The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 7 – Feeling Proud and Satisfied

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The Ashen Spirit Sect is the one of the most famous cultivating sects in Leizhou City. Many of the high ranking officials and nobles would try to enroll their children into the sect. This was because the sect has many peak stage martial disciple realm teachers along with three peak stage martial practitioner elders. To learn under such experts would not only help the children grow faster but also establish a firm foundation for them.

Today, the sect’s battle arena was starting to bustle.

This was because the trash young master Ye and Wang Lin was going to battle today. If it was a simple battle, it wouldn’t have garnered so many spectators. However there was a bet involved. Whoever loses, they would have to get on their knees and kowtow to the winner. Although the Ye clan was in decline, they were still one of the major powerhouses in Leizhou city. Everyone looked forward to when they crash and burn. This time, everyone wanted to see how the useless good for nothing young master of the Ye clan will bow down and kowtow to Wang Lin.

Before Ye Zifeng arrived, a few of Wang Lin’s friends were chatting with him.

“Brother Lin, do you think that good for nothing turned crazy from all the beating we gave him? As a trash in the second qi refining stage, he actually challenged you, someone with a cultivation in the fourth qi refining stage to a battle.”

“That’s not it. I heard that that trash offended his father in someway and was locked up in the cellar for three days.”

“He was locked up for three days? Heh. That trash really is trash. Even his family members don’t like him.” Wang Lin smiled coldly without a hint of worry.

He had originally thought that Ye Zifeng would have some sort of fortuitous encounter or had some special tactics up his sleeves. But from the looks of it now, he was worrying for nothing.

He was locked up in the cellar for three whole days. What else can be come up with?

“Brother Lin, that good for nothing still isn’t here. Do you think that he got scared and ran away?”

Wang Lin laughed loudly, “That’s not impossible. Who would’ve thought that that trash still had common sense. He knows he can’t beat me so he ran away. Atleast he didn’t lose even more face for the Ye clan.”

“Aiii. Let’s go. Let’s go…..We know that Ye Zifeng was trash but who would’ve thought that he was also a coward.” A spectator shook his head.

At that moment, a faint fragrance appeared and the people who were about to leave stopped their movements and looked at the two people who approached the stage.

“Who dares call my brother a coward?” Ye Xueyi casted an angry look at all the spectators. As a cultivator at the eighth stage of qi refining, she was one of the like a goddess amongst commoners in the outer court of the school.

At that time, everyone was silent. No one suggested anything about leaving anymore.

“Ye Xueyi?” Wang Lin had a complicated look in his eyes. He was not afraid of Ye Zifeng but Ye Xueyi was a problem for him.

Wang Lin coldly looked at Ye Zifeng, “This is a battle between the two of us. Why did you bring your sister?”

Ye Zifeng smiled slightly, “What’s wrong with bringing her over? Could it be that you’re scared?…. Don’t worry though. She knows the rules of the battle arena, so you can be relieved. She only came to watch the battle, and won’t interfere at all.”

“Brother…. Let’s leave. You can’t beat him. Let me…..” Ye Xueyi had a worried look in her eyes. She wanted to beat this Wang Lin up herself.

“Sis, go sit down by that tree and watch.”

Seeing that her brother was determined, she let out a sigh and said, “okay” and then walked to the side.

In the martial spirit continent, people respected martial way. They were in the battle arena of a sect and thus as long as there wasn’t a life threatening event, outsides should not interfere at all. For the bets placed beforehand, no one should have any objections regardless of the outcome.

“Good.” Wang Lin smiled. In his eyes, as long as Ye Xueyi doesn’t interfere, the match is already settled.

“I’m thinking that you’ve never came to the battle arena so let me give you some advice. There’s a special weapon room with many different kinds of weapons. You can go and choose one. After picking one that you like, then come and fight me.” Wang Lin waved his hands and pointed towards the armory.

“And you won’t be using a weapon?” Ye Zifeng asked.

Wang Lin smiled, “Fighting against you, do I really need a weapon?”

Ye Zifeng smiled back at him, “Okay. If you don’t need one, then I won’t use one either. Let’s start. We have to finish quickly. My family wants me to go home early tonight. They were talking about having some sort of important dinner so I need to be quick.”

“YOU!” Wang Lin was angry. What Ye Zifeng said basically meant that he was looking down on him. What do f*ck does he mean by finish quickly.

“You…. trash. Ye Zifeng, I’ll beat you up until all your teeth falls out!”

One of the spectators shook his head towards Ye Zifeng.

“This Ye Zifeng really did go crazy. As a trash in the second stage of qi refining, he dares to talk with Wang Lin like this?”

“Brother Lin, the rules state that you can’t kill him. You should cripple him instead!”

“Bullsh*t. That Ye Zifeng’ is already crippled. How else do you want Brother Lin to cripple him?”

The entire audience erupted into laughter. It seems like Wang Lin really have to cripple this guy even more.

“To give your sister face, this time I’ll only break three of your ribs!”

A hint of might flashed in Ye Zifeng’s eyes, “You’ll need some abilities if you want to hurt me. Come at me.”

Ye Zifeng was a Martial Lord expert in his past life. He has countless amount of battle experience under his belt. This nobody like Wang Lin was not even worth his energy.

“Good. Good. Good!” Wang Lin repeatedly said. He was angry to the max, “It seems this this one has to beat that weak body of yours until it breaks!”

