The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 63 – Dominating business channels.

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In Ye Chongtian’s room.

“Come on, Xueyi, help father up. I’m feeling a bit better.” Ye Chongtian coughed and used both his hands to hold himself up. He slowly got up by himself which showed that he had recovered a bit.

Ye Xueyi gasped. She looked at his pale face and continuously shook her head.

“Father. I think you should wait a bit before getting up. If you’re not careful and make your condition worse, I’m afraid……:”

Ye Chongtian forced himself to look better, “Even if my condition worsen, I still have to get up. I’m afraid that Zifeng can’t handle it anymore. To make him face so many seniors, it’s a bit too much for him.

Hearing this, Ye Xueyi thought about her brother’s situation and gritted her teeth. She finally went over and helped Ye Chongtian up. In their minds, they believe that Ye Zifeng had lost control of the situation already and it was probably a mess downstairs.

At that time, someone quickly rushed into the room.

It was Ye clan’s housekeeper, Housekeeper Du. His expression looked very anxious.

“Master! Not good. The young master and the people from the other clans are coming in right now!” As Ye Chongtian’s most trusted aide, Housekeeper Du naturally knew what happened to his master and what his condition was. How can his master receive any guests right now!


Ye Chongtian was stumped. His heart dropped as if a strong weight was pulling it down.

“So he couldn’t hold on after all… But this is not bad. He bought me some time. Come on Xueyi. This time, you really have to help me up.”

Ye Xueyi’s sighed. Since the situation had become like this, there was no helping it.

The people were all coming into their view and Ye Chongtian hurried himself up. He wanted to get up before they entered the room to show that he was fine.

The door suddenly opened up and Gao Tianyuan entered the room. At first, he had a smile on his face but when he saw Ye Chongtian trying to force himself up, his expression suddenly changed.

“Brother Chongtian. What are you doing? Get back on your bed and rest up. Don’t make things worse than it is already.

As Gao Tianyuan was talking, people continued to walk in. When they saw Ye Chongtian’s situation, they all earnestly showed their concerns for him.

“Chongtian, listen to Tianyuan. Look at how pale your face is. Why aren’t you resting on your bed? If you’re like this, we’re all going to be worried.”

“Uncle Chongtian, you’re treating us all like outsiders. If you’re sick, then you should just tell us. You don’t have to force yourself.”

“That’s right. With such a talented son, you should be living in ease and comfort and let him take care of things!”

Ye Chongtian was startled. Before he could even say anything, the group of people immediately hurried over and helped him back on his bed.

“This…. What happened to you guys…….”

Ye Chongtian was surprised. He looked at Ye Xueyi and then looked back at the group of people. The two of them had a look of doubt in their eyes. Could these people be here to politely greet him instead of questioning him about what happened?

How can these people be so kind-hearted?

Ye Zifeng slowly walked in after everyone else. His had an extremely calm expression on his face. He had an imposing and noble aura around him, making it seem like that he was the leader of this group of people.

Ye Congtian looked up and asked, “Zifeng, this….. What happened?”

“They know about how you were poisoned. However, the most important thing is…….”

Ye Zifeng showed a smile, “Negotiations complete.”

“What negotiations?” Ye Chongtian didn’t understand what his son was talking about. Ye Zifeng could’ve told these people about the poison but what negotiation was he talking about?

The people from the smaller clans got closer to Ye Chongtian and smiled.

“Brother Chongtian, you son is really talented. We’ve been dealing with business for many years but we have never seen someone like this. To be so charismatic and decisive at such a young age, he will grow up to be very successful.”

“The young master is sure worthy of being Chongtian’s son. Twenty years ago, you, Chongtian, was one of the strongest and most charismatic people in Leizhou City. Now it seems like your son is following your footsteps and is slowly climbing up.”

Ye Zifeng slowly walked towards his father and smiled, “I’ve already made arrangements for the business channels between Leizhou City and Tiandao City. We’ve talked about the future of our business and will talk about the distribution of the business channels later. Around half of Leizhou City’s clans have decided to ally with our Ye clan already!”

