The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 506

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Chapter 506

“Two seniors, how have you been?”The next moment, Ye Feng’s question appeared in Elder Zhao and Gu Yuan Wu’s minds at the same time.


There was a “ding” sound.

The wine cups that had just touched each other in the air froze, as if time had stopped.

“This… “Ye Feng, damn you, aren’t you doing the top secret mission of the Spiritual Martial Force?” Elder Zhao’s mouth twitched as he blurted out.

Gu Yuan Wu also had an uncertain expression on his face. “Yes, I heard from the Sect Leader that you people who were sent to the Spiritual Martial Sect could be in danger of losing your lives if the Spiritual Martial Sect’s mission was leaked.”

He looked around, afraid that others would see him. A bad premonition arose in his heart.

Originally, they had been living quite well these past few days.

However, if Ye Feng were to call them now, there definitely wouldn’t be any good news.

“No worries, I have already confirmed that the Spiritual Martial Force’s surveillance is limited to the five senses and is unable to detect the soul consciousness. As long as you do not say anything, no one will be able to guess that I can use the soul perception to communicate with the outside world.”

It was indeed so.

In the entire team, other than Ye Feng, only Qin Jue was able to communicate with the outside world. Thus, she was also an important target of the Spiritual Martial Force.

As for Ye Feng, no one could have thought that he would have something to do with the spiritual will, so the others wouldn’t put too much effort into it.

“This …”

Gu Yuan Wu and Elder Zhao looked at each other, obviously agreeing with Ye Feng’s words.

“Okay, Ye Feng, let’s contact each other first. However, you must not ask us to help you. Otherwise, if the Spiritual Martial Force and the Sect Leader find out, the two of us will definitely be punished.”

Ye Feng chuckled, “Then maybe, you guys need to consider whether it’s a severe punishment or a serious drop in cultivation level.”

At the end of his sentence, his voice was filled with a bone-chilling intent.

“You … “In that case, could it be that your side has met with danger?” Gu Yuan Wu heard Ye Feng’s tone and felt a bit of tension in his voice.

“That’s right,” Ye Feng said with a deep voice.

The punishment might just be to deduct some resources, but if one’s cultivation level fell, it would be a true punishment.

Gu Yuan Wu’s cultivation had already dropped quite a lot. If Ye Feng died miserably, it would undoubtedly cause his cultivation level to drop again and again.

Then, in the future, he might not even be able to become a teacher, and might even become a real person.

“You …”

Gu Yuan Wu paused for a moment and frowned as if he had thought of something. “Wait, Ye Feng, tell us honestly, what is the difficulty level of the fugitives that the Spiritual Martial Sect has assigned to you?”

“A fugitive of the ninth level of difficulty.”

Ye Feng’s voice was light and his expression was solemn.

As he spoke, he continued to arrange the formation without the slightest hesitation.

The surrounding spiritual energy filled the surroundings, naturally enveloping the tip of the leaf.

The others couldn’t tell which one was the spiritual will of the soul and which one was the spiritual energy that was flowing out from the formation.

“Nine … “Ninth level of difficulty …”

The two of them sucked in a breath of cold air. They finally understood why Ye Feng came looking for them. If it was anyone else, they would have probably cried for their parents to save their lives.

Elder Zhao and Ye Feng were more familiar with each other, so they started to curse without any hesitation.

“Brat, since the other party is a fugitive from the ninth level of difficulty, you should have come to discuss this with us from the very beginning.”

“It’s not too late to help me now. The fugitive has arrived, near the Forbidden Land of the Mysterious Gate.”

Ye Feng smiled, “So, there is one thing that I hope you two can help me with.”

Hearing that the fugitive had arrived, both their faces changed at the same time. Their bodies that were filled with alcohol seemed to have been sobered up by the cold wind.

“What is it?”

… ….

Qin Jue’s spiritual will once again flew out of the forbidden area.

However, this time, her spiritual mind was full of cold qi.

“What great courage you have, Yun Ze. You actually dared to stay and play the zither. Now, I will let you pay the price.”

As the sound of his voice faded …

Once the dark, gloomy, and deathly soul consciousness spread out, its aura was majestic and majestic.

Eight malevolent spiritual energy demons separated from the strand of spiritual will and charged toward the direction of Yun Ze.

The heavy killing intent was accompanied by a white glimmer of light. It was abnormally quiet.

However, Yun Ze only stopped breathing, smiled slightly, and raised his head …

He said slowly, “You are indeed an expert of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. When using the soul to chant, your chant is especially exquisite. It’s just a pity …” “It’s not enough.”

The next moment, the zither was struck by a sound.

His expression suddenly turned fierce as the speed at which he fiddled with the zither increased.

The sound of it reverberated through the forest like a torrential storm.