Wang Lin leapt into the air, Qi exploded out of his body. He’s already in the fourth stage of Qi refining and thus he was able to control a tiny amount of his qi energy.


His fist struck out like wind straight towards Ye Zifeng’s face. In all the spectator’s minds, if the strike hits, then Ye Zifeng would definitely be gravely injured. On the side, Ye Xueyi closed her eyes, unwilling to watch.

However, the thing that they had all expected didn’t happen.

Ye Zifeng took a step the the side and sent out a palm strike. When his palm struck Wang Lin’s fist, the power in Wang Lin’s fists completely dissipated. It looked as if Wang Lin’s fist was made of cotton or something.

The spectators were all surprised, especially those who were badmouthing Ye Zifeng the hardest. They were all speechless. Even those experts from the inner courts who came to pass some time were shocked. Wasn’t Ye Zifeng’s cultivation at the second stage of qi refining?

“Ye Zifeng…. What.. What did he just do? How come brother Lin didn’t send him flying in a punch? Their cultivations are about two whole stages apart!”

Ye Zifeng stood firmly and smiled as he held tightly onto Wang Lin’s fist.

“Hey brother Lin, you’re holding back too much! Finish this trash off quickly.”

“Yeah. Come on brother Lin. Did you only use a few percent of your strength? Against some trash like this, you shouldn’t even try to hold back!”

At that time, Wang Lin was the most surprised and stunned one out of everyone. They can all see that his fists had landed on Ye Zifeng’s palm but what they didn’t know was that he had used all his strength. He wasn’t holding back at all.

His face started to become nervous. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get his fist out of Ye Zifeng’s iron grasp.

“You!” Wang Lin looked at Ye Zifeng with a face filled with surprise. It was as if Ye Zifeng was a completely different person.

Ye Zifeng continued to smile, “They asked if you heard them or now. Why aren’t you using your full strength? Didn’t you want to beat me up until all my teeth falls out?”

Ye Zifeng tightened his grasp causing Wang Lin to groan in pain.

At the same time, Wang Lin stared fiercely at Ye Zifeng. His other hand filled up with qi energy. He was about to unleash his ultimate technique.

“That’s brother Lin’s Wind Splitting Fist!”

“To make brother Lin this angry, that Ye clan’s trash young master is finished.”

However, Ye Zifeng repeated what he did before. He extended his other palm out to receive Wang Lin’s Wind Splitting Fist. Before anyone could see the Wind Splitting Fist’s power, Wang Lin’s fist was caught by Ye Zifeng.

The entire crowd was silent and dumbfounded. Even the few experts who were watching were shocked.

When Ye Zifeng stopped the first punch, everyone had thought that Wang Lin was holding back. But now, Ye Zifeng easily stopped Wang Lin’s Wind Splitting Fist. This made everyone’s jaws drop. Ye Xueyi’s eyes were glistening, and was cheering for Ye Zifeng on the side. Seeing what had happened, she felt as if she was about to cry. This was because the brother who had been called trash his entire life was fighting on par with Wang Lin. This made her really proud and satisfied.

“What the hell are you doing using that Wind Splitting Fist or whatever you call it so close to me. Did you want to kill me?” Ye Zifeng chuckled coldly. At the same time, he tightened the grasp on both his hands until a crackling sound could be heard.

In the silent arena, the sound vibrated throughout the entire stadium.

“Ahhh!” Feeling that the bones in his fist had shattered, Wang Lin cried painfully.

“Brother Lin!”

Everyone who was watching could not believe what was happening. Just shortly after the battle had started, both of Wang Lin’s hands were crippled by Ye Zifeng. From the looks of it, not only can Ye Zifeng beat Wang Lin who was who stages above him but his method is also very cruel. The Ye Zifeng standing in front of them was someone completely different from the Ye Zifeng that they knew. How can this guy be trash?

“Ye Zifeng. I’m gonna kill you!” Wang Lin was rolling on the floor in pain. Both of his hands were crippled by Ye Zifeng. This will definitely slow down and cause problems his road of cultivation in the future.

“Hmph.” Ye Zifeng stared at Wang Lin without any emotions. This kind of nobody. No matter no you treat them, they will always come back for you. There are some things that you should do and some things that you shouldn’t. Wang Lin had offended Ye Zifeng and he suffered the consequences.

“Before you kill me, there’s something that you need to do.” Ye Zifeng’s voice was cold.

“What…. What do I need to do?”

Ye Zifeng walked towards him slowly and crouched down in front of him, “Do you still remember our bet? Do I have to remind you what the loser has to do?”

“Ye Zifeng…. You want me to….” Wang Lin was shocked. If he had to kneel down and kowtow to this trash Ye Zifeng, then he won’t be able to lift his head up in front of people anymore.

In front of the audience, Ye Zifeng laughed, “Come on. Didn’t we agree on it? I still need to get back and eat dinner. I don’t want to waste anymore time here with you.”

He then looked back at Wang Lin and smiled, “Oh yeah, If i’m not satisfied with the way you kowtow, it doesn’t count. You have to bow until I’m satisfied…..”

“You! You’re asking for too much!” Wang Lin stared at Ye Zifeng. After saying that, he fainted from being so angry.

“Brother Lin! Brother Lin!”

“Brother Lin! Wake up!”

Ye Zifeng stared at him coldly and then turned around, not wanting to look at Wang Lin anymore.

“Xueyi, let’s go home….”