“Half?!” Ye Chongtian was so shocked that he became as stiff as a wooden doll. He sat there and didn’t move at all. Generally speaking, if they used the shares to get allies, the Ye clan should only be able to get 30 clans as allies with their thirty percent of business channels. In the best possible situation, they should only have around 30 allies, how could there be around 50 clans that want to ally with them?

If it was Ye Chongtian who was negotiation, with his abilities, he would at most get around 20 something allies. There was no way that he could get around 50!

This…. This is simply too ridiculous.

Ye Zifeng was a Martial Lord and a Heaven Tier Alchemist. His way of dealing with people were completely different from a normal person’s. The way that he described his way of business to these smaller clans made them all feel impassioned. It was completely different from the same old method that the Wang clan and Liu clan employed. Even those people who were originally Wang clan’s followers changed their minds and started to follow the Ye clan after listening to Ye Zifeng’s plans for the future.

“Half of the other clans is only a starting point. Some clans were indecisive while most clans have decided to work with us already. Everything comes down to the distribution of the business channels…..”

Ye Zifeng then paused and smiled, “When other people form an alliance, they use a piece of paper. When our Ye clan make allies, we do a blood oath. The Ye clan’s prosperity is everyone else’s prosperity as well. When the Ye clan becomes the number one clan, then everyone else will follow suit and join our rise in power!”

The Wang clan and the Liu clan both had similar promises. However, they would at most hand out some of their own extra wealth to the other clans and would never make an alliance like this. Ye Zifeng on the other hand, uses the blood oath and makes a promise to the other clans. In Leizhou City, this kind of thing was unprecedented.

Only by doing a blood oath would the other clans be convinced.

“I agree to ride this wave with the young master!”

“The Gao clan supports the young master. We agree to make a blood oath!”

“For the young master to consider allying with a small clan like ours, we have to set an example for the other small clans too. We agree to make a blood oath!”

“The Gu clan agrees to make a blood oath!”

“The Qian clan agrees as well!”

The group of people were yelling as if they were some hot headed youngsters. However, everyone in this group was way over their primes already. Ye Zifeng’s heated speech touched their hearts and made them unleash the youngster spirit that laid dormant inside of them.

“Alright. My father still needs to rest today. As for the distributions, I will ask our servants to make copies of my plans and send them over to you guys. As for the overall plan, we will talk about it another day when my father feels better.”

Ye Zifeng looked at everyone and bowed towards them. He was showing them all respect. After all, they were all still considered their seniors. This kind of attitude was needed when making a business deal.

Before everyone left, they all said their goodbyes to the Ye clan members and praised Ye Zifeng. They all wished Ye Chongtian a quick recovery and walked out of the Ye clan very satisfied. They all forgot about how they were locked out in the morning.

Ye Chongtian and Ye Xueyi were both still startled and speechless at what just happened.

This was their first time watching Ye Zifeng handle things.They were still shocked after a long time. Someone of the younger generation was able to subdue all these business veterans by himself….. Even Ye Chongtian might not have been able to do such a thing.

“Brother Zifeng….. You’re amazing….. I don’t even know what to say to this!”

Ye Xueyi had grown up with Ye Zifeng by her side. Ye Zifeng had always been bullied by people of the same generation. But now, not only was he able to subdue everyone in the younger generation at the Heavenly Clan Gathering, he was also able to subdue these business veterans in the field of business!

If Ye Xueyi also found out that her brother was already at the peak of 5th stage already, she would be even more shocked.

“Don’t be so happy yet. I spent the entire day brainwashing them into believing me. When they go home and actually think about it, there might be some people who will change sides and choose the Wang clan.”

Hearing this, Ye Chongtian finally understood everything, “I get this. This is why you made them make a blood oath. Even if they want change sides, they can’t.

Ye Zifeng was already three steps ahead of everyone else. He knew what he had to do.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “The blood oath is only a small restriction. The real deciding factor is still us, the Ye clan.”

Ye Chongtian and Ye Xueyi both nodded.

Ye Zifeng waited a bit and then let out a cold laugh, “Oh yeah. You were right dad. Bringing the Liu clan to our side is a good thing, so I’m gonna go over and have a little chat with them.”