The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 571

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Chapter 571

“What key point?”Ye Wanyue was stunned, and blurted out, “I remember when I was refining the Reincarnation Pill, there didn’t seem to be anything special about it. “Wait, could it be…”

She suddenly thought of something and stared at Ye Feng in disbelief.

Ye Feng’s face was solemn, and he slightly nodded.

“Not bad, it’s exactly as you think … It was the splitting of the furnace! “One Mysterious rank pill furnace is split into two.”

The biggest difference between the second cycle of the Rebirth Pill and the first cycle of the Rebirth Pill was this!

“Divide the furnace… “This…” Although Ye Wanyue was mentally prepared, she was still a bit disappointed when she heard these two words.

One pill furnace was responsible for the path of life and one pill furnace was responsible for the path of death. Only by combining two life and death could one form the second cycle of the Samsara pill.

But even so, this was only the most basic theory.

There were many people who knew that they needed to split the furnace.

However, those who knew exactly how to refine them and how to split them were definitely extremely rare in the academy!

If Ye Feng were to succeed, he would become famous in the academy for his skill in the dao of pills in a short period of time.

“Wan Yue, what are you staring at? Just like before, I said, just do it …” However, the difference between the two is that you are in charge of one pill furnace and the other one … ”

Ye Feng smiled and turned his head to look at Qi Zimo, who was stunned, “Leave it to him.”

… ….

“Ke ke, you are overly chasing after the final result. Do you intend to separate the Second Cycle of the Samsara pill into different parts?”

As Feng Ling listened, she revealed a knowing smile.

“Lord Fengling, that Ye Feng has taken the risk. Our chance has come.”

“Yes, as long as there is the slightest flaw in their pill refining process, then it will undoubtedly be our victory.”

“That’s right, if we were to split it into two pill furnaces …” The most important question is, if two people of a similar level were to refine pills, what sort of good pills would he be able to concoct if he didn’t even know this? ”

The disciples of the Wind Bell Sect, in order to curry favor with their Master, did not spare any effort in speaking kindly.

Only Hong Sheng snorted coldly.

This cold snort was especially striking amidst the silence.

Fengling also frowned. “Oh?”

“Oi, Hong, you newcomer, don’t you understand the rules? Are you taking you in as Master Feng’s disciple for you to display this kind of attitude?”

“Oh right, I heard that that Hong Sheng seemed to have teamed up with Ye Feng at the admission ceremony. The two of them have a close relationship, no wonder he would help Ye Feng now and be so rude to his master.”

A wave of ridiculing words that came one after another, as well as words that had a negative impact on one’s character, caused Hong Sheng to be unable to bear it any longer.

Ye Feng stood quietly and watched everything with a faint smile. At one point, he turned his head and whispered with Ye Wanyue and Qi Zimo, telling them the main points of the pill refining process.

“You guys are acting like lackeys, hugging each other’s thighs. Could it be that others will reward you with a piece of bone each?”

“Hong Sheng, what did you say!” When the group of students heard Hong Sheng’s fierce words, their eyes couldn’t help but show a hint of fierceness.

“What did I say?” After a long period of depression, Hong Sheng was still somewhat unhappy.

After all, he had always been a straightforward person and wasn’t used to holding back his words.

These two words were painful!

“I bet that Ye Feng will definitely win against you guys in a while. Do you believe me or not? With your little pill refining strength, you still have the nerve to mock me? “Why don’t you think about it? If you were in his place, could you take his name, Qi Zimo, for your own use …?”

“We …”

The students all looked at each other when they heard this.

Obviously, they couldn’t do it themselves!

In terms of hypnosis, this was the first time some of them had witnessed it.

“Even if I can’t use it for myself, so what? These unorthodox things, it’s fine if I don’t want to learn them!” It was you, Hong Sheng, who turned your elbow outwards, wanting Master to punish you for what! ”

There was an indescribable viciousness in their eyes.

A short while later.

“Brothers, stop talking to him. I think he’s just asking for a beating!” Some people couldn’t help but rush forward. They even wanted to fight with Hong Sheng.

“That’s enough, if you have something to say, then say it. Everyone stop.”

Feng Ling glanced around, indicating for everyone to quickly calm down.

“This… “Fine.”

“For Master’s sake, count yourself lucky.”

Feng Ling smiled slightly for a moment. She turned her head around and glanced at Hong Sheng.

“Oh right, Hong Sheng, didn’t you want to make a bet?” Alright, I was just worrying about how to accept this big and tall brute. If you want to bet now, I’ll give you a chance. They were betting on whether I could win against Ye Feng … If I win, get out of the academy and don’t come back! ”

When these words were spoken, everyone was overwhelmed with shock.

“Elder Mo …” “Look at this.”

