The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 55 – Get out of my way!

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“Many thanks to Elder Shen for the bestowment.” Ye Zifeng cheerfully smiled.

Elder Zhao laughed and looked at Shen Li, “Wow Elder Shen. It seems like the sect has a lot of money to spend for you to be so extravagant.” Elder Zhao visited the sect a few times before and knew that 500 contribution points was a lot for a qi refining stage disciple.

This was an unexpected but reasonable gift in their situation.

“Don’t joke with me. We can’t compare to the big shots like your Tiandao City’s Profound Sect……

“Hahaha….” Elder Zhao laughed and didn’t say anything.

“That’s right. Ye Zifeng. I have something that I want to talk to you about.” Shen Li’s expression suddenly became serious.

Since Ye Zifeng received such an extravagant gift from the elder, he respectfully replied, “Please ask Elder Shen.”

“Don’t tell anyone that it was I who gave you the contribution points. I know you’re smart so I’m sure you can make something up to cover both our asses. We can’t let others know about our relationship unless you’re in a life or death situation.

Ye Zifeng pondered for a bit and thought that Elder Shen was right. If the other families found out that they had this sort of relationship, they would think that something fishy was going on and become hostile towards him. The best solution was to play dumb and pretend that nothing happened.

However, if Ye Zifeng goes too far, the two elders would rather lose their cultivation base than be associated with this guy. Both parties needed to be careful.

“I understand. I know my limits.”

“Alright. Good. You can leave first then.” Elder Shen was full of smiles and waved his hand.


In front of the hidden treasury.

“Stop. Who are you. If you don’t have a contribution badge you can’t….” When the guard was talking, he caught a glimpse of Ye Zifeng’s appearance and immediately changed his tone.

“You can’t…..Oh so it was Miss Bingqian’s friend. I’m sorry. I was dozing off and I couldn’t see your face clearly. It’s cold out there. Please come in!”

Ye Zifeng smiled and continued to walk forward.

“Hold on. Hong Shen. What are you talking about. What Miss Bingqian’s friend. You’re talking like she makes the rules in the sect. Did you forget about the treasury’s rules? If everyone was so easygoing like you the whole sect would become a mess!”

Hearing this, Ye Zifeng stopped and looked at the guy who was coming towards him.

“May I ask who this brother is…..”

“You’re not worthy to know my name. Let me tell you this. My boss is the third young master of the Wang clan, Wang Lin. My Boss’s big bro is the number one person of the younger generation in Leizhou City, Wang Tianzhi!” That guard who walked over was wearing a grey and golden robe. His robe was bounded by a chestnut colored belt. Anyone could tell that he was a disciple from a rich family that followed the Wang clan.

Ye Zifeng laughed lightly, “Oh that’s how it is. So you’re someone who’s close to the Wang clan. No wonder why you’re so arrogant. Your aura feels just like the aura from the people of the Wang clan. Exactly like a dog’s.”

He had just met Wang Tianzhi a while ago and now a dog of the Wang clan was in his way.

“You! You dare badmouth the Wang clan? Do you want to live?” The guard’s face sank and became very angry.

Hong Shen sighed and patted his buddy’s back, “Alright Long Rui, don’t fight with him. He’s Miss Bingqian’s friend and not someone that we can afford to offend.”

“The one who can’t afford to offend him is you. Don’t think that I’m in the same league as you.”

Long Rui smiled and snorted at Hong Shen. He then turned around towards Ye Zifeng and arrogantly said, “ I’m going to tell you this. From today onwards, other than people from the Wang clan and the Liu clan, no one else can enter the treasury!”

“Oh?” Ye Zifeng coldly smiled, “Such a tyrannical rule… Did you make it?”

Long Rui stuck his nose up and snorted, ‘Of course it wasn’t me. It was set by my Wang clan. 30% of the senior members in the sect are a part of my Wang clan. Whatever my Wang clan wants to do will definitely be done!”

This Long Rui was saying “my Wang Clan” like his own surname was Wang. However, to flatter the Wang Clan this much, it seems like this Long Rui was a loyal dog of the Wang Clan.