A bright ray of light suddenly shot out from the zither string and struck one of the Spiritual Qi monsters.

“The first one …”

Strands of web-like light instantly wrapped around the monster, tightly entangling it.

“The third, the fourth …”

The cage formed by countless rays of light emitted a hissing sound at this moment.

“It’s the eighth one, the last one.”

Yun Ze was still standing in his original spot as he calmly spoke. His bloodless skin was accentuated by his red clothes, giving him a demonic appearance.

The strings of the zither were strumming and radiating light,

The eighth soul consciousness, under the vibration of the zither, suddenly burst out, producing a big stream of air. After that, it gradually disappeared.

A series of soul attacks from Qin Juexin were completely neutralized by the other party.

“What? This …”

Her expression was aghast, and her bright eyes flashed with a strange light.

Although the Spiritual Sense wasn’t the Director, she should be able to suppress Qin Xiao no matter what.

At this time,

“Master of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, as I’ve said, this is not enough.”

Before Qin Jue could say anything else, Yun Ze suddenly opened his mouth as the corner of his mouth lifted into a faint smile.

“You …”

Qin Xiao’s beautiful face changed slightly.

“Therefore, it’s better for you to personally come. You won’t be able to hit me with just the attack of your spiritual will, and my zither notes will constantly affect those lower realm students. If this goes on, you will lose for sure.”

Although his voice was calm, it was still very calm, and even more so, gave off a calm and tranquil atmosphere.

However, his words were full of provocation.

“Where did this arrogant fellow come from? You want to lure me here? I thought that with my current condition, I really won’t be able to treat you.”

Qin Jue harrumphed angrily in his heart. The soul consciousness that was floating in the air just now, once again gathered together.

After a while, they returned to their original form as the eight spiritual energy demons, staring at Yun Ze like tigers stalking their prey.

It was obvious that the size of the Spiritual Qi monsters this time was a lot larger than before.

“It’s useless.”

Yun Ze chuckled. His zither rose up again and shot out beams of light, smashing that spirit beast into pieces.

“Formless Zither, with its own Sword Soul Formation. If you want to use your soul to deal with the Sword Soul, how could it be effective?”

“That may not be so …”

A deep male laughter suddenly resounded in Yun Ze’s ears.

When Yun Ze heard this, his expression froze for a moment. He frowned and raised his head. “You are …”

However, there was no one in front of him.

“Celestial Sect of Wonders Leaf Tip!”

Yun Ze’s eyes slightly narrowed, forming a slit as he smiled.

“Ye Feng, I’ve remembered. So that’s how it is. I can’t see you even after hearing the voice. Did you use a voice transmission spell?”

Sound transmission array wasn’t that rare.

However, Ye Feng could be considered to be useful in this situation.

“Also, what you just said might not be true. Could it be that you added something else to break the formation of my Formless Zither?”

“That’s what I meant,” Ye Feng smiled.


Hearing this, even Yun Ze was somewhat stunned.

This was the first time that an ordinary person had heard of the Formless Zither Melody, so how could they still know how to break it? Furthermore, it was impossible for them to create an array formation to restrain him in such a short period of time.

However, Ye Feng’s next sentence dispelled all of his doubts.

“Don’t believe me, let me put it this way. Among the seven strings of the Non-Phase Zither, the main weight is the Sixth String Young Palace. Although it is powerful and injures others and injures oneself, if I’m not wrong, your wrist often bled and injured while cultivating the Non-Phase Zither, right?” As a Martial Ancestor in his previous life, Ye Feng was renowned for his martial arts.

“What, you …” “You actually understand the Formless Zither so well.” Yun Ze was stunned when he heard this. His wrist slightly shrunk. The extreme suspicion in his heart gradually began to change.

After all, even if someone knew of the existence of the Formless Zither, they were still definitely a rare existence, not to mention, someone could understand Ye Feng’s level.

This is unprepared,

However, Leaves’ mouth remained calm. He was using both his hands and feet right now …

He spoke calmly while filling out the incomplete formation on the other side. There was nothing wrong with it.

The other Mysterious Gate disciples were dumbfounded when they saw him talk and do things in such a manner.

Ye Feng hadn’t even completed the formation yet, and he still had the nerve to say that he had something that could break the Formless Zither Formation.

“Speaking of which, Daoist Master Ye, is this how it usually is?” Someone couldn’t help but ask the demon fox.

“Motherf * cker …” The demon fox and Han Yue looked at each other before they burst out into laughter. However, they did not say anything.

Thus, the use of a sound transmission array was very obvious. Not only could it be used to communicate with Qin Jue, the most important use of it was to delay time.

… ….

After an unknown period of time …

Ye Feng’s expression clearly improved. His starry eyes lit up, and the corner of his mouth lifted into a smile.

“Alright, I’m finally done.”