The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 74 – Departure

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The alliance between the Liu clan and the Ye clan was announced the very next day. It quickly became the hottest topic in Leizhou City. It was even hotter than when Ye Zifeng obtained first place in the Heavenly Clan Gathering.

After all, no matter how strong Ye Zifeng was, in the eyes of the senior generation, all he has is potential. In just a few days, they all forgot about it and started to think about more important things.

However, the news of the Liu clan allying with the Ye clan was not a simple one at all. This implied that the major powers in Leizhou City is changing once again.

Everyone started to talk about how the Ye clan was on the rise. There were some who admired them and some who were jealous of them. However, all of the talk was undoubtedly about Ye Zifeng.

Even the people in the Ashen Spirit Sect were discussing about what happened.

“Did you hear about it? The first place of the last Heavenly Clan Gathering, Ye Zifeng actually went and melted the treasure sword that he received from the sect. He’s crazy!”

“Bros, what kind of old news are you talking about? Don’t you know? A few days ago, many seniors from smaller clans went to the Ye clan residence to talk business. They’ve all to ally with the Ye clan for the next five years. Also, the one who struck the deal wasn’t Ye Chongtian, but his son Ye Zifeng!”

“Your news is pretty old too. Someone saw Ye Zifeng walk into the Liu clan residence alone. The next day, the Liu clan immediately announced their alliance with the Ye clan! Do you think that this has to do with Ye Zifeng?”

Hearing all these praises for Ye Zifeng, Wang Lin coldly snorted.

He couldn’t take it anymore and started yelling at these gossipers.

“Stop talking right now! Stop saying Ye Zifeng this, and Ye Zifeng that. Is he a god or something?”

All these people were suddenly startled and looked over at Wang Lin. They realized that this was the young master of the Wang clan. They all stopped talking and walked away.

Wang Lin was very angry and looked over at Wang Ruoxing.

Wang Ruoxing’s face looked as cold as ice and smiled, “Brother Lin, tell brother the truth. Can you not bear it anymore and want to deal with Ye Zifeng?”

Wang Lin furrowed his brows and nodded, “Yes! If I don’t deal with him soon, I’m gonna go crazy. His existence has been bothering me like a bad dream.”

He looked up at Wang Ruoxing and asked, “Second brother, last time, you told me to wait. We’ve been waiting for so long already. How about we…..”

Wang Ruoxing coldly laughed. He knew what Wang Lin meant. He wanted to deal with Ye Zifeng himself too.

“Brother Lin, originally, I planned something out for half a month later. At that time, i can guarantee that Ye Zifeng will suffer. But, if you want to do it now, I can help you too.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and became very excited.

“Second bro, really? You’ll help me teach Ye Zifeng a lesson? You don’t have to take his life, just teach him a lesson for me.”

Wang Ruoxing nodded and laughed, “Since i’m your big brother, I have to take care of you. Take a guess at what I’ve been doing outside the sect these days.

Wang Lin rubbed his head and asked, “I…. I don’t know. Could it be that you found someone to teach him a lesson?”

Wang Ruoxing laughed, “Of course not. Do you think it’s that easy to find an expert to fight for us?”

“This….. You’re right.” Wang Lin sighed. He thought about how the people that he hired were all useless and was beaten. If they found any random cultivator, they won’t be able to beat Ye Zifeng.

Wang Ruoxing smiled, “Actually, for the past few days, I’ve been keeping an eye on Ye Zifeng’s movements. I had to understand his movements and habits. Also, I heard about something recently…..”

“What did you hear about?” Wang Lin asked.

“Ye Zifeng is going to participate in Tiandao City’s Alchemy Competition with the Liu clan’s Liu Bingqian.”

Wang Lin had thought that this was some good news and sighed, “I heard about this too. We can’t do anything with Liu Bingqian, a peak stage qi refiner next to him…..”

“Brother Lin, do you think there isn’t an opportunity where we can strike? You should know that they have to leave Leizhou City to get to Tiandao City…..” A sinister expression appeared on Wang Ruoxing’s face. It was filled with murderous intent.

