The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 73 – Are you satisfied now?

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After smelling the charred smell coming from the cauldron, Liu Mu was very happy.

This was because if Ye Zifeng had failed, then ten percent of Ye clan’s business channels will be the Liu clan’s. This was not a small amount! With this, the Liu clan’s strength will increase once again.

Liu Yige saw this and started to laugh, “Ye Zifeng, it looks like you’ve lost. What do you have to say now?”

Ye Zifeng stood in front of the cauldron and opened up the cauldron. All that could be seen was a bunch of black slag.

“Ai…..” Yang Jing who was looking forward to the completion of the pill suddenly became disappointed. When she thought about it, this was pretty normal. The Pure Yang Dan was very hard to concoct. How can he succeed in one set of ingredient. Why did she place her hopes on this youngster?

Liu Bingqian was staring blankly at the pile of slag. In her heart, she was angry at Ye Zifeng for being so arrogant.

She couldn’t sit there and do nothing at all. She walked up in front of Liu Mu.

“Father, when Ye Zifeng was concocting the pill before, he didn’t get to use solid firewoods. We are the ones in the wrong. So you should let him try agian.”

Liu Mu was startled. His happy mood was suddenly turned sour from Bingqian’s words.

Liu Mu snorted, “Hmph. What do you mean try again? Did we agree that he’ll only use one set of ingredient to concoct the pill once? He can’t say anything now that he’s failed. You can’t say anything for him.”

He wanted to stop Ye Zifeng from having any wishful thinking and immediately shut Bingqian down.

Ye Zifeng laughed while his back was to the crowd, “Failed? Who said I failed?”

Liu Yige fiercely looked at him, “Bullshit. What else is there besides slag? If you didn’t fail, then what is it?”

Liu Mu acted as if he understood what Ye Zifeng was doing, “Nephew Zifeng, I know that you’re in a bad mood but this is reality. No matter what happens, you can’t change reality.”

Ye Zifeng’s face turned cold as he moved out of the way.

A ray of golden line shined across the room. The sudden light filled the entire hall. Liu Mu who was laughing saw this golden ray of light and couldn’t help but look up at the cauldron.

“This….. What’s happening?” Liu Mu couldn’t comprehend what was happening at all and was very shocked.

In the pile of slag, a red striped pill continuously released golden light into the room.

Ye Zifeng didn’t fail! He was able to use the last firewood and his qi to condense the ingredients into a pill!

“Pure Yang Dan….. This is a Pure Yang Dan!” Yang JIng rushed up too look at the pill. Her pale face became even more pale.

“Impressive. Very impressive! This is simply unimaginable. If it was me, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to concoct it!” Yang Jing excitingly praised.

“This…” Liu Mu felt as if he had fallen into a hole. He was an esteemed clan master. He was also someone from Ye Chongtian’s generation. However, this time, he lost a bet to Ye Zifeng!

Liu Yige also had the same look on his face. His efforts of making the woods hollow were for naught. He thought he could get back at Ye Zifeng but Ye Zifeng still competed the pill.

Bingqian’s watery eyes started to light up, “I knew it. I knew that you would succeed.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and looked over Liu Mu, “Uncle Liu, I bet you’re interested as to why I was able to finish concocting the pill even though my flames weren’t strong enough.”

Liu Mu quickly nodded and asked, “Yeah. How did you do it? Tell me.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Actually, it’s all thanks to Uncle Liu’s help.”

“Me? Did I help you?” Liu Mu was shocked. He had been against Ye Zifeng since the very beginning. How did he help him? He didn’t even move from his seat.

“Uncle Liu, do you remember what I said about the four paintings that you have here? I told you that when the four paintings are together, they have a special effect.

“Hold on…..”

Liu Mu was shocked, “Could it be? Could you have used the formation of the paintings to your benefit?”

Ye Zifeng nodded, “Well technically, I only used the Ancient Desert King diagram’s effect…. Look at where i am standing. It’s right in front of the diagram.”

When Ye Zifeng walked into the Liu clan, he scanned the room for everything that he could use and remembered their positions.

“This…. You can even use this to your benefit?”

