The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 573

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Chapter 573

Bang bang bang. Three consecutive sounds.The sounds of metal clashing resounded in the hearts of everyone, causing them to tremble.


The noisy atmosphere suddenly turned silent due to Ye Feng’s sudden hack.

They opened their eyes wide, unable to believe it in their hearts.

After all, they had lived for so long. Since when had they not watched an apothecary forge pills properly?

To an alchemist, a pill furnace was like a rice bowl.

Breaking open the pill furnace and taking the pill from it?

Ye Feng had never seen anything like this before.

Even Feng Ling was shocked, “Ye Feng…”

The anger in Elder Mo’s heart grew even more intense.

“Ye Feng, you son of a b * tch, who allowed you to split the pill furnace? This Mysterious rank pill furnace is worth at least ten thousand gold coins, do you want to compensate me in full?”

Ye Feng cupped his fist with a hint of guilt on his face.

“Sorry, 10,000 gold coins, Zi Feng will compensate you in full.”

“You …”

The corner of Elder Mo’s mouth twitched. His expression was somewhat unfriendly as he coldly glanced at him.

“Don’t be in such a hurry to compensate me. Right now, it isn’t a matter of money but …”

However, before he could finish his words.

Ye Feng interrupted him and said solemnly, “But, I have already made a perfect one for this… “Second Cycle of the Samsara pill.”

“What did you say?”

When these words were spoken, everyone was overwhelmed with shock.

“Are you saying that splitting apart the pill furnace is to make the Second Cycle of the Rebirth Pill more perfect?”

Ye Feng paused for a moment and walked to the side of the pill furnace.

“That’s right… One has to know that the second cycle pill is split into two pill furnaces. If you recklessly open the lid, it will create an asymmetrical pressure on both sides of the pill and affect its effectiveness. ”

As he spoke, he pulled out the Purple Lightning Flying Sword.

At this moment, the pieces were scorching hot.

Therefore, Ye Feng used the tip of his sword to brush away the fragments.

“There is only one way, and that is to destroy the pill furnace from the middle and cause the gas inside to come out at the first possible moment. This is the second cycle Reincarnation Pill that you are seeing right now …”

He smiled faintly, and his expression suddenly became fierce. Using his strength, he flipped his wrist and waved it.

A white light flashed past everyone’s eyes.

The next moment.

The last piece of the pill furnace was smashed away by him.

“This …” Everyone was shocked and looked over.

Beneath the fragment was a pill!

Crystal clear, red and blue.

On the left side of the pill, there were wisps of hot air, while on the right side, it was ice-cold!

The pearl was round and smooth. Looking at it, there was not a single flaw.

High-grade! This was an absolutely high-grade pill!

When everyone saw this, they all pointed their fingers.

“This… Could it be the Second Cycle of the Samsara pill? ”

“Isn’t this way too incredible? This is the first time I’ve seen a pill which can be split into red and blue…”

“That’s right. It’s hot on one side while cold on the other. The two completely different characteristics are actually concentrated on a single pill. Isn’t this too inconceivable?”

Ye Wanyue was shocked and covered her lips.

In her eyes, there was still a trace of incomprehensible doubt.

“It can’t be…”

In the past, she had successfully refined a first cycle Reincarnation Pill, so now that she had successfully refined one, she was able to immediately see the level of the pill.

“Xuan grade… It was a Mysterious Second Cycle Reincarnation Pill. Ye Feng, just now, you refined a Xuan grade Second Cycle Reincarnation Pill! It’s really hard to imagine. ”

“It’s not cultivated by me, it’s… “We …”

Ye Feng smiled and shook his head, “If it wasn’t for you, Ye Wanyue, or Qi Zimo, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.”

What he said wasn’t wrong. Even though he had theory and experience, he didn’t have any practical experience. He definitely wouldn’t be able to concoct this Second Cycle Pill.

He paused for a moment, and then revealed a smile: “Moreover, if it wasn’t for the Illusory Soul Pill that you refined before, how could I have easily hypnotized them … Qi Zimo. ”

… ….

On the other side.

“Young master, young master …”

The black clothed old servant shook Qi Zimo’s body non-stop.

“Cough cough, cough cough …” After a short fit of coughing.

Qi Zimo’s eyes had regained their normal luster and a trace of substance had appeared within them.

“Young master, you’re finally awake …”

When the old servant saw this, he was excited and overjoyed.

“Oh? Why is everyone looking at me like that? ”

Qi Zimo woke up from his dream and looked around, as if he was sleepy.

“Just now I took a nap. How’s the situation now?” “Tell me, what pill should I refine next to deal with Ye Feng and fight him to the death?”

“This …”

When the old servant heard this, he froze on the spot, not knowing what to say.

