The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 67 – Up against a genius?

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To bet ten percent of the business channels for the other party to be neutral? Ye Zifeng is either really confident or really knows how to spend and waste money.

From the beginning, Liu Mu didn’t care much about the alchemy competition. He just didn’t want someone from the Ye clan to participate. He didn’t think that so much would be at stake here.

After Ye Zifeng stopped talking, Liu Mu stared at Ye Zifeng for a while.

Liu Mu was someone who had experienced many worldly matters. After a while, he bursted into laughter.

“Good Good Good. Ye Zifeng. When you took first place during the heaven stairs competition, I thought that you won by fluke. When you beat Qian-er, I thought she was holding back. But now, it seems like you do have the ability and can truly deserves to be called a young hero in Leizhou City.

This time, he didn’t call Ye Zifeng by “Nephew Zifeng” anymore. This old fox didn’t want to pretend anymore. With such a big stake in front of himself, he had to show his true colors.

“Many thanks for the compliments. Then about this bet……”

“I’m willing to bet. Why wouldn’t I be. You’re looking down on my Liu clan’s alchemy skills right? Then I’ll open your eyes for you!”

Liu Mu started to laugh out loud and signed his name on the paper and then made a blood oath. He did everything in one go, it was very quick.

He called for one of the servants immediately, “You. Go bring Song Shiyun over. Make it quick. Tell him that I’ll reward him with a hundred gold coins.”

“Song Shiyun? That alchemy genius next door?” The servant was making sure.

“Who else could I be talking about?” Liu Mu unhappily furrowed his brows.

“I’m going. I’m going right now.”

Liu Mu turned around and looked at Ye Zifeng again, “Zifeng, you said that there’s no one better than you in Leizhou City right? This Song Shiyun has a pretty close relationship with my Liu clan. He’s basically part of the clan. If I bring him here, you won’t have any objections right?”

Ye Zifeng calmly replied, “Well…. Since he’s basically part of the Liu clan, then I won’t have any objections.”

Hearing this Liu Yige coldly snickered, “You can be cocky now, but when Song Shiyun comes over, I really want to see what your face looks like when you’re in despair. I’ll be looking forward to it.”

Ye Zifeng smiled slightly and his face turned cold.

“Same to you…..”


The Song clan’s residence was right next to the Liu clan’s. They were very close. In just a bit, Song Shiyun came running in.

He was dressed in a black robe with a silver belt. His hair was sleek black and he had a noble aura. One can easily tell that he was very well groomed and educated.

“This one greets Uncle Liu, greets everyone, greets….”

Song Shiyun had been in the Liu clan’s residence quite a few times now. He knew everyone in the Liu clan so when he saw Ye Zifeng he was a bit confused.

“I’m Ye Zifeng.”

“No way. You’re Ye Zifeng? That guy who got first place during the Heavenly Clan Gathering?”

Actually, he kinda recognize the person in front of him. However, he heard that the Liu clan didn’t have a good relationship with the Ye clan and didn’t expect Ye Zifeng to actually be here.

“It is I.” Ye Zifeng simply answered.

Song Shiyun took a deep breath, looked over at Liu Mu and shockingly asked, “Uncle Liu, could it be…..that the person that’s going to compete with me is Ye Zifeng?”

“That’s right.” Liu Mu smiled, “Shiyun, this competition is very important to uncle. You should give it your all. Don’t disappoint me. I’m thinking that you can win even if you casually concoct pills. Uncle believes in you.”

He didn’t say anything about the bet so Song Shiyun won’t be mentally affected. To gain ten percent of the business channels with 100 gold coins, it was very worth it! It was a low cost high reward move.

Song Shiyun was the Song clan’s alchemist. He’s been studying alchemy ever since he was little. Due to the fact that his clan was close with the Liu clan, he would often see the old devil Muyun around and secretly learn some things. In Leizhou City, he is known to be the second best alchemist after Liu Bingqian.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Ye Zifeng appeared out of nowhere, Liu Mu would have asked Bingqian to bring Song Shiyun with her to the alchemy competition.

“Don’t worry uncle Liu. If it’s in the art of alchemy, then Shiyun, I, have confidence that I can win. However if it’s martial arts, then I am definitely not his opponent.