Liu Mu looked at the Ancient Desert King Diagram and it was directly in front of where Ye Zifeng was. The Ancient Desert Diagram was able to arouse one’s yang qi in their blood. It was perfect for Ye Zifeng when concocting a Pure Yang Dan.

“No wonder why you’re saying that I helped you. So it was like this.” Liu Mu bitterly laughed and shook his head. His own collection and hobby had led to his downfall. It made him sigh with sorrow.

While shaking his head, Liu Mu remembered something. He only knows the effect of this Ancient Desert King Diagram because an expert had explained it to him. How did this Ye Zifeng who was still wet behind his ears know about this? His knowledge can’t be underestimated.

“If i’m not wrong, the reason that you want to concoct a Pure Yang Dan is because of this diagram isn’t it?”

“It’s one of the reasons.” Ye Zifeng smiled and replied.

“Incredible.” Even a sly old fox like Liu Mu was continuously praising like Ye Zifeng. However, Liu Mu had a weird feeling inside his heart. Ye Zifeng’s words and actions did not resemble someone that was twenty years old. If he knew that Ye Zifeng was so talented, he would have stopped Liu Ningzi from cancelling the engagement.

After thinking about it, Liu Mu realized that he was short-sighted. He lifted his head and looked over at Liu Ningzi. No one can tell what he was thinking about.

Liu Yige was still in shocked, “No wonder why you’ve been staring at the diagram instead of the cauldron before. So you’ve been trying to use the formation from the diagram!”

He realized that there was a purpose to everything that Ye Zifeng did.

“You…. You’re not as stupid as I thought you were.” When talking to someone that he hates, Ye Zifeng didn’t save them any face.

“You!” Liu Yige gritted his teeth.

Ye Zifeng smiled and looked at everyone here. He saw that they all had a look of disbelief in their eyes.

When Ye Zifeng said that he was going to the Liu clan alone, Ye Chongtian and Ye Xueyi didn’t let him, thinking that the people of the Liu clan would bully him. They did try to bully him but wasn’t successful in doing so.

“Uncle Liu, the bet states that if I can use one set of ingredient to concoct a Pure Yang Dan, it is my win. So let me ask you this. This bet…. It counts as my win right?”

“That’s right. It’s….It’s your win. Ahhh a younger generation’s skills should not be underestimated. It should not be underestimated at all.” Liu Mu was feeling a bit depressed. After all these years ruling over Leizhou City, this was the first time that he had tasted defeat from someone of the younger generation.

Liu Bingqian tried to suppress her happiness and asked, “Then father, according to the bet, you’ll allow big brot….I mean, Ye Zifeng to go to the alchemy competition with me.”

Liu Mu nodded, “Since it was in the contract, then I can’t refuse you guys. Go ahead….”

“That’s great!” Liu Bingqian looked over at Ye Zifeng and blushed. If it wasn’t for the fact that Ye Zifeng came, then with her abilities, she will definitely be shut down by her father.

Ye Zifeng came at such a good time.

Hearing this, Ye Zifeng’s eyes lit up. It was true that he had won but it wasn’t until Liu Mu admitted it himself that Ye Zifeng can consider this a victory.

Of course, he had to be cautious and asked again, “Then about the alliance between our clans…..”

Liu Mu thought about it for a while and answered, “About this…. After what happened, today, I have a different idea.”

“Father, how can you be like that? Allying with the Ye clan is part of the bet. Didn’t you agree on it?” Bingqian wanted the two clans to ally with each other and thus quickly yelled at her dad.

Ye Zifeng’s eyes turned cold, “Could Uncle Liu be going back on his words?”

Liu Mu laughed loudly, “Look at you guys. Do you think that I, Liu Mu, is someone so untrustworthy? Everything that I do is for the good of our clan.”

“Then father’s meaning is……”

Liu Mu patted Bingqian’s head and looked over at Ye Zifeng.

“Nephew Zifeng. I’ve thought about it. With someone like you in the Ye clan, I don’t have to worry about anything in the future. Thus, my Liu clan will ally with your Ye clan for at least one year!”