The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 62 – Stepping on your Dignity

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From the very beginning, Ye Zifeng knew that this wasn’t going to be so simple. The Wang clan must have sent someone to stir up trouble here. However, what he didn’t expect was that the person that they sent was the same person who poisoned his father.

Everyone present knew what kind of relationship Ye Chongtian had with Liu Xingjian and couldn’t help but gasp.

“What? Liu Xingjian. You’re the one who poisoned Ye Chongtian? You guys have been friends for many years. How could you do such a thing?”

“That’s right. Chongtian had always treated you as a close brother. How could you do something like that to him?”

Liu Xingjian coldly snorted and looked at everyone, “You guys don’t have to pretend to care and try to kiss up to the Ye clan. Let me tell you this. The Wang clan will make trouble for anyone that become allies with the Ye clan.

“This….” Hearing this, everyone’s expression changed. They knew what Liu Xingjian meant. They all looked at Ye Zifeng with an embarrassing expression.

However, Ye Zifeng had an indifferent expression on. He walked slowly towards Liu Xingjian with a calm look on his face.

Liu Xingjian was startled and quickly yelled out, “What are you trying to do? My cultivation is higher than yours. I’m not afraid of you!”

Liu Xingjian was a businessman and didn’t spend a lot of time cultivating. Even though he was a middle aged man already, his cultivation was still at the 6th stage of qi refining. He was trying to act tough but on the inside, he was feeling very nervous.

Ye Zifeng slowly looked up at the man and a cold look appeared in his eyes. He suddenly reached out and grabbed Liu Xingjian by his collars. Before he could even react, Ye Zifeng had slammed him onto the ground already.

Liu Xingjian was getting old already. His 6th stage of qi refining cultivation was just for show. His actual ability wasn’t even at the 5th stage of qi refining.

“You….. You actually hit me?”

“So what if I really hit you?”

The impact caused dust to fly everywhere and the spectators all took a few steps back. They were all shocked in their hearts. This Ye Zifeng was swift and decisive. When he dealing with business, he was refined and elegant, just like a scholar. When he fought, he was like a fierce tiger.

He didn’t knock Liu Xingjian away nor did he hurt him. All he did was slam him onto the floor. He put Liu Xingjian’s dignity on the floor and trampled on it.

“You…. You’re of the younger generation and you dare hit me? You should know that I’m from your father’s generation! AH…. Don’t hit me. Don’t hit me.”

When he saw Ye Zifeng raise his fists, he was shocked.

Liu Xingjian’s cultivation was suppressed by Ye Zifeng’s lightning and death qi and couldn’t use any qi to defend himself. Ye Zifeng used his bare fists so Liu Xingjian can remember what happens when he offends the Ye clan.

“Hmph. A clown like you still dare to consider yourself my senior? Take this!”


Ye Zifeng’s mouth curved up and revealed a sinister smile. He ruthlessly struck the ground next to Liu Xingjian’s head. A small fist shaped imprint appeared on the ground with a violent qi coming from out from it. If that had landed on Liu Xingjian’s head, who knows what would’ve happened.

Liu Xingjian was so scared that his face ashen. His heart was beating so fast that it felt as if his heart was going to jump out of his body. He gulped a few times and couldn’t say anything.

“It’s fine if you try to mess with our business but to poison one of your own brothers and follow the Wang clan like a dog, your future is over. Someone like you doesn’t deserved to be called my senior!”

Liu Xingjian was horrified. The Wang clan told him to mess with the Ye clan today. Originally, he wanted to make a small scene and then break off his relationship with the Ye clan.

He never would have thought that he would be suppressed by someone of the younger generation and be taught a lesson by the same person in front of all these people. After today, he would never have the face to walk in Leizhou City again.

Ye Zifeng calmly looked at Liu Xingjian, “Didn’t you say that the Wang clan with cause trouble for whoever allies with my Ye clan? I, Ye Zifeng, can say the same. Whoever messes with the Ye clan or our allies will be looking for trouble!”

Ye Zifeng then slowly stood up and looked at everyone else, “In the eyes of the Ye clan, there are only two types of relationships. You’re either an ally or an enemy. If you’re an ally, then you can be like Uncle Dong and receive benefits. You will receive a part of our business channels. In these five years, our Ye clan will help everyone and develop with each other. However, if you’re our enemy then…. Hehe….”

