The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 525

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Chapter 525

“As for the power of this formation …” Perhaps. “It will exceed your imagination.”Ye Feng chuckled coldly. He took a deep breath.

Subsequently. He looked up. He raised his head with a serious face.


Spiritshadow stared blankly at the unassuming little formation. It was hard to imagine. Just how powerful could it be?

“Ye Feng. Even if it was a joke … There had to be a limit. This little broken array. Even if it’s against me … “Even they might not be able to trap me …”

Ye Zichen saw that Ye Feng’s expression was extremely serious. He leaned forward. On the ground, countless lines of runes were drawn.

“Although the formation is a little small …” “It’s a custom-made formation.”

His voice. As steady as a bell. However, it had an indescribable power. It caused one to unconsciously feel a sense of solemnity.

“Just watch.” Qin Xiao. Your Blood Fiend Heavenly Demon. “I’ve decided.”

… ….

A slender bone spike entered his body. The beautiful eyebrows of the demon fox instantly tightened. His expression was extremely pained.

“Pu!” It spewed out …

“Demon …” Are you alright? ” Han Yue had only spoken half a sentence. He then forcefully pushed the word “demon fox” back inside his throat.

Although she was furious … Inwardly, he hated the other party for luring the Blood Fiend Demon into his body.

However … After all, she understood his actions.

“Look. “Do I look alright?”

“This …” Han Yue bitterly smiled. No comment.

The demon fox snappily replied. It was extremely painful.

“She’s Qin Xiao. You actually dare to hide behind my back and plot against me? When I get my chance … I must make her pay with blood. ”

… ….


An indescribable chill filled the air. Rising up from Qin Xiao’s back. She couldn’t help but shiver.

“Great Hall of Qin. “What happened to you?”

Cai Die pursed her red lips. Seeing Qin Xiao’s appearance … He asked curiously, “Could it be … You were provoked by Ye Feng just now. “You’ve been completely shocked.”

“How is this possible … Such a level of provocation … I didn’t take it to heart at all. He was struck by my bone spike. The air was filled with the aura of corpses. It was enough for her. Just wait a little longer. Her line of defense. “Break on your own.”

Qin Xiao’s expression changed slightly. Laughing brightly. A complicated expression flashed across her beautiful eyes.

“In addition … Actually. It was nothing. Maybe I’m the one who’s got a problem with being paranoid. Ye Zifeng is clearly in front of my eyes. As he spoke these insignificant words … But I felt … It wasn’t so real. “It seems like there is some scheme awaiting me.”

After Cai Die heard this, she turned around. Ye Zichen shook his head. Ye Zichen sighed.

“Great Hall of Qin. You’re here again. Even though we escaped. It was good to be careful. However … That was the truth. Ye Feng stood there as if it was all a lie. “What else do you have to worry about.”

“This… “Let’s hope so …”

Qin Xiao closed her beautiful eyes. He opened his eyes again. He was already looking in the direction of the demon fox.

“Forget it.” Who cares what Ye Zichen was scheming. I should use my own strength to break the trap. “Let’s kill him first.”

And then … Her expression changed, “Blood Fiend Heavenly Demon. Now. “Listen to my command.”

As the sound of his voice faded …

A creaking sound could be heard.

Not far away was a colossal object. Suddenly, he turned his head around. It was as if he was truly intelligent. Within his bright and illusory eyes … It was suffused with a ghastly green glow. He continued to stare at Qin Xiao.

Qin Xiao himself. He then looked coldly in the direction of the demon fox. His eyes were abnormally vicious.

“Array Devil.” Now. Ignore everyone else. “Immediately kill Ye Feng.”

The so-called other people … Of course it was Han Yue.

She also needed to make a decision on the spot. Kill the Celestial Sect of Wonders team quickly! Head Steward.

Then … “Woo woo …” A strange cry rang out.

The next moment. The monster roared and roared. His body instantly turned crimson. It was a translucent giant palm. Raising high. It headed towards the Demon Fox’s position. He suddenly slapped downwards.

If this palm attack landed, then … Let alone the demon fox. It was with the help of Ghastly Shadow. He was going all out. He might not even be able to withstand this world-shaking attack.

“This… He had just been struck by a bone spike. And now, he was being watched by this monster. “The situation is truly terrible.”

The demon fox furrowed her brows. However, he couldn’t say anything else. He rolled to the side on the ground like he was about to lose his life. It just so happened to escape the attack of that giant palm.

“Hanyue!” You see me like this… What was he doing? Why aren’t you helping out? “Help me lure this monster away.” The demon fox raised her head with a disheveled expression. Ye Zichen shouted.

“I …”

Han Yue mumbled. He looked at the demon fox in a daze, “I told you before. I’m not going to help. Unless it’s related to Ye Feng’s life … ”

However. She was halfway through her sentence. He seemed to have realized something. His stomach was filled with words. He froze on the spot.

Demon Fox also nodded. Suddenly … Ye Zichen asked. She softly said.

“Then you forgot. “Did he just tell us something?”

Right. Right now, the role of the demon fox was Ye Feng. Ye Feng had asked them to stay and buy time for him. If Han Yue was unable to do so … Who knows what effect it might have on Ye Zifeng’s layout. The advancement will affect the success of the other party.

