The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 569

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Chapter 569

“Going all out?”There was a moment of silence.

“Oi, Ye Feng, what are you pretending for? Do you really think you’re someone special?”

“That’s right, your partner, Ye Wanyue, has no right to talk to you!”

The group of students looked at each other. They were obviously not used to Ye Feng’s tone and could not help but speak up.

This place, after all, was the Wind Rebel Academy.

If Ye Feng was standing here with the world’s most powerful alchemist, they would naturally not talk much. They would even kneel down and beg for a celestial pill.

However, the current Ye Feng had nothing!

Thus, his own words were not very convincing.

If his tone were arrogant, it would only arouse the disdain of others.

Even Ye Wanyue couldn’t help but frown.

“Ye Feng, you should be modest. After all, you’re still a newcomer. Otherwise, it’ll be hard for you to get a foothold in the future.” Furthermore, even if I really lost … “It’s not that important…”

“I understand.”

Ye Feng lowered his head, and continued to speak in a low voice with a profound look in his eyes.

“However, this has nothing to do with winning or losing. If you were to back off now, they would bully you in the academy in the future. It would be better to end the matter by letting them turn their displeasure towards you into … Anger at me. ”

“What nonsense are you spouting …” If that happens, you’ll be in danger. ” A look of surprise appeared on Ye Wanyue’s charming face. Her calm heart trembled slightly.

“If it’s dangerous then so be it. Since you’re living with me, I have been bothering you for a long time. No matter what, I can’t just eat for free and not do anything, right? ”

Ye Feng paused for a moment and smiled.

“And most importantly… I believe what you said last time. You said that you were cultivating in the Way of Pills to become an Earth rank pill refiner because you wanted to help me improve my constitution. Since you’ve always been worried about me, it’s now my turn to help you. ”

“You …”

Ye Wanyue’s eyes were wide open as she looked at Ye Feng in shock, “You really believe what I just said?”

Ye-zi laughed, “It’s not good for you to lie to someone like me, who has nothing at all.”

When he turned around, he had a cold expression on his face.

“Okay, Feng Ling, your YinYang Universe Pill has been destroyed. For the last hour, let’s decide the victor.”

“Ye Feng …”

A fierce expression emerged on Feng Ling’s charming face.

“Alright, alright, alright. I really didn’t think that after I, Feng Ling, had kept my eyes shut for so long, I thought that I would be able to become famous overnight. Very good! Then today, I will broaden your horizons! If I were to let you know, in terms of a direct battle, you are not my match either! ”

As the sound of his voice faded …

“Bring me the pill furnace. I, Feng Ling, will concoct the pill in front of Ye Feng and humiliate him!”

In her extreme fury, a glimmer appeared before her eyes. She waved her hand and extended her hand to a high place. Although she still appeared to be weak like a willow tree, her current appearance was like a noble queen.

The students behind her had already understood after seeing this.

“Quick, quickly do as Master has instructed.”

“Hey, you must be Hong Sheng right? You newcomer, what are you doing? Stand at the front and move the pill furnace. We’ll be supporting you from behind. Do you hear me?”

“I …”

Hong Sheng froze for a moment. He looked at Ye Feng, then looked at the student who commanded him to do things. He felt a bit unbalanced in his heart.

“Alright, I’ll be there right away.”

From his point of view, he and Ye Feng were both new people. Why was there such a huge difference?

Ye Feng dared to challenge his master. No matter what the final outcome was, he at least had the momentum to do so.

As for him, he was the assistant of Master’s disciple.

“Next time, I wish we were competing purely in martial arts.”

He sighed and stopped thinking about it.

After that, he took a deep breath and used all his strength to lift the pill furnace, finally moving it to the front of Feng Ling.

“Master Feng, the pill furnace is here…”

Feng Ling casted a sidelong glance at him and gently lowered her head. From start to finish, she had never seriously spoken to Hong Sheng.

When Hong Sheng saw how she ignored him, he could not help but feel a little unhappy in his heart. The corner of his mouth slightly twitched.

Ye Feng smiled as he looked at Hong Sheng. The light in his eyes slowly condensed. It was unknown what he was thinking about.

At this moment.

“Bang bang!”

Two deep blue flames instantly blazed beneath the pill furnace on the side of the bellowing wind.

The moment the flames appeared, even the expressions of 6 An Kang and Xu Datong, who had been eliminated, changed.

“So it’s a flame at the peak of the spirit rank …” “Normally, I wouldn’t be able to tell, but I’ve heard that he’s painstakingly training in the Way of Pills. Who would’ve thought that Lord Feng Ling would be so powerful after all.”

“Yeah, did you notice that just now? As for Ye Feng, he was still using ordinary fire to concoct pills, so it’s not that embarrassing.”

