The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 502

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Chapter 502

“Gu Shenwei.”Qin Juexin’s expression was overwhelmed with shock. Her bright eyes revealed an indescribable complex expression.

“What’s going on, Gu Shenwei who entrusted the Celestial Sect of Wonders to hunt down the fugitive has actually …” “It has something to do with Feng Mo and the rest.”

She felt a strange coldness in her heart.

If there was a problem with the Spirit Martial Sect, then there was no doubt that there was an additional variable in the hunt for Qin Xiao.

“Ugh …”

Ye Feng paced back and forth, and thought for a moment.

“I can’t come to a conclusion about this yet. I will continue to observe and make a judgment…”

As the sound of his voice faded …

The two of them looked at each other, tightly staring at the scene in front of them. Their pupils contracted as memories of the past flashed past their eyes like passing clouds.

“… “Ye Feng, look over here, there seems to be scenes of Qin Xiao appearing as well.”

Once he realized the seriousness of the situation, Qin Jue’s expression turned solemn. He had already gradually entered a state of seriousness.

After a while …

Unconsciously, their position grew closer and closer, almost to the point where they were side by side. Qin Jue’s heart breathed out, and his chest rose up like a flower.

Ye ZIfeng inadvertently lowered his head and could smell the fragrance emitted from Qin Juexin’s body.

“So that’s how it is. There really is something fishy about Gu Shenwei.”

As if he understood something, he nodded and said seriously, “And Master Qin …”

“What’s wrong? Did you find something new?”

When Qin Juexin heard this, her face filled with joy. She blurted out:

“No, Master Qin, you’re too entranced. You’ve been stepping on my feet …” Ye Feng’s expression changed slightly, “It’s already swollen from stepping on it.”

… ….


Feng Mo’s incomparably painful cry resounded in everyone’s heart like a pig being slaughtered.

“Kill me… “Hurry up and kill me!”

Feng Mo repeated this phrase nonstop as his body and bones trembled nonstop.

Obviously, due to the effects of the Soulsearch Pill, he was currently suffering from a great torture.

“What should we do now? Heartless Master and Daoist Master are both still soul-searching and haven’t recovered. Are we really going to just keep watching Feng Mo’s miserable wails and do nothing?”

“… “That’s boring. Right, why don’t we search him and see what treasures are left on this fugitive? If there really is anything else, we can report it to Heartless and ask him for credit. What do you think?”

A red-clothed disciple of the Celestial Sect of Wonders laughed out loud. He then took a step forward and was about to throw Overlord Mo’s sleeve.

Suddenly, a delicate shout sounded.

“Both of you retreat!” The demon fox and Han Yue stood to the left and right of Feng Mo as they scolded almost simultaneously. Their expressions were extremely cold.

“Step back!”

The red-clothed disciple was startled when he heard this, and immediately began to laugh.

“You two beautiful girls have really good tempers. It’s just that …” Now that you have lost the protection of Master Ye, who do you think can stand up for you? Even if they did do something to you guys, with the newly ascended Master Ye, could it be that they would be able to harm Master Qin’s disciples? ”

As he said that, his eyes turned especially unfriendly, and he started to continuously wander back and forth on the demon fox’s body.

“Am I right, senior brother?”

Then, he walked to Xie Chen’s side and stood there, laughing coldly.

However, at this moment, Xie Chen seemed to be attentively staring at Qin Jue’s heart, as if he didn’t have the time to pay any attention to him.

This red clothed disciple was Qin Juexin’s disciple, Xie Chen’s junior brother, Tong Danrong.


The demon fox didn’t wait for the others to stand up and coldly snorted. “So you’re saying that you treat us like the flower vase beside Ye Feng.”

“That’s what I meant.”

Tong Danrong smiled and said mockingly, “I am telling the truth. Ye Feng brought you two along while he was chasing the fugitives. I really don’t know what is in his head.”

The demon fox smiled sweetly, while the smile on her face became increasingly faint.

She slowly turned her head and looked at Han Yue.

“Hanyue, he said we’re here to drag you down. So, should you come, or should I …”

“Whatever, you should do it. I’m afraid that I’ll dirty my hands.” A cold light flashed across Han Yue’s charming face, but in the end, it disappeared.

Hearing this, Tong Danrong was stunned, he did not understand what was going on.

“Wait, what do you guys want to do…”

However, before he could finish his words, he suddenly felt a burning pain on his left cheek, as if it was cracked.

When he lowered his hand, everyone looked over and saw a red handprint on his face.


Tong Danrong was stunned by the sudden palm attack. He looked confused and confused.