Some people looked towards Elder Mo with an inquiring look. After all, this was still a competition.

However, Elder Mo only frowned and did not relax.

“Forget it. These are personal actions. Whatever, just let them be.”

Hong Sheng was slightly taken aback. His heart sank as he felt that he had played a big game this time.

If he was kicked out of the academy with his newbie identity, who knew how he would end up being ridiculed by his old friends and family.

“What are you afraid of? “Hong Sheng.”

“Nonsense, why am I not afraid? It’s not like the person being chased out of the academy is you …”

Hong Sheng was halfway through his sentence when he suddenly felt that the voice just now was somewhat familiar, and did not sound like it came from a bystander.

Thus, he suddenly raised his head and saw the person who had just spoken.

It was Ye Feng!

“Ye Feng, so it’s you. But, aren’t you refining the pill properly …”

Distracted, multipurpose!

Ye Feng answered Hong Sheng with a smile, while he turned his head back to instruct the branch.

“What, can’t it be me?”

Ye Feng let out a faint smile, “If she wants to bet, then bet with her. Since you trust me, then you should make the request after your victory right now.”

Immediately after, he would turn his head back from time to time and incessantly explain the matter of concocting pills.

Starting from the center, a Mysterious rank pill furnace was separated by artificial spirit energy. It was divided into two parts and had its initial shape.

The scene before him caused Hong Sheng’s eyes to flash with light as he gained more confidence in Ye Feng.

“But what request should I make? “You mean …” There was some uncertainty in Hong Sheng’s voice.

Ye Feng smiled and said, “I’m just giving a suggestion …. “If you win, then ask for the cultivation resources that Feng Ling gave you to be invested in us, which is also Ye Wanyue’s sect!”

After a moment of silence, there was a pin drop sound.

“Ye Feng!” No matter how well-bred Feng Ling’er was, she couldn’t help but shout out at this moment.

This roar caused her already pale face to turn even paler.

One must know, Ye Feng’s current actions, not only did he steal his cultivation resources from the other side, he even made the other side pay the price.

Thus, his words greatly stimulated Fengling’s nerves.

“What, we are only allowed to peek at Ye Wanyue’s cultivation resources, are we not allowed to look up to you?” What kind of logic is that? ”

Leaves laughed as she looked at Feng Ling.

While he was talking, he was observing the situation of the pill making behind him from the corner of his eyes. When he had time, he would turn around and instruct them from the side.

“You …”

Feng Ling’s gaze gradually turned ice-cold and her expression gradually became serious.

“Good kid, Ye Feng!” Young and arrogant, indeed, but I promise you! “If you really win against me, then what’s the harm in giving you guys this cultivation resource of Hong Sheng’s?”

“Thank you!” Ye Feng smiled and cupped his hands.

He looked as if he had already won his opponent and was asking for his reward.

“Hmph …”

Feng Ling was infuriated, her face full of rage.

“Um …” “Wait a minute, just you two mentioned the rules of the bet. Then, what about my own opinion?” Hong Sheng’s mouth twitched as he blurted out.

“Your own opinion?”

Ye Feng Feng Feng and Feng Ling coldly looked at each other. After a long while, they both turned their gazes towards Hong Sheng. Soon after, they returned to their original state and no longer looked at him.

Hong Sheng: “…”

… ….

“Two parts of Tai Yi. Breath clearing. “When splitting the pill furnace, remember not to be impatient. Wanyue, you must control the mystical fire. Do your best to match Qi Zimo’s spiritual fire, do you understand?”

As matters stood, Ye Feng’s words were very convincing to Ye Wanyue.

Even if she didn’t do as he said, at least she had quite a bit of trust in Ye Feng.

“Oh, oh, oh… “Alright, I’ll do it.”

Ye Wanyue deeply nodded and took in a breath of cold air. The light in her eyes suddenly brightened up, and she instantly controlled the mystical fire to almost the same level as the spiritual fire.

“Alright, I’ve succeeded…” Ye Wanyue’s face lit up and she smiled.

Once the fire was controlled to its left and right sides, the two transparent pill furnaces that appeared were especially obvious.

Wisps of spirit energy, one red and one blue, wrapped around the pill furnace from left to right, forming two completely different streams of air.

“Very good! “Two out of the ten pill furnaces.”

A light flashed across Ye Feng’s eyes as he laughed in a carefree manner.

“Qi Zimo, come closer to the pill furnace. Later, I’ll let you be responsible for the baking of the basic ingredients. You’re in charge of the way of the living …” “As for Ye Wanyue, you will be responsible for catalyzing the roasting of the herbs, and will be in charge of the death of everyone here …”

He paused for a moment before continuing.

“When the two of them combine, it will be the time for the second cycle of the Reincarnation Pill to complete!”