The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 556

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Chapter 556

The encirclement was complete.”Hong Sheng, it’s your turn.”

As Ye Feng yelled, a ray of light flashed.

Under the command of a group of Ye Feng, a person appeared out of nowhere. It was Hong Sheng.

“Ye Feng, do you know that laozi has been waiting for you for a long time?”

Hong Sheng gave a loud shout as he raised his long blade, bringing with it a terrifying aura, like the tides of a river, enveloping Gao Wei’s location.

The red tide was rising at the tip of his blade. Clearly, he had been accumulating his strength for a long time.

“Give it to me.”

Gao Wei was caught off guard and hurriedly dodged to the side. His actions were no longer as indifferent as before, and he appeared to be in a much more sorry state.


In his heart, he was even more shocked.

After all, how could someone who could make him subconsciously feel danger and back off be among this group of newbies?

This undoubtedly caused him to be greatly puzzled.

However, reality did not allow him to think about the reason slowly.

In an instant, a powerful force struck the ground, causing countless dust to fly into the air, making it so that people couldn’t even open their eyes.

A three feet deep hole was left in the ground, where Gao Wei had been standing moments ago.

“What kind of blade technique is this, to actually be so powerful?”

If that slash had cut him in half, the consequences would have been obvious. With such tyrannical power, even if he had been able to block that thin sword, he would have inevitably been hit by the opponent’s attack.

However, this was not the end.

“Is this what they call being strong? Then, what’s even stronger?” Hong Sheng laughed coldly. Just as he hit the ground, he flipped his palm, borrowing the recoil to charge towards Gao Wei.

At the same time, he also immediately took out his long blade and chased after Gao Wei’s nape.

With a solemn expression, Ye Feng raised his head, “Hong Sheng, don’t forget yourself. Immediately adjust your sabre’s aura and turn the stab into a slash. The opponent is about to change his defensive position.”

Hong Sheng was stunned for a moment. He gritted his teeth and immediately followed Ye Feng’s instructions.


But he had reacted, not Gao Wei.

All of a sudden, he changed his stab into a slash. He was so shocked that he looked like he was in a sorry state. The sharp blade light passed right by his neck. Only then did he barely manage to dodge this strike.

Even Elder Mo, who’d been standing to the side, was a bit surprised by this.


Logically speaking, he had been looking forward to seeing the students work together with great difficulty to exchange injuries for injuries. They were relying on the advantage in numbers to slowly exhaust Gao Wei’s physical strength to win this admission battle.

But now, what was going on?

Why would a mere Fighter 2-dan guy be able to directly threaten a Fighter 4-dan existence?

Ye Feng stared at the situation on the stage and shouted every now and then, “Hong Sheng, remember to chop towards the right. Turn it. Very good. Now use the second move of the Triple Slash.”

When Hong Sheng heard this, he found it a bit strange. Generally speaking, a move always had a beginning and an an end.

Someone like Ye Feng, who directly wanted him to use the second move, what was he thinking?

However, he had already tasted the sweetness from Ye Feng’s words a few times before.

“Ye Feng, you …”

“If you want to win, then do as I say.” Ye Feng stared at her with concentration and said meticulously.Thus, after a moment of hesitation, Hong Sheng followed Ye Feng’s instructions.


Sure enough, Gao Wei, who was slowly restoring his dejection, was now being toyed with by Ye Wen. He was like a god of war that had returned to the world.

The power of his long saber had more than doubled.

After a few rounds, Gao Wei clashed with the other party’s blade and sword, causing his palm to tremble in pain.

Hong Sheng’s slash could be said to have given birth to confidence, and each time, it became fiercer than the last.

“Ye Feng, that’s great. I’ll do as you say. It’s really effective.”

At this point, he already understood in his heart that if not for Ye Feng’s finger, Gao Wei would have suppressed him in the middle of the fight.

His attitude towards Ye Zifeng had gone from suspicion at the beginning to disbelief and trust, and now, he even felt a sense of reliance on him.

The moment Ye Feng didn’t point at him, he felt uncomfortable all over.

However, when the rest of the people saw this, they started to urge him.

“Ye Feng, the situation right now is not bad, but there isn’t enough time. There is only one minute left …”

“That’s right, time is tight. Do you want us to attack directly?”

Ye Feng smiled calmly and shook his head.

“No, in terms of time, that’s enough.”

He stared at Gao Wei and said, “Hongsheng, do you still remember the main points of the Triple Layered Slash after it has been upgraded?”

“Haha, don’t worry. This is related to my own strength. I remember it clearly, I don’t even dare to forget it.”

