The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 560

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Chapter 560

Ye Feng scanned across the crowd. His eyes were solemn and there was an indescribable coldness in them.”Who wants to continue signing up for the challenge? Who wants to withdraw from the competition? Hurry up and make the decision, we won’t wait any longer.”

His words were loud and clear like a boulder, smashing into the hearts of everyone present.

In his previous life, as a Martial Ancestor Realm expert and a Pill God of the world, if he really became angry, it would be difficult for ordinary people to endure his boundless rage.

There was a moment of silence.

The students were speechless and looked at each other in dismay.

They really couldn’t understand.

Ye Feng, such a pure rookie, how could he be so intimidating when he spoke?

Speaking of which, why was he under the protection of the Spirit Martial Sect?

What about the Wind Emperor’s Hand Token?

Fear originated from the unknown.

Everyone couldn’t help but think for a moment, afraid that they would offend someone they shouldn’t have.

“Ye Feng, you …”

Ye Wanyue’s eyes were wide open as she looked at Ye Feng in disbelief, and her body remained motionless.

“What? Do you find it hard to finish tomorrow because of what I’ve said?” Ye Feng smiled and turned his head, his eyes gleaming.

“This …”

Ye Wanyue was stunned for a moment, she did have some concerns about this.

To put it so arrogantly, what would they do if they lost?

One had to know that as an Earth rank pill refiner, she wouldn’t even be afraid if Ye Wanyue fought one on one, two on three, or even five.

However, if the opponent was also a teacher, then it would be difficult for them to match against a pair of ten. Even worse was that the opponent had even decided on the contents of the competition.

Ye Feng smiled and said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. Besides, my words are a way to increase the opponent’s mental pressure and reduce the number of enemies they have.”

Ye Wanyue’s expression froze, and she made a sound. She lowered her head, but she was not sure.

After all, all the information she’d gathered over the years had been about Ye Feng being a piece of trash.

It wasn’t good to make her completely believe in a former good-for-nothing when it came to such a big matter.

She didn’t have much time to think about it.

A green-clothed young man could not sit still anymore. He pursed his lips and said, “Um … Elder Mo, we were just thinking about it carefully, I have received Lady Wanyue’s help, I think it’s better for me to withdraw from this competition … ”

“Dong Hua, you …”

Elder Mo’s expression changed slightly. Just as he frowned, he heard someone else’s voice from behind him.

“Elder Mo, I, Chen Wentao …” “We need to think it over again. After all, we might have to trouble Lady Wan-Yue to refine pills in the future. If we were to think about it just now, we might have made the decision too quickly …”

Some people, who were already indecisive, immediately had the thought of retreating after hearing Ye Feng’s words.

Even if they could win against Ye Wanyue, so what?

According to the rules, if one wanted to obtain Ye Wanyue’s cultivation resources, they would need to win over everyone else.

If there were no losses, they would naturally participate. However, if they were to lose now, they would also have to compensate their cultivation resources and offend others.

This way, Ye Feng poured a bucket of cold water on them, calming them down and allowing them to worry about a lot of things.

“You people …”

Elder Mo’s face was calm as he shook his head.

“Forget about it. The three groups that have signed up, along with Ye Feng and the others, make up a total of four groups …” “If there’s no objection, then it’s decided …”

Before he could finish his sentence, a loud and clear voice suddenly resounded through the entire arena.

“Wait a moment, Elder Mo, we’ve decided to participate as well.”

“You are…”

Everyone turned to the source of the voice and their eyes lit up.

A white-robed young man slowly stepped forward and stood as straight as a pine tree. With his long, dark green hair and ashen eyes, it was impossible to tell what he was feeling.

The only thing he could feel was his gaze.

He kept staring at the tip of the leaf. He didn’t even close his eyes.

“Wooo …” Qi Zimo. ”

“Qi Zimo, it can’t be, it’s actually him. I thought he wasn’t interested in this sort of thing.”

“However, that’s true. Both he and his master are pill addicts. It’s no wonder that they wanted to join in on the fun when they heard that someone wanted to concoct pills.”

Hearing the three words “Qi Zimo”, even Ye Feng’s expression couldn’t help but change.

“Ye Feng, it’s been almost half a year. We meet again.”

Ye Wanyue stood aside and observed everything. She pursed her red lips and said, “Ye Feng, look at you. Do you know Qi Zimo?”

Ye Wanyue had also heard of Qi Zimo’s pill refining skills.

However, he was the same type of person as his master. They had always lived in seclusion, so it was difficult for others to understand their true alchemy abilities.

“Yeah, but it’s not just to the extent of knowing each other.”

Ye Wen’s starry eyes lit up, and he timidly said, “Between him and I … You can be considered an old friend. ”

After they finished talking, the two looked at each other in the distance for a moment and then smiled at each other.

The cold light in their eyes wantonly shot out.

“It has been half a year since the Pill Competition. Finally, it is time for another fight.”

… ….

