The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 536

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Chapter 536

“Two ghost servant cultivation techniques.” Once combined. “Just what is going to happen?”Ye Feng stared into Gu Shenwei’s eyes. He was extremely serious.

Even if he didn’t want any rewards … We must also know how to return to our homeland.

Because … He wanted to return to the Xuan Wu Continent. He wanted to return to the peak. I want to see you again.

This supported him to stay in the Martial Spirit Continent. Where is the faith to go all out?

“It will happen…”

Gu Shenwei was about to open his mouth. However, when he thought about it … He then stopped again. Ye Zichen smiled and said.

“Heh heh. They kept me from saying anything along the way. Do you really think that… Will I answer you for anything? You want to know the answer to this question. Great. “Why don’t you first show me the lower part of that ghost servant cultivation technique.”


Ye Feng did not hesitate at all. He immediately wiped off the crystal ring. He took out a small booklet with a gray cover.

“You guys want the lower volume of the Ghost Servant technique?” “Here it is.”


Gu Shenwei was stunned. He had only casually mentioned it to her in the first place. However, he had not expected … Ye Feng would really do it.

However. He had just regained his senses. He hadn’t stepped forward yet.

At Ye Feng’s fingertips. It had already ignited into a blood-red flame.

After absorbing the Blood Fiend’s spirit energy, Han Li had no choice but to give up. The color of this flame … A little deeper. The black speck in the middle of the room was faintly visible.

And now … This flame … And it burned under the book.

Balls of hot air. up. On the surface of the booklet … The outer layer had already started to wrinkle.

This ghost servant cultivation technique … It looked like it was about to be ignited.

“Wait a minute. Wait a minute. “Calm down …” Gu Shenwei hurriedly shouted.

If Ye Zichen just let him burn the martial art like that … Gu Shenwei had come on a trip. However, he would not be able to obtain any benefits.

And so … Gu Shenwei had just lifted his foot. He withdrew it once more. Ye Zichen looked at Ye Feng helplessly.

Ye Wen looked at him and laughed, “My third question. “Can you answer now?”

“You … Forget it. “So what if I tell you about Ye Feng?”

Gu Shenwei frowned. Only then did he sigh.

“There are very few people who believe in this. It was said that … If the two cultivation techniques were combined into one … It could be compared to a foreign land. A sect called the Thousand Corpses Sect contacted him. This way … Then, he would be able to pass on the [Corpse Refinement] cultivation technique. Sigh… Okay. I know you won’t believe it. Even Qin Xiao … He had been friends with me for so many years. He was also half-believing and half-doubting. What’s more, you, Ye Feng … ”


Ye Feng and Hanyue looked at each other. Astonishment filled her eyes. Overflowing with words.

The Ten Thousand Corpses Sect.

This was exactly the town of Dead Souls. It was the sect from the Xuan Wu Continent.

To be honest … The current Ye Feng. He really wanted to charge forward. He grabbed the other’s neck and spoke.

“Ye Feng. “Do you really believe that …”

Gu Shenwei’s expression slightly changed. Compared to Ye Feng, he was much more confident. It was even more shocking.

It had been so long. Find someone who believes in you. How hard it must have been.

“That’s right. I believe… Go on. This news … How the hell do you know that? And why did you go to a foreign land? “He did not hesitate to betray the Spiritual Martial Sect …”

Ye Feng stared at the other person with concentration. Be meticulous.

At the same time. He only saw the flame that was lingering on his fingertip. When he was about to get close to the manual … He was a bit closer. He was about to ignite it.

“Ye Feng. You ask, you ask. However… “Don’t accidentally light it up.”

Gu Shenwei immediately didn’t care whether this cultivation technique was real or fake. They were just worried that Ye Zichen would be careless … He had really ignited his cultivation technique. Then he would have no place to cry.

Ye Feng nodded with a faint smile. The flame on his fingertip. Ye Zichen moved his position a little bit.

“Knowing the news. It was rather simple… The news about the Spiritual Martial Force spread far and wide. It’s way beyond your expectations. to learn about this level of information. It’s no big deal. I was a long time ago. “According to a senior from the Spirit Martial Sect.”

Gu Shenwei regained his senses. There was a slight pause. He continued, “As for the betrayal of the Spirit Martial Sect …” It should be said … After I found out about the secrets of this ghost servant cultivation technique … He then began to plan for this matter. As long as he could travel to the new continent … Obtain the highest level of inheritance. Even if he had to give up everything that had happened … “And what should I do …”

Qin Xiao coldly snorted. She kept clenching her delicate fists.

“Gu Shenwei.” Even me. “Have you also given up on it?”

Hate is born of love.

Qin Xiao could be ruthless to others. However. In the end, there was still a softness to her heart.

That person … It was Gu Shenwei.

“How preposterous … “I swear I will make you pay …”

As the sound of his voice faded … Her sword was like a flowing cloud. He pointed at Gu Shenwei.

The sword flashed like water. The piercing black light. In an instant. Cold air shot out in all directions. He was trying to force his way through.

“It’s useless.”

Gu Shenwei sneered. He looked at Ye Feng, “For now. “Give me a moment.”

And then … He brandished his sword and turned around. The sword tide was monstrous. Just like a whirlpool. It enveloped Qin Xiao.


The sword waves collided.

