared at the left leg for a bit and then the right leg.

Wang Ruoxing couldn’t help but bitterly laugh. This inn was opened so he can rob other people. He had done many bad deeds here. However, this time, against Ye Zifeng, he was the one being robbed in his own inn.

“Alright. Alright. I’ll talk. Wang Rui is my father’s big brother, which is my uncle. It’s all because of uncle that the Wang Clan is able to become one of the top clans in Leizhou City. He pampers me the most so if anything happens to me, he will definitely avenge me.”

Of course, Ye Zifeng didn’t believe him. How can his uncle like such a gross looking guy? Unless… his uncle doesn’t have eyes….. He probably got this customs document from his uncle after continuously pestering him about it.

“Profound Sect…. Profound Sect…. Why does this sound so familiar?”

Ye Zifeng thought about this for a while and an image came into his mine, “That’s right! Elder Zhao. He’s from the Profound Sect. How could I forget about this!”

A smiled revealed on Ye Zifeng’s face. He planned on asking Elder Zhao about joining the Profound Sect so he can raise his cultivation faster.

“That….. I’ve already told you everything I know and gave you everything that I have. Can you…. Uhhh… let me go?”

Wang Ruoxing looked at Ye Zifeng with a sullen look. He doesn’t even have enough money to go home now and would probably have to ask a few friend to borrow some.

If Ye Zifeng doesn’t want to let him go, then Wang Ruoxing would really fight them. He already started to gather his qi in his palms already.

Ye Zifeng smiled and nodded, “Alright. Sure. Since you’re so cooperative, I’ll let you go…..”

Hearing this, the qi that he gathered in his palms dissipated.

He happily looked at Ye Zifeng, “Really? You’re not lying to me?”