He had just walked out of the Wind Inverse Academy.

Ye Feng’s originally slightly playful expression turned solemn. Without a word, he headed straight for the medicine store in Star Fall City.

It turned out that earlier, when everyone was still discussing this matter, he had sent Spiritshadow to find the medicine store. It just so happened that it was not far away from the academy.

“Hey, Ye Feng, wait for me. Why are you in such a hurry to go to the medicine store?” Ye Wanyue followed behind. Her delicate face was flushed and she was a little out of breath.

Ye Feng did not even look back.

“Do you still have any questions? Of course, in the pill refining competition tomorrow, I will be here to buy some supplementary medicinal herbs to prepare for it.”

“Supporting medicinal plants.”

Ye Wanyue was shocked. From Ye Feng’s tone, it seemed like he was an expert.

However, for a moment, she didn’t think too much about it.

“But… Even so, most of the ingredients are extremely expensive. Where would you get the gold to buy them?

“No, that would be too late.”

Ye Feng immediately shook his head, and pointed at their backs.

Just as expected, the rest of the people had already caught up and were quickly walking towards the medicine store. Among them, there were even those participating in tomorrow’s competition.

“Did you see that? When you go back home and retrieve the gold coins, I’m afraid that all of these special medicine ingredients will be swept away by someone. As for the gold coins, I have saved them up while I was in the Heavenly Law City.”

As Ye Feng spoke, he had already stepped into the largest herb shop in the Star Cloud City, the Fire Cloud Medicine Shop.

“But …”

Ye Wanyue slightly frowned and followed Ye Feng’s footsteps, “Ye Feng, how much gold did you save?”

Ye Feng’s expression was solemn as he extended five fingers.

“Oh, Ye Feng, could it be 50 gold coins?” Ye Wanyue smiled and asked.

However, Ye Feng still did not reply.

“Five hundred gold coins.” Ye Wanyue quickened her pace, and the smile on her face gradually faded.

However, Ye Feng still did not answer.

Ye Wanyue stopped teasing him and her expression changed slightly. She swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked.

“Ye Feng, don’t tell me, you have five thousand gold coins, this …” Are you for real? ”

5000 gold coins was nothing for a big sister like Ye Wanyue.

However, Ye Feng was just a poor kid from the Heavenly Dao City. How could he have that much money? She could not understand.

“No, fifty thousand gold.”

Ye Feng’s words were like meteorites that crashed into Ye Wanyue’s heart, causing her to freeze on the spot.

“What are you blanking out for? Treat it as if I’m lending it to you. Later on, help me out as well. Find all the supporting catalyzed medicinal ingredients in the store for me.”

At the same time.

In the medicine store, a shop assistant that was in charge of managing the shop saw a student rushing in with a flurry of emotions as if he was looking for trouble. He immediately felt displeased in his heart.

“Stop, stop right there. You’re a newcomer from the Wind Inverse Academy, right? Don’t you understand the rules here? Those who consume less than a thousand gold, line up outside the door.”

Ye Feng had already gotten Spiritshadow to investigate the situation, so he didn’t explain much.

He lowered his head, grabbed a handful of medicinal herbs, and rubbed them with his hand for a while.

“I want all of these medicinal materials.”

“What?” The young shop assistant had just raised his sleeves, intending to chase Ye Feng away.

However, when he heard Ye Feng’s words, a change immediately appeared on his face. Even the sleeve that was just lifted was now pulled back by him.

“Wait, what did you say just now?”

As the largest herb shop in the Star Cloud City, this Fire Cloud Medicine Shop had the best quality goods, but its price was not ordinary.

A whole row of herbs had to be worth at least three thousand gold coins.

Ye Feng’s actions were a bit too extravagant.

“What I said just now was that this row of medicinal herbs… “Now we have to add on the herbs that lined up over there.”

“Servant, you …”

The young shop assistant’s expression was as if he had been hit by a huge bell. His entire body seemed to have fallen into a stupor as the corners of his mouth twitched. He forced out a smile that was uglier than death.

Could it be that the person that came in was a madman?

However, when he saw Ye Wanyue, he was shocked. The doubts in his heart disappeared like smoke into thin air, and he immediately felt relieved.

“Wanyue, little sister, oh oh, I see …” So you are a friend of young mistress Wan Yue. ”

As an Earth rank pill refiner, Ye Wanyue was a regular customer of this Fire Cloud Medicine Shop. If she were to come and buy the herbs here, she would naturally have the qualifications to do so.

But when that shop assistant thought about it carefully, even if it was Ye Wanyue, she had never tried to buy medicinal ingredients like Ye Feng.

“Master …” You take it easy, you take it easy … No one will fight with you for it. ”

At this moment.

“Oh right, you just happened to remind me…”

Ye Feng suddenly raised his head, looked at him deeply, and said with a smile.

“In order to prevent anyone from snatching it from me, I’ll pay a thousand gold coins to buy a room for an hour. What do you think?”