The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 6 – The Peak of Third Qi Refining Stage.

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Tang Feng and Ye Xueyi both turned and looked at each other and then looked back at the pill. Their eyes were filled with amazement.

“This…. How is this possible?”

Even though Ye Xueyi believed in her brother, she was still shocked at the fact that he was able to create three pills in one batch. She was able to trade one pill for thirty gold coins and the materials to create one batch. If Ye Zifeng could make three pills in a batch, then wouldn’t he be able to make hundreds of gold coins in one go?

“This pill, Zifeng will give it to madam Tang as a present…..” Ye Zifeng smiled slightly and put one of the pills into Tang Feng’s hands.

“You’re giving this to me?” Tang Feng was shocked.

That trash good for nothing Ye Zifeng who fought with Xueyi over a few copper coins was easily giving away something worth 50 gold coins?

Ye Zifeng nodded, “Yes.” After all, he is a great alchemist and as an alchemist, he was not lacking money at all.

“Brother, you should keep this for yourself, we don’t deserve this from you.” Ye Xueyi was a bit embarrassed and wanted to take the pill out of her mother’s hands.

However, Tang Feng quickly retracted her hands, making Xueyi grab nothing but air.


Tang Feng’s face turned serious and glared at her daughter.

“Fine. Then I’ll treat this as a gift. Thank you.”

Ye Zifeng nodded and smiled.

If you want to live a good life, not only do you need to rely on yourself, but you also need to learn how to win others over. Although Tang Feng was a bit snobbish, she still had some power and influence in the Ye family.

This is an example of how to win others over. On any normal day, Tang Feng would see Ye Zifeng as the good for nothing trash. But now, no matter how much she dislikes Ye Zifeng, she can’t dislike money. Ye Zifeng was trying to win her over with money.

Tang Feng looked deeply at Ye Zifeng and said, “Who would’ve thought the good for nothing trash at cultivating Ye Zifeng would have such achievements in the way of alchemy. If your old man hears about this, he would definitely be gratified. While saying this, there was a hint of respect in her tone. If this was before, she wouldn’t even look at Ye Zifeng while talking about him.

However, Ye Zifeng frowned, “As we agreed on before, I hope madam Tang helps Zifeng keep this secret.”

Thinking back now, she did agree on it. However, she didn’t pay any attention to it before. She didn’t think that Ye Zifeng would actually be able to concoct any pills.

She then questioned his curiously, “This is obviously a good thing. If you really want to develope your alchemy skills, I can tell your old man to send you to an alchemist school. That way you can learn much more about it.”

Ye Zifeng bitterly laughed. This was what he was afraid of the most. If his father hears about this, he would definitely send him away to an alchemist school. There was no way to disobey him. There he would have to learn from people who are not even close to his level and then become a money tree for the clan in the future. If this happens, he can get rid of his name as trash but there is a limit on how far he can get. Ye Zifeng had sworn to return to the peak. He didn’t want to be commanded by anyone and wants to go with his own flow.

“I thank madam Tang for your kindness, but, the more people that knows about my alchemy skills, the less benefits will Madam Tang receive from me.

Thinking about this, Tang Feng gets what he means. If everyone in the Ye clan knows about this, then who knows how many people would go to him for pills. At that time, will she be able to get any?

“Then what do you want?” Little did she know, she had already fallen into Ye Zifeng’s trap.

Ye Zifeng revealed a cold smile, “If madam Tang can help me keep this secret, and also help me buy ingredients secretly, then I, Ye Zifeng can promise to give you 100 gold coins a month….”

“A hundred gold coins?” Tang Feng gasped. Her allowance was only around 50 gold coins a month and now Ye Zifeng can promise to give her a hundred gold coins? This is a large sum of money so of course she was surprised. Also, this is indeed a benefit that can be obtained only if she kept his secret.

Hearing all this, Ye Xueyi pulled Tang Feng over to the side and said, “Mother, you should do what brother wants you to do. However, don’t forget to give me some money too so I can buy some perfume!”

Tang Feng gently poked her daughter’s forehead and sighed, “You…. Always doing what your brother tells you to do…”

Ye Xueyi stuck out her to

ngue and revealed a cute expression.

Tang Feng felt something wrong saying that. Didn’t she tell Xueyi to not call this guy her brother? How come she’s the one saying that right now?

Ye Zifeng stood there and smiled, “So how about it madam Tang? Do you want it or not?”

After deliberating for a bit, she nodded.

Tang Feng who was someone that loved money was the type of person that Ye Zifeng loved dealing with. It was very direct. If you give her something, she’ll do something for you in return. You only need to trust the other party. If he was able to hand her a hundred gold coins every month, then she’ll continue to keep her promise.


It was getting late so Ye Zifeng sent Tang Feng and Ye Xueyi off. Ye Zifeng was inside the cellar by himself again.

