The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 520

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Chapter 520

“Daoist Master Ye…”Almost everyone simultaneously cast their gazes at “Ye Zifeng”, the place where the demon fox was located.

“This …” When Han Yue saw this, she could not help but furrow her brows and shift her gaze away.

A man is better than a man.

Ye Feng’s disguise hadn’t even come in handy, yet he had already encountered some difficulties and obstacles.

“Guru Qin was ambushed and injured. Tell us what we can do. Right now, we can only count on you.”

“Daoist Master Ye, I hope that you can point us to a path to survival.”

No matter who it was, even Tong Danrong, who was not convinced before, had to watch the actions of “Ye Feng”.

However, the problem was that the leaf in front of him was basically a demon fox disguised as a demon fox.

“This… “I’m finished. Ye Feng probably did not expect this to happen.”

The demon fox slightly frowned. A trace of anxiousness appeared in her eyes.

At a critical moment,

Suddenly, the demon fox heard Spiritshadow’s voice.

“Hey, smelly fox, can you hear me?”

She was shocked and excited. She replied immediately.

“Spiritshadow, it’s you, how could you …”

The demon fox was stunned for a moment. She raised her head and looked at everyone. Then, she quickly walked a few steps and arrived under the shade of a tree.

Only then did she calm down. “Gui Ying, aren’t you helping Qin Jue Xin deal with Qin Xiao together …? “At a critical moment, you actually came to help me out.”

“Nonsense, Ye Feng said it, so I came over to help you, or else you’d think I’d help you after eating my fill. Besides, I already played a leading role before, and I didn’t fight against Qin Xiao directly. Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, and hearing Ye Feng’s summons, of course I’ll be back now.”

“Alright, let’s not talk about that too much. What message does he want you to bring back for me?”

The fox took a deep breath. This was what she was most concerned about right now.

Alone, she could fight alone, but she did not have the strength to unite the disciples of the Celestial Sect of Wonders.

In other words, although she could change her appearance to Ye Feng’s, she could not have Ye Feng’s ability. She was qualified to take command of the battle and could play the role of these disciples.

“What I told you to do was very simple. Listen up, now I’m going to say it once. Read it and shout it out.” Gui Ying’s voice was very ordinary.

She paused for a moment and then suddenly said, “Zhang Yuan, listen up. Make up the position of Heavenly Wolf, turn right thirty degrees… “What are you standing there in a daze for? Hurry up and read it.”

When the demon fox heard this, her expression became happy and she immediately understood what Ye Feng meant.

Immediately, she acted like she was transmitting a microphone as she shouted, “Zhang Yuan, listen to my orders. Rectify the position of Heavenly Wolf. Rectify 30 degrees to the right …”

After a while …

“Bao Yun, listen up. Rectify the throne and correct it 20 degrees to the left …”

“What, Spiritual Master Ye …” “You still haven’t answered our question?” Some people, who were originally waiting for Ye Feng to open the barrier, were speechless. They looked at each other in dismay.

“Answer the question? The current situation isn’t like that. Master Qin can’t help us anymore, but if the formation is still there, then that’s enough.” Demon Fox laughed coldly as she stared at him.

She didn’t need Ye Wen to teach her these words. She could say them herself.

“This… “Daoist Master Ye!”

As a result, although Ye Feng did not refine people into ghost servants, he used a different method to achieve the same goal.

“I’m telling you guys, who wants to run away, stand out now and tell me, I’m giving him death right now, stop complaining.” The demon fox originally had a deep hostility towards humans, and she wanted nothing more than to devour his flesh and blood.

Thus, when she said those words, she could feel the sinister aura emanating from her body. It was so frightening that it could suffocate people, and it was cold and cruel.


“Tong Danrong, listen up …”

As the demon fox gave out a series of instructions, the disciples, although still a bit uneasy in their hearts, after seeing Ye Feng’s serious expression and recalling the forbidden area’s destruction array that Ye Feng had triggered, all of them regained some of their confidence and their complexions improved a lot.

Moreover, even in the eyes of the demon fox, if the similarity between the appearance and behavior of the demon fox were to reach the extreme, it might be able to deceive Qin Xiao within a short period of time and create excellent conditions for Ye Feng to ambush.

“Since Spiritual Master Ye thinks that there is still a chance, then how about … “Just do as I say.”

“Alright, I believe that Daoist Master Ye has his reasons for being cautious.”

After such a short period of time, most people had already acknowledged Ye Feng’s array dao strength. They also believed that they had a chance of fighting against Qin Xiao.

This is the shape of confidence,

… ….

