The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 589

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Chapter 589

Lights flickered on and off.The deeper they went, the more terrifying the atmosphere became.

‘Bang! ‘a loud sound was heard.

Under the dim light, Ye Wanyue’s foot seemed to have kicked something.

A spherical object was kicked directly towards the back of Hong Sheng’s calf.


“No …” “Sorry.”

Ye Wanyue was very apologetic and quickly apologized to Hong Sheng.

“Ah, Lady Wanyue, please be careful. In such a dark place, you’ve been touched by something. It’s quite scary.”While speaking, Hong Sheng lowered his head.

He bent down and touched his lower leg. He gasped, “Lady Wanyue, please use your mystical fire to shine on my lower leg and check if there are any wounds.”


Ye Wanyue nodded and the flame in her hand was sent to Hong Sheng.Hong Sheng endured the pain in his foot and nodded his head.

However, what entered his eyes was …

A shattered skull laid beside his feet!

“What the hell is this?!”

Hong Sheng’s expression changed drastically. With a loud shout, he retreated a few steps in fright, pressing himself against the rock wall, not even daring to breathe loudly.

“This …”

Looking at the scene, Ye Wanyue’s face turned pale. She covered her mouth and didn’t scream out loud.

After a while, she came back to her senses and calmed down a little as she looked at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng was focused on the stone door, as if calculating something, his expression was very meticulous.

Ye Wanyue tried her best to resist the fear in her heart. After hesitating for a while, she remained silent.

She was afraid that if she asked for Ye Feng’s help, it would affect his deduction, so she held it in and did not say a single word.

“Wan Yue… “Don’t be afraid to disturb me.”Ye Feng seemed to be able to read her mind, he stopped and turned his head back with a smile.

“Also, don’t be too scared. Skulls and such may not be human.”

Ye Wanyue was shocked and raised her head.

Ye Feng did not expect Ye Zichen to know everything that had happened to him.

“… What nonsense are you talking about? Which one of your eyes saw me scared? “

Ye Wanyue pulled herself together, lifted up her proud chest, and brushed her long black hair. She then turned around and glared at Hong Sheng.

“Hong Sheng, did you hear that? The parietal bones might not be human, what’s there to be surprised about? Just what happened afterwards? How could such a coward survive in this Asura Purgatory?”

“I …” Hong Sheng pointed at himself, then at Ye Wanyue with a helpless look on his face.

Other people had the right to say that they were rich, but Ye Wanyue had no right.

At the end of the day, even she was deeply frightened. She and Hong Sheng were only existences on par with each other.

At this moment.

Ye Feng’s low voice entered their ears.“Alright, I already know how to open the underground door to the Archaic Ruins. All of you, come here.”


When they heard this, everyone was overjoyed and quickly ran up. They surrounded Ye Feng and raised their heads.In front of them was a black and gold iron gate. In the middle was the word “seal”, and from time to time, strands of black spiritual energy would emit from it.


As Feng Ling pondered, she paced around the door for a long time.

“I can feel that this door has been sealed. Ye Feng, are you really sure you can break through this door without suffering any backlash?”

As a teacher at the Wind Rebel Academy, she naturally had a lot of experience. She was able to tell the details of the door with a single glance.

“Yeah, if it’s just opening the door, I, Hong Sheng, can open it with brute force as well. Do you, Ye Feng, have any ingenious methods?”

Ye Feng smiled for a moment, then raised his face.

“I’ve already said this before. This isn’t the first time I’ve come to the Archaic Ruins.”

… ….

“Where are we?”

Shi Sea Breeze bent down and picked up the sand from the ground, feeling it carefully.

Then, with a flip of his wrist, countless dust flew gently in the wind.

He was sure, Ye Feng was here!

“Speaking of which, his courage is quite great. Since he already knows that I’m going to harm him, he actually still dares to escape into such a sealed space. He clearly wants people to catch him. What is he thinking?”The corners of his mouth curled up into a slight smile as he continued.

“Forget about it. Forget about it. This is a place like a ruin. I’m afraid that even a novice like him from the Heavenly Law City stumbled into this place by chance. How could he possibly think too much about it?”

When a person was being hunted, a moment of nervousness might cause them to lose their rationality.

Currently, in Shi Shao’s eyes, Ye Feng’s actions were just like this.

