The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 78 – You want to take advantage of me?

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Ye Zifeng and the girls all turned around at the same time. The person talking was a middle aged man. The man was slightly bald with thick black eyebrows. His eyes looked like they were full of spirit. This guy is someone who knows how to do business.

“That’s great. This inn unexpectedly has some space when it’s so late!” Liu Bingqian’s eyes lit up as she jumped up and down.

Yang Jing smiled and felt that they were very lucky. Normally, all of the inns would be filled up. Who would’ve thought that there would be some rooms empty.

Ye Zifeng looked suspiciously at the middle aged man, “There aren’t any inns on this street. Boss, why would you walk so far to get some customers? Also, how do you know that we don’t have a place to stay at in Tiandao City?”

The middle age man was startled and quickly responded with an apologetic smile, “This little brother doesn’t know. Usually, no one comes into the city this late. I just happen to see your carriage enter the city and saw that you guys didn’t have anywhere to go. Thus, I deduced that you guys don’t have a place to stay for the night.”

“Oh? Really?” Ye Zifeng was still a bit suspicious.

Liu Bingqian was very tired. The sickly Yang Jing was even more tired.

Bingqian looked at Yang Jing’s pale face and urged Ye Zifeng, “Big brother rough guy. This guy is just looking for business and is probably randomly asking us. Don’t think badly of him. It won’t be too much gold coins right?”

The middle age man quickly shook his head, “It’s cheap. It’s cheap. Our Tianfu Inn is in a kinda desolate place and can’t compare to the bigger inns in the city. It’s harder for us to get business so we have to get customers by lowering our price. Since there are three of you, how about I give you guys two rooms for 5 gold coins?”

“Two rooms for 5 gold coins?”

Liu Bingqian looked at Yang JIng and smiled. They were both thinking about how cheap this is.

“Let’s go senior sister Jing. We’ll leave our carriage with the guards and follow the owner to the inn.”

Yang Jing smiled and nodded. She was worried about having to sleep on the streets but now it seems like she was overthinking.


Ye Zifeng smiled. However, in his heart, he was still very cautious.

“For merely 5 gold coins…. Is it worth for the owner to run all the way out here? I would lose face if I did something like that. Whatever. I’ll just have to deal with whatever it is and concentrate on the alchemy competition.”

Consequently, as the middle aged man led the three of them, Ye Zifeng surveyed their surroundings. If he notices that anything is wrong, he will stop walking and look around.

Liu Bingqian and Yang Jing were walking in front of Ye Zifeng. The group had been walking for a while now and Bingqian couldn’t help but ask, “Owner, where is this inn of yours? We’ve been walking for so long already. Why aren’t we there yet?”

“Almost. Almost there. It’s just up there.”

The middle aged man smiled and picked up his pace. With his back to Ye Zifeng and his group, he revealed a sly smile.

After who knows how long, Liu Bingqian was already out breath. Yang Jing was in an even worse condition than her. She was already sick and had to suffer the bumpy road of the smaller road. She was so tired that she almost couldn’t stand up anymore.

“Owner……!” Liu Bingqian couldn’t help but open his mouth.

“We’re here. We’re here. Look. It’s right there.” The middle aged man pointed at the shabby inn in front of them and smiled.

Liu Bingqian lifted her head, saw the shaking and almost falling signboard and bitterly laughed.

“Wow owner. Your inn is really shabby. It seems like no one has been here in awhile. Whatever, we’re only gonna stay for one night. Here’s 5 gold coins.”

Even though Bingqian was the young miss of the Liu clan, she had been concocting pills since she was little and was used to shabby places already. She didn’t care much about it.”

The middle age man accepted the 5 gold coins and smiled, “Alright. Please come this way. Even though the inn is a bit broken, we still provide grade A service. Have you guys eaten yet? How about I bring some food over later?”

“There’s food too? Well I am a bit hungry….” Bingqian smiled and had an embarrassed expression on her face.

She did bring some rations for the trip but it wasn’t enough for her.

Yang Jing giggled, “Junior sister, it’s been so many years and you still love eating midnight snacks. You better watch yourself. If you keep eating like this, you won’t be able to keep your slim figure anymore.”

Liu Bingqian’s expression changed and gave Yang Jing the death stare telling her that there was someone else here. She turned towards Ye Zifeng and noticed that he had his eyes closed and looked as if he was resting.

“Big Brother rough guy. You’ve been pretty quietly lately. If it wasn’t for the fact that you’ve been walking with us, I would think that you’re asleep. Are you alright?”

