The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 584

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Chapter 584

Ye Wanyue was shocked as she looked at Ye Feng and said.”What?” Big Sister Fengling, you want to join our team? Is that true? ”

It had to be known that Ye Wanyue had never had many friends who were intoxicated by the art of alchemy.

It was rare to see Feng Ling and himself as the same kind of people, after a thorough understanding, met late.

If she could join the team and help him, that would be for the best.

“Ye Feng, what nonsense are you talking about …”

Feng Ling glared at Ye Feng Feng in annoyance, and the corner of her mouth twitched.

However, when she looked back at Ye Wanyue, she was a bit hesitant.

“No… I mean… ”

She was in a hurry to explain, but when she looked into Ye Wanyue’s hopeful eyes, she couldn’t bear to say anything.

At this moment, she wasn’t paying attention.

Suddenly, she felt her palm turn cold. When she raised her head again …

He found that the dan bead had fallen into Ye Feng’s hands!

“This …”

She only stayed for a short period of time, but in that short amount of time, Ye Feng managed to get his hands on her.

“Give me back the Second Cycle of the Reincarnation Pill!”

Ye Feng’s expression was calm as he said calmly, “Then according to what we said just now, do you still want to join our team?”

“Ye Feng, you want to force me?!”

Hearing this, Feng Ling’s expression became serious. Her face was filled with anger and she was about to vent her anger on Ye Wen.

“Can’t I?”

Ye Feng smiled, and directly threw the second cycle pill into Ye Wanyue’s hands.

“Calm down first. It’s no use telling me this. I want you to tell Wan Yue yourself!” Do you want to join her team or not? Do you want to help her? ”


Actually, even if it was Ye Zichen himself.

He wasn’t sure what he would encounter in the Asura Purgatory, so to be able to trick a good teammate, he had to think about it first.

As for the method, the most important thing was the result. Why would he care about the form?

“Wan Yue… “I …”

Feng Ling gazed into Ye Wanyue’s eyes and saw her looking at her with hope.

For a moment, she couldn’t bear to do anything.

She finally understood that Ye Feng had already seen through her weakness.

Knife mouth, bean curd heart.

“Sigh …”

Ye Wanyue sighed, “It’s okay, I understand. Those who are as weak as our team won’t be able to find anyone with a palm in their hands. It’s only right that Sister Fengling did that.”

Feng Ling paused for a moment. She looked at Ye Zifeng and then at Ye Wanyue, as if she was making an important decision.

“Grow …” Feng Ling lowered her head.

“What did you say?”

Ye Feng’s eyes lit up and he quickly asked, “Say it louder, I can’t hear it.”

“Join… “I said, did you hear me joining Wan Yue’s team?”

A surge of blood energy rose up and floated in his mind.

Feng Ling couldn’t control herself and actually said all the angry words she said.

As soon as the words left his mouth.

Even she was stunned on the spot, unable to understand what she was saying.


Ye Feng smiled. A ray of light flashed across his bright eyes.

“Miss Feng Ling, are you sure that what you said is true and reliable and not a lie to Wan Yue’s feelings?”

“Ye Feng, you …”

At this moment, Ye Feng had not completely let go of Feng Ling.

As Feng Ling listened to Ye Feng’s words, which seemed to lead her in the right direction, her heart was full of anger.

However, she couldn’t show any dissatisfaction. After all, Wan Yue was still watching from the side.

“That’s right, I, Feng Ling, want to join Ye Wanyue’s team and go to the Shura Purgatory together, okay?”

“This …”

When Ye Wanyue heard this, she was surprised. Apparently, she hadn’t expected that someone would actually join her side. “Sister Fengling, is that true? Can I take it seriously? ”

“Of course… “Sure.” Feng Ling nodded with great difficulty.

On the other side.

“Thank you Miss Fengling, but please rest assured.”

Ye Wen looked into the distance with his sharp eyes.

“In time, I, Ye Feng, will prove to you just how helpful it will be for your future cultivation by standing by our side!”

… ….

Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

The aura of Ye Feng breaking through to the martial realm had finally merged into one.

At this moment, if one were to size him up again, they would be able to feel that Ye Feng’s entire demeanor had subtly changed.


A fierce light flickered in his eyes as he gathered all the strength within his body into a point on his hand.

“Boom boom boom!” Three loud bangs rang out.

A large tree in the distance was struck by a powerful force. Pieces of bark and leaves fell from the sky with a rustle…

“That’s right, a Fighter’s Golden Body is indeed extraordinary.”

Feng Ling clapped her hands as she walked out from the shadows with a smile.

