The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 551

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Chapter 551

With this iron ring on his sword, Ye Chengfeng could not hold back his excitement and waved it around a few times.”Swish, swish.”

The sword had become heavier, and although it had become heavier, it would no longer fall out of his hands easily.

The effect could be said to be very good.

“Good, very good. Cousin, I like the gift you gave me.”

Ye Chengfeng laughed and put his sword back into its scabbard.

At this moment, the gaze with which he looked at Ye Feng had become much friendlier.

“You …”

Zhong Yun looked at everything with a dark face, glared at Ye Chengfeng and shook her head helplessly.

She muttered, “Stinky brat, you really aren’t useful. A mere iron hoop bought you off, are you trying to ignore everything I told you before?”

At this moment.

“Madam Zhong …”

Ye Feng’s deep and magnetic voice suddenly sounded beside Zhong Yun’s ear.

Zhong Yun was shocked. She turned around, only to see that everyone’s gaze was focused on her and Ye Feng.

Her gaze was cold and clear, like the light of the moon and the sea, as she looked at him, “Why … Young master of the branch family, could it be that you also have a present for me? ”

She addressed Ye Feng as the young master of a branch family, and the meaning in her tone was clear. It would be best if Ye Feng was more sensible and decided to stay at the Wind Rebel Academy. That would be the end of it.

“That’s right… It was exactly this intention that I wanted to give to Madam Zhong. It was …. ”

Ye Feng smiled faintly and took out a crystal clear pill from the magic crystal ring.

“This medicinal pill.”

The scarlet color that penetrated his body attracted the attention of others. It emitted endless fragrance and spirit energy.

Everyone was astonished as they whispered to each other.

“I say, I’ve seen quite a few pills already, how can they be so fragrant?”

“That’s right. Furthermore, it should be rare for a Mysterious rank pill to have such a scent…”

Zhong Yun was stunned and blurted out, “What kind of pill is this?”

Ignoring the fact that Ye Feng bought the pill or refined it himself.

At least, the value of a Mysterious rank pill was already there.

As a gift for the first time, it was indeed more than enough. Even Zhong Yun couldn’t be picky about anything.

“The Mysterious rank Face Preserving Pill is something that Zi Feng refined with gray hemp, sea buckthorn, raspberry, rose, kudzu root, and yellow spirit a moment ago. After consuming it, you can shed dead skin, shed snow-white skin, and rejuvenate your youth. I hope that Madam Zhong will accept it.”

“This… Ye Feng, you actually know how to concoct a Face Preserving Pill. ” Zhong Yun’s eyes flashed with a strange light.

“That’s exactly the case. This pill was refined by me just now. If I take it now, the effect will be the best.” Ye Feng said with a smile.

Everyone loved beauty.

To every woman, the Face Preserving Pill was a priceless treasure.

Even she, Zhong Yun, was no exception.

At this moment, she was holding the pill with both hands and a hint of desire appeared in her eyes.

“Face Preserving Pill …”

Then, she pursed her lips and looked up.

“Old master, aren’t you the best at pill refining? Come and take a look, is this really a Face Preserving Pill? Moreover, did he really refine it just now?”

Ye Jiudao looked at the pill meaningfully and was slightly moved.

“There’s no need to come and look. This is indeed the Face Preserving Pill that was just concocted a moment ago. Look at the pill’s upper layer, there’s even a trace of furnace air floating. It looks like the letter that Chong Tian wrote to me said that his son knew how to concoct pills.”

He glanced at Ye Feng approvingly. His initial dissatisfaction with Ye Feng’s lateness had long since disappeared.

Hearing this, Zhong Yun lowered her head and looked at Ye Feng with doubt in her eyes.

“Those words are true. Very well, based on what you, Ye Feng, said, I’ll take a look at the effects of this pill and I’ll know.”

As the sound of his voice faded …

Thus, she immediately opened her mouth, chewed a few times, drank a cup of tea, and gulped it down with a “gulp”.

No response.

Zhong Yun carefully felt it and opened her eyes. “Hehe, Ye Feng, you still have the nerve to say what Face Preserving Pill it is. It obviously has no effect …”

However, in an instant.

An extremely fresh breath continuously rose from her dantian.

The originally stagnant blood vessels seemed to have been activated by this refreshing air.


She froze on the spot, frozen as a wooden chicken.

Surging air currents flowed in her stomach and entered every acupoint in her body. Her face was as if it was soaked in warm water, looking extremely comfortable.

“There’s a change. There’s a change. Look, look at Madam’s face …”

Zhong Yun was secretly excited.

However, she was currently suffering from the effects of the medicine. Her entire body felt numb and weak, making it difficult for her to take action.

“What the hell is going on?”

She quickly turned around and shouted at the servant girl, “Quick, what are you standing there for? Bring me a mirror.”

“Yes, yes.”

The maidservant stared at Zhong Yun’s face and covered her red lips. She quickly ran to a cabinet in the corner of the room and found a mirror after a long while. She then handed it over to Zhong Yun.

