The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 494

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Chapter 494

Hearing that there was a way to escape danger, Han Chuang and Han Di’s complexion immediately improved.”Brother Su, right now, there is really no good way …”

A cold glint appeared in Han Su’s eyes. Compared to before, it was much stranger.

“Yeah, since you have to meet the requirements to suppress your level, then there are actually two good targets that are worth a try.”

In terms of martial arts, the genius Han Su was more than one level higher than his two older brothers. He was also extremely vicious and was highly valued by Qin Xiao.

“Two nice people,”

“Two…” Han Chuang and Han Di looked at each other. Their eyes revealed an indescribable doubt.

After a long while, Han Chuang’s expression suddenly changed, “Wait, could it be that you want to …”

If it was anyone else, Han Chuang would naturally consider the possibility of being betrayed.

However, the problem was that Han Su was his own brother.

Even though Han Chuang and the others had done all sorts of bad things, they had never thought that their own brothers and sisters would be able to stab them in the back and sell them out.

“That’s right. Brothers, I can only say that I’m sorry when faced with death.”

“You!” The two people in front of him instantly became terrified.

As the sound of his voice faded …

Threads of deep green light drilled out from Han Su’s palm and quickly flew towards his two brothers’ location, shrouding them in a layer of dead silence and darkness.

He looked as if he couldn’t bear to do this, and at the same time, seemed to be hesitating.

Feng Mo unhappily urged, “Hurry up, if you continue, don’t tell me you want to wait for their reinforcements to break free from the ghost servants’ encirclement and rush over here.”

Han Su pursed his lips and gritted his teeth.

“I know.”

Then, he heard heart-wrenching screams coming from the dark fog.

“Help, help!”

The miserable cries of the two people for help sounded harsh in Han Su’s ears.

“Stop shouting, it’s useless. However, don’t worry, in the future, I will definitely avenge you.” Han Su lowered his voice and gritted his teeth, probably thinking that his actions were too crazy as the corners of his mouth curled up into a complicated smile.

… ….

Black light poured out in all directions, glittering to the extreme.

The painful screams naturally fell into Ye Feng’s ears.

“Oh, looks like he’s refining ghost servants. He really can do something to his own people.”

“Attacking one’s own people, hehe, I’m right. Humans, especially men, are really selfish.” The demon fox laughed coldly for a while before looking at Han Su’s position with disdain.

Ye Feng looked at it and started to think about other questions, “I just don’t know if his method of making ghost servants is the same as Han Yue’s.”

After all, at the end of the day, although he had killed many ghost servants in the Soul Death Town, the problem was that he had never seen Han Yue’s appearance when she was refining a ghost servant.

“Whatever. Let’s not worry about that too much first. When we really catch them and call Hanyue over, we’ll properly ask her.”

A moment later, Ye Feng’s eyes revealed a glimmer.

“Demon fox.”

“What’s wrong, Ye Feng? Could it be that it’s finally time for me to make a move?” The demon fox’s expression was joyous and she replied immediately.

She was a person that liked to move around a lot. Ye Feng made her bored to the side, and occasionally helped her manage the formation. This made her feel a bit displeased.

Now, when she saw that the opportunity had finally arrived, she naturally would not let it go …

“That’s right, cut down all the trees that cover the sky. I have to give you 30 seconds to count.”

“It can’t be, there are so many trees, there’s no time for thirty counting …” “Furthermore, what are you chopping wood for in front of a great enemy? Could it be that you want to rely on the light to kill the ghost servants?” The demon fox’s face revealed an awkward expression.

Previously in the town of Souldeath, he had used the sunlight to kill a large number of ghost servants. After a short period of time, the demon fox seemed to still be fresh in her mind. Thinking about this, it was understandable.

Ye Feng’s face was solemn, “Don’t ask for the reason, time is tight. Gui Ying, you go help her too.”

“I …”

Gui Ying’s voice was slightly lazy. Previously, when she was doing some work for Ye Feng, she did not have much time to recuperate and was extremely exhausted, “There’s no need for that, I think. For small things like this, it’s fine to just leave them to the demon fox … … ”

The relationship between the Demon Fox and Spiritshadow had never been good. They didn’t even want to do something together.

“Gui Ying, listen carefully. If you destroy more trees than a demon fox, I will admit your strength. In addition, I will also give you one more Spirit-Nurturing Pill to nourish your Essence. How about that?”

