The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 530

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Chapter 530

“Absorb this monster. “So that I can break through.”As soon as he said this. The eyes of the crowd of Celestial Sect of Wonders disciples suddenly widened. Ye Zichen stared at Ye Zichen in shock.

“Daoist Master Ye …” “Are you kidding me?”

Generally speaking … Regardless of whether it was due to his breakthrough in alchemy or cultivation. Or was it a breakthrough in body cultivation? is that it’s going to be done in a relatively safe situation.

This way … Even if a person’s cultivation went berserk … He could deal with them with all his might.

But now … In front of a great enemy.

Even surviving was a problem. Ye Feng actually managed to break through even in such a situation.

In everyone’s eyes … It was simply … He was courting death.

“My appearance… Could it be that this is a joke? ”

Ye Feng took a deep breath. The light in his eyes suddenly became sharp. Flames rose from the tips of his fingers.

“Gather fire.”

An anxious firework. He continued to roast the ice crystal. The temperature was extremely high.

A short while later. The ice slowly melted. The unique aura of the Blood Fiend Heavenly Demon. Then, it came out from the gap between the lid and the pill furnace.

A violent tremble. It made people feel like … The pill furnace seemed as though it would explode at any moment.


The Blood Fiend seemed to have completely awakened. It let out a series of low growls. It appeared as though he wanted to break free from the restraints on his body. And from his Demonic Core … A devilish violet light flashed. This caused everyone to feel solemn and nervous.

As everyone saw this, they were stunned. His expression was complicated. A flurry of discussions broke out.

“Daoist Master Ye.” The monster … “It seems like he hasn’t died yet.”

“… Oh my god. If this continued … It was a Xuan grade pill furnace. “Will it be destroyed by that formation demon just like that?”

The demon fox tightly knitted her brows. It was obvious that they could not stand the ruckus of this group of disciples.

“Enough. Was it because of the punishment just now? “It’s not enough, right?”

She swept a cold glance over the crowd. The edge of the fox claw was sharp. It sent chills down one’s spine.

The way she was teaching people a lesson just now … He could still see it clearly. These disciples of the Celestial Sect of Wonders … There was still a lingering fear.

“Hurry up and gather your spirit energy!” “I’m going to pass it for Ye Feng.”

“… However … “Spiritual Master Ye did not personally mention it, right?” A youth in white clothing pursed his lips. He almost blurted out subconsciously.

Silence. Everyone had a strange expression on their faces. He sized up the young man in white.

Actually. As soon as the young man in white opened his mouth … His face immediately revealed a regretful expression.


The demon fox’s beautiful eyes darted about. The cold light in his eyes was like two sharp swords. It was gouging back and forth in the man’s mind.

“What did you just say?” “Try again.”

“I… I don’t. “I don’t dare to.” The youth in white’s face was ashen. He rubbed his hands together. Beads of sweat dripped from his forehead. It was as if he had collapsed.

The demon fox’s expression was ice-cold. He harrumphed, “Forget it. This time, seeing that you’re still of some use … “I’ll let you off first.”

She paused a moment. Then, he turned around. Facing everyone … A delicate shout rang out.

“Why are you all looking at me like that for?” Hurry up and do as I say. “Go help Ye Zichen.”

“Yes.” “It’s …”

Under the coercion of the demon fox … These low level disciples of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. She suddenly became more honest.

No matter how weak he was … They had also used up all their energy to drink the milk. He had fully circulated the spiritual energy. When it reached Ye Zichen’s back …

“Hehe …”

Han Yue smiled sweetly. Her steps gently shifted. Standing side by side with the demon fox.

“I thought that between you and Ye Feng …” The relationship wasn’t that good. Who would have thought that at this time … Yet, she had done this for him … Could it be … Was he trying to break free of the puppet pill’s restraints one day? Then … “Your acting is indeed quite good.”

“No …” “He’s not acting.”

“What?” Han Yue’s expression froze.

The demon fox’s eyes lit up. Xiao Yan’s heart moved slightly.

From her frosty expression … He revealed an indescribably complicated expression.

“Actually. “I don’t know why I did it either.”

She paused for a moment. Returning to him, he continued, “Perhaps … I just don’t want to look at him. “He has always worked hard all by himself …”

… ….

Steam in all directions. The flame flickered.

Ye Feng took a deep breath. His expression was extremely serious.

“A demon fox ….”

An abundance of spiritual energy. It was like a small trickle of water. It flowed into Ye Feng’s back.

However. He didn’t even have the time to think about it.

In an instant. A wave of pain spread throughout his body. And so it swept up every cell. It was as if countless needles were stabbing at him.


He cried out in pain. His body suddenly relaxed. He held the Ice Emperor’s Sword against the ground with all his might. This was to ensure that he didn’t fall down.

“Daoist Master Ye.”

“How could this be …” We’ve already transferred all of our spiritual energy to him. ”

“Tell me. Would it … “It’s because we’ve suddenly absorbed too much spiritual energy.”

The demon fox tightly knitted her brows. He shook his head and said, “No. Ye Feng was confused. It has nothing to do with you. “Take a careful look at the ground.”

“On the ground.”

Everyone was stunned. And then … He then fixed his eyes on it and sized it up.