He angrily looked around, only to see that the person closest to him was Xie Chen. Not only did he have no time to bother with him, the other party had no reason to slap him either.

“This …”

His expression was stunned as he quickly raised his head and looked at the two women.

However, he was surprised to find that the two of them were still standing at the same place. They hadn’t moved at all. Even their standing posture had remained the same as before.

If the Demon Fox and the others were to attack him, at such a distance, how did they manage to do it?

“This is so f * cking evil, what is going on? Could it be that Ye Feng …”

Before he could finish his words, he heard a loud “Ah!”

The right side of his face was slapped once again. A red handprint appeared on her face in an instant. From the looks of it, both sides were in balance.

A burning pain.

Within moments, his face had swelled up.

But, he looked around,

The people around him were all looking at him with astonished eyes.

Other than the two of them: Demon Fox and Han Yue.

“Bastard, what is it…”


Another crisp sound rang out. Tong Danrong was hit in the nose and was pushed back several steps. When his back was pushed against a tree, he barely managed to stop.

His eyes were lifeless as he stared blankly at the two women. At this moment, he didn’t dare to say anything more.

The rest of the people looked at the demon fox and then at Tong Danrong, feeling extremely puzzled.

Even those with a higher level could only see the afterimages of the Demon Fox’s movement and return. They did not see how the Demon Fox had attacked.

“How is it? Do you know who is the one holding back now?”

The demon fox’s expression was filled with a bone-piercing cold smile. She walked a few steps towards Tong Danrong, who also took a few steps back. It was obvious that he was scared by these three slaps.

“Demoness, demoness ….” Tong Danrong’s lips turned cold as he replied in surprise,

It has to be said that before leaving the nine abyss, the demon fox was already a bit numb to killing people.

That was the reason why her smile was so cold. That was the reason why people treated her as a killing intent.

“If you understand, then step back. Be more honest, don’t affect Ye Feng’s Soulsearch.” The demon fox swept her gaze over the crowd, her eyebrows were filled with a hint of anger.

at a time when the atmosphere is tense,

After a painful cry, a drop of blood slowly fell from Feng Mo’s forehead.

“This… “What’s going on?” The demon fox and Han Yue were slightly surprised. They looked at each other, and then threw Tong Danrong aside. They wanted to go over and see the situation.

After all, compared to teaching Tong Danrong a lesson, what they truly cared about was Ye Feng’s safety.

In the next moment, an incomparably sharp cyclone gushed out from all the acupoints in Feng Mo’s body.

In an instant, this black mass of air was like a tide as it blew towards Ye Feng and Qin Juexin and completely engulfed them.

And then, before the crowd could take a closer look,

The smoke rose and then dispersed.

Feng Mo was lying on the side, dying. It was obvious that after the soul search, he had carried a heavy burden on his body.

On the other side, Ye Feng and Qin Juexin slowly opened their eyes. Within their eyes, there was a faint hint of astonishment.

The Soulsearch ended.

“… “Spiritual Master Ye, did you get any valuable information from the Soulsearch?”

“That’s right, where is Qin Xiao?”

There were many different kinds of questions asked by the crowd.

When the demon fox saw this, she unhappily walked forward and pushed away the few people at the front.

“Get out of the way, get out of the way! Don’t you see that Ye Feng has just finished soul-searching? Is he tired?”

Soon after, she faintly smiled and turned her head. Her pretty face was brimming with vigor.

“How is it, Ye Feng?”

Ye Feng and Qin Juexin looked at each other and frowned, but did not relax.

Seeing this, everyone’s hearts sank. Even the smile on the demon fox’s face gradually froze on the spot.

“After my soul search, I already have an idea where Qin Xiao is.”

Hearing this, everyone let out a long breath. In any case, this meant that the soul search for Feng Mo was useful.

“That’s great. Sage Ye, that Qin Xiao, where is he? And what kind of person is he? He won’t be easy to deal with.”

“I would also like to ask about that. Moreover, how strong are the fugitives? In the end, can we deal with them?”

The questions that came out like a barrage of cannonballs were asked by everyone.

Even Tong Danrong could not help but come closer to listen to the situation of the fugitive.

After all, this was a matter of life and death.

Even the slightest mistake could cause a person to be separated between Yin and Yang …

“About this …”

Ye Feng swept his gaze across the crowd and stopped on Tong Danrong. He felt that something was wrong and was slightly startled.

“Buzz ~ ~ ~” However, in merely a moment, he ignored her and looked to the others.

“As a fugitive of the ninth rank, Qin Xiao is naturally not easy to deal with. However, no matter what, he is not invincible. As for our next destination, it is the Forbidden Land of the Mysterious Gate.”