After giving Tang Feng a Golden Marrow Pill, Ye Zifeng still had two left. His plan had been carefully planned out since the beginning.

Although the Golden Marrow Pill can help raise one’s cultivation by quite an amount, it can’t be overdosed in a short amount of time, or else the body will implode. The effects will also receed every time you use it.

“Let’s try one and see how it goes.” Ye Zifeng licked the pill once again.

In a split second, his heart felt like it was about to explode. Pain exploded throughout his meridians and he received a massive headache. In the span of a second, he went from standing perfectly still to rolling all over the floor.

He felt an enormous amount of energy was weaving around inside of his body. It had exploded from his dantian and have scattered all over his body.

Although he was in pain, he saw that the red lines on his arms began to glow.

Could it be that his Martial Spirit was able to absorb the Golden Marrow Pill’s power?

Martial Spirits usually have a fixed power. For example, when someone reaches the Martial Disciple realm, their five elements of yin yang would awake. Some would feel that their strength increase by several folds, others might suddenly have the ability to control animals. Everyone’s abilities depends on their martial spirits. However, no matter what type of ability someone has, if the martial spirit is dead, it would never grow and change, much less absorb energy from a pill.

“Fine. If you want to absorb the energy from this Golden Marrow Pill then I’ll feed it to you!” The golden light around Ye Zifeng’s dantian slowly moved towards his arms.

When it reached his arms, Ye Zifeng couldn’t help but scream in pain. The red lines on his arms started glowing very brightly.

The essence from the pill divided itself into strands and entered the red lines. His entire arm became bright and translucent to the point where his bones and veins could be seen. The light then started flickering as the lines started to expand.

Ye Zifeng felt a surge of energy. The essence energy from the pill gathered at the center of his palm. After a few seconds, it transformed into the shape of his hand, floating above his palm.

“Boom.” Unable to control himself, the essence energy flew out like an arrow into a metal plate. After releasing the essence, Ye Zifeng felt the energy slowly dissipating from his body

The hard and sturdy metal plate bursted into pieces, in the matter of seconds. Seeing how destructive the attack was, even Ye Zifeng was dumbfounded.

If this attack could do such damage on a metal plate, then what would happen if it struck a person?

This level of power is comparable to the power of a Ninth Qi Refining Stage expert. However, Ye Zifeng was able to use an attack like this.

After firing this one attack, no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t release another one. He couldn’t help but stare at his arms.

“Could it be? Is this the power that the mysterious spirit said that he would lend me?”

Ye Zifeng still had some doubts. How did he release such an incredible attack?

At this time, he realized what he had done and hit his head.

“Wait……My martial spirit absorbed all the energy from the Golden Marrow Pill but my I, myself didn’t receive anything…..”

He took out the last Golden Marrow Pill and used it. If it was before, he would never try to use two pills in such a short amount of time. It was too risky. But now, since the martial spirit absorbed everything from the last pill, it was as if he never used it.

The essence energy once again appeared and condensed in his dantain.

This time, instead of gathering all the energy in his arms, he spread it throughout his entire body to refine himself. He was completely confident that after absorbing all the energy, he would definitely breakthrough to the fourth stage of qi refining.

But then, right when Ye Zifeng was absorbing the energy from the pill, all the energy started to flow towards his arms. He was unable to control this.

Ye Zifeng’s arms became translucent once again. However it was different from before. Only his veins were clearly seen this time.

With strange movements, the essence energy began to twist and mix itself with his veins and meridians.

Just before, no matter how hard Ye Zifeng tried, he couldn’t make the palm shaped energy appear. And now it’s appearing again. However, this time, the energy was black and was filled with death qi. Just looking at it would make people shiver.

This time around, Ye Zifeng was very cautious after seeing this death qi. If this thing struck out by itself again, the entire cellar might blow up.

He resisted the pain and slowly walked towards the windows. When he confirmed that there was no one around, he released the energy into the open.

Ye Zifeng watched carefully as the attack traveled across the openness and hit a very thick and tall pine tree. In just a second, the entire green tree was enveloped by a dark energy. The tree began to wither and the leaves started to fall. It looked as if the entire tree had been burnt, twisted and curled up. In the end, it finally became a dead tree and collapsed.

Ye Zifeng was shocked. This power was too strong. That’s why that trash couldn’t train at all. Let’s not talk about his weak body, but not even a normal person would be able to train with such a spirit inside of him. If he actually trained to the martial disciple realm, then who knows how strong he’ll become.

Wait……something was not right. He suddenly remembered something. He just used his second Golden Marrow Pill but half the energy was absorbed by the spirit…… Wouldn’t that mean that he was stuck and was unable to breakthrough?

He concentrated and checked his own cultivation. After a while, he let out a long sigh. It seems like this martial spirit was full and had left some energy for his body.

He had only reached the peak of the third stage of qi refining.