“Slow down, I was worried to death for you.”

Zhong Yun grabbed the mirror, glared at the maidservant, and immediately looked at herself in the mirror.

It was one thing if she didn’t see him. However, with a single glance, she was like a block of wood as she stood there motionless.

“This …”

Her skin was as white as freshly peeled caltrops. It was so delicate that it could be broken with a single blow. It had regained its luster. Even the wrinkles on her face had also become a lot fainter.

From afar, she seemed to have aged more than ten years.

“Oh god …”

Zhong Yun had heard of the effects of the Face Preserving Pill before. Normally, one would need to take it for a long period of time before being able to see its effects.

It was precisely because of her past impressions that she had consumed this pill in front of all these people.

She had wanted to use this opportunity to frustrate Ye Feng’s spirit, but she hadn’t thought that a Mystical Tier pill would have such a good effect. Instead, she had helped Ye Feng with it.

“Madam Zhong …” “Madam Zhong.”

Zhong Yun’s heart was filled with mixed emotions. She was secretly happy, but at the same time, she was also embarrassed. The corner of her mouth twitched as she came back to her senses, “Ye Feng, you …”

“Is Madame Zhong satisfied with this present?”

“I …” Zhong Yun was stunned for a moment. She glanced at the maidservants, only to find that they were all looking at her with envy.

At such a time, it would be inappropriate to speak of deceitful lies.

“This pill ….” Not bad, thank you. ” Zhong Yun pursed her lips and said.

She paused for a moment. Suddenly, her eyes lit up as she continued.

“However, Ye Feng, come to think of it, did you prepare a present for me and Feng’er?”

In her opinion, for Ye Feng to be able to prepare two gifts in such a short period of time should be his limit.

“Of course.”

Even Ye Jiudao’s expression changed slightly when he heard this. “Oh.”

“The gift I gave to Uncle Ye is my loyalty.” Ye Feng’s words were like a clap of thunder that exploded in everyone’s hearts.


Zhong Yun’s expression froze and she tightly furrowed her brows. The others were also astonished.

What the hell.

Ye Feng didn’t have the face to say such a useless thing.

“Exactly, as the head of the Ye family, one of the strongest families in Star Fall City, I think Uncle Ye already has a lot of things in his hands, he does not need me to give him any more gifts, and what Uncle Ye lacks is only loyal helpers, and I, Ye Feng, am willing to do my best for Uncle Ye’s ambition.”

Ye Feng’s actions today had completely exceeded Ye Jiudao’s expectations.

“Hahaha, what a kid. Indeed, there is no disappointment. If you give me anything, I will really think you are childish.”

He had a calm expression as he spoke in a low voice.

“Everyone, listen carefully. In the future, whoever says that kid from Chong Tian is useless, I’ll break his legs and make a note of it. It’s just a rumor. It’s fine if you don’t believe it. Do you understand?”

Everyone hurriedly replied, “Understood!”

Thus, Ye Jiudao turned around and continued to face Ye Feng, revealing a pleasant expression.

“Nephew Zi Feng, you are talented and you know how to refine pills. Right now, your cultivation level is a bit lower and you don’t have a good cultivation environment, so these are fine. Don’t worry, next time I come back, I will find a chance to polish you up.”

Ye Feng was shocked and his expression changed slightly.

Some things were hard for him to predict.

“This… “Could it be that Uncle Ye is going to travel far?”

“Yes, from tomorrow onwards, I will go to the Martial Tomb to pay my respects to the ancestors of our Ye family. I reckon it will take around five days, which is considered as an annual routine.”

Ye Jiudao’s expression was solemn as he lightly sighed.

“Therefore, in these five days, Ye Feng, you should get familiar with the environment of the Wind Inverse Academy. When I return, I’ll arrange a good fight for you.”

“Yes …” “Then, thank you, Uncle Ye.” Ye Feng cupped his hands in a very courteous manner.

However, although he spoke in an indifferent manner, in truth, his mood had changed. It was no longer as tranquil as it was before.

He had been hoping that Ye Jiudao would help him establish a foothold in the Ye Family.

Who would have thought that when he came, he would miss the opportunity to meet Ye Jiudao, who was going to the Martial Tomb to pay his respects.

With Ye Jiudao’s departure, the one in charge of the family would become Madam Zhong.

“Sigh …”

Ye Feng let out a heavy sigh, and the corner of his mouth revealed an indescribable bitter smile.

Although he had prepared a method, if possible, he would not use such a method.

“Ye-feng, what are you sighing for? I still haven’t said it yet, you’ve already given Big Brother Feng and mom their gifts, then where are my gifts? Have you prepared them before? Or did you forget about me?”

A delicate voice of a woman attracted the attention of the entire hall.

Everyone, including Ye Feng, turned around …

Zhong Yun was stunned and blurted out.

“Yue Er, why have you come?”