The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 80 – I’m gonna beat you down!

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Wang Ruoxing was shocked and gulped.

Right now, even an idiot can figure out that Ye Zifeng wasn’t poisoned at all.

“You…. Why aren’t you poisoned?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Before the innkeeper brought me my food, I asked Bingqian for a handkerchief. I used the handkerchief to throw away all the food.”

Since Ye Zifeng felt that something was wrong, he might as well be cautious all the way. He even thought about the plate being poisoned and used a handkerchief just in case.”

You can’t blame Wang Ruoxing for not thinking things through thoroughly. You can only blame his opponent for being too cautious.

“Used a handkerchief?” Wang Ruoxing’s mouth twitched and looked at Ye Zifeng with disbelief.

“Could it be that you already know that something is wrong? When did it start? When did you know that there was something wrong with this inn. Is there someone helping you?”

Wang Ruoxing thought that he was sneaky and cautious enough. He took Ye Zifeng’s cautiousness into consideration and didn’t even send a single person to tail Ye Zifeng. This was all because Wang Ruoxing didn’t want Ye Zifeng suspecting anything…..

Ye Zifeng stayed silent and didn’t say anything back.

The fact that he can spiritually communicate with Elder Zhao in Tiandao City is a secret that only he needs to know. Unless he has to, Ye Zifeng won’t tell this secret to anyone else.

After a long period of silence, Wang Ruoxing look like he remembered something and a horrified expression appeared on his face.

“Hold on…… Shit! Then Miss Bingqian and them already know about it…..”

“Your reaction speed isn’t too bad.” Liu Bingqian’s cold voice sounded behind Wang Ruoxing.

She had heard every single word that came out of Wang Lin’s mouth before. If it wasn’t for the fact that Ye Zifeng told her to restrain herself, she would have attacked them already.

“Just now… Were you talking about how you can do whatever you want to us without us knowing because we’re knocked out?”

Liu Bingqian’s face turned colder. A murderous aura surrounded her.

“I…..” Wang Ruoxing couldn’t say anything. This time he had offended the Liu clan. This was not something that he can afford to do.

Yang Jing was also very mad.

“This is the first time that we’ve met. Why do you want to harm me?!”

Wang Ruoxing’s face ashen. This time, not only did he offend Liu Bingqian, he also offended someone with high standings in Tiandao City. If the clan master, his father, finds out about this, he will definitely be beat.

Wang Ruoxing coldly stared at Ye Zifeng and started laughing, “Good. Good. Good. Ye Zifeng. You’ve plotted against me!”

“I mean… If you didn’t come find me for trouble all the time, why would I have to do something like this?”

Ye Zifeng knew that there were tigers on the mountain but went towards it anyways. In reality, he wanted the two brothers to offend the Liu clan and Yang Jing. If not, he wouldn’t have done all of this and avoided the inn.

The two guys that Wang Ruoxing brought along looked at each other and started moving towards Ye Zifeng. They know that they’re not Liu Bingqian’s opponent so they quickly moved against Ye Zifeng.

“Ye Zifeng. Die!”

If two cultivators, one at the eighth stage of qi refining and one at the seventh stage of qi refining, want to beat someone at the fifth stage of qi refining, it’ll be as easy as squishing a bug.

Wang Ruoxing thought about it already. Since he’s already offended the Liu clan to a point of no return, all he can do is fight now. Before they fight Liu Bingqian, he wants to take care of Ye Zifeng first.

In a split second, qi energy exploded from Wang Ruoxing and his two friends. The strong energy caused everything in the room to start shaking. The shabby inn was on the verge of collapsing due to the pressure.

Wang Ruoxing yelled out as he threw himself at Ye Zifeng. His two friends did the same as well. They blocked Ye Zifeng’s path of escape and forced him into a corner.

“Do you guys know why I’m standing here, waiting for you guys to make a move first?”

Hearing Ye Zifeng’s laugh, Wang Ruoxing became very nervous.

“You!” Wang Ruoxing was affected by Ye Zifeng’s imposing look and became very anxious.

All he can see was the coldness coming out of Ye Zifeng’s dark eyes. Wang Ruoxing and the other two all stopped moving when they saw those eyes. They blankly stared at Ye Zifeng. They didn’t know what happened, but their bodies had become frozen in place.