“Young master, let’s go …”

… ….

“I didn’t expect it to be… A perfect second cycle Reincarnation Pill? ”

Feng Ling’s face was ugly as she took a step back. With a bitter smile, she said, “Impossible, how is this possible? A mere newcomer from who knows where, how could he destroy my plan just like that! ”

Her disciples looked at each other with a slightly embarrassed expression.

“Master… “What should we do now?”

“Indeed. Given the current situation, should we reveal the cauldron now?”

No, at least she could save some face.

If they were to compare their strengths and weaknesses, then Feng Ling’s face would no longer be in danger.

There were too many uncertainties!

She pondered for a moment, and after pondering for a long time, she still did not come to a decision.

Just when she was about to give up.

Suddenly, an ice-cold aura came from her mind.

“This is …”

Her expression was overwhelmed with shock. She opened her eyes wide, and after looking left and right for a moment, she slowly closed them.

Spiritual will!

“Elder Mo, you’re looking for me?”


Elder Mo’s voice was incredibly gloomy, “Fengling, if I ask you a question, then answer honestly. Do you have a way to deal with Ye Feng with the pills you concoct?”

“I’m afraid not.”

Feng Ling smiled helplessly and shook her head.

“If there is a flaw in the second cycle, then perhaps my pill can restrain him. However, since Ye Feng made the perfect second cycle, then I can’t do anything about it …”

Elder Mo pondered for a while, but did not reply.

Feng Ling pursed her lips and was about to give up.

“If that’s the case … Then, if I add some man-made flaws to the Second Cycle of the Samsara pill, would you be able to make a comeback? ”


Feng Ling was startled, and she stood there absent-mindedly.

She could tell that Ye Feng and Elder Mo did not like each other.

However, she didn’t think that Elder Mo would do this for the sake of harming Ye Feng.

“Elder Mo, could it be that you plan on ….”

“What am I going to do? You don’t have to worry about that, I’m just asking you, if I help you create the flaws in the Second Cycle of the Samsara pill, can you reverse the situation later? ” Elder Mo’s voice was low, obviously showing a trace of impatience.

“… Yes, no problem. As long as there are flaws, there definitely will be. ”

Feng Ling clenched her teeth and replied seriously.

“Good!” Remember what you said. I will create an opportunity for you! ”

… ….

“Ye Feng, Ye Feng!”

An urgent voice suddenly sounded out in Ye Feng’s mind.

“What’s wrong, Spiritshadow? I was adjusting my breathing. Did something happen?” Ye Feng replied plainly.

Gui Ying was slightly anxious: “You still have the mind to adjust your breathing? Have you noticed that you’ve gotten into big trouble? There’s a spiritual will coming towards us, I’m afraid it’s trying to do something bad! ”

“Yeah, I can already feel it.”

Ye Zong smiled and opened his eyes. He did not express any attitude. His soul talent was like a spider web as it was slowly retracted.

“Moreover, just now, I had already marked this soul consciousness. If my guess is correct, this should be… Elder Mo’s spiritual will. ”

“Elder Mo?”

Gui Ying was slightly stunned: “It’s not a matter of who it is. What are you marking him for? The most important thing right now is the pill! The Second Cycle of the Samsara pill is in danger! ”

“So what?”

Ye Feng smiled helplessly and shook his head, “I do not have a Spirit Binding Pill with me. Furthermore, I am currently in the Star Meteor Shower City and the spiritual will of the Ancient Master, Elder Zhao and Elder Song are not available to me. Even if I know that my spiritual will is not working against me, and my Second Cycle of Samsara pill is not working against me, I can do nothing to stop it. ”

“Then you can attract other people’s attention. At least let them know that something is different.” Spiritshadow did not seem to give up as he continued to speak.


Ye Fang smiled and nodded, “That’s not a bad idea, but …” “The other party clearly thought of this. Just a moment ago, he pierced one of these Rank two Rebirth Pills, making it difficult to recognize it with his naked eyes.”

“It can’t be. It just pierced through a small hole that is difficult to see with the naked eye?”

Spiritshadow froze in place, completely dumbfounded.

“That’s right, that’s it…”

Ye Feng’s expression turned serious. He held the second cycle of the Samsara pill in his hand and started scrutinizing it.

“Look, this is the place.”

“Ye …” Ye Feng, you’re too calm, aren’t you? If you knew earlier, wouldn’t you have done nothing and allowed him to do as he pleases? ”

“Ye …” Ye Feng, you’re too calm, aren’t you? If you knew earlier, wouldn’t you have done nothing and allowed him to do as he pleases? ”

“Ye …” Ye Feng, you’re too calm, aren’t you? If you knew earlier, wouldn’t you have done nothing and allowed him to do as he pleases? ”