“This… Ye Feng’s request … Forget it. “I understand.”

Han Yue pondered for a moment. In the end, he sighed heavily. He raised his head. “This time …” For Ye Feng’s sake. “So what if I help you once?”

As these words left his mouth … Han Yue’s expression turned solemn. It was the same as before. They headed in the direction of the Blood Fiend. A dagger flew out. Straight into his body. He suddenly retracted his sword.

“You beast. What are you doing over there? “Hurry up and come over.”

However. This Blood Fiend Heavenly Demon had just raised its head. When he wanted to turn around and see the location of Han Yue …

The corners of Qin Xiao’s mouth curled up in a smile. Her voice was as calm as the waves.

“Will it be useful?”

She closed her eyes tightly. With a flick of his wrist. He continued to point towards the demon fox’s seat.


He saw the Heavenly Blood Demon’s actions. It was as if he was completely controlled by Qin Xiao. There was no longer any sign of being pulled by Han Yue. In his eyes … It also appeared to be much dimmer than before.

Han Yue was startled upon seeing this. He was starting to get anxious.

She did not really want to stand aside and watch. If he really wanted to attack, he wouldn’t hesitate.

However, the problem was … This Blood Fiend Heavenly Demon … It was now completely under Qin Xiao’s personal control. It was not easy to deal with them now.

“This… “Ugh.”

Han Yue sighed. Within her heart. Gradually, an indescribable feeling of despair appeared in his heart.

She could not absorb the Blood Fiend Heavenly Demon’s hatred. Relying on Demon Fox alone. I’m afraid it will collapse very soon.

“Give up. On your own. You can’t beat me. You are not only being suppressed by this magic. In addition … He was also poisoned by my Bone Spike Corpse Poison. With the current you … “What other advantages can we get?”

From Qin Xiao’s point of view, … Ye Feng had already been forced to the end of his road. There is no telling when they will surrender.

To be honest … Meeting an array master like Ye Feng. No matter how many years it took, there wouldn’t be a single one. If it was on another occasion … Qin Xiao really wanted to take Ye Feng as his disciple. He wanted to teach him all his abilities.

Unfortunately … Now, the two of them. Just the relationship between being hunted and being hunted.

“If you don’t believe me …” Then … I’ll count you down. For example … When did the Bone Spike Corpse Poison break out … ”

Qin Xiao laughed coldly. Fu Cheng continued.

“Four more seconds …” Three seconds. Two seconds. “One second.”

She looked up with interest. He looked in the direction of the demon fox.

However. Unexpectedly … The other party did not fall down just like that. He just stood there. He looked back at himself …

“What?” “This…” The instant Qin Xiao raised his head, a thunderous sound rang out. His face was incomparably pale. Some of them did not dare to meet the other party’s gaze.

If the corpse’s aura was insufficient … Perhaps it could be explained by setting up the formation for a short period of time.

However … The corpse aura on the bone spur. That would be the real deal.

because no matter from what angle you look at it, It had been such a long time since the demon fox had been alive. It was about time for him to fall down.

However … Until now. The demon fox remained standing on the spot. It didn’t budge an inch.

… ….

Following the figure of the ghost, it slowly flew out from the demon fox’s body.

A wave of crisp laughter rang out. From the demon fox’s mouth. Thus, it was released.

She lowered her head. Without saying a word. Laughing just like that … He didn’t know what kind of emotion he was going to express.

“Why are you laughing?” “What is there to be proud of?” Qin Xiao was currently in a bad mood. Even the other party was laughing. They could not help but mock him.

“Smile again …” If you laugh at me again, Ye Feng, listen carefully. “Later, I will cut off your tongue and feed it to the dogs.”

As the sound of his voice faded … However, the laughter did not weaken in the slightest. On the contrary, it was even stronger. Suddenly, it turned into a loud laughter.

“You …”

Qin Xiao glared at him. He coldly snorted, “You refused a toast and refused a forfeit. Blood Fiend Heavenly Demon. “Continue to attack viciously.”

As the sound of his voice faded … The creature suddenly turned around. Starlight exploded from his eyes. It was just like a galaxy in the dark night.

The next moment. Then, it suddenly jumped into the air. He pointed at the demon fox’s location. He pushed forward.

However. The demon fox took a few steps back. He walked briskly. Although there was no difference in footwork … However, it seemed like … However, he was much more confident now.

This change … Don’t talk about demon foxes. The disciples of the Celestial Sect of Wonders present. As long as you put in a bit of effort … and you can see that, and you can see that.

“Look at Daoist Ye …” It was as if he had suddenly become enlightened. When he was trying to avoid the monster … “It seems to have become a little calmer.”

“Isn’t it so?” He deserved to be called him. To be able to fight such a monster like this, He did not run away … “I, Old Liu, am unable to disapprove of him …”

“All right. Don’t say it too early. Now, would Ye Feng be able to escape this calamity? or variable. “Let’s escape and talk about it from a distance.”

Han Yue also deeply observed the Demon Fox’s movements. Feeling the sudden change in her … He could not help but be speechless. Then, he looked towards another direction.

“Ye Feng. You’re going to. “What do you want to do?”