“This……This is the move you used on Liu Bingqian during the competition!” Wang Ruoxing understood what happened and yelled out.

“You figured it out too late. Bingqian, Miss Jing, do it!”

Ye Zifeng’s face was very pale. He had used up too much energy controlling the spirit’s divine sense. It was very hard controlling three people at once.

“Got it!”

Liu Bingqian had been waiting for this moment. She was extremely angry at what Wang Lin had said before. When she finally received Ye Zifeng’s permission to attack, she immediately gathered her qi and sent a palm strike at Wang Ruoxing.

This was not all. Yang Jing gathered her qi on her fingers and combined it with her common tier flame. If one were to be struck by her attack at full power, one would immediately blow up.

As an alchemist, not only can her flames be used to concoct pills, she can use it to teach other people a lesson too.

After beating Wang Ruoxing up, the two girls felt much better.

“Ah!” Wang Ruoxing felt the flame explode on his face and flew back into the wall behind him. He then dropped onto the floor very hard with blood all over his face. Part of his face was burnt… It looked very scary.

The two helpers that Wang Ruoxing brought had it better. Only a part of their arms were burnt. They didn’t take much damage.

Wang Ruoxing rubbed the blood off his mouth and yelled out, “Ye Zifeng. If you have the guts, then fight by yourself. Stop hiding behind the two girls.”

Ye Zifeng laughed, “You have three people and we have three people. It’s only fair for me to fight three on three.”

“This….” Wang Ruoxing was taken aback. Ye Zifeng was reasonable…..However, thinking about all this made him angry while he looked over at his two bros.

“Get up. Both of you. Get up. Even if we can’t win, we’ll find a way to win! We have to beat them no matter what!”

He had already made up his mind. As long as they can win….. They will beat Ye Zifeng up and cripple him. Then they’ll bring Yang Jing and Liu Bingqian to one of the Wang clan’s experts in Tiandao City. They will have the soul searching technique used on them and have their memories erased.

If they can’t win, then Wang Ruoxing won’t be able to afford the consequences.

He was fixed on this plan already.

Wang Ruoxing revealed a cold smile and retrieved a small bottle from his robes. Ye Zifeng saw this and was startled.

“Bingqian, don’t let him eat the medicine!”

Ye Zifeng didn’t ask Elder Zhao to come over because he felt that Wang Ruoxing was not a threat to himself. However, he didn’t think that Wang Ruoxing would have a special pill.

In the end, Ye Zifeng was still too careless.

That’s a Spirit Increasing Pill! It will allow a cultivator to increase their qi by two fold. In the qi refining realm, it can increase a cultivator’s strength by one stage. However, the side effects of this pill was very severe. After a few hours, the user’s qi will completely deplete and will feel depress for a week to a month.

Liu Bingqian and Yang Jing both moved towards the three guys and knocked the medicine out of the two brother’s hands.

Ye Zifeng was already at his limit and released the soul spirit’s divine sense on the three of them.

Wang Ruoxing however moved very quickly and ate the Spirit Increasing Pill in one go. When Bingqian reached him. It was too late already.

“Ye Zifeng! You forced me!” Wang Ruoxing hysterically yelled out.

He had been waiting for Ye Zifeng to teach him a lesson. However, who would’ve thought that Ye Zifeng had seen through everything and was always one step ahead of him. His little brother Wang Lin was beat unconscious and he was beat too. He had no choice but to use the Spirit Increasing Pill.

The Spirit Increasing Pill was something very uncommon. It was very hard to concoct. It wasn’t a toy either. Sure it can increase one’s strength, but no one was willing to use this unless it was a life or death situation.

Wang Ruoxing got this pill from one of his relatives in Tiandao City.However

For just a while, Wang Ruoxing is able to maintain the strength of a ninth stage qi refining cultivator. With this borrowed power, he is able to hold Liu Bingqian back. At the same time, the two brothers saw what was happening and knew what they had to do. They move towards Ye Zifeng and Yang Jing.

“Ye Zifeng, you’re finished! Let’s see what kind of moves you have up your sleeves this time!”

Ye Zifeng’s expression changed. As a top tier alchemist, how could he not think of the possibility that his opponents might have pills skip past him.

Right now, it wasn’t time for him to regret not thinking about it. There were two large guys running right at him right now.

At this time, a voice suddenly appeared in Ye Zifeng’s mind…..