From within the pill furnace … Suddenly, a stream of red blood energy shot out from his body. This was the aura of that Blood Fiend Heavenly Demon.

At this moment. It followed the edges of the pill furnace. It slowly flowed into Ye Feng’s bone marrow.

That was it. The source of Ye Feng’s pain …

“So that’s how it is … Ye Feng took out the pill furnace. It wasn’t just to refine this Blood Fiend Heavenly Demon. but in the shortest possible time. “Synchronization absorbed it.” Han Yue calmly pondered for a moment. A bright light flashed in her eyes.

“This… Refining and absorbing … “Synchronize.” Everyone waited. Their faces were filled with disbelief.

One must know that … It was just refining formation demons. is a very difficult thing to do in its own right.

At the same time … If he were to absorb it … He had to limit the time to half an incense stick of time. That was simply unimaginable.

However. And if you can really do that, Then … In terms of the absorption effect, Without a doubt, it was the best.

“Ye Feng. If you really can absorb this Blood Fiend Demon … Then maybe … and I can believe that… One day. You can bring me back to the Xuan Wu Continent. ”

The expression in Han Yue’s eyes was complicated. Ye Zichen sighed.

And then … She waved her long sleeves. He quickly moved forward. Two palms together. Suddenly, he pinched a handprint. Streams of spiritual energy. It was then thrown into the sky. It enveloped Ye Zichen’s location.

“Ye Feng. I’ll help you too. The corpse aura of this Blood Fiend Heavenly Demon. I’ll dispel it for you. ”

… ….

On Ye Feng’s face. Sometimes red, sometimes white. Cold sweat trickled down his back.

“Huff …”

Blue veins could be seen on his hands and feet. Because of the tension. Suddenly. They had all exploded.

Blood blossoms flew in the air. A thick fog pervaded the area.

‘Bang! Bang! ‘a loud sound was heard. It did not stop there.

This Blood Fiend Heavenly Demon. It was originally an object filled with thick blood energy. If it were to absorb it in such a short period of time … The side effects could be easily imagined.

If it were an ordinary person … His body had probably exploded and died a long time ago.

“Ye Feng. You’ve really thought about everything. “Did you just make this decision?”

The demon fox bit her red lips. Clenching her fist. Seeing the miserable state he was in … He was also a little uncertain in his heart.

At the same time.


Ye Feng had a pained expression. Xiao Yan slowly raised his head. He forced the word out of his mouth.

Gui Ying snappily replied, “What? Now you know the pain. Who told you to go too far in one go? Look at me now. “It’s too late to repair it for you.”

That’s what she said. However, he was still using his own spiritual energy. He was seriously repairing Ye Feng’s bloodline. They didn’t want him to have any side effects.


Ye Feng had broken three of his tendons in a row. It was a huge pain that felt like he was scraping his bones. It made him break out in a cold sweat.

Gui Ying helplessly sighed. He then said, “Alright, alright. Just be a little more honest. Don’t move again. Otherwise … “Even I can’t protect you anymore.”

“No. “Spiritshadow …”

Ye Feng bit his lower lip. After a long time, he finally opened his mouth.

“I want you to be ready. Because next … “I need to accelerate the absorption process.”

“… What. It can’t be … You’re already like this. “I need to speed up the absorption.”

Gui Ying was slightly stunned. He almost blurted out, “This is the way things are right now. You could become a cripple at any time. “Do you know …”

Ye Feng nodded. He opened his mouth and spoke in a serious tone.

“Yes.” Of course I know. However, the situation now was not right … It’s just like I thought. Gu Yuan Wu sent out a wisp of his soul consciousness to tell me. Because on his side … “I won’t be able to hold on for much longer…”

The next moment. Ghastly Shadow transformed into Spiritual Aura. From the blood veins on Ye Feng’s arms … He stuck his head out. He looked towards the distant black flames that were wrapping around the enormous space.

As expected. The black flames that had been burning fiercely. It began to drift away. Now and then.

“You …”

Gui Ying mused for a moment. It was obvious that he was aware of the seriousness of the situation.

Under these circumstances … If Qin Xiao came out … The ones waiting for Ye Zichen and co. He might even get completely annihilated.

“Alright then …” Endure it as much as you can … On my side. I’ll do my best, too. Before, I ate so many of your Spirit-Nurturing Pills. “It is time to repay you.”

As the sound of his voice faded …

The expression in Ye Feng’s eyes sharpened. absorption acceleration. It was as painful as the pain of death. It spread all over his body.

… ….

After an unknown period of time.

Blood energy surged. The clouds of smoke swirled around him.

In the smoke. Bolts of dazzling golden light. It came out from Ye ZIfeng’s orifices.

“Everyone, look. This … This golden light … “Why is it a little strange …”

“Isn’t it so?” Within this golden light … Why is it a little black? Spiritual Master Ye. “Could he have been poisoned?”

The demon fox stared at Ye Feng’s expression. Surprise flashed across her pretty face.

“Break through, huh?” That’s not right. “It seems like there is something wrong …”

And so … She watched for a moment. Ye Zichen thought about it carefully. He felt as if he was floating in the air. A silent storm. It was currently brewing.

Her expression instantly changed. He immediately shouted, “Not good! “All of you, get down.”