The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 563

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Chapter 563

The red cloth was lifted, and golden light shot out in all directions.He saw that on the table, there was a pair of Blood Jade Lions. Their craftsmanship was incomparably exquisite. It was obvious that they were high-grade goods and were worth quite a bit.

“Mother, what is the meaning of this? Who sent it? This pair of lions are indeed unique.”

Ye Wanyue was stunned for a moment and then smiled. She held the lion in her hand and played with it.

She was still young, and in front of her family, she naturally took off her usual disguise and revealed the feelings of a young girl.

“It was sent by your baby mother, An Kang.” Madam Zhong’s voice was light as she stared at her daughter’s expression, as if she wanted to see through it.

“What? Him again?”

A trace of displeasure appeared on Ye Wanyue’s face, and she heavily knocked the Blood Jade Lion onto the table. “Mother, didn’t I tell you many times? I didn’t want anything that he sent over.”

“Little brat, such a precious thing, what do I do if it is destroyed?”

Madam Zhong glared at her unhappily and carefully put away the lion and lion using the red cloth.

“Mom, don’t keep it. I’ll return it to that Liu Ming now.”

“Wait, stop right now.”

Madam Zhong’s face was calm as she lifted the lion high up into the air, causing Ye Wanyue to catch nothing.


Madam Zhong looked solemnly at her daughter and said in a serious tone, “Wan Yue, listen carefully. This gift is different from the previous one. It has to do with tomorrow’s Dan competition as well.”

With this said, even Ye Feng slightly narrowed his eyes.

He laughed and said, “How should I put it? What does the relationship between the two have?”

Madam Zhong looked coldly at Ye Feng and did not directly answer him. Instead, she turned around and looked seriously at Ye Wanyue.

Ye Jiudao wasn’t here, she wasn’t going to give Ye Feng any face.

“6th young master said that he has already helped Wan Yue think it through. Tomorrow, you will definitely lose, you just need to concoct a little pill, and then let Ye Feng take over and lose. At that time, not only will the stone lion give it to us, but you will also receive a lot of compensation gifts …”

“So that’s how it is. Letting me take over the concocting of pills. What a good plan he has in mind.” Ye Feng lowered his head with a smile on his face.

6. Ankang’s plan was very clear. He was going to let Ye Feng take over this mess and completely lose, so that he wouldn’t have to be arrogant.

“Stop, stop, stop.”

Anger appeared on Ye Wanyue’s pretty face, “This matter cannot be discussed. Just what kind of person does he think I am? Doing this would be an insult to me.”

“Sigh… Wan Yue, don’t be so stubborn. It’s already happened, and Master is not home, tomorrow you should see if there’s anything wrong with it. If you have a judgment, then you can go ahead and decide. ”

Madam Zhong sighed and tried to persuade him.

“I …”

Noticing that Ye Wanyue didn’t say anything, she went closer and whispered into her ear.

“Wan Yue… “Listen to your mother, I’m not asking you to admit defeat. Try it first, if you can’t do it, let Ye Feng take over your position. Even if you really lose, it won’t cause you to lose face as an Earth rank alchemist.”

“But… If that’s the case, then wouldn’t it ruin Ye Feng’s reputation? ”

Ye Wanyue still shook her head, “No, if I lose, then so be it. My business is my business. I will not let this matter of losing face be transferred to someone else.”

As she spoke, she raised her head and looked deeply at Ye Feng.

After a moment of silence, Ye Zichen suddenly smiled.

He took a step forward, “I think… An Kang’s suggestion, it’s worth it. Just leave it to me to concoct pills for the rest of the journey tomorrow. ”


Ye Wanyue’s eyes flickered. She covered her mouth in shock and looked at Ye Feng in surprise.

Others couldn’t avoid it, but he actually accepted it himself.

Was there really no problem with his brain?

One had to know that according to An Kang’s suggestion, if they won the match tomorrow, they would definitely humiliate Ye Feng.

In her opinion, this was without a doubt a matter that would cause her to lose a lot of face.

She hesitated for a moment and couldn’t help but ask, “Ye Feng, do you really think that you can be of use tomorrow after buying so many medicinal ingredients?”

“Of course. Otherwise, do you think that the reason I spent these fifty thousand gold coins was to waste it?”

“You …”

Ye Feng smiled and looked at her stunned expression.

“I’m not sure, but what I can tell you is this, since I have already successfully bought the supporting medicinal ingredients I need, I will have a five percent chance of winning tomorrow’s battle, and the remaining will depend on tomorrow’s specific arrangements. If you want to win against my group, then you must first …” “Pay the price like blood.”

“Wait, what were you talking about just now? What do you mean 50,000 gold coins?”

Madam Zhong looked at Ye Feng in confusion.