“So that’s how it is. After losing the heavenly clan gathering, they stopped others from getting their resources so they made this rule. Not bad. Not bad. This kind of thinking… it was not bad at all. However, even though it’s not bad, it’s not a good idea either.”

Long Rui crooned, “I’ve been very clear with you. It doesn’t matter if you’re Miss Bingqian’s friend or whatever, unless you’re a part of the Wang Clan or the Liu clan, don’t even think about entering the treasury.”

Ye Zifeng’s expression turned serious and slowly said the next few words, “What if I want to enter then?”

Long Rui was startled. He thought that this guy would immediately back off after hearing that the Wang clan was involved. However, this guy was clearly trying to oppose and provoke the Wang clan.

Long Rui turned around and looked towards Hong Shen, “Yo Hong Shen, tell me the truth. When he came last time, what was his cultivation level?”

Hong Shen thought about it, “Well he went to the third floor of the medicine cage so he should at most be at the 4th stage of qi refining.”

Long Rui was at the 5th stage of qi refining and when he heard this, he became much more confident.

His mouth curved up into a smile and looked towards Ye ZIfeng, “If you want to come in then you can try. Don’t blame me if you end up lying on the floor in the corner of there.”

“End up lying on the floor?!” Ye Zifeng laughed loudly and a cold expression appeared on his face, “So an ant like you dare block my path? If I don’t teach you a lesson today, people would think that I only rely on my luck and connections to do things.”

Ye Zifeng doesn’t like fighting with these lowly people but it doesn’t mean that he won’t.

If someone was this arrogant, he won’t need to hold himself back and beat them. He will beat them until they know their place.

Ye Zifeng slowly gathered his qi.

“It seems like you’re pretty unlucky. You’re probably at the fourth stage of qi refining aren’t you.” Long Rui noticed the movement of Ye Zifeng’s qi and asked.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “And so what?”

“Then you’re finished!” After confirming his opponent’s cultivation level, he didn’t hesitate anymore and started to attack. He retrieved a blue sword from his robes and struck towards Ye ZIfeng!

“Come on!” Ye Zifeng coldly laughed. He leapt up into the air and struck Long Rui’s sword with his bare hands.

“Bang.” Long Rui was forced back. His sword was shaking and almost flew out of his hand.

“How could this be…..” Long Rui was shocked.

“I’m not done yet!”

Ye Zifeng laughed. He chanted something and a streak of lightning flew towards Long Rui like snakes. It was the same attack that he used against Liu Bingqian to stop her movements for a second. If it was used against a cultivator at the 5th stage of qi refining, the victim will definitely faint.

“Oh my god!” Long Rui had never seen someone at the 4th stage of qi refining use an attribute attack. He dropped his sword immediately and scrambled backwards. Without noticing, he was already in the corner.

The difference between their strengths was something that Long Rui didn’t expect.

“I’m punching you because you’re too arrogant!”

Ye Zifeng coldly smiled and mounted on top of Long Rui and fiercely punched his face.

He had used all his strengths along with his lightning qi with the punch. It gave Long Rui a big bruise and made his nose bleed.

Long Rui started to panic and tried to get away.

“The second punch is for the fact that you’re a dog from the Wang clan!” Ye Zifeng punched him at full strength once again.

Even right now Long Rui still didn’t understand how he lost to this guy who’s at the 4th stage of qi refining while he was at the 5th stage of qi refining. Even if he lost, he shouldn’t have lost this badly.

“The third punch….” Ye Zifeng lifted his fist again and Long Rui’s face ashen.

“Stop… Stop…. Don’t hit me. I was wrong!” Long Rui begging Ye Zifeng at this point.

“The third punch is to help you remember me. Go back and tell Wang Lin, tell Wang Tianzhi, that my name is Ye Zifeng! The people of the Ye clan are not so easily bullied!”

Long Rui was sweating profusely. Before he could react, he was struck by Ye Zifeng.

“Ah!” Long Rui miserably screamed. After the third punch, he was thrown out. His entire body looked as if it was broken.

Ye Zifeng coldly smiled and then patted his clothes down, “You’re the one who’s going to lie down in the corner over there.”