Hearing such generous terms, Ghastly Shadow didn’t have any thoughts of refusing.

She stared at the pill in Ye Feng’s hand, as if she had regained all her strength.

“Okay, okay. Ye Feng, I hope you keep your word.”

Ye Feng laughed loudly and nodded, “Of course. Have you ever seen me, Ye Feng, deceive others before?”

Demon fox: “…”

Spiritshadow: “…”

“This …” The corner of Ye Feng’s mouth twitched as he felt the disdainful gazes of the two, “Alright, don’t worry. There’s only the pill part, you don’t have to worry.”

He smiled helplessly as he raised his head to look at the two of them and frowned.

The black fog that enveloped the two of them actually began to gradually swirl and create a bloody wind that drifted with an incomparably thick bloody smoke, causing one to feel a bone piercing chill.

In the next moment, the black mist began to rapidly spin like a whirlpool.

“This… “What’s going on?” Lu Qiao’s expression was full of shock and amazement. He couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

When the black fog finally scattered, Han Chuang and Han Di were like wooden chickens as they stood where they were. Their eyes appeared to have lost the expression that a human should have …

What replaced them were extremely confused eyes. They suddenly raised their heads, took a step forward and walked in the direction of Han Su.

“There is no need to doubt. These two people have already become ghost servants that you have seen in the Spiritual Martial Force.”

“What did you say?” Lu Qiao was overwhelmed with shock as he hastily took a few steps back.

How long had it been? The two men who were alive and kicking had become ghost servants under the effect of the formation.

“Isn’t this a little too easy?”

If that was really the case, then if Feng Mo learned the method to transform into a ghost servant and used it on Ye Feng and Lu Qiao, wouldn’t they all be finished?

“I understand. No wonder the Spirit Martial Sect wants us to hunt down these fugitives. It is likely that the problem lies in their technique of controlling the ghost servants. If I had to say, this …” This kind of forbidden technique should never have appeared in this world, “Lu Qiao pursed his lips and cursed.

“Rather than discussing whether or not he should appear, what should be considered now is how to deal with it.”

“That’s true…” After all, his own strength was limited. At this time, his brain and physical strength were almost useless.

The look in Ye Feng’s eyes was very serious, “Firstly, since that person attacked his own people but didn’t attack us, it means that this method of turning into a ghost servant has a range limit. Secondly, since he didn’t attack Feng Mo, I think it might have something to do with the level suppression.”

He paused for a moment and went on earnestly,

“As such, the method to deal with the ghost servants has come out.”

Lu Qiao’s eyes revealed a hint of curiosity. “What exactly is it? Could it be what your demon fox said, that it’s to let the sunlight shine down and use it to kill those ghost servants?”

Ye Feng smiled and shook his head.

“Of course, no.”

… ….

“Phew, the job of transforming into a ghost servant has finally been completed …” “Now, let me try.”

Han Su’s finger moved slightly, like a thread controlling a puppet, controlling the movements of his two brothers.

However, when Han Su saw that his two brothers were being controlled by him, it was as if his heart was overturned. All kinds of feelings were mixed in his heart.

“Han Su …” “Wake up!”

Feng Mo’s continuous shouts finally pulled Han Su back from his confusion.

His eyes were full of ill intent. “Don’t let me be in a daze at this critical moment. I made it clear earlier that the reinforcements will come soon.”

The next moment, the two ghost servants followed behind Han Su and pushed him under the effect of the Gravity Smoke.

However, this speed was not fast enough.

Feng Mo frowned. “This won’t do. We can’t go on like this.”

“Can’t wait, Han Su, listen. Now the situation is, the exit is blocked, and our realm is falling again. If you’re smart, you better control one of the ghost servants and blow up this broken formation.”

Han Su’s expression froze for a second and blurted out,

“Explosion! Are you joking? Are you saying that I should blow up my elder brother to the point that not even his bones are left?”

Feng Mo spoke coldly, “Nonsense, if we don’t, how could we create the chance to escape in an instant? We will always be trapped in this gravity smoke, and become turtles in a urns. Do you really want to die here?”

Han Su thought for a second. Yes, what happened to the lives of others? It had nothing to do with him …

Now that he had reached this point, was he still worried about his brother’s death?

Han Su gathered his thoughts. The coldness in his expression was even more obvious.

He lowered his voice and gave Feng Mo a meaningful glance. “Alright, since it’s like this, let’s see if I can succeed or not in this instant. I’ll take this gamble.”