The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 71 – Pure Yang Dan’s Secret

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When Liu Bingqian went out to retrieve the ingredients, everyone in the room was silent.

Yang Jing was unable to take her eyes off Ye Zifeng and continued to stare at him. Her pale face became even more pale due to excitement.

“You really know how to concoct a Pure Yang Dan? You’re not lying to me?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Miss Jing, do you think an ordinary person would know the name ‘Pure Yang Dan’?



Yang Jing was shocked by his reply but she knew that he was right. A normal alchemist would not know what a Pure Yang Dan is. Only a huang or above tier alchemist would know the ingredients of this pill. As for concocting it, one’s skill need to reach at least the profound tier to be able to succeed.

Originally, Yang Jing’s master, Old Devil Muyun can help her concoct one but the ingredients are way too costly. The success rate is very low too. Even her master can at best succeed once in three tries.

“What are you call? Who’s your master? When did you start concocting pills? If you know how to concoct pills then why have I never seen you before?”

Yang Jing stared at Ye Zifeng and without even noticing, she asked a series of question. After the words came out, she felt that she forgot her own manners and felt embarrassed.

Afterall, if the youngster in front of her can really concoct a Pure Yang Dan then he is definitely not a normal alchemist. However, she had never heard of him before and was suspicious.

“I’m Ye Zifeng. Also Miss Jing, don’t you feel like you’re asking a lot of questions?” Ye Zifeng smiled?

“What? You’re Ye Zifeng? Then you’re Miss Ningzi’s……”

Yang Jing covered her mouth in surprised. At the same time, she looked over at Liu Ningzi who was quietly sitting there.

Yang Jing comes to the Liu clan very often and the girls usually gossip with each other. Thus, she knows about Liu Ningzi’s engagement.

Liu Ningzi awkwardly smiled and shook her head, “No. Not anymore….. “

“What’s not?” Yang Jing didn’t know how to respond. Naturally, she didn’t know that Liu Ningzi would go to the Ye clan and cancel the engagement herself. Right now, Liu Ningzi has nothing to do with Ye Zifeng.

However, in Yang Jing’s mind, she thought that Liu Ningzi was being shy and didn’t think much about it. The thing she cared the most about was the Pure Yang Dan.

“Ye clan’s young master, if you can really concoct a Pure Yang Pill, then I, Yang Jing, will admit defeat. I can’t concoct the pill but if you fail to concoct it, what happens?

“That’s simple. If that’s the case, then I’ll admit defeat.” Ye Zifeng smiled.

“What? You’lll admit defeat?” Yang Jing gasped. There were many people who challenged Bingqian and herself in the past. However none of those people would give themselves such pressure before they even began to concoct.

Hearing this, a smile appeared on Liu Mu’s face.

Just from seeing the reactions from Yang Jing and Bingqian, Liu Mu could tell that the Pure Yang Dan was very difficult to concoct. Under this situation, Ye Zifeng proclaimed that he would admit defeat if he couldn’t concoct it. He was basically courting his own death.

“Ye Zifeng, after the bet, the master might send me over to your house to pick up the documents for the extra business channels that we’re gonna get. Don’t try to back out of it then.”

Liu Yige was laughing at how Ye Zifeng was going to fall.


“Move out of the way. I’m back. Sorry for making everyone wait. I’ve brought the ingredients.”

Liu Bingqian’s soft voice once again sounded through the entire room.

Liu Mu confusingly asked, “Qian-er, how come it took you so long? Isn’t the storage room just around the corner?”

He wanted to say more but when he saw Bingqian order a few servants to bring in a large bag, his expression changed and was so angry that he couldn’t say anything.

“Qian-er….. You, this is….What are you doing? Why did you bring so much ingredients?”

Liu Bingqian giggled, “When I went over to the storage room, I saw that we had way too much ingredients. The ventilation in the room is very bad and there isn’t much sunlight either. I’m afraid that they’ll go bad so I brought a little extra.”

“This is a little extra?” Even the silent Liu Ningzi couldn’t help but speak

The Pure Yang Dan is hard to concoct but it’s not like it can’t be concoct it. Thus, Liu Bingqian brought every ingredient that has to do with the pill over. Her intentions were very clear. She wants Ye Zifeng to succeed.