Ye Feng smiled and nodded, “Very good, then let us start this last minute… Everyone, listen to my instructions… “Hong Sheng, listen carefully. What I want you to do now is to fuse the three moves into one move.”

“What, fuse them into one?”

Hong Sheng froze for a moment. He looked at Ye Feng in surprise, “You must be joking, right? To combine one move.”

“You don’t have much time, everyone is waiting for you ….”

Ye Feng didn’t even look at Hong Sheng, he didn’t explain much and turned to face the others.

His speed of speech quickened a lot, “Earlier, team # 3, # X, you guys go block the road here, you guys go block the road over there, right? “And you guys…”

After all the arrangements had been made, there would always be a future.

However, he would never be able to get away from it. Ye Feng’s biggest goal was still to suppress Gao Wei.

Gao Wei had used up most of his strength when he fought against Hong Sheng. At this moment, he was much more exhausted than before, and he was no longer as relaxed as he was before.

He slightly pursed his lips and flipped to the side. Just as he was sent flying away, he was surrounded by another group of people.

It was true that two fists was no match for four hands.

“Is it over yet? A bunch of useless things.”

The current him, in most cases, was dealing with a group of people by himself. From this, it could be seen how difficult it was for him.

“You just said, who’s useless.”

After Gao Wei let out a sigh, his expression suddenly stiffened and changed.

“Not good.”

He let out a loud shout and didn’t even have the time to roll to the side. The violent and domineering sea of blades blew him into the air like a sandstorm.

The wind from the blade grazed his face, creating two deep wounds.

Hong Sheng laughed heartily as he raised his head. With a flick of his feet, he too, flew into the sky.

“What are you running for? I haven’t finished this attack yet. I’ll let you have a taste of the power of the combination of the Three Elements Slash.”

Ye Wen smiled and said, “Remember … Throw him towards the southeast. ”


Hong Sheng lowered his head and stepped into the sky. His long saber danced in the wind, bringing with it the might of the ‘Broken Moon Broken Stars’. He slashed down several times in the sky, and the deafening sound of his blade hitting could be heard.

These saber Qi were also one.

In an instant, the golden light was generous.


Gao Wei took out his sword to block the blood arrow, but he still felt a sweetness in his throat. He spat it out and it fell into the air, completely covered by the sandstorm.

“Good, this is great. I hit him. I finally passed the admission ticket.” Hong Sheng was taken aback at first, but quickly shouted out loud.

That strike just now, he hit Gao Wei solidly, and everyone present saw it.

“Who told you you passed the admission?”

A deep and powerful voice suddenly came from behind him.

It was Elder Mo.

“Elder Mo, what do you mean?” Hong Sheng’s heart sank as he hurriedly asked.

“It’s a very simple principle. Since you don’t understand it, I’ll explain the rules to you again. What I’m saying is that everyone needs to meet Gao Wei in order to be considered as having been admitted to the hospital. Your blade energy has hit him, it’s simply incalculable.” Elder Mo chuckled and shook his head.

“If that’s the case, then is it a scheme?”

Ye Feng smiled and said.

“What?” Elder Mo was stunned, then he looked towards Ye Feng.

With one hand pressing down on Gao Wei’s back, he ruthlessly pressed him to the ground, completely unable to move.

“It can’t be, this … … “How could this be?”

The person who had spoken was not Elder Mo, but rather, Hong Sheng.

“Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t follow me to deal with the enemy, and you wouldn’t stab me in the back?”

“Yeah, I kept my promise. I didn’t do that. I even stayed where I was.”

“Stand right there.”

Hong Sheng’s lips twitched as he looked at Ye Feng in astonishment.

However, when he looked carefully, he found that Ye Zifeng did not seem to have moved at all.

Ye Feng smiled blandly, “However, did you forget that it was you who beat him up towards the southeast just now, which is why you coincidentally let him crash down heavily in front of me. I also coincidentally accumulated a whole body of spirit energy to suppress him, who is already at the end of his tether. Is it that hard to imagine?”


Hong Sheng’s heart skipped a beat before he finally understood what was going on.

No wonder Ye Feng had told her so much before, it was to cheat her of her trust and trust in him.

In this way, he did not feel any disharmony when Ye Feng told him to attack from the southeast.

He had been tricked by Ye Zichen from the very beginning.

“Alright, why are you still talking so much? Hongsheng, so what if you’re not in first place? Entering the academy is the most important matter.”

Ye Feng scanned the crowd and said quietly.

“In the last ten seconds, all those who wish to enter the academy, come over.”

“In the last ten seconds, all those who wish to enter the academy, come over.”

“In the last ten seconds, all those who wish to enter the academy, come over.”