As he smiled, he slowly walked toward the ground.

Suddenly, a stream of cold wind came from behind him.“Could it be… Ye Feng! ”

His spiritual qi was abnormally sensitive. Almost at the first moment, he smelled the spiritual qi coming from the tip of the leaf. He turned around and looked around.

“Come out! I told you to come out, Ye Feng! “However, there was no one around!

Just as he was feeling curious, there was a loud rumbling sound.

Ye Feng did not show any signs of leaving. Instead, the gate of the entrance fell down from the sky and hit the ground hard. It went deep into the ground and kicked up a lot of dust.At the same time, the seven feet radius around Shi Yan became dark due to the stone slabs blocking the light.

“This… Who did it? Do you want to trap me? “

He was unable to believe that this was what Ye Feng was doing. How could a newbie from the Heavenly Law City be able to control the formation of the remains?However, aside from Ye Feng, he couldn’t find a second reason.

Immediately, he froze for a moment. He hurriedly took out a fire spirit stone from his bosom and quickly circulated his spirit energy into the stone. Immediately, a ball of blue fire was ignited.

Due to the special characteristics of the Spirit Stones, even if they were burned in one’s hands, no one would be able to feel their temperature.

He suddenly realized that there was a line of words written on the wall before him.He was stunned for a moment before hurriedly walking forward. When he focused his eyes, his expression immediately changed greatly.

“Within three days, you will die ….”

“This …”

After reading the book, Shi Sea Breeze’s expression became serious. He squinted his eyes and looked into the depths of the underground world.

“So that’s how it is. Ye Feng, it is true that I have my eyes on your life, but have you also targeted mine?” Interesting, interesting. It’s really been a long time since I’ve met someone as interesting as you, Ye Feng. “Looks like the lamb hunt this time around won’t bore me too much …”

Thus, he ran all the way down, as if he was crazy and did not stop for even a moment.… ….

“Ye Feng, how is it? Where are the people that followed us?”

Feng Ling closely followed Ye Feng’s footsteps, and asked softly.

“I just said, don’t mind it too much. With this space, it’s better to observe the surroundings.”

As Ye Feng said that, he raised his hand and pointed at the strange patterns not far away.

“For example, if you copy all of these down for me, I will be able to use them.”

“You …”

Feng Ling heard this and froze. She somewhat angrily raised her head and spoke in a low voice.

“Ye Feng, don’t overestimate your ability and underestimate the other person’s ability, alright? If we were to break through, we would be able to break through a bit slower. However, if someone else were to chase us down and kill us, we would be even more carefree. This would give them an opportunity to take advantage of us. “

“Then Fengling, before that, let me ask you another question: if the three children work together, how should they deal with an adult? If I can win, how can I increase my chances of winning? “Ye Feng smiled and said.

“This …”

All of a sudden, Feng Ling was confused by Ye Feng’s question.

“You’re asking me this, I’m not too sure either…”Ye Feng stared at Feng Ling and said word by word.

“The answer is to take advantage of the situation.”

“Borrowing momentum?”

Feng Ling couldn’t react for a moment, and she asked subconsciously.

“That’s right, the array formation of the ancient ruins is the one we can borrow. However, if we want to deal with a master, that alone isn’t enough. So, while we’re borrowing the momentum, if we want to increase the chances of winning, then we still need to build up our momentum!”

“This …”

Ye Feng’s words were very straight and clear, as if it was the same thing.

With this, the anxiety in Feng Ling’s heart could be considered to have slowly subsided.“I finally understand the situation, but what exactly is going on?”

Ye Feng laughed softly, “That’s why I told you to remember all the patterns.”

When Feng Ling heard this, she was shocked and gradually calmed down.

After which, she earnestly scanned her surroundings. After the door opened, there were countless small doors behind her, and after each small door entered, there was another small door. The existence of countless small doors made her feel dazzled, as if she was in a maze.

The so-called ancient ruins were originally the inheritance of the early life forms. They were located in a space gap, and the complexity of space far exceeded other people’s imaginations.

If she hadn’t been so focused on following Ye Feng, she probably would’ve gotten lost by now.

Seeing the puzzled look on Feng Ling’s face, Ye Feng said with a smile, but his expression gradually turned cold.

“Also, I have to answer your question. The person chasing after us has almost arrived. The gate with the word ‘seal’ on it …”