“You, Ye Feng, have only just entered the martial realm, yet you can already have this kind of accomplishment. It’s really rare. I’m afraid that your future prospects are very limited.”

“If I’m only at a decent level and can’t survive the Asura Purgatory, then I’m not that naive …”

Ye Feng smiled and continued.

“So, Miss Fengling, have you bought the thing I asked you to buy?”

Feng Ling hurriedly nodded her head, “Of course, I don’t want to be unable to escape just because I joined your team. “In addition to the items that you need, I have also prepared some necessary Escape Talismans. At that time, I can give you some of them.”

… ….

Wind Reversal Academy, the front mountain.

As usual, it was the location of the Pill Competition.

If it was a person looking down from a high altitude.

One could see the students rubbing their shoulders as they formed a long, winding line.

“Next… “Bai Mu Dong, Bai Mu Dong, I’ll say it again. Where is Bai Mu Dong?”

“Elder Mo, after Mu Dong signs up … Maybe it’s because of the rumors of the Asura Purgatory, but my heart is filled with fear and I do not plan on coming here. ” A grey-clothed youth hesitated for a moment before finally revealing the truth.

“You don’t want to come, so why not?”

Elder Mo snorted coldly, “Do you even know the rules? Someone, go to Bai Mu Dong’s study room and drag her out. Even if you have to use pawns, you have to push her into the Asura Purgatory, do you hear me? ”

“… Understood, Elder Mo, we’ll do it. ”

“Alright, tell me who else is leaving for now.”

Elder Mo laughed coldly and scanned the crowd. He even looked towards Ye Feng, whether intentionally or not.

“Once you enter this Asura Purgatory, you won’t be able to come out without breaking through the third level! Therefore, those people who think that they can do nothing after entering and wait for the time to end, I advise all of you to prepare yourself for certain death right now! ”

A complete breakthrough to the third level?

“This …”

When Ye Wanyue and Feng Ling saw this scene, they couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

At this moment, the last hope in their hearts was shattered.

Feng Ling could not hold it in any longer, and her heart was filled with despair, “I didn’t expect that I would have to break through to the third stage now. I remember that I only needed to break through to the second stage in the past, but the difficulty is so great now …” “It’s even more difficult.”

One had to know that the higher one’s base level was, the more difficult it was to break through.

For example, her current cultivation level was Fighter 3-dan. If she wanted to go out, she would need to reach at least Fighter 6-dan! That’s not an easy thing to do.

At the same time, Hong Sheng looked around and patted Ye Feng’s shoulder.

“I say, Brother Ye, you really aren’t joking, right? You called Fengling into the team. What are you thinking?”

However, when Ye Feng heard this, he did not move at all. It was as if his body had been frozen.

“Hey, Brother Ye, Ye Feng, I was asking you a question.”

Hong Sheng frowned and patted Ye Feng’s shoulder.

However, Ye Feng still maintained his previous actions and remained expressionless.

“You! What exactly are you looking at? ”

Hong Sheng was furious. He followed Ye Feng’s gaze and looked over. What entered his eyes was a man in red robes who appeared to be around forty years old.

“A middle-aged man?”

Hong Sheng was slightly surprised. He stroked his chin and chuckled.

“Brother Ye, I didn’t know that you would say this.”

“What are you thinking of? “Hong Sheng, listen carefully. I’ve already observed him, so other people don’t have to worry about him. This person’s aura is very dangerous.” Ye Feng’s gaze gradually focused as he stared at the red robed man.

“Danger?” Hong Sheng looked carefully and found that the man had a stubble on his beard. He didn’t seem to have any energy at all. Judging from his appearance, he seemed to be just a dangerous person.

“A character like an uncle, yet his realm is still only at the martial artist realm. In the Wind Rebel Academy, this is already a very embarrassing matter …”

“That might not necessarily be the case…”

Ye Feng’s gaze focused and his eyes squinted into a line.

“For example, he might have hidden his strength for some purpose …”

At this moment.

The red robed man seemed to have felt Ye Feng’s gaze and slowly turned his head in surprise.


The moment their gazes met, cold lightning shot in all directions. Each of them was suspicious.

“Ye Feng?” The red-robed man let out a cold laugh.

Hearing that, Ye Feng momentarily blanked. He obviously did not expect that not only did this dangerous person know his name, he even spoke to him.

What exactly did he want to do?

“You are Ye Feng, right? “Answer me!” The red robed man looked at Ye Feng from afar. He didn’t say anything and just mouthed.

Ye Feng frowned deeply and nodded, “Not bad, you are?”

“Hehe, I’ve finally found you.”

The red robed man let out a cold laugh, “It can be considered a bad habit of mine. I like to chat with people who are about to die. will die at my hands. ”