The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 541

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Chapter 541

And he will read, and he will rise from the ground,Ye Feng had made the arrangements beforehand. One could easily imagine the power of a deadly attack.

The lingering black qi around the Life and Death Eye disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes as if it had been blown away by a fierce wind.

“Huff …”

The sound of heavy breathing was constantly stimulating people’s nerves.

The huge threat of the Life and Death Eye sent chills down one’s spine.

“How is it, did it work this time?”

Elder Zhao said with a focused expression. Due to him overexerting himself, his body directly spurted out a mouthful of blood and sputum.

“I’m afraid…”

Ye Feng stared at the spot where the black gas had disappeared. He did not move an inch as his eyes narrowed into a line.

All of a sudden, blood began to flow like a geyser from the incomparably large life and death eye in midair.

The only thing that remained unchanged was …

It was the killing intent that permeated through one’s entire body.

His eyes were wide open like a big, bloody mouth, as if he was going to swallow someone at any moment.

“Ye Feng, as I said before, I will be back in a year’s time. You … “Remember this.”

The Life and Death Eye continued to expand, and emitted an endless amount of killing intent in the direction of Ye Feng.

The giant hand started to fall towards Ye Wen.

However, after that arrogant shout,

“Bang, bang, bang!” Three consecutive explosions resounded through the human ear drums.

In the next moment, the vortex disappeared. Even the two giant invisible hands had disappeared without a trace.

In the gloomy sky, the crack lines that were split open once again closed.

After burning the second book of Ye Feng’s Qi Method, the torrential rain from earlier had gradually calmed down, as if nothing had happened.


Elder Zhao paused for a moment, swallowed his saliva and couldn’t help but say:

“Could it be that the top expert was beaten away by us?” Even now, he still found it hard to believe.

“This… “It seems to be true.” After Gu Yuan Wu was stunned for a moment, he came back to his senses and nodded.

He had participated in the formation of the seven master teachers the last time, so he was naturally the most clear of the Eye of Life and Death’s prowess.

To be able to win against such an opponent, even if he had to force him to leave, it would definitely not be an easy task.

“Huff …”

Gasps could be heard from all of them. They finally felt relieved.


This time, even Ye Feng, who had always been calm, let out a long sigh.

“Alright …”

He looked at the paper for a while before revealing a relieved smile.

… ….

“You all … “What were they doing just now?”

Gu Shenwei frowned and continued.

“No, I should ask… “Ye Feng, if you burned the entire manual, then what are you trading with me for? Are you crazy?”

He could pretend that nothing had happened, but he had to take into account his own personal interests.


Leaves laughed lightly and shook her head, “No, because of what happened just now, our deal is already over, I already… and got what I wanted, ”


Not only Gu Shenwei, but even Qin Xiao was stunned and slightly raised his head.

Gu Shenwei sneered, “What kind of joke is this? You’ve always been standing here. Aside from the random fighting, when have you ever seen the world outside of your own world? You don’t even know how to choose a reliable person to boast about.”

“Then, if I tell you that the eye just now belonged to an expert from a foreign land, would you believe me?”

“I …”

Gu Shenwei’s eyes widened as he stared at Ye Zong.

Ye Feng’s words required her to believe in two things:

“One: the actual existence of a foreign land.”

Second: Ye Feng had not only known masters from other continents, but he was also their enemy. It was very possible that they were the enemy of the Ten Thousand Corpses Sect.

Most of them had experienced the events in the dead town, so they naturally had to accept this kind of situation.

However, Gu Shenwei and the others hadn’t even been certain whether or not the otherworldly continent existed.

This kind of thing, suddenly telling them, how could they accept it?

Then, he laughed out loud and shook his head.

Ye Feng, I don’t care about anything else. You burn the lower part of the ghost servant cultivation technique, which also means that the deal between you and me has been broken. You can kill me, or I can kill Qin Xiao and destroy the upper part of the ghost servant cultivation technique.

Ye Feng smiled, nodded and said, “That’s right, you and I can both do that.”

Before the other side could express any attitude,

He paused for a moment, then spoke again solemnly.

“However, after what happened just now, I have already understood that if my own strength is not enough, even if I were to merge the two books of the Ghost Servant technique into one and secretly go to a foreign land, what can I do? I might not even be able to survive and die in the hands of others, so I have decided that I will do my best to break through and then, I will just wait …”


With this said, Hanyue’s eyes lit up, “Ye Feng, what you said about waiting, could it be …”

“That’s right. In a year’s time, I thought this Life and Death Eye said that he would definitely return. At that time, if he really returns to the Blood Washing Profound Gate, that would be the time for me to use him to tear open the space … “When we go to the continent from another world …”

Ye Feng’s words were sonorous and forceful.