Ye Wanyue couldn’t stand looking at him any longer and couldn’t help but say, “Even if it was just ordinary fire, it would still have some miraculous effects. The key to refining pills still lies with people.”

“Forget it ….”

When Ye Wanyue’s low shout and Ye Feng’s gaze swept over the people who were discussing, they finally gave up. After a long while, they asked for a loss of interest and naturally closed their mouths.

A short moment passed in an instant.

“Oh? “Fengling, you’re only on fire, and you’re still not concocting pills?”

Ye Feng looked at Feng Ling and smiled.

“You …” When Feng Ling heard this, she slightly frowned.

She was cautious by nature, even if she had to brag, she still wanted to make sure that there were no mishaps. After seeing the direction in which Ye Wen had refined the pill, she would concoct pills herself.

However, Ye Feng was able to hold his calm.

“So that’s how it is. You said earlier that you would humiliate me face to face and refine pills face to face with me. That is to say, if I were to try to scheme something, it would fall into your eyes, no?”

Ye Feng seemed to understand something, he nodded his head, smiled towards Feng Ling’s direction, and said in a voice that only two people could hear.

“Hehe, you understood it pretty quickly, Ye Feng.”

Feng Ling froze for a moment, then smiled: “Not bad, so what? I’m happy, I’m happy.” In any case, the time limit is there and there is less than an hour left. I can afford to wait.

Her pill refining speed had always been very fast, and now there were so many people by her side helping her and helping her.

In her opinion, she might not be any weaker than Ye Feng if she wanted to concoct pills faster than she would in the near future.

She paused for a moment, then continued.

“Besides, after all, just you and Ye Wanyue alone, in terms of numbers, can’t even compare with the eleven disciples that I have carefully nurtured here. You will lose without a doubt …”

When Feng Ling swept her gaze over Hong Lang, her gaze paused for a moment before she frowned: “Oh, you’re wrong. Perhaps you should say, it’s ten disciples that were meticulously trained.”

When he heard this, Hong Lang didn’t say anything, but his heart felt like it had been knocked over. It wasn’t a good feeling at all.

“Do you think that just because we have less people, we can’t compare to you? But as for the quality of the pill refiners, why don’t you take that into account?”

Ye Feng had a smile in his eyes. As he spoke, he sent a ball of crimson flame from his fingertip into the bottom of the pill furnace.


The eyes of others looked at the blood-red flames of the Common Grade.

Other than disdain, there was also disdain.

Feng Ling froze for a moment, and the expression on her face gradually became interesting.

“Quality of personnel? You have the face to say that it’s just the two of you … If it really comes down to it, your strength can be discounted. “The truth is, there’s only Ye Wanyue, fighting eleven of us alone.”

Ye Wanyue pursed her lips, thought for a while and couldn’t help but speak up.

“Enough, I’m not speaking. You think I’m quiet?”

She laughed coldly, “Who fought with you alone. I didn’t believe you just now, but now I believe you. Ye Feng’s strength is perhaps beyond our imagination. He can definitely fight with you!”

She had thought about Ye Feng’s words for a long time. Only now did she wake up and decide to trust Ye Feng.

“Yeah, who said I would duel you?”

Ye Feng repeated, and the corner of his mouth curved into an indescribable smile.

“You should know that Qi Zimo is also on my side.”

“What?” Feng Ling seemed to have thought of something, and her eyes lit up.

That’s right, what was left in the competition was not only Feng Ling and Ye Feng, but also Qi Zimo!

Therefore, Ye Feng raised his starry eyes while smiling, and looked in the direction of Qi Zimo.

He had a dumbstruck expression, as if his entire body was locked in place by something.

The young man who even dreamed of competing against Ye Feng in a fight, now, he was standing on the same battlefield as his arch-nemesis, competing in alchemy.

However, he was completely tricked by Ye Feng. For the time being, he didn’t even notice it as he responded to Ye Feng’s voice and followed his hypnotic instructions to move step by step.

“Young master, young master!”

The black clothed old servant looked at Qi Zimo’s motionless appearance, feeling anxious, but unable to wake up his young master.

He could only look helplessly at Elder Mo. “Elder Mo, this …”

At this moment, Elder Mo’s expression was rather ugly.

What hypnosis? What the hell?

From his childhood up until now, he had experienced many things. However, he had never encountered anyone who was hypnotized by their opponent in a match.

“Just keep doing, just hypnotize. Although I sympathize with Qi Zimo, he’s the one who’s being foolish!” Elder Mo paused for a moment before sighing and giving his answer.

“Elder Mo, thank you for handling this matter impartially.”

Ye Feng smiled lightly and looked back at Ye Wanyue seriously.

“I heard that the medicinal pill you refined at the academy last time was the Rebirth Pill, right?”

“Not bad, what’s wrong?”

Ye Feng laughed, “Then …. This time, we will refine… “Second Cycle of the Samsara pill!”