The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 66 – Unconditional Bet

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Ye Zifeng was as calm as water. He inserted his qi into the ring and a large item slowly appeared from the ring.

If he had a high grade interspatial ring, the item would have appeared instantly. However, Ye Zifeng had a low grade interspatial ring so the process was a bit slower.

Everyone from the Liu clan took a few steps back and had a confused expression on their faces.

What kind of gift did Ye Zifeng bring? How come it’s so big?

Once the item took shape, Liu Bingqian’s eyes lit up and suddenly yelled out, “Why did you bring the cauldron here?!”

The existence of the profound tier cauldron was a secret between the two of them. Now that he brought it here, he was basically trying to expose himself.

Liu Bingqian became worried for Ye Zifeng.

However, she looked at the cauldron again and felt that something wasn’t right.

“Ai. That’s not right. This is a common tier cauldron. What’s going on?” She looked up again and saw that Ye Zifeng had a smile on his face.

Liu Yige laughed, “What a joke. Isn’t this only a common tier cauldron. It’s not even a huang tier cauldron. So Ye Zifeng is so trash at alchemy that he can only use a common tier cauldron.” He wanted to continue talking but Liu Mu’s glare caused him to shut up.

“This….” Liu Bingqian looked at Ye Zifeng and wanted to see what he got up his sleeves.

Liu Mu furrowed his brows and wanted to see what Ye Zifeng was trying to do.

“Nephew Zifeng, could this gift that you’re talking about be this common tier cauldron? Did you want to give it to my daughter Bingqian?”

He heard from the sect that his daughter was lacking a cauldron and thought that Ye Zifeng was going to give her this cauldron.

Ye Zifeng smiled and walked up to the cauldron. He rubbed it and shook his head, “This cauldron was a gift to me from the Gao clan. I thought that it was not bad so I brought it over.”

Actually, it wasn’t a gift from the Gao clan. Ye Zifeng went over to their house to look for a cauldron.

The Gao clan did not have an alchemist in their house so the clan master decided to give the cauldron to Ye Zifeng since he asked for it.

Liu Yige couldn’t help but smile. He had been waiting for Ye Zifeng to embarrass himself.

“Has the Ye clan fallen that much? To treat this common tier cauldron as a treasure and try to gift it to our Liu clan. Just who do you think we are?”

Liu Ningzi coughed and pulled Liu Yige to the side, “Senior brother, don’t be so excessive. Ye Zifeng is still a guest in our home.”

“Junior sister, what guest? Did you forget how he treated us when we went over last time?! We’re treating him like a guest but how did he treat us?”

Liu Ningzi’s expression changed immediately, “Alright. Last time, we were in the wrong too. Don’t talk about it anymore.”

When she went over to cancel the engagement, everyone thought that it was the right thing to do. She, herself, even felt relieved to be able to escape a binding to the trash Ye Zifeng.

However, after the Heavenly Clan Gathering, Ye Zifeng became the number one youngster in Leizhou City. Everyone started to pity her decision. Recently, every time she walked out, she would feel people pointing at her and talking about her. Her feelings about Ye Zifeng started to become mixed.

Liu Mu furrowed his brow, “How can you say this. Even though a common tier cauldron isn’t worth much, it’s the thought that counts. Besides, Bingqian needs a cauldron anyways. I’m delighted by this gift.”

Ye Zifeng who was standing there finally opened his mouth, “I did bring the cauldron over today but I didn’t say that I was going to give the cauldron as a gift.”

Liu Bingqian thought it was weird too. She didn’t know why Ye Zifeng brought a common tier cauldron over. She did need a cauldron but to give something like this to her father…. It was kind of unsightly.

Ye Zifeng paused for a bit and looked at everyone, “Bingqian has probably told everyone that she had invited me to the alchemy competition. I brought the cauldron here to concoct some nurturing pills for everyone. I can guarantee that as long I have the ingredients, I will be able to concoct pills that are worth much more than this cauldron.”

“What? You came over so you can concoct pills?”

Liu Bingqian was stunned and her eyes lit up. She understood what Ye Zifeng was doing. He wanted to show his abilities to her father and get permission to go to Tiandao City with her.