“Hehe, Ye Feng, you are quite capable. I never thought that you would be able to shape the confidence of these impoverished disciples.”

An incomparably deep male voice let out a carefree laugh.

“However, if you let them know that you are only using them as bait to attract firepower, I wonder what they would think when the time comes …”

Ye Feng held the second crystal ball in his hand, while staring at the situation inside the crystal ball. From time to time, he would tell Gui Ying what to do next.

On the other side, he raised his head and laughed.

“Grand Master is too serious.”

“Oh.” Gu Yuan Wu smiled brightly.

Ye Feng paused for a moment and continued, “Qin Xiao is so smart. Who knows what kind of trouble would occur if I were to fight her? Right now, Qin Xiao is approaching this place step by step. I hope that at the most appropriate time, Great Master Gu … ”

Gu Yuan Wu laughed coldly and nodded his head, “Don’t worry, I don’t care about the safety of others. I will naturally care about your safety. To this end, I will strike her head on at the most appropriate time.”

… ….

Within the forbidden area.

He saw that the bone spike that had completely embedded itself into Qin Juexin’s wound was about an inch long and incomparably sharp. If it was the place where she was injured, it would coincidentally deviate slightly from her original position.

Then, perhaps right now, she had already fainted and fell down …


Her eyes darkened and she staggered.

“Qin Xiao, you …”

She knew that the bone spikes had most likely been poisoned.

Thus, she hurriedly moved forward a few steps and supported her body. She then turned around and looked at Qin Xiao’s position.

However, during this process, her eyelids became heavier and her face paled.

It was obvious that the poison in her body was so strong that even a master like herself was severely affected by the poison.

However, in contrast to Qin Jue’s stern heart, there was even a trace of vengeance.

Qin Xiao’s bright eyes were shining as she smiled sweetly. Her voice was extremely tranquil and light.

“Master Qin, we share the same surname, ‘Qin’. 500 years ago, we were family. Actually, there is no need to make things difficult for our own people.”

From head to toe, including her clothes, she looked exactly the same as the fake Qin Xiao.

“Who’s on the same side as you? Stop spouting nonsense!”

Qin Jue laughed in his heart. If the other party said they were on the same side as him, wouldn’t that mean they used bone spikes to injure him? Wasn’t this equivalent to lifting a rock to smash his foot?

“Alright, since Master Qin doesn’t like it, I won’t say much. Qin Xiao hasn’t come to the Celestial Sect of Wonders for many times, so there are some things he doesn’t understand. I hope Master Qin can give me some pointers.”

“You speak of it in a very funny manner. What sort of guidance? Merely a fugitive, yet you speak of insulting words like that. You are simply dreaming.”

Qin Jue looked down on this fugitive, Qin Xiao. Naturally, he had something to say, regardless of his face.

“Let me be frank with you. I, Qin Jue, have an open mind throughout my life. No matter what I do, I will never collude with you in any way. Also, I will never let you go.”

Qin Xiao gave a faint smile and nodded. “That may not be the case. There are some things that you can refuse even if you don’t want to. For example, listen to me ask a few more questions.”

She paused for a moment before recovering her composure. Gazing into the distance, she extended her slender and jade-like hands.

“Say, do you think that Ye Feng is setting up a formation in this direction, or is it in that direction, or is it in a direction a bit further away …”

She continuously pointed to several places. Every time, she would constantly look at Qin Jue’s eyes without any signs of stopping.

“I see. Thank you for your reply.”


However, from start to finish, Qin Jue had been standing on the spot without saying a single word.

Qin Xiao laughed for a moment, and then continued, “Then I still have a few other questions, I’ll answer them as well … “For example, is Ye Feng the one who placed the array dao? The number of people you are chasing after me this time, is it over thirty?”

“You …” Qin Jue’s heart froze for a moment. Suddenly, a figure appeared in his mind: Gu Shenwei.

At that time, Gu Shenwei had used such an almost unreasonable method to observe their behavior and deduce a certain number of facts.

And now, this Qin Xiao’s behavior could be said to be carved from the same mold as Gu Shenwei’s.

Could it be that there was some sort of connection between the two of them?

While distracted, Qin Jue could not help but bitterly smile and shake his head. He felt that he was overthinking it.

Suddenly, Qin Xiao cupped his hands together and smiled, “Well, thank you for your cooperation, Master Heartless. This conversation was very pleasant, I already understand the situation of the hunt, as for now …”

Her eyes gradually became cold and stern, and she chuckled: “Please, Master Qin …” “Let’s sleep for a while.”