“You …” Gu Shenwei’s eyes widened. He had never expected that the result of this experiment would be a win-win situation. In the end, it turned out to be this result.

“Alright, Gu Shenwei. Since the ghost servant cultivation technique is no longer useful to me, the transaction between us has ended …” “As far as you are concerned, now is the time.”

“Choose what.”

Gu Shenwei frowned and stared blankly at Ye Feng.

“Now, either you kill Qin Xiao, I kill you, or you release Qin Xiao, I release you, I get my reward, you get your freedom, oh right, don’t be in a hurry to answer me, I know you are suspicious, just by saying that, you won’t believe me.”

Ye Feng looked at Gu Shenwei with a faint smile, straightened his face, and continued.

“So, I’ll leave the initiative to you. After you remove this black bracelet for us, I’ll let you escape. You escape to a place that you feel is about the same, then you’ll release Qin Xiao. Of course, I’ll at most let you escape for four hours.”

“This… “Four hours huh?”

For those experts who were chasing the fugitive, four hours of time was indeed enough for one cultivator to escape far away.

Ye Feng’s conditions were very loose.

“It’s not a bad suggestion. However, Ye Feng, do you really plan to hide this for me? You should know that so many people are watching …”

“There are not many people here. Apart from ghost servants, who else …”

Gu Shenwei raised his eyes and looked at Demon Fox, Han Yue, and the others. “For example, they …”

Ye Ci shook her head with a long smile, “It’s alright, they are people I trust. They will definitely keep their mouths shut.”

“Heh heh… “Trust? If you say you trust, then you must trust,” Qin Xiao snorted coldly, intentionally glancing at Gu Shenwei.

From her point of view, Gu Shenwei could betray even ten years of friendship for a misty hope, not to mention the so-called trust from Ye Feng.

“Then, let me ask you a question… “Have you heard of Puppet Pills?” Ye Feng squinted his eyes.

“What? Puppet Pill? You gave it to them? How did you get it?” Qin Xiao was stunned as he blurted out.

Soon after, she swept a glance at Demon Fox and the others. Seeing the helplessness in their eyes, her heart was startled.

“You don’t need to worry about how I obtained the puppet core. In short, they’ve already consumed it. Now, do you have any other questions?” Leaves faintly smiled.

“This …”

Ye Feng stared at Qin Xiao and paused for a moment before continuing, “Moreover, I really don’t know why you destroyed my platform. Everything I said now, isn’t it exactly to save you?”

“Save me, hehe …”

On Qin Xiao’s pretty face, a sinister smile appeared.

Ye Feng, I am not a three year old child, but your words are rather nice. You clearly said that you wanted to use me to exchange for a reward, but now that I have been imprisoned in the Heaven Prison of the Spirit Martial Sect, do you know what kind of torture I will suffer?

There was a moment of silence.

However, Ye Feng’s expression did not change at all.

“If you have the guts to commit suicide, please do so. Otherwise, the person who will decide this matter right now will not be you.”

Ye Feng smiled and shook his head, then looked towards Gu Shenwei.

“Is that right, Gu Shenwei?”

Gu Shenwei froze for a moment before nodding with a sneer. He glanced at Qin Xiao.

“That’s right. With Qin Xiao’s life and death in my hands, even if you don’t agree, there’s nothing you can do. It’s just like what Ye Feng said. If you have the guts, then commit suicide. Otherwise, shut up.”

“… “Listening to you say this, Gu Shenwei, I’ll take it that you’ve agreed.”

A bright light flashed across Ye Feng’s eyes as he said with a smile,

“That’s right, you can think of it this way,” Gu Shenwei said solemnly.

It was not as if enemies and enemies did not have the same opinion of the same thing.

“That’s good. Then I’ll give you four hours. It’s your fate to be able to escape. Even if you can’t escape, this is your fate. What do you think?”

“Okay, Ye Feng, you are a straightforward person, so I won’t hesitate. Now, let’s get the spiritual energy over with and I’ll untie the black bracelet for you.”

Immediately after, Gu Shenwei was really straightforward. He released a mouthful of his own spiritual qi from a distance and injected it into everyone’s body.

Once the black bracelet started circulating the spirit energy, it loosened up slightly.

“Crack!” The bracelet slowly fell down.

“Since that’s the case, let’s begin then …” Ye Zichen revealed a playful smile.