So he wasn’t here to talk business with her father…… The reason he came here was because he wanted to go to the alchemy competition with her….. Thinking about this, Bingqian’s cheeks suddenly turned red.

Other than Bingqian, no one present knew about Ye Zifeng’s alchemy skills. They all believed that Bingqian only wanted to bring him due to her own desires.

“You know how to concoct pills too?” Liu Ningzi stared at Ye Zifeng and couldn’t help but ask.

Ye Zifeng smiled but didn’t answer her. It looked as if he was ignoring her.

In Ningzi’s eyes, Liu Bingqian was the number one alchemist. For Ye Zifeng to dare concoct pills in front of her sister, wasn’t he afraid of embarrassing himself?

Liu Yige laughed, “Ohhh I get it. Did you secretly learn some skills from sister Bingqian so you came here to show us some tricks.”

“If I can secretly learn from her then you, Liu Yige, should’ve been able to learn a thing or two from her too. After all, you’ve been in the Liu clan for quite a while now. Can you concoct a Qi Nurturing Pill?”

Qi Nurturing Pill was the most basic concoctable. However, those without talent in alchemy won’t be able to concoct it. Liu Yige was this someone without talent.

“I am attending the alchemy competition as Bingqian’s assistant. I, Ye Zifeng, might not be better than her, but I can assure you all that I am better than everyone else in Leizhou City.”

Ye Zifeng is already a rising star in Leizhou City. It was very hard for him to continue to work in the shadows. His secrets will be revealed sooner or later.

Thus, before anyone finds out his secret, he might as well show some of his own strength.

If he kill too many tigers as a dog, then any smart person would get suspicious. However, if he kill tigers as a wolf, people would be less suspicious.

“Good….As long as you’re better than everyone else in Leizhou City…. Good one. Nephew Zifeng is sure ambitious. Are you trying to say that no one in the Liu clan besides Bingqian is stronger than you in the art of alchemy?”

Liu Mu had been holding back for a while now. However Ye Zifeng said this phrase, Liu Mu immediately snorted and showed his true expressions.

Ye Zifeng nodded, “Other than Bingqian, I am willing to bet that the Liu clan does not have anyone that can go against me in alchemy.”

Right when Liu Yige wanted to say something, Ye Zifeng’s expression suddenly changed into a serious one.

“If I lose, then I am willing to give 10 percent of the business channels in Leizhou City to the Liu clan. I, Ye Zifeng, is willing to make a blood oath right now!”


“10 percent of the business channels as a betting chip?”

Once everyone in the room heard this, they couldn’t help but get up from their seats.

The reward for first place in the heavenly clan gathering was 30 percent of the business channels. The second place gets 20 percent of the business channels. Now, Ye Zifeng was so easily willing to give up 10 percent. He was basically swapping places with the Liu clan if he loses.

“Ye Zifeng, are you joking or what?” Liu Yige yelled out.

“Do you think I’m kidding?” Ye Zifeng coldly laughed and took out two things from his interspatial right, a piece of paper and a pen.

“If you think I’m kidding, I can write down the details, sign my name, get my prints here and make a blood oath to complete the contract. You should know that I’m being real.”

“A blood…… blood contract….. You want to make this an absolute bet?” Liu Yige was very shocked and was speechless. This kind of blood contract was required for an official bet. If anyone goes back on their words, they will receive a divine punishment worse than death!

Liu Mu thought about it and came back to his sense, “Hahaha…. Nephew Zifeng really do like to joke. To be ready to do something like a blood contract…. I trust you completely. Fine. Tell me what you want.”

10 percent of the business channels. If Ye Zifeng brought that to the Wang clan, they would have to be polite with him.

Ye Zifeng nodded and smiled, “It’s simple, If I lose, then I’ll give the Liu clan 10 percent of the business channels. If I win…. The first, I want uncle to allow me to enter the alchemy competition with Bingqian.

He then paused for a bit, “Second, I’m not going to ask the Liu clan to become our allies. I just want you guys to stay neutral…..”