Two crisp “peng peng” sounds rang out.

Qin Xiao was like a dried up bamboo in the wind. They were sent flying backwards. He landed heavily on the ground. He couldn’t suppress the blood at the corner of his mouth. He threw up on the grass in front of him.

Gu Shenwei took a step forward. He looked coldly at Qin Xiao.

“Look at you now.” Strength is used by strength. He had even lost the strength of a Fighter. You still want to fight against me, Gu Shenwei? Qin Xiao. Ever since I met you … You’re really getting more and more stupid. You don’t even know what I want. “How can I get close to my heart?”

“You …”

Qin Xiao wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, “Gu Shenwei … “You actually treated me like this.”

Due to the previous fall … When she looked up … Even his vision had become blurry.

A deep sound rang out. Qin Xiao’s voice sounded in his ear.

“You deserve it. Blind belief in others. They didn’t even know what kind of person the other person was. Now that things had progressed to this point … “You can’t blame others for what they did.”

Hearing this, Qin Xiao froze. He raised his head in shock.

The person who spoke … It was actually Ye Feng.

“Ye Feng. “What right do you have to say that to me?” Qin Xiao shouted hysterically. However, the injuries on her body were too severe. He couldn’t even take a single step.


Gu Shenwei, however, looked at Ye Feng with interest.

“I had thought that you, Ye Feng, came from the Celestial Sect of Wonders. He had received a solid education from a large sect. He was also a hypocritical person. Unexpectedly … Speaking of which … It was rather pleasing to the ears… ”

Ye Feng replied indifferently, “I just …” “I am just speaking the truth …”

“Heh heh. It was a good idea to tell the truth. I like you. How about this. Hand over that ghost servant’s cultivation technique manual to me. I can swear a blood oath. He made a blood contract. I won’t kill you. “How?”

Ye Feng laughed coldly, “So what if you swear a blood oath and establish a blood contract? The Spirit Martial Sect had their own methods to break the blood contract. “Why should I believe you?”

“We have to believe it even if we don’t believe it.”

Gu Shenwei stopped looking at Qin Xiao. He turned around and stared coldly at Ye Feng. “Just now …. I’ve already told you everything that needs to be said. Quickly hand over that cultivation technique manual! Otherwise … Be careful that I don’t kill you right now. “I will tear you into a thousand pieces.”

“Sure. Since you want it that much … “I shall give it to you as a gift …”

“What?” Gu Shenwei was slightly surprised.

The next moment. In Ye Feng’s eyes … Suddenly, a sharp light flashed.

“Here you are.” “Got it.”

It was a thick booklet that recorded the cultivation method of ghost servants. Just like that, he floated into the air. He was like a broken leaf in the wind.

Gu Shenwei’s eyes lit up. He was overjoyed. He jumped up. Hold out your hand. He wanted to take the book.

However. After a short period of time.

There was a hiss.

In the sky … A deep blue flame appeared. Suddenly, a flame started burning in the center of the booklet. Suddenly. He then lit the entire book on fire.

“No!” Gu Shenwei looked at everything before him in astonishment. He cried out in pain.

He quickly activated his spiritual energy. In an instant. An icy cold aura enveloped the book. His speed had also increased by more than a fold.

However. It was already too late.

Wait for the flame to extinguish. When he finally opened the manual.

In the center of the book. It was pitch black. Don’t talk about words. Even the pictures were not recognizable.

He held the book in a daze. A mistake. It actually let it fall to the ground.

“This …”

When he finally regained his senses … When he looked towards Ye Zichen … He was furious.

“Ye Feng. You bastard. He was simply courting death. I’ll come right now. “Kill you.”

He had been preparing for so long. He didn’t hesitate to betray Qin Xiao. He did not hesitate to betray the Spiritual Martial Sect. In exchange … It was the ashes on the paper.

This caused him to … How to accept.

“Kill me. However … It was a secret manual for ghost servant cultivation technique. It’s all in my head now. Are you sure you want to kill me? ” Ye Feng suddenly said.


Gu Shenwei had originally been in despair. His expression changed slightly. Even his own actions … Thus, it congealed on the spot.

“That’s impossible. This cultivation technique was extremely complicated. How can you bear it? “What nonsense.”

Ye Feng did not care about his feelings. He continued, “Path of the Ghost, Cang Ming. If the heart can be changed … Could it be … This was the first sentence of the second volume. Think about it. is it related to the previous volume? ”

“This …”

Gu Shenwei pondered for a moment. His eyes shone brightly. However, after resting for a while … His expression became even again.

“That’s right. There was indeed a relationship of acceptance. However … You, Ye Feng, just said one sentence: That didn’t mean anything was wrong at all. He then recited the next sentence. and memorize the next book. “It’s completely two different concepts.”

Ye Feng smiled. He didn’t refute her words.

“In that case …” Then I shall allow my disciple to … How about we recite a few more words for you? You want … If you can take down my disciple … “That is sufficient to point out the problem.”

And then … He turned around. It was heading in the direction of the cold moon.

Han Yue’s beautiful eyes widened. A strange light flashed: “Leaftip.” “Don’t tell me you want me …”

Ye Feng smiled and nodded. The light in his eyes became increasingly cold.

“That’s right. Cold Moon. You can just carry a little on your back. Otherwise … He might even have thought that … “I’m just lying to him…”