Ye Zifeng suddenly stopped and looked at Liu Xingjian. His gaze was very cold.

“You….. What do you want to do?” Liu Xingjian was scared. He was a senior but in front of Ye Zifeng, he was like someone of the younger generation. He wasn’t worthy of Ye Zifeng’s respect.

Ye Zifeng slowly retrieved a dagger from his robe. Just with a look, one can tell that this dagger was very sharp.

“Don’t come over. I beg you. Let me go.”

“I don’t want to do anything….I just want to tell you this this is your master’s dagger. This belongs to someone from the Wang clan. However, right now, this is in my hands. Do you know why?”

Liu Xingjian gulped and didn’t answer.”

“Of course this means that even the people from the Wang clan knows the consequences when they try to anger me, Ye Zifeng. If the master don’t even dare offend me, then don’t even talk about a dog that blindly follow its master for benefits. You follow the Wang clan to try and climb up in the social standings but look at you now. Is the Wang clan going to help you now? So everyone, think about this carefully.”

Ye Zifeng paused for a bit and then began to talk again, “Why don’t we do an experiment? Let’s see if anyone from the Wang clan will come out and save you.”

His expression changed and raised the dagger up high. He looked directly at Liu Xingjian’s shoulders as if he was going to stab him.

Liu Xingjian looked as if he was going to cry. His eyes were devoid of hope, “No!”

His face turned incomparably red and his heart started to palpitate. He fainted immediately.

Ye Zifeng smiled, slowly got up and put his dagger away. He only wanted to scare Liu Xingjian a bit but Ye Zifeng didn’t that that this guy would be so useless that he would faint.

However, this was not bad. This made him looked even more imposing in front of everyone.

When everyone saw how a youngster like Ye Zifeng was able to force Liu Xingjian to this state, the all became very nervous. However, in their hearts, they had a newfound respect for Ye Zifeng.

“Alright everyone. Liu Xingjian openly admitted that he had poisoned my father and became an enemy of the Ye clan. What does everyone think about how I handled this situation?”

Everyone’s expressions suddenly changed. Any smart person would understand what Ye Zifeng meant. On the outside, he was asking for everyone’s opinion but in reality, he was telling everyone to make their decisions.

If they helped the Wang clan, they will become the Ye clan’s enemy. If they help the Ye clan, they will become the Ye clan’s ally. In Ye Zifeng’s view, there was no third option.

“You did the right thing. The absolute right thing. Liu Xingjian soul his own soul for gain and forgot his morality. He deserved it. My Gao clan supports the young master!”

“That’s right. Liu Xingjian is a blind wolf. The young master is correct in his doings. My Qian clan supports the young master.”

“Young master Ye, My Huang clan had decided to follow the Ye clan and fully supports the Ye clan!”

With these three people leading off, everyone started to follow. In just a while, everyone present was supporting Ye Zifeng’s decision.

Ye Zifeng’s methods had left a deep impression with them. As a youngster, he knew when to act and when to back off. He didn’t even hold back against Liu Xingjian, someone who was in his father’s generation. They all believe that they will be able to reach new heights if they followed the Ye clan.

With such a ruthless and talented young master, the Ye clan is sure to be on the rise.

“Great. If everyone supports the Ye clan, then my Ye clan will not treat everyone unfairly. Everyone here will obtain at least .1 percent of the business channels from our Ye clan.”

Hearing this, everyone started to cheer.

“The young master is formidable! The Ye clan is mighty!”

Ye Zifeng used .1 percent of the channels to attract everyone at first and led them to side with the Ye clan. The one percent however, still had to be fought for.

Without a doubt, Ye Zifeng handled the situation beautifully. He was praised by these businessmen who had been working for dozens of years.

“Twenty years ago, other people were calling the young master trash but I didn’t believe it. Look at how he is today. The young master will become a bright new star in the future!”

“The Wang clan’s time have passed. With young master Ye, the Ye clan will surely rise!”

Ye Zifeng laughed and cupped his hands together, “This is too much everyone. I, Ye Zifeng, is still not capable yet. I’ll have to rely on seniors’ guidance in the future.”

Hearing this, everyone was extremely happy and the praises continued. They were all being very humble to this twenty year old youngster.

“Alright, everyone who stayed will be our Ye clan’s friend. Let us talk business inside. We will discuss the our blueprints for the next five years and write down all of our contracts.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and gestured towards the door, “Please.”