If his ability wasn’t there, maybe he can make it up with quantity.

She lifted her head and facetiously looked at Ye Zifeng, “Big brother rough guy, this is all I can do…..”

“Ah……This girl is at that age already. She doesn’t even care about the clan anymore and would rather help an outsider.” Liu Mu sighed and sat back on his chair.

At this time, Liu Mu didn’t care about the bet about attending the alchemy competition anymore. Seeing how Liu Bingqian was helping Ye Zifeng, even if he didn’t allow it, she would forcefully bring him along anyways.

Ye Zifeng smiled and thanked Liu Bingqian. He then walked over the the large bag of ingredients.

He bent down and started to pick up some ingredients, “Dragon Lord Ginseng, Hundred Grass Nectar, Celestial Immortal Flower, Youxiang Silk and many other ingredients. He only took a little bit of each ingredient.

Liu Mu’s expression suddenly revitalized, “Nephew Zifeng, are you trying to use one set of ingredient to concoct the pill. If you fail then you lose right?”

After seeing this, he started to call Ye Zifeng by Nephew Zifeng again.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “I didn’t say anything about that. Since Bingqian was so nice to me, I’ll just have to use all these ingredients to concoct a Pure Yang Dan. I can’t waste her kindness like this.”

Hearing how Ye Zifeng was thanking her, Bingqian’s face became red immediately.

Liu Mu’s heart sank again. If Ye Zifeng wants to use up all these ingredients, who knows how long it’ll take! However, there wasn’t anything wrong with doing that.

“However….” Ye Zifeng spoke softly.

“However what?” Liu Mu’s face lit up again. As a senior and a clan master, his emotions were being toyed by Ye Zifeng.

“However, if you want me to use one set of ingredients, that’s fine too.”


Ye Zifeng nodded, “However, you have to extend the alliance between our clans to half a year if I win!”

Ye Zifeng slowly increased the amount of time the two clans had to be allies. He made it look like he had a disadvantage and made Liu Mu increase the time of the alliance. For Ye Zifeng to have such a cunning nature, it made Liu Mu continuously praise him in his heart. Right now, he hated that Ye Zifeng was Ye Chongtian’s son and not his own son.

Liu Mu gritted his teeth, “Fine! Half a year it is. Even if the Wang clan is unhappy, I’ll take responsibility for this. I don’t believe that you can concoct a Pure Yang Dan with just one set of ingredient!”

For Liu Bingqian to bring so many sets of ingredient over, she was obviously saying that this pill was very hard to concoct.

“Alright then!” Ye Zifeng laughed. Without wasting anymore time, he walked towards the cauldron with his ingredient and threw everything in there.

Liu Yige couldn’t help but be surprised, “Ye Zifeng, didn’t you tell Song Shiyun that you can’t do this?”

Ye Zifeng smiled back, “Song Shiyun is Song Shiyun and I am me. Rules are never set in place. He is considered a beginner. Only when you really understand alchemy can you use different methods to concoct under different situations….”

“Changing the method to concoct under different situations…..” Yang Jing was surprised by these words. She felt that this guy in front of her was not simple at all. She couldn’t help but keep her eyes on him.

In her eyes, for a man to be so close to Bingqian…. He must not be simple at all.

Ye Zifeng took a firewood from the servants and put it under the cauldron. After lighting it up, he turned to Yang Jing and smiled at her.

“A pill like the Pure Yang Dan is considered a low-mid tier pill. However, do you know why it’s so hard to concoct the pill? Did you master ever tell you why the success rate is so low?”

Yang Jing thought about it and shook her head. She was curious. Failing to concoct a pill is very normal. What reason was there?

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Experts don’t think that this pill is worth their time and beginners don’t know how concoct the pill. As for the people in the middle, they’ve heard too many rumors about this pill and have never truly researched a proper concoction method.

“If i’m not wrong, your master doesn’t want you to understand this. This is why he probably made it look like it was hard to concoct the pill in front of you guys. He wants you guys to figure it out yourselves.”

“This……” Yang Jing had thought about this already. However, if her master wants this, it was for her own good anyways.

“Then how about you? What are you? An expert? A beginner? Or someone in the middle?”