Hearing this, Ye Zifeng came back to his senses and opened up his eyes, “If you guys want to have so snacks then count me in. Owner. Give me some too. Put a little more in mine.”

The middle age man’s eyes flashed with coldness and smiled, “Of course. There will definitely be a portion for the young master.”

He turned around and instructed the worker, “Tong Sheng. Bring the three guests to the two rooms on the east side. Do it quick.”

Tong Sheng smiled and quickly walked over, “Alright. This way please.”


Liu Bingqian and Yang Jing sat in the guest room and was speechless. A complicated expression appeared on their face.

“Big brother rough guy. No way. Is this inn really a black inn? The owner seems really kind.”

(TL: Black Inn is a inn that robs and kills guests?)

“That’s right. Young master Ye. Could it be that you’re too tired and feel a bit nervous? Why don’t you go rest?” Yang Jing didn’t feel that anything was wrong either.

The two girls were inexperienced and naive. They were obviously not on the same level as Ye Zifeng. The owner’s eyes…. Ye Zifeng was able to see through his greed with one look. From what he can guess, the inn owner is probably companions with the ones who want to harm him.

Based on what Ye Zifeng can see, there was definitely someone here before them. The inn was in such a remote place…. It’s a surprise that anyone can find it, let alone come in.

Ye Zifeng smiled and shook his head, “The dust in the hallway has been accumulating for quite a while now. It’s obvious that this place hasn’t been cleaned in a long time. The owner didn’t ask us about our relationship and immediately gave us two rooms. Do you think that’s a bit strange?

Liu Bingqian was shocked and embarrassed at the same time as she looked at Ye Zifeng, “From what I can tell, you’re the one being strange. Why wouldn’t the owner give us two rooms? Could you be thinking about sleeping together in one room??!”

Yang Jing was at the age where she understood these things and her pale face turned red.

“Young master Ye. I didn’t think that you were this kind of person…. It seems that I was wrong about you.”

“Hold on.”

Ye Zifeng bitterly laugh and felt that he had been wrongly accused, “What I mean is….. Why didn’t he give us three rooms? The inn was empty anyways.”

The two girls lightly yelped as their faces burned up. They were so embarrassed and had to look down.

“You should say things more clearly. It’s easy to misunderstand…..”

Liu Bingqian bit her lips and finally answered again, “Fine. We’ll listen to you. If this inn really has some problems, then what do you plan to do?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Do you remember that they told us that they would get us some midnight snacks?”

“Could it be….Do they want to….” Yang Jing’s eyes widened and became very anxious.

She was a scaredy-cat and was very weak. She was at the seventh stage of qi refining stage but her actual abilities were only at the sixth stage. Thus, she was always afraid of fighting.

“Don’t worry about it. I have everything planned out. The strongest one in their ranks only has a cultivation at the 8th stage of qi refining. Also, they want to fight me so you guys don’t have to worry about anything.

Hearing this, Bingqian’s eyes showed a worried expression while she looked at Ye Zifeng.

“No way. Big brother rough guy. How do you know that there’s someone at the 8th stage of qi refining around here?”

Using one’s qi to survey the surrounding was not that hard. However, only people at the Martial Disciple realm can utilize this technique. As to checking someone’s cultivation, one must be at the Martial Practitioner realm

Ye Zifeng was a cultivator at the fifth stage of qi refining. How did he do it? Liu Bingqian was continuously thinking about how Ye Zifeng did such a thing.

Ye Zifeng smiled mysteriously and didn’t answer her.

“Well. Let’s not worry about that right now. We’re in danger right now. Bingqian, will you help me?”

Liu Bingqian’s face turned red and looked away, “Hmph. Who wants to help you, you block head.”

“Is that so? Then I’ll just have to ask Miss Jing…” Ye Zifeng said indifferently.

“Young master Ye…. I…..” Yang Jing slight smiled. To be between Ye Zifeng and Liu Bingqian…. It was very hard to take sides.

“Hold on….”Bingqian turned around and looked at Ye Zifeng, “Senior Sister Jing is very weak and might get blown away by the wind. Yet, you still have the nerves to ask her to help? Tell me what you want. I’ll think about it.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “It’s nothing much. I just need you guys to pretend that you’ve been poisoned. By doing that, the masterminds will definitely show themselves. I want you guys to put on a show for them and show off your acting skills.

His calm face became very serious. It looked as cold as ice.

“This time, I need to teach them a lesson. To actually want to mess with I, Ye Zifeng?