The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 51 – Profound Tier Cauldron!

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Dans were separated into four categories: Heaven, Earth, Profound, Huang. This was the same for cauldrons.

However, a profound tier cauldron cannot necessarily concoct a profound tier pill. The cauldron can only aid the alchemist and increase his success rate. If someone who doesn’t know much alchemy uses a heaven tier cauldron to concoct pills, there is a possibility that they might make slag.

In the pitch black night, the entire area was silent.

“What a quiet place…. I can finally concentrate on my work.

Ye Zifeng gather some tree leaves and covered the entire cauldron. He then tied the cauldron onto a rock and went to gather some firewood. He then placed the firewoods under the cauldron used some of his qi to ignite it. He continuously added firewood to increase the output of the fire.

This time, he wasn’t concocting pills. He was concocting a cauldron!

As they say, having a good tool is the prerequisite to the successful execution of a job. After this cauldron becomes one of the profound tier, he doesn’t have to worry about getting another cauldron in the near future anymore. This was all thanks to the Ancient Violet Cloud Sword. If it wasn’t for the sword, he would not have been able to find so much spirit tier spirit liquid.

The furnace burned until it turned red and sparks started to flying around.

Ye Zifeng closed his eyes and inserted his qi into the cauldron. While doing that, he used his other hand to pour some of the spirit liquid into the cauldron. In a split second, white smoke appeared followed by a sizzling sound.

The spirit liquid cannot be all poured in at the same time or else the cauldron will explode due to the sheer force of the spirit energy.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

As the common tier furnace tried to absorb the spirit energy of the liquid, it began to shake violently. It looked as if it was about to explode.

Seeing this, Ye Zifeng wasn’t surprised at all. From his experience, he knew that the cauldron was no where close to exploding.

He smiled and then added more of the spirit liquid.

This time, the cauldron did not only shake. Streaks of flame appeared from the cauldron. Sparks were flying around and landed on Ye Zifeng’s arms, creating bright red spots on it. Ye Zifeng didn’t care about such trivial things and continued to work on refining the cauldron.

“This should be enough…..” Ye Zifeng looked at how the furnace had changed.

If it was a low level alchemist refining the cauldron, the spirit liquid won’t be enough. However Ye Zifeng was skilled in doing this. As long as he had the material, he could endlessly upgrade this cauldron.

When Ye Zifeng poured the spirit liquid in for the third time, flames burst into the sky creating a bright red light. Every single part of the cauldron started to absorb the spirit liquid and refine itself. Patterns began to form around the cauldron. It looked as if stars were carved onto the cauldron.

This was a sign that the cauldron was starting to change and was turning into a profound tier cauldron. Ye Zifeng began to smile.

“Haha. With this profound tier cauldron, why would I need that dumb Ocean Containing Bottle!’ Ye Zifeng laughed to himself.

Even if the Ocean Containing Bottle can greatly increase one’s cultivation, its usage was limited. If one needs two months of time to get from the 4th stage to the 5th stage of qi refining, the bottle might help decrease the training time to one month.

However, making pills and ingesting them was far better. This was one of the reasons why alchemists were so well respected. It was much harder to become and train in the art of alchemy than the way of martial arts. If it wasn’t for the fact that Ye Zifeng loved alchemy so much, his cultivation level would have been much higher than the Martial Lord realm in his past life.

The liquid inside the cauldron turned into steam and disappeared.

At the same time, Ye Zifeng inserted some cold qi into the furnace to try and cool it down a bit. In a few moments, he then greedily poured the rest of the spirit liquid into the furnace.

“Boom!” After receiving so much spirit energy at once, the mysterious patterns on the started to glow brighter and brighter.

The bright moonlight shined onto the cauldron and illuminated it. The entire cauldron looked as if it was golden.

He looked at the cauldron, “Wow. This Ancient Violet cloud Sword’s qi energy is pretty good. To be able to refine the cauldron to such a state.

As a reward for the gathering, the Ancient Violet Cloud Sword is definitely not something simple. He started to feel a bit of regret. It would’ve been great if the sect gave him two swords. One can be used to improve his cauldron and he can use the other one to show off.

To want two swords from the sect. He was being too greedy. In the eyes of other people, this prize was too much already. Heck even Shi Chen’s prize was very extravagant.

Ye Zifeng started to clean the cauldron up. There was only one more step before he can make it a true profound tier cauldron.

He took out the dagger that he got from Wang Lin and put his hands into the cauldron. He started tracing the the mysterious patterns inside.

Sparks flew everywhere and landed all over Ye Zifeng’s arms. However, he didn’t even flinch and continued to trace it. He knew that he couldn’t make a mistake at all. If he move and messed up slightly, it would greatly affect the quality of the cauldron.

He an alchemist like Ye Zifeng, the cauldron was basically an extension of his limbs.

While tracing over the 32 star patterns, they started to become clearer and clearer. The violent energy in the cauldron moved towards the pattern and started to calm down.

After tracing over the last pattern, the cauldron was completed. All 32 patterns started to glow and a bright light appeared from the cauldron into the horizons. After a bit, it disappeared.

“Finally done!” Ye Zifeng smiled and finally relaxed.

He inserted his qi into the cauldron and after a while, it turned red and the 32 patterns started to glow.

This was something that can only appear on a profound tier cauldron. This showed that he was successful in upgrading his cauldron.

Now with the same ingredients, he can make a higher grade pill than before!

“Alright. Now that i’m done, I’ll call it a day.” He didn’t have any ingredients on him so he decided to go home.

Ye Zifeng hid the cauldron again and went back home.


“Where is that idiot Zifeng. Xueyi, do you think that he might be attacked by a rival clan or something?”

Ye Chongtian was worrying about Ye Zifeng and was walking back and forth in his room.

Ye Xueyi sat there and giggled, “Father, didn’t you always say that brother Zifeng was fooling around outside? Why do you think that he’s being attacked this time?” She was already used to Ye Zifeng coming home late so she wasn’t that worried.

“This….” After the Heavenly Clan Gathering, Ye Chongtian knew that he was wrong in the past. His son’s strength had far surpassed his expectation. In his mind, he decided to discipline Ye Zifeng when he came back. He will use the Ye clan’s resources and turn him into the Ye clan’s successor.

“This…..Let’s just say I was wrong in the past. How can the son of Ye Chongtian like to go out and fool around…..However, he’s still not back yet. How about I got out and look for him.”

Ye Xueyi smiled and wanted to say something. However someone appeared in front of them.

“You don’t have to go and find me. I’m back.” Ye Zifeng laughed and walked into the room.

“Brother Zifeng!” Ye Xueyi smiled and ran towards him.

At that time, Both Xueyi and Chongtian noticed that Ye Zifeng was missing something.

“Hey Zifeng. Where did that Ancient Violet Cloud Sword go? How come I don’t see it.”