Ye Zifeng laughed and pointed at the cauldron, “If you’re so confident then how about you go first? You can concoct whatever you want and do whatever you want.”

Song Shiyun chuckled, “Alright then. I’ll go first. I’ll show you how to really concoct pills. Maybe you’ll give up and save me some time. If you, Ye Zifeng, want to win against me in the way of alchemy, try again after a hundred years!”

Other than Liu Bingqian, Song Shiyun was confident that he can beat everyone else in Leizhou City. He was being very arrogant.

“Then please.” Ye Zifeng smiled at him.

Song Shiyun proudly snorted and walked towards the cauldron, “A common tier cauldron huh. That’s fine. This is just right for a beginner like you.”

He rubbed the cauldron and then smiled, “How about we compete in speed? As for the pill……let’s see… you know how to concoct Qi Nurturing Pills?”

Ye Zifeng looked calm like always, “Qi Nurturing Pill is a simple pill. How could I not know it?”

When Liu Bingqian looked at Ye Zifeng, she couldn’t help but laugh. However, before she could, Ye Zifeng shot her a glare causing her to stop.

Song Shiyun laughed out loud, “Great. If you know how to concoct Qi Nurturing Pills then don’t say that I’m bullying you when you lose. Uncle Liu, can you prepare ten sets of ingredients for me? I want to try and challenge my own limits in an hour.”

Qi Nurturing Pill was a very simple pill. It is used to recover a practitioner’s qi. Every clan has some stored in their own home. A large clan like the Liu clan would definitely have a lot of ingredients for this pill.

When Liu Mu saw the confident expression on Song Shiyun’s face, he was extremely happy and immediately called for a servant.

“Did you hear that? Young master Song wants the ingredients for Qi Nurturing Pill. Go find Housekeeper Chen. He should know what they are. Go fetch the ingredients quickly!”

“Yes master.” When the servant heard this, he quickly ran out to gather the ingredients.

Liu Bingqian took advantage of this gap in time and slowly moved towards Ye Zifeng’s side and worriedly said, “Big brother rough guy, I know that your alchemy skills is great but are you sure you don’t have a problem competing in speed? Concocting speed is Song Shiyun’s greatest field.

“What? Worried about me?” Ye Zifeng smiled.

Liu Bingqian’s face suddenly became red and turned around.

“Who’s worrying about you. Don’t be mistaken. I just don’t want you to lose due to a careless mistake.”

Liu Mu saw how the two was talking and coughed, “Qian-er, don’t stand there like an idiot. Young master Song took his time to come over. You should go make some tea for him.”

“No need. There’s still a lot of tea left here.”

Liu Mu’s expression turned cold and yelled with with a commanding tone, “Bingqian, I’m telling you to go!”

“Oh…. Okay then.” Liu Bingqian looked away and had a reluctant expression on her face. She walked out to get some tea.

Liu Mu awkwardly smiled, “I’m sorry Young master Song. You come by so rarely and we’ve neglected you this time.”

Song Shiyun waved his hands, “No way. Uncle Liu has been so nice to me. I’m content already.”

Ye Zifeng started to laugh in his heart, “I’m coming by for the first time in twenty years. Why are you neglecting me?

Thinking about it, it wasn’t weird that Liu Mu made Liu Bingqian leave Ye Zifeng. Liu Mu must’ve had his eyes on that Young master Song and wants to rope him in. Besides, the Ye clan and the Liu clan don’t like each other anyways. It was the right move to make.

After a while, Liu Bingqian brought the tea back and casually set it on the table. She didn’t even pour Song Shiyun a cup of tea and went to sit down. The place where she sat was very close to Ye Zifeng.

Liu Mu wanted to say something to her but the servant came back with the ingredients.

“Master, Master. The ingredients for the Qi Nurturing Pill is here. All ten sets.”

Liu Mu nodded and looked at Song Shiyun, “Don’t give it to me. Give it to young master Song.”

Song Shiyun laughed and received all ten sets. He put five sets of ingredient in front of Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng, the ingredients are here. Let me tell you the rules then. We both have 5 sets of ingredients and whoever makes the most Qi Nurturing Pills in an hour wins. What do you think?”

Ye Zifeng smiled and calmly answered, “It’s very simple. I like it.”