The two of them looked at each other, then laughed …

… ….

The next morning.

Countless disciples had gathered at the mountain in front of the Wind Inverse Academy. It was bustling with noise and excitement.

In a spacious area, five pill furnaces were placed neatly; each one was of the Mysterious rank.

Four groups of people, about ten people in each group, had arrived.

The only thing missing was Ye Feng’s group.

“Almost there, where are Ye Wanyue and the others? Why haven’t they appeared yet?”

Xu Datong laughed loudly, “Could it be that they are afraid of this battle and feel that they will lose for sure. That’s why they decided to call themselves sick and give up immediately?”

6 Ankang frowned and did not relax.

“Ugh …” “Let’s wait a little longer.”

What he wanted was a complete victory. Such a situation where his opponent had given up and won was not what he had hoped for.

At the same time.

Qi Zimo, who was standing quietly at the side, raised his head slowly as a gleam of light flashed across his lifeless pupils.

“He’s coming.”

“What’s coming?”

Following the direction Qi Zimo raised his head, everyone looked at him.

The two people in front of him followed suit, swift and decisive.

Isn’t it just Ye Feng and Ye Wanyue?

When Elder Mo saw the two of them appear, he finally calmed down.

However, just as he let go of his worries, a look of reproach appeared on his face, and he coldly snorted.

“There are so many challengers waiting here today. Isn’t it a little too late for you?”

“Is it too late? I should say, just barely.” Ye Feng smiled and said.

As the sound of his voice faded, a huge bell rang out.

A series of three melodious ringing sounds came from the back of the mountain, and in the blink of an eye, it had spread throughout the entire Wind Rebel Academy.

Indeed, they had arrived just in time and were not late.

“You …” Elder Mo’s expression froze for a moment. His face twitched as he coldly spoke.

“If you don’t learn anything and you don’t know nothing, all you know is how to act wisely. Once the competition is over, let’s see how you all are going to step down.”

Thus, he chuckled, turned his head, and clapped his hands, producing a crisp sound.

Alright, since everyone is present, I will repeat the rules I mentioned yesterday to everyone. It is actually very simple, the result of the competition between Dou Dan Pills will be determined based on the total number and quality of the pills obtained by each group. Everyone will be given a Mysterious tier Pill Furnace.

He paused for a moment. “So far, do you have any questions?”

Noticing that no one had any reaction, Zhang Xuan asked.

Thus, he calmly smiled and continued.

“Also, there are a total of four hours. During the refining process, the different groups cannot communicate with each other, and the violators will be warned once. The second time, the competition qualification will be revoked. The rules are simple, so everyone should understand.”

“No problem. Elder Mo, quickly start. I, Xu Datong, cannot wait any longer.”

“That’s right, I dragged it out for so long. I still remember the pill refining chants that Master told me to memorize last night. I almost forgot them by now.” When he said this, the surrounding people immediately burst into laughter.

When Elder Mo saw everyone’s high spirits, he chuckled and solemnly nodded his head.

“Alright, since that’s the case, let me announce the official start of this competition. There are a total of four hours. Everyone, I hope that you can give it your all. Some people would also like to remember the original purpose of registering for the competition.”

Immediately, Elder Mo looked at An Kang meaningfully.

Obviously, he could already see that An Kang held such a sense of hostility towards Ye Feng.

“If there is no objection, then I, Elder Mo, will officially begin this Pill Competition.”

As the sound of his voice faded …

“Go, quickly go.”

With a mocking expression on their faces, the group immediately put on serious expressions and rushed to the front of the pill furnace, carefully inspecting the main ingredients laid on the ground.

Ye Feng did not fall behind at all as he quickly walked to the side of the pill furnace and carefully sized it up.

“Not bad, not bad. As expected of the Wind Inverse Academy. The medicinal herbs that they have prepared for us are indeed much better than those in the Heavenly Law City.” Ye Feng leaned his body over and stared at the high pile of herbs, while nodding his head in satisfaction.

He turned around, and a faint smile appeared on his face.

“Wan Yue, do you still remember what I said yesterday, as long as there are supplementary ingredients, I will have a fifty percent chance of winning? Now, I’m afraid I can add another ten percent to the odds.”

“This… Sixty percent chance of winning. ”

He dared to say that he had a sixty percent chance of winning without concocting a single pill.

Ye Wanyue didn’t dare to say such words herself.

Ye Wanyue stared at Ye Feng in shock for a moment. After a while, she shook her head helplessly.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Why are you acting so serious? I almost lost my mind because of you.”

She smiled bitterly as a light flashed across her eyes. She focused and said, “Alright, Ye Feng, act as my assistant. I’m going to start picking the herbs and concocting the pills.”