Actually, he doesn’t have any beef with Ye Zifeng. However, Wang Lin was his little brother and he couldn’t sit there and watch his brother get bullied.

“Leaving the city?”

Wang Lin started to think about it as Wang Ruoxing started to talk again, “Also, Ye Zifeng won’t always be with Liu Bingqian anyways. They have to separate at some point. When that time comes, we’ll teach him a lesson.

Wang Lin was excited. After listening to his brother’s plans, he was feeling a lot better.

“Second brother, I’ll do whatever you say!”

“Well, we’ll wait until they depart tomorrow….”


In the Ye clan’s residence, everyone had smiles on their faces.

It was all because of Ye Zifeng. He was able to strike a deal with the smaller clans and had them ally with the Ye clan for five years. The Liu clan has also allied themselves with them for a year.

At this moment, Ye Zifeng told everyone about how he was going to Tiandao City with Liu Bingqian to represent Leizhou City in the alchemy competition. Everyone in the whole city was talking about this. The fact that Ye Zifeng is an alchemist was spread throughout the entire city.

Today, Ye Zifeng was about to depart to Tiandao City. Ye Xueyi skipped her classes and came to see Ye Zifeng off. Ye Chongtian and Tang Feng didn’t blame her. This was because Ye Zifeng was going on a long trip and will be gone for a while.

If this was the old Ye Zifeng leaving, no one besides his father and Xueyi will see him off. However, it was different now. Ye Zifeng was now a very important person in the Ye clan. Even Ye Chen who hated Ye Zifeng in the beginning couldn’t help but admire him.

Ye Chongtian sighed with sorrow and helped Ye Zifeng fix his robes.

“Ahh Zifeng. I didn’t think that you would be able to rope the Liu clan in to ally with us. When did you get so close to Liu Bingqian? You’re even going to Tiandao City to participate in an alchemy competition with her.

All these years, Ye Chongtian had wanted to repair the damages between the Ye clan and the Liu clan. However, he was too stubborn to admit his wrongdoings and never had the chance to. However, who would’ve thought that Ye Zifeng was able to easily ally the two families together.

Ye Xueyi had a complicated look on her face, “Father, you’re talking like brother Zifeng has some close relationship with that Liu Bingqian. Don’t be stupid. She only invited Brother Zifeng because of his talent in alchemy. Am I right Brother Zifeng?”

Ye Zifeng lowered his voice a bit, “This……”

“What? So you guys had some sort of relationship?” Ye Xueyi pouted, and furrowed her brows. Her expression looked very weird as if she was angry.

Ye Zifeng laughed. The few days after going to the Liu clan, he had nothing to do so he would always hang out with Ye Xueyi. Looking at how she was happy and angry for him at the same time, he was feeling very blessed. He finally had someone who would care for him. He would work hard to provide for the people close to him and will always be with them

This was what having a family feels like…. It was because of this reason that Ye Zifeng fixed his relationship with Ye Huichi and started to guide him.

Ye Chongtian smiled, “Alright Zifeng, let’s not talk anymore. Go over to the Liu clan. They’re probably all waiting for you already.”

“Father, Xueyi, Huichi, Madam Tang, Second Uncle…… Everyone else, Zifeng is leaving first.”

“Take care, Zifeng.”

Ye Zifeng nodded and decided something at this moment. No matter how strong he becomes and how high he climbs, he will never forget the people who were there for him when he was a weakling.

He took a deep breath and walked out the door.

Liu Bingqian was standing outside of the Ye clan’s residence waiting for Ye Zifeng. When he came out, her eyes lit up.

“Why aren’t you waiting for me at your own place? Why’d you come over here?” Ye Zifeng asked and walked over.

Liu Bingqian smiled, “My dad wanted you to save some energy and asked me to come pick you up……”

While saying that, she pointed at the carriage behind her.

Ye Zifeng raised his brow, “No way. Is your dad that kind?”

“Please. My dad isn’t a scourge. Everything that he has done has always been for the good of the clan.”

Liu Bingqian smiled and walked over to the carriage. She opened up the curtains and looked back at Ye Zifeng.

“Alright. It’s